Explosive Video of Car Crash Killing Boyfriend of Kemp’s Daughter Sparks Conspiracy Theories

Explosive Video of Car Crash Killing Boyfriend of Kemp’s Daughter Sparks Conspiracy Theories. By Missy Crane.

No idea if there’s anything to this. But with all the new boundaries of acceptable behavior being broken, it might pay to be a bit jumpy and suspicious.

This bit we can be sure enough of:

Just one day after Brian Kemp [called for] a signature audit in Georgia, his daughter’s boyfriend, and a staffer to Senate runoff candidate Kelly Loeffler was killed in a fiery car crash. …

Harrison Deal was a young aspiring Georgia political figure. In his very young life, he’d already worked for two Senators, Perdue and Loeffler, and he had sights set on becoming a political figure in his own right.

Harrison Deal and Lucy Kemp

He was dating the daughter of controversial GA Governor Brian Kemp, who was under a lot of pressure to recount the 2020 election in his state and audit the signatures.

After refusing to do it, Kemp finally relented and called for the signature audit.

But then, suddenly he went dark, and we didn’t hear anything from him — later we found out that was because his daughter’s boyfriend was tragically killed in a car accident.

Harrison Deal was the only fatality in the crash, everyone else was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

This bit is speculative:

But it wasn’t until the video came out, that people began thinking something was really odd.

Here’s what some people are saying after watching the video:

“It’s more like a car bomb than a normal highway accident.”

‘It’s been said that those car explosions in the movies are just for effect because cars that get into even bad wrecks don’t actually blow up like this. Interesting…”

“That’s no freaking crash..! That car was blown by a bomb or hit by a missile”

“Exactly modern cars don’t burst into flames even at crazy high speed impacts. Something was either catastrophically wrong with that car or someone planted C4. I worked a a volunteer firefighter in my youth & flaming car wrecks are very rare in modern cars made after the 1980s.”

“That’s a car bomb. Not an “accident.” It’s a message to anyone thinking about giving ground.”

Perhaps a message to Kemp not to audit any more and not to investigate the voting too closely.

UPDATE: Bomb thrown into living room of Michigan Trump supporters house.

Obviously, we don’t know what really happened, but we do know that there are a wide circle of people during this historic turning point who must need protection and who may be feeling vulnerable. Don’t underestimate the pressure family members can put on a candidate to keep their head down.

Hmmm. It only takes a little bit of well targeted violence to make most people hesitant to oppose the left.