Great Reset: French Govt to Recruit 3,000 ‘Green Police’ over Climate Change

Great Reset: French Govt to Recruit 3,000 ‘Green Police’ over Climate Change. By Peter Caddle.

A senior minister in France has demanded that the country create 3,000 ‘green police’ posts in the face of global warming.

Gérald Darmanin, who serves as France’s Minister of the Interior, has announced that he aims to create 3,000 posts for new “green police” officials, a move that he has deemed necessary in the face to tackle climate change.

News of the potential creation of these new posts in France follows calls from European Union bigwigs for the creation of a bloc-wide “Civil Protection Force” to fight the effects of climate change under the control of Brussels, a move slammed by some as an attempt by Eurocrats to hoard even more power.

In an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche, Darmanin justified the creation of 3,000 new posts specifically aimed at green-related criminal issues by citing the effects climate change was having on France, especially in regard to forest fires, nine out of ten of which have allegedly been caused by human activity. …

“It will be a revolution,” Darmanin added. …

One Eurocrat last week asked for Brussels to be handed more powers to create a “Civil Protection Force” directly under its control that would be able to “protect” member-states from disasters allegedly caused by the changing climate. …

However, such a suggestion has been denounced by critics, with one MEP saying that “unelected bureaucrats” in the organisation “are using any excuse to grab more power”.

“These European bureaucrats are not the solution, but the cause of many problems that the EU is facing, and the deeply damaging energy crisis is just a proof of that,” said Cristian Terhes, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Romania.

Hint: Check the climate models. The new religion is false.