China’s Last Year?

China’s Last Year? By Peter Zaihan.

I see China with not just a demographic failure, but a failure of leadership, a failure of policy, an agricultural failure, and an energy failure, all at the same time. It is entirely possible that this is the last year of the People’s Republic. …

China was already the fastest aging society in human history with the biggest sex imbalance. We already knew that their economic model would not match up with this demography this decade, we always knew that the economic collapse of China was coming. …

Chinese labor is no longer cost-competitive with other Asian countries like Thailand or The Philippines, or Mexico. This is the fastest labor [wage] appreciation in human history, including during the black death, including during all wars. So we’re looking at a 15-fold increase since 1999, [while] their labor effectiveness productivity is probably only increased by a factor of two, maybe three.

There is not an industrial process that is done in China that can’t be done in North America [which includes Mexico] at a lower cost, because our labor is so much more productive, our energy is so much cheaper, our supply lines are so much shorter and you can produce stuff where people actually live. …

The only reason we think of China as a major industrial player is because of the sunk cost of the preexisting industrial plant. … You don’t rebuild that somewhere else overnight. But it is happening. The United States is already in the process as its fastest industrialization, even faster than what we did during World War II. …

On Taiwan and Ukraine:

The Chinese plan has always been to let the Russians go first, just as a proof of concept. So their thinking was a fast war that conquers Taiwan in a matter of days, that imposes a done deal upon the world, and everyone just sucks it up and takes it, because China is too economically powerful to be challenged. And once you hold the territory, there’s no point in going to a broad scale war against the Chinese when it’s already happened. That’s always been their plan. …

With the Russians, they have had every aspect of all of their planning for the last 40 years set on fire and burned to ash in less than a month.

  • It will not be a quick war, because Ukraine was one of the world’s less militarily competent countries in the first place and they’re still holding out against the Russians.
  • Taiwan has been preparing for this war since 1955.
  • Taiwan has a moat.
  • Taiwan has a nuclear program that started in 1974, so if we have a two-month accumulation of Chinese forces getting ready to push, the Taiwanese will see it because this is the only national security question that they pay any attention to, and they will make a nuclear device.

And so the only way that the Chinese can even make an attempt on Taiwan is to text all of their soldiers at the same time and just say everyone get to the coast take a fishing boat with your buddies and start moving on Taiwan. They know it is going to cost them a million troops just to get there. …

Russia has many flaws, but they’re a massive producer of food and energy products. If you put the sanctions that we have put against Russia onto China, oh my. China imports 85% of their energy, 85% of that from the Persian Gulf, and they import 85% of inputs that are necessary to grow their food. So you would have an industrial collapse, a civilizational breakdown, and mass famine within six months, and then you would probably lose a half a billion Chinese over the course of the next year to famine. …

The one that has scared the Chinese the most are the boycotts. BP and Halliburton didn’t have to leave, they weren’t doing anything that was sanctioned, but the super majors and the oil services firms and countless other firms left on a moral imperative prompted by individual shareholders and consumers. And in China, the idea that the average Joe or Jane can influence policy is so antithetical to their mindset that they had no idea this was even possible, much less it was going to happen. So everything that the Chinese have based their system and their strategic policy on for the last 30 years has been proven in the last two months to be utterly wrong.

Probably overstated, but China has major problems and Taiwan is breathing easier these days.

via Lawrence Person

US Republicans flock to Budapest for Orban’s lessons on leadership

US Republicans flock to Budapest for Orban’s lessons on leadership. By Peter Conradi.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the scourge of Brussels and darling of American conservatives, has outlined to a gathering of US Republicans a 12-point plan he claims should enable fellow right-wingers across the world to gain and retain power.

Mr Orban, 58, re-elected last month, boasted of how he has transformed Hungary over the past decade into a “bastion of conservative and Christian values in Europe” in a speech opening a meeting in Budapest last week of the US Conservative Political Action Conference, chaired by lobbyist and Fox News contributor Matt Schlapp.

Quoting Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and even Sting, the Hungarian leader likened what he called “today’s wokeness” to the communist ideology he fought as a young activist in the late 1980s before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Mr Orban also claimed Hungarians and Americans alike were up against “the same people: faceless, ideologically trained bureaucrats sitting in Washington DC and Brussels”

“And as conservatives, our lot is to feel about our nations’ public life as Sting felt in New York: like a ‘legal alien’.” …

Conservatives should also establish their “own media” to counter the domination of outlets by those who had “progressive left-wing views”, Mr Orban said, as well as set up think tanks, institutes and youth organisations to propagate their ideas.

