Apocalypse Now?

Apocalypse Now? By John Hinderaker.

The cold reality is that the Electoral College will meet on December 14, eight days from now. There is no way that the Trump campaign’s various legal challenges, whether meritorious or not, will be resolved in time to make a difference.

Which means that Joe Biden will be inaugurated under a cloud. Close to one-half of Americans will believe, likely correctly in my opinion, that he did not actually win the election.

Legal proceedings will continue, but perhaps more important, enterprising authors will write books about the election. Some will argue that the Democrats stole the presidential race, others will try to defend Biden’s “win.” Book authors will have the advantage of time, but what they will not have is subpoena power. They will not be able to compel production of documents or the testimony of witnesses, so their analyses will inevitably be speculative to a great degree. The debate will go on, with partisans on both sides mostly believing what they want to believe. …

I don’t know whether civil disobedience to the Biden regime will be widespread, but I doubt it. Nor will we #Resist by illegal or dishonest means, as the Democrats have done for the last four years through the insane Russia collusion fraud and many other means. But within those parameters, conservatives shouldn’t give an inch.

For the sake of what is left of our country, we should #Resist the Biden administration and the Democrats every step of the way for the next four years.

The formula of democracy is broken in the USA, because the last election is widely seen as unfair and not free. The apparent winners refuse to allow investigation of the fraud claims, merely dismissing them. Considering that they also barred the other side’s observers from scrutinizing the ballots and the counting the votes, this is tantamount to a declaration that democracy is over. Cancelled.

War must follow, because an election is a mock civil war in which the number of supporters are counted. When elections fail, then real war is required to determine who should rule. This might not be an all-out shooting war, but there will be shoving and pushing. For peace to resume, either both sides must agree on a fair outcome and a procedure for future elections, or one side must vanquish the other by extinguishing its will to fight.

Unless a dramatic change comes along — such as Trump using the military to enforce the constitution, like Lincoln — historians will look back on this month, and perhaps this day, as the day that democracy died in the US.

The Democrats recently adopted the Marxist attitude that anything goes and there is no fair play, because once they are in power they will never be ousted. The USA might therefore be over.