Open Borders? Pew Survey: “About Half or More in Several Sub-Saharan African Countries Would Move to Another Country”

Open Borders? Pew Survey: “About Half or More in Several Sub-Saharan African Countries Would Move to Another Country”.

Now do the numbers:

Population 1950-2010 Africa, ME, Europe

So if the West provided entry and maybe social security for any would-be immigrants, by 2100 about 2 million blacks would move to the West. Diversity would be shrinking again, because all the white countries would be black. Progress, eh Mr Blair?

The right would never be elected again, ever. The left would be permanently in power. Socialism! Nirvana! Censorship!

Steve Sailer:

The current population of Nigeria is about 195 million. So, 74% is about 145 million who want to migrate.

The UN projects Nigeria’s population in 2100 to be 794 million. So, 74% of 794 million is, like, a lot.

And that’s one country.

Shhh. These facts are racist!

‘Final Solution’ was bad. But so is “Climate Denier”,

‘Final Solution’ was bad. But so is “Climate Denier”, by Andrew Bolt.

Fraser Anning using the phrase “final solution” has outraged dozens of politicians from Labor and the Greens because of the link to the Holocaust.

Will Labor and the Greens now express similar outrage at the phrase “climate deniers”, given its deliberate link to Holocaust deniers?

Professor Clive Hamilton:

“Instead of dishonouring the deaths of six million in the past, climate deniers risk the lives of hundreds of millions in the future. Holocaust deniers are not responsible for the Holocaust, but climate deniers, if they were to succeed, would share responsibility for the enormous suffering caused by global warming… So the answer to the question of whether climate denialism is morally worse than Holocaust denialism is no, at least, not yet.”

Shut up, they explained.

By the way, 49% of Australians support a ban on Muslim immigration and 40% are opposed to a ban, while survey after survey shows that about half of westerners are dubious about the carbon dioxide theory of global warming and very few regard it as anything but a very low priority. Yet the left/media want to shut down both opinions, and the facts and spokespersons that go with them.

Nigel Farage is touring Australia, 2nsd to 7th of Spetember

Nigel Farage is touring Australia, 2nd to 7th of September.

“When you get back control of your country, you get proper democracy. You get back proper debate.”

Farage has been described as “the most important British politician of the last decade” and one of the most influential. Farage has become the great “disruptor” of British and European politics and is widely consulted for his views on the changing nature of western politics.

Book here.

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‘Unity of Lemmings’: How a Party Dies

‘Unity of Lemmings’: How a Party Dies, by Tony Abbott.

While the Liberal party room was discussing the so-called National Energy Guarantee, Malcolm Turnbull’s operatives were briefing reporters against the man he knifed. Conservatives will take today’s events as confirmation that a party standing for nothing will fall for anything. …

Unfortunately, most explanations of how the NEG (as it stands without price targets) might theoretically get prices down sound like merchant bankers’ gobbledigook.

It was a real pity that the meeting broke up before the chairman of the backbench committee, Craig Kelly, was able to finish his contribution.

Yes, there were lots of pleas for unity, but as one MP said, we’ve got to be loyal to our electorates and to party members too, and not show the “unity of lemmings”.

Yes, there was lots of regard for the “experts” and for “business leaders” but as one MP said “I’m not here for the technocrats”. …

This is the big question that the party room didn’t really grapple with: when the big emitters are not meeting Paris, why should we? Especially, as even the Chief Scientist said, the difference meeting our target would make is “virtually nothing”.

Mark Morano’s skeptical video goes viral with 7.5 million views – Prompts warmists try to ban ‘climate deniers’

Mark Morano’s skeptical video goes viral with 7.5 million views – Prompts warmists try to ban ‘climate deniers’, by Mark Morano.

Is this the future?