“Politicians come and go, but institutions stay with us for generations,” he added.

Hear hear.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Steve B.

Australian Election: Farewell to freedom

Australian Election: Farewell to freedom. By John Ruddick.

Should the Liberals align themselves even closer to the Davos bureaucratic class?

Some argue the solution is for the Liberal Party to win back its heartland by moving left. … In the United States, the most expensive zip codes voted Republican throughout the Cold War but have since inexorably drifted left and now vote Democrat as reliably as the ghetto.

Anyway, how much more left-wing could the now fallen ‘Modern Liberals’ have been? They threatened to cross the floor over a Net Zero carbon economy and forced a prime ministerial capitulation. A few months later, most did cross the floor over transgender rights all in the hope they’d bought an insurance policy against Woke independents. They still got steamrolled. Those arguing the Liberal Party needs to move left need to spell out the policies they have in mind (which they can’t without sounding identical to Labor).

Or maybe oppose them instead?

Others say the future Liberal heartland should be the former Labor Party heartland. There are encouraging signs that, electorally at least, this could work. …

The problem however with the Liberal Party embracing the erstwhile Labor Party heartland is that those voters have next to nil appreciation of economic rationalism. This nation faces serious headwinds as the Covid chickens come home to roost – inflation is just the beginning. There is one cure – 1980s-style pro-free enterprise reforms. It’s more than doubtful Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese has it in him to ‘do a Bob Hawke’ and betray Labor’s economic platform. If the Liberal Party that calculates its best electoral prospects are former Labor voting areas, then the chances they rediscover their sound economic credentials are low. …


Since the 1980s, the global warmists have made endless prophecies that would apparently soon confirm the planet is dangerously warming. Despite zero predictions materialising, the masses seem to be more convinced of the global warming orthodoxy. …

The loss of the ‘Modern Liberals’ will hopefully liberate right-of-centre Australia to speak up more about the accuracy of global warming predictions, but clearly we have a tough road ahead.

Freedom failed:

The most disappointing result of the 2022 federal election was the under-whelming vote of the ‘Freedom Friendly parties’.

95 per cent of Australians have had two Covid vaccines, but only 63 per cent have had their booster. The difference is of course due to government mandates not being enforced regarding the booster. Doesn’t this tell us around a third of Australians are at least, to some extent, not buying the Covid narrative?

In 2019, the various minor parties on the right received around 14 per cent of the national Senate vote. Despite the Covid police state and the questionable efficacy of the vaccine program, those same parties (who were all opposed to the Covid orthodoxy) received a similar total vote in 2022 as they did in 2019. Maybe the whole Covid saga has shifted people left as they now fear stepping out of line.

Where to from here? Some suggest the ‘Freedom Friendly parties’ should merge into one. They’re probably right, their combined mass would generate additional support, but there’s a serious problem — only the Liberal Democrats are resolutely committed to economic rationalism. As I travelled New South Wales during the campaign I met many One Nation, United Australia, and other candidates and activists. The goodwill and cooperation between us was high, but while many were impressive too many others had no appreciation (beyond Covidmania) of the importance of reducing the size of the government.

Most of the right still  aren’t correctly identifying their opponents as bureaucrats and other winners from globalization. Don’t be too distracted by wokeism — the main game is class and money, same as it always was.

The Secret Climate Election we didn’t know we had

The Secret Climate Election we didn’t know we had. By Joanne Nova.

The only way climate elections are won is by keeping it a secret or telling lies.

Today we wake up to find out it was a climate election. Who knew?

There was not one word, barely, about climate change in the public square in Australia the last six weeks, yet today suddenly it was “a Green-slide” and a climate election post hoc. But the whole reason the Greeny-Teals did well was because no one talked about climate change.

No one asked how expensive it might be to alter the planet’s weather a hundred years from now? Should we fund hospitals now, or slow cyclones in 2100?

Whenever it was a climate election in the last 12 years, the skeptical side won.

And the more skeptical they were, the bigger the win was.

  • Tony Abbott won a landslide 90 seats by crushing the Climate Gods. It was a Climate Election and the voters said “No”.
  • To win in 2010 Julia Gillard had to lie “there will be no Carbon Tax”, and do 17 days of wheeling and dealing to barely scrape through.
  • In 2016 Turnbull was barely a skeptic and barely won — losing 14 seats in the process.
  • In 2019 Morrison pulled off the Miracle Win by asking Bill Shorten hard questions about the costs of climate action, which Bill called dumb and a “charlatan’s argument”. That election was called a Climate Election they bragged, and believers were shocked to lose.

But this time, there was no policy debate. There was no “let them eat cake” moment. No out-of-touch Bob Brown tour of the coal zones of Queensland. The climate bomb ticked quietly and no one said “boo”. No one, at least that the media couldn’t ignore.

The political-correct fiction about carbon dioxide — the “reason” for choosing to wreck our electricity system and all get poorer — is a major vote winner for the conservatives. Just as well for the left that this election they were able to trick the conservatives out of using it.

The media’s ignorance on full display when crucifying Scomo

The media’s ignorance on full display when crucifying Scomo. By James McPherson.

Scott Morrison and his faith have been the subject of national discussion for three years, and yet journalists still don’t know which church he attends.

Heck, after three years they still can’t even spell ‘Pentecostal’.

And then there’s the former Greens leader who insisted that Mr Morrison giving his final speech as Prime Minister in church was proof of a conspiracy to transform Australia into a theocracy.

Cultural elites never took Mr Morrison’s Christianity seriously. Instead, they caricatured his faith in order to demean him.

Not that Pentecostals cared that much. About a quarter of the two billion Christians in the world are Pentecostals. That happened without the ABC, and despite the Greens’ anti-Christian hand-wringing.

Anyway, most churchgoers understand that our elites much prefer a small, empty church, populated by elderly parishioners cheering the ordination of a transgendered priest who believes souls can be saved by banning coal.

That’s a church our left-leaning elites can say ‘amen’ to.

But a church auditorium packed with young families professing love of Jesus and belief in the Bible as the word of God? Not so much.

Journalists spent three years studying Mr Morrison’s brand of Christianity to conclude that Pentecostals were ‘Happy Clappers’ because they were, um, happy. And they liked to clap to music.

This was about as serious as the analysis got.

Oh, and they told us Pentecostalism was ‘American-style Christianity’.

But only because journalists seemed unfamiliar with South Korean-style Christianity. Or Nigerian-style Christianity. Or Indonesian-style Christianity. That’s where the largest Pentecostal churches are. But you’d have to be a journalist with access to Google to know that.

‘American-style Christianity’ worked for journalists because it sounded sinister, like something Donald Trump himself had created. …

With such attention to detail, it was hardly surprising that when Mr Morrison gave his final speech as Prime Minister at Horizon Church on Sunday morning, the ABC reported that he was speaking at Hillsong Church.

Horizon and Hillsong are, of course, completely different churches, located 46km from each other.

What does it matter?

Mr Morrison’s detractors have long accused him of being a Hillsong member. In doing so, the enemies of Mr Morrison have sought to tar him with the scandals of Hillsong Church, and the enemies of Hillsong Church have sought to tar it with the unpopular policies of Mr Morrison.

It’s a wonderful arrangement for the haters who get to crucify Hillsong and Morrison with one nail. …

This tweet was popular…

I’m now confused. The same bloke who said he hadn’t even been to Hillsong in years just appeared on the ABC giving thanks at Hillsong Sydney. The very day after losing the election!’

Someone needs to tell the confused viewer (and the hundreds who ‘liked’ and shared his tweet) that he was only confused because he had been watching the ABC.

Read it all.


Whitlam-style Labor agenda mixed with big-spending Green agenda will not end well

Whitlam-style Labor agenda mixed with big-spending Green agenda will not end well. By Terry McCrann.

Australia is now embarked on a classic big-spending Whitlam-style Labor agenda mixed up with a new-age big-spending Dark Green agenda. …

Both the formal Dark Greens and the ‘independent’ Teal-Greens demand the same thing: the destruction of our national electricity generation system that has given us plentiful, cheap and reliable power for the last 80 years — albeit, increasingly less so in recent years.

And the speedier the ‘better’, in a mad, bad and dangerous — and utterly pointless — race to 2030.

These assorted Greens also demand a ban on any new coal, gas and oil projects; and then, where it starts to get really ‘interesting’, the actual closures of our existing mines and oil and especially gas production.

That does suggest it will become an increasingly fractious marriage; as the crazy-Green agenda collides with the reality of government and trying to keep the economy this side of Venezuela, far less North Korea.

But at least initially it will be hugs all around as Labor, Dark-Green and Teal-Green rejoice in taking “real action on Climate Change”.

‘Action’ that will have zero effect on either the world’s or our local climate, thanks to China belching more and more CO2, and even ‘woke’ Europe deciding it actually wants to keep its lights on.

Pointless ‘action’, that will have massively destructive impacts on our industry and on household budgets.