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano has become the poster child of climate activists seeking to ban “climate deniers” from Facebook and YouTube and other social media platforms like Twitter. …

“A climate denial video has 6 million views. Facebook doesn’t care,” blared the headline at the magazine Grist on July 31, 2018. The climate activists at Grist lamented that the “two-minute video attacking the scientific consensus on climate change — made by infamous denier Marc Morano — is going viral.” …

Another high-profile attack on Morano’s book was the George Soros funded Media Matters for America. “Facebook has a climate-denial problem,” stated the July 31, 2018 headline. …

Climate activists have Facebook in their crosshairs in order to stifle any climate debate. “The platform spreads climate-denying videos and other posts, hosts climate-denying ads,” Media Matters noted.

Here it is:

Westminster crash: Salih Khater named as suspect

Westminster crash: Salih Khater named as suspect, by the BBC.

The man arrested on suspicion of terror offences after a car crashed outside the Houses of Parliament has been named as Salih Khater by government sources.

The 29-year-old British citizen, originally from Sudan, has also been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, Met Police said.

He came to the UK as a refugee and was granted asylum, the BBC understands.

His brother described him as a “normal person” with no fanatical ideas and no links to any religious group. …

The suspect is not believed to have been known to MI5 or counter-terrorism police, but is understood to have been known to local police. …

Having completed his secondary education in Sudan, he studied electrical engineering at university there before moving to the UK.

He studied English as a second or foreign language at City College from 2010 to 2011, later studying a diploma in science at South and City College in Birmingham from 2014 to 2017. …

Ahhh, the BBC article does not mention Islam but there is a clue:

Birmingham Central Mosque said its inquiries with the community found he did not worship at the mosque and had showed no signs of radicalisation.

In a CV seen by the BBC, Mr Khater described himself as a “hardworking, honest and polite individual” and “mature and responsible, with the ability to stay calm in high pressured situations”

British citizen who deliberately drove into a crowd of people outside Parliament House in London

Another amazing coincidence. An apparently well adjusted normal British citizen commits an act of terrorism against British natives. Just happens to be an Islamic non-native. Eventually even the police are going to sit up and take notice, but for time being they are sticking to the PC fantasies. Meanwhile rapid and historically high immigration continues, most of it from the third world — because PC. Diversity is good, comrade.

Afghan asylum seeker stabs 4 people in France, one in serious condition

Afghan asylum seeker stabs 4 people in France, one in serious condition. By Voice of Europe.

On Monday 13 August, an Afghan asylum seeker stabbed four people in Perigueux. One is in serious condition, French newspaper Le Figaro reports.

A 19-year-old Afghan asylum seeker was bothering a group of girls in Perigueux’s Victor Hugo street, Monday night. Two men attempted to defend the girls from the heavily drunk migrant.

The Afghan went searching for a knife in the house of his cousin, also an asylum seeker, and stabbed the two men in the head and neck.

He then stabbed his neighbours, two brothers, aged 64 and 68, before being quickly arrested after the second attack. The 64-year-old man is “seriously wounded”, according to Le Figaro’s sources.

How third world! How vibrant!

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Universities shut their doors to inquiry and free exchange of ideas

Universities shut their doors to inquiry and free exchange of ideas, by Claire Lehmann.

When Lindsay Shepherd, a master’s student and teaching assistant at Canada’s Wilfrid Laurier University, showed her communications class a TV clip debating gender pronouns, she was not prepared for what followed. Called into a meeting with her academic supervisors, she was accused of creating a “toxic” and “problematic” environment and was told that she had broken the law (Canada’s Bill C-16).

Her sin, according to her two academic supervisors and one university administrator, was to show the clip without expressly condemning the conservative side of the debate. She was told it was equivalent to “neutrally playing a speech by Hitler”.

While it is common knowledge that humanities and social science departments lean to the left, it’s a relatively new phenomenon for universities to be openly hostile to debate and inquiry. Or at least it’s relatively new for the hostility to be expressed in such unequivocal terms. …

What’s at stake:

Echo chambers on campus give rise to extreme views … And such extreme views trickle down into broader culture when students who have been inculcated into ideologies graduate and find employment in the media and professions.