Then add on the classic big-spending Labor agenda, which WILL produce bigger deficits and keep the national government debt heading from $1tr to $2tr.

Buckle up. With a full racing harness.

Wait a year for the Jacinta-like honeymoon with Albo to fade. By then the economy and electricity systems will be suffering.

I knew Albo somewhat at university. He was a committed activist pushing some nutty causes dear to his heart. He says he’s changed in this 50’s. Maybe.

Australia now has its own Biden administration, without the senility. Albo, like Biden, is not bright by the standards of the political class. This will become achingly obvious before long.

The Albanese government will be pretty radical before long, despite appearing moderate and slightly conservative to get elected. (I hope I’m wrong about this!)

hat-tip Stephen Neil

The rich vote Left

The rich vote Left. By James Allen.

The least conservative Liberal (and National) government in Australia’s history lost last weekend.

There was no enthusiastic move to Labor. In fact, both major parties scored woefully low first preference counts. …

Now, you will not see this on the ABC or hear it from any of the Liberal ‘moderates’, but it was a very good thing having all those Teals take out the inner core of the lefty-Lib gang — Zimmerman ‘I forgot about freedom once I was elected’ Wilson, Sharma, Falinski, and yes, even Josh Frydenberg (who I’m guessing was the driving force behind pushing Scott Morrison to sign up to Net Zero and to pay the ABC all that money just before the election).

These seats were always going to leave the column for any remotely conservative party. Many may not like that fact, but it’s already happened in Canada, Britain, and America. …

The truth is that the well-off rich (and I generalise of course) now vote solidly Left — maybe because they can afford to and like to virtue-signal? They vote more like Canberra public servants than anything else.

So in a losing election, it was good to lose these seats. Frankly, I don’t see them coming back for a long time.

Here’s an irony. If Morrison had refused to sign up to Net Zero and made rising energy prices and inflation an election issue, together with mining jobs, I think he would have won the election –- this being the formula of Liberal wins since Tony Abbott took over as Opposition Leader. Instead, the Liberal Prime Minister, who seemingly had no core convictions and no strong commitment to freedom or to the presumption of innocence, let himself be pushed by the party wets into reneging on a promise made to Coalition voters at the last election in 2019.

By signing up to Net Zero, Morrison was snookered.

Too bad the Liberals and the right don’t listen to climate skeptics who could counter climate alarmism with relevant facts. Too many Liberals believed the government climate scientists.

‘Greenslide’ in Oz Dumps Scott Morrison

‘Greenslide’ in Oz Dumps Scott Morrison. By Peter Smith.

I’m queuing to vote. A middle-aged chap in a Kylea Tink tee-shirt approaches me. Do you know anything about Kylea Tink, he asks? Yes, I do, I say, she has insane climate policies. He reminds me of recent floods and bushfires. You mean like the ones we had in the nineteen thirties; I respond. Resignedly, he beats a retreat and moves on to the young couple standing behind me. More receptive ears. I wonder. How does a man of his age become completely delusional? Young things, OK. They know no better, and have been brainwashed on social media.

On reflection, judging by the overall election result, the weight of the voting population across all age groups has become delusional. …

Ms Tink, who won the seat by the way, was one of thirteen so-called “Teal” independents, opposing “moderates” (more correctly, wets), among the governing Liberal (conservative) and National (rural centre-right) parties. All in blue-ribbon inner-city seats. Backed by the son of a billionaire with interests in renewable energy, these well-heeled women, in well-heeled electorates, are climate activists. …

Spot any gender discrimination?

Unfortunately, we now have a Labor government committed to a 43 percent reduction in emissions by 2030, with up to twelve Greens and green-minded independents in the parliament who think much more ambitiously. They variously want something between sixty and seventy-five percent.

Meanwhile the Liberals are tortured. Should they try to outbid the Teals next time to get those blue-ribbon seats back?

Hold on, there’s no outbidding the Teals. Should they then try for those working-class outer-suburban seats, which they’ve never won, by going back to traditional conservative values and common sense? A Trumpian strategy. Seems farfetched.

The teals had lots of enthusiastic volunteers, unlike the Liberal Party

Keneally is Labor’s Kryptonite

Keneally is Labor’s Kryptonite. By John Simpson.

Former Labor high-flyer, Kristina Keneally, is a loser. In fact, Ms Keneally has perfected the art of losing. …

Voters are sick and tired of being harangued by political figures whether local, state, or federal. With so many elected representatives, bureaucrats, and political advisers in Australia – it’s hard to escape giving them our attention, try as we might.

Nobody, but nobody does a better harangue than Kristina. Intrusive, carping, and unrelenting are all traits Australian voters are not fond of and yet Kristina excels at all of them. …

  1. She failed as New South Wales Premier (a task which occupied her for approximately 15 months) with Labor suffering a catastrophic defeat under her stewardship in the 2011 state election. …
  2. In December 2017, Kristina again flamed-out while contesting the federal seat of Bennelong. …
  3. The prelude to Kristina’s final disastrous denouement (last night) was her placement in an unwinnable position on Labor’s NSW Senate ticket.

I was always mystified as to why Labor put her in prominent positions. Perhaps because she was female? She was a major vote loser.

This election loss might be just what the Australian Liberal Party needs

This election loss might be just what the Australian Liberal Party needs. By Rowan Dean.

Scott Morrison and the Coalition did not lose government last night. They lost it on November 1 last year, when Scott Morrison stood in front of an adoring crowd of climate cultists in Glasgow and committed Australia to the ridiculous pledge of ‘Net Zero by 2050’.

Attacking and resisting Climate Change alarmism had been the secret winning weapon of the Liberal and National parties at every election since and including the landslide win in 2013.

The most pathetic scenes in this election campaign were watching Liberals and Nationals stand impotently by as they were attacked on Climate Change.

Rather than going on the attack by pointing out the energy crisis in Europe and the spiralling inflation in the US are all the result of climate alarmism, thanks to Scott Morrison and the bedwetters within the Liberal party, they played along with the pretence that we can close down our coal mines and still maintain our prosperity.

The winners from the globalist agenda of rule by unelected bureaucrats, and of ever bigger government and more well-paid bureaucratic jobs insulated from economic competition, are the alliance of bureaucrats, the media, academics, professionals on government-funded projects, and their allies. They tend to live in the inner cities. They have taken over the main left party in every western country, including the Labor Party here in Australia. They are the noisy, PC minority.

The losers are everyone else, especially those whose wages are kept in check by market discipline. This is the productive class who actually gets most real stuff done. They oppose the globalist class of Davos. They are the majority.

It is the destiny of the Liberal Party to be the party of the losers of globalization. Embrace it. Drop the teal electorates. They are realigning to the party of big government and the wealthy. Pursue them and you alienate most of the electorate. The teal electorates are your past. Thank them and move on — don’t make an ass of yourself chasing a lost love.

Anyway, what other choice does the Liberal Party have, other than to be a globalist party playing second fiddle to the real ting, the Labor Party?

Morrison’s strategy of positioning his government just to the right of the Labor Party failed. Why vote for the pale imitation? Morrison’s Liberal Party bored and turned off most of the country. Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer have to be two of the least talented political operators around, yet they still managed to get 10% of the vote just by not being the Liberal Party.

A final note on the Western Australian factor, for those who don’t live here. WA voted heavily against the Morrison government. Morrison called us “cave dwellers” because we didn’t want his infection and the attendant masks and lockdowns, and insisted on closing our borders to people from Sydney when it was convulsed with delta. Imagine! What impertinence! The Labor Party here just repeated that comment over and over in ads. Very effective. Some outsiders don’t acknowledge that WA locked down least, had the least covid, and was least affected by covid than any jurisdiction in the western world. Closing the borders to the infected states, and to an infected world, worked and bought us time.

Those outsiders also do not respect our democracy. How much clearer could WA voters make it ? We voted big time for a state leader who closed borders and kept us out of the covid mess. And yesterday many voted to indicate that we don’t appreciate arrogant Sydney-siders telling us to open our borders so they can visit and make us sick, thereby forcing us into lockdowns and masks like them.

Reinvention time: Australian Liberals tried to win wealthy inner city Woke seats and lost the nation

Reinvention time: Australian Liberals tried to win wealthy inner city Woke seats and lost the nation. By Joanne Nova.

If the Liberals stop trying to pander to the wealthy Woke electorates and focus on what most Australians want they can reinvent themselves to speak for mainstream Australia by the next election.

The dismal election result for the Liberals and Nationals in Australia may yet set them free. By shifting to the left on issues like Climate Change the Liberals were hobbled. They tried to be Labor -lite, but then couldn’t point out the sheer stupidity of trying to change the weather.

Net Zero was a good goal they said, and so the voters voted for people who would do more of it sooner. By adopting Labor-Green ideas and just trying to be better managers of bad programs they lost their mojo. There were no battles on principles in this election, just personalities.