Such extreme views include the opinion held by the president of the American Sociological Association, who argues that colour-blindness (that is, not judging people by the colour of their skin) is a racist idea that needs to be dismantled. Or the ideas promoted within “whiteness studies”, as taught at the University of Melbourne, including concepts of “white privilege” and “white fragility”.

The left is getting ever pushier. Will anybody be able to say anything against their ideas in a few years time? Maybe next year? If you’re white and disagree with any PC idea, do you even have a future in the future socialist nirvana?

Patreon and Mastercard ban Robert Spencer

Patreon and Mastercard ban Robert Spencer, by Robert Spencer.

Recently Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes have been banned from various social media platforms, in a desperate attempt by the Left to ensure that the 2016 election results aren’t repeated in 2018. …

If only approved viewpoints can be aired, we live in a totalitarian state, not a free society, and the effects of this will reverberate in our lives in ways we cannot imagine. If you think that the banning will stop when those who are deemed “crazy” or “extremist” are all banned, you’re in for a surprise.

Yesterday, they came for me, albeit in not yet as thoroughgoing a manner as the way they went after Jones and McInnes.

A few weeks ago the great David Wood swung by my office and helped me set up a Patreon account. We made a video in which I explained that I had come into possession of what once had been a working TV studio, and that I hoped to make it into a working studio again for regular Jihad Watch videos.

The whole endeavor had barely gotten off the ground, however, when I received this email yesterday afternoon: …

“My name is April and I’m on the Trust & Safety team here at Patreon. I’ve been notified by Mastercard that we must remove your account from Patreon, effective immediately.

“Mastercard has a stricter set of rules and regulations than Patreon, and they reserve the right to not offer their services to accounts of their choosing. This is in line with their terms of service, which means it’s something we have to comply by.” …

I don’t have a MasterCard and didn’t have one attached to my Patreon account, so MasterCard really wasn’t involved — unless it owns Patreon, which is apparently the case.

Of course, what is almost certainly going on here is that MasterCard/Patreon is deleting accounts that have been smeared by the hard-Left propaganda hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), despite the fact that the SPLC has been resoundingly discredited. The SPLC defames me as a “hate group leader” and “anti-Muslim extremist.”

Spencer is a sensible and knowledgeable commentator, but he is not PC. The PC mob loves Islam at the moment, yet Spencer persists in pointing out its cultural incompatibilities with the West and how it is a danger to the West.

The PC left is very pushy and getting pushier by the moment. Now that they have successfully marched though nearly all the institutions — they own the bureaucracy, academia, and media — they are tolerating opposition less and less. They increasingly own the corporate world too, so both government services and private companies are increasingly united in denying a public voice to anyone who is not PC.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Celebs Furious After Trump Snips John Brennan’s Security Clearance: ‘What a Small Person’

Celebs Furious After Trump Snips John Brennan’s Security Clearance: ‘What a Small Person’, by Joshua Caplan.

A handful of Hollywood personalities immediately began to fume over President Donald Trump’s Wednesday announcement that he would revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan.

The White House announced it is pulling Brennan’s security clearance after revealing last month the Obama-era intelligence official’s access to classified information was “under review.”

“Mr. Brennan has recently leveraged his status as a former high-ranking official with access to highly sensitive information to make a series of unfounded and outrageous allegations, wild outbursts on the internet and television about this administration,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told members of the White House press corps.

Very tribal, fighting over every inch of political turf.

Meanwhile, the fallout from exonerating Hillary continues:

By the way, speaking of the President’s press secretary and the abuse she endures from the left/media:

Child Abuse in the Catholic Church: Against Weak Men

Child Abuse in the Catholic Church: Against Weak Men, by Rod Dreher.

An atomic bomb has gone off this week in Pennsylvania, with the grand jury report finding, on page 1, that most of the 1,000 abuse victims they identified were boys — victims, therefore, of gay priests.

And yet the Roman Catholic World Meeting of Families will feature a priest advocating for changing Catholic teaching on homosexuality, and feature speakers who have endorsed this view or who are themselves badly compromised on the issue. It’s insane. It’s a bad joke. …