No policy choices, only choices the globalists approve of:

The Right have been bullied into submission — afraid of being called climate deniers, racists, sexist or anti-vaxxer, they fought for nothing much. And so the voters voted for nothing much — splitting every which way. Astonishingly a new government will be formed that nearly 70% of Australians didn’t vote for. The Labor Party won with the lowest primary vote ever recorded in Australian history.
The great realignment of politics bit the Liberals

Waleed Aly, surprisingly, captured it better than anyone, pointing out that voters in wealthy electorates shifted left, while those in less wealthy seats moved right.

The Liberals lost the traditional well heeled blue-ribbon seats to the renewables industry candidates in the Teal Party (the Sneaky Greens). …

The loss of the Woke part of the party would be a blessing in disguise:

Australian voters are fracturing into different party groups because the major parties are not serving their original bases. The Labor-Green Party was the party of the workers but has become the paired-party of the rich and fashionable, and the welfare dependent. The Liberal-National parties were still trying to win the inner city blue-ribbon seats while also appealing to the suburbs, small business and rural areas. But that was an impossible deal. Something had to give.

If the Liberal Party can regroup against political correctness, they could storm back in just as Tony Abbott did. If they don’t, the minor parties on the Right will fill that space and do it for them.

Funny how the media never mention that Tony Abbott won a crushing victory and 90 seats in 2013. Perhaps because he did it by opposing political correctness, and the media don’t want us to remember how popular it is to oppose the globalists.

Australian Election 2022: Coalition split floated as loss post-mortem begins

Australian Election 2022: Coalition split floated as loss post-mortem begins. By Jess Malcolm.

Outgoing Finance Minister Simon Birmingham has left the door open to splitting the Coalition into two parties, as he conceded the party needed to embrace more ambitious climate change targets to better represent the electorate. …

Josh Frdenberg, his own seat still in the balance, said climate change is “a salient and most important issue, not just here in Kooyong but obviously for the country”.

“Australia has not been well served by the culture wars on climate change. Whether you believe in it or don’t believe in it, climate change is not a religion. It needs to be dealt with from a perspective of engineering, economics and also environmental science. The Coalition has achieved a lot in helping Australia meet and beat its emissions reduction targets.” …

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan says he “hopes

He stressed Labor had been elected on the “lowest primary vote the Labor Party has ever received since 1910”.“They’re going to be beholden to the Teals, to the Left,” he said.” Peter Dutton takes over as leader of the Coalition.

The right is in a state of flux right now.

Australian election: Liberals must not abandon core conservative voters

Australian election: Liberals must not abandon core conservative voters. By Greg Sheridan.

It is the great unravelling. All over the Western world, all over the democratic world, traditional political structures are collapsing.

The incoherence and shabby emptiness of the Australian election campaign offered an Australianised version of the political breakdown under way in many nations.

Whoever is the Australian government has a mandate for almost nothing. All that either side of politics offered was spending, spending, spending as far as the eye could see and nothing much else at all.

This indicates a deep crisis in politics, a loss of faith in politics by ordinary people. No one any longer believes in a political cause or grand narrative. The only thing voters accept from politicians is cash. …

There were some mercies in the Australian campaign. It did not contain the vicious hatreds of the last two US presidential campaigns — Donald Trump versus Joe Biden in 2020, and Trump versus Hillary Clinton in 2016 — although there was much vitriol and madness on social media, and this did have a broader influence. …

That’s only because both sides were on board with the globalist agenda in 2022. The viciousness only arises when a major party threatens the globalists, such as Tony Abbot in 2013, who promised to roll back the climate change nonsense. Abbott won a huge victory — 90 seats, which the media never mention. Then the globalist forces in the bureaucracy and media hammered Abbott viciously and relentlessly, forcing him to turn over the leadership to their man Turnbull, and eventually forcing Abbott out of parliament by supporting his challenger in his Sydney seat of Warringah.

The great realignment is now so obvious that most people not on the left are getting it:

The deeper trend is simple: the rich go left, the poor go right.

In the US, the poorest states — West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi — are solidly Republican and pro-Trump. The richest states — Massachusetts, California, Connecticut — vote Democrat and hate Trump.

In Australia, the Coalition represents some of the poorest electorates. Whatever happens this time, a lot of affluent electorates will become harder for the Coalition to hold. …

The monetary collapse approaches:

One near universal feature post-Covid across the Western world is the collapse of any budget discipline, or indeed any fiscal reality. In our election the Coalition promised $1.2 trillion of debt, and Labor promised the same plus a few billion more. At five paces they were indistinguishable. In the US in 2020 the budget deficit exceeded $US3 trillion. In Britain in 2020-21 the deficit was £250bn.

Because John Howard left Australia with so much money in the bank, there is no Western country quite as carefree as us about the eye-watering levels of debt we are incurring. …

All Western nations have become like the chronic debt and deficit economies of Western Europe. Long term, those economies are sclerotic and stagnant, and so are their societies.

Everyone is operating in a high-inflation environment. It’s 5.1 per cent in Australia, likely to go to 5.9 per cent later in the year. In Britain it’s 9 per cent. In the US it’s more than 8 per cent. We are all heading back to the 1970s. Prolonged inflation and massive debt ultimately produce high unemployment. For the moment, with the massive amounts of stimulus spending, unemployment has declined throughout the West. There is very little prospect this will continue.

Remember, the ’70s was the last time it looked as though the West was in terminal decline. Communism kept expanding the territory it controlled. Western politicians — leaders such as Jimmy Carter, Ted Heath, Billy McMahon and Gough Whitlam — didn’t have a clue how to handle their economies and were even worse in national security.

The West is heading into similar entropy now, but with a new chief competitor, China, infinitely more powerful than the Soviet Union ever was in the ’70s. …

After 40 years of bubble nurtured by low interest rates, the money system is breaking under the weight of debt. Governments borrow (and “print”) too much because they know it will never being meaningfully repaid. But now the inflation has started, and inflationary expectations have been awakened. The money system is speeding towards collapse — at which point the globalists will introduce a digital currency to rule as all, it we let them.

In Australia, the centre-left vote fractured years ago, and now the Greens get 10 per cent or more. This is difficult for Labor, which stalls in the low or mid 30s. But it has two advantages. The Greens cannot bear the idea of supporting a Coalition government so they delver a solid 80 per cent of their preferences back to Labor. And as a party they absorb a lot of the nuttiest activists of the type that once made Labor branch meetings so exotic, unruly and unmanageable.

It was a great strength of the Liberal-National parties that they held their broad centre-right big church together so long. But now Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party have taken a great deal of their vote. …

The Liberals are losing social conservatives to Hanson and UAP and losing inner-city affluent progressives to the teals. Their panic over potential teal losses is leading them into destructive decisions. The Victorian Liberal Party is the most spectacularly unsuccessful political outfit in Australia. Generally, it wouldn’t make an impression on a soft pillow. The parliamentary party, almost entirely unknown to anyone not in Parliament House, is planning next Tuesday to expel its only MP from the western suburbs, Bernie Finn. This is allegedly because he is ill-disciplined. Yet the proximate cause is obvious – he is unfashionably pro-life and anti-abortion. …

The Victorian Liberals are not socially conservative. But if they actively drive out social conservatives from their party they will force the creation of minor parties on the right. Such action looks simultaneously terrified and cowardly in the face of the teal threat, authoritarian in terms of MPs’ free speech and effectively putting an end to the idea of the Liberal Party as a “broad church”. At the same time, the Liberals’ most dedicatedly woke member, NSW Treasurer Matt Kean, was able to denigrate and call for the defeat of the endorsed Liberal candidate in Warringah, Katherine Deves, without a peep of expulsion talk for him. …

Martyn Iles, the leader of the Australian Christian Lobby, thinks the Liberals are missing potential big gains in western Sydney, southeastern Melbourne, western Melbourne and other parts of Australia: “Socially conservative migrant Christians are a huge conservative goldmine. There are votes there for the taking in huge numbers for the Liberals. But only if they operate in their traditional conservative lane. If not, they confuse these voters. The way they’re going, the Liberals are losing social conservatives and progressives.” …

The future of conservative politics throughout the West surely lies more with working-class and trade-oriented people than with the elites. Nationals senator Matt Canavan made this point when he told Liberals not to be scared of the “boganisation” of their support base. After all, there are a lot more bogans than rich people. A key element of all centre-right politics throughout the world now is nationalism. …

As Gerard Baker has argued in The Wall Street Journal: “If the GOP (Republicans) can find a genuine standard bearer for this ascendant conservative populism, shorn of the vulgar narcissism of the former president, and the lunatic extremism of the QAnon crowd … it would have a winning formula.” This is because, as Baker argues, Trump didn’t create the base. The base created Trump. Republican primary voters in 2016 were sick of left-wing identity politics, trash talking the US, hyperactive foreign policy, illegal immigration out of control, China cheating on the trade rules, allies loafing in their own defence efforts and jobs going overseas. …

What do we have to show for nine years of “conservative” federal government in Australia? What difference would it have made if a competent version of the ALP had been in power instead?

The weakness of Australian conservatism has led to nine very hollow years of conservative government. As Roskam observed, after three terms of conservative government we get a national school curriculum requiring students to find their “eco-identities” and all other manner of Green religious nonsense.

Three terms of conservative government achieved little beyond not being Labor. Once Tony Abbott lost his mojo, all sense of contesting the zeitgeist, talking back to the culture, was gone.

Time for the Liberal Party to recognize their destiny as the party of those who don’t like the globalist agenda of big government and bureaucratic rule. Seize the day. Let the teal electorates go — they were your past, but they are woke globalists now. Oppose the globalist media and bureaucracy, instead of meekly doing heir bidding. You might be surprised at how popular you become.

But they probably won’t, because not enough of them see it yet.

Was this the loss the right had to have?

The LGBT population of America seems to be roughly doubling every generation

The LGBT population of America seems to be roughly doubling every generation. By Bill Maher.

It’s okay to ask questions about something that’s very new and involves children.

Rod Dreher:

Bill Maher’s monologue about LGBT is fantastic. The guy is liberal, and pro-LGBT, but he says we have taken this way too far.

Above, he’s pointing out that at the statistical rate that the population is declaring itself L, G, B, or T, we will all be LGBT by mid-century. He’s joking, obviously, but it’s a real thing that the percentage of people in US society claiming LGBT status has doubled every generation. …

But one is not permitted by the woke gatekeepers to notice this, except to cheer for it.

There are a lot of unsustainable fantasies going around at the moment. What they all have in common is they are supported by the left, trumpeted by the media, and no criticism is tolerated by the politically correct.

Can Adults No Longer Consent?

Can Adults No Longer Consent? By John Hinderaker.

The idea that two (or more) consenting adults can do whatever the heck they want in the privacy of their bedroom … was perhaps the most universally accepted moral rule in contemporary America. [This is known as the Playboy defense.]

As it turns out, that was then, and this is now. Consent is no longer enough. The latest case in point is that of David Sabatini, said to be one of the world’s greatest scientists. His career has been derailed because a former lover has now turned on him. It is a sad story, certainly for Sabatini and maybe for the rest of us, as his cancer research is among the world’s most promising. Sabatini was forced out of MIT and his career has been downhill from there:

David Sabatini, 54, whose research involved unraveling how tumors develop, resigned from MIT last month and has been surviving on [un]employment after fellow scientist Kristin Knouse claimed he “groomed” and “coerced” her into a sexual relationship, according to a report and court papers.

He is gone from MIT, so NYU tried to hire one of the world’s top scientists:

A longtime friend and dean at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine tried to offer him a job, but after an uproar, the school announced on May 3 that it would not hire him despite the fact that colleagues described him in a recent article as one of the world’s greatest scientists — a “genius” in line for the Nobel Prize.

So what happened? Sabatini had the ill luck to fall into a romantic relationship with the wrong woman: …

“Sabatini has contended he and Knouse began their fling during a 2018 conference, while he was in the midst of a divorce. By 2020, he thought the affair had cooled, though he claims Knouse wanted to continue. By October 2020, she complained she’d been harassed, and in a later lawsuit alleged Sabitini oversaw a “sexualized” environment in his lab.

I take it there is no dispute that Sabatini’s and Knouse’s “fling” was consensual. Rather, Knouse now says that Sabatini “groomed” her into a sexual relationship.

It’s a novel theory, but let’s do the math. Sabatini is now 54 years old, and Knouse is 21 years his junior. Their consensual relationship began in 2018. So Knouse would have been 29 years old — a little long in the tooth for “grooming.”

Their only standards are double standards:

Currently, there is a battle going on in Florida over grooming of 5 to 8 year olds in the public schools, where some teachers want to instruct small children in deviant sexual practices. Liberals vehemently oppose any bans on such grooming. On the other hand, liberals say, “grooming” of a 29-year-old scientist? Outrageous! Ban the groomer for life!

Too much is never enough for ideologues:

It isn’t just “ban the groomer,” either: any who have come in contact with him may be radioactive:

After the Grossman School of Medicine announced it would not hire him, the National Institutes of Health decided to audit $500 million in grant money overseen by the dean who first considered bringing him aboard, Common Sense reported.

On the left, it is scorched earth, every day. So: if you have ever engaged in a voluntary, consensual romantic relationship, and assume that no one has the right to investigate and second-guess it? Forget it. If it is politically convenient for liberals, the Playboy Philosophy is out the window. Consent is no defense.

Crazy times. When are normal people going to re-assert themselves over the socially-obnoxious misfits who dominate Twitter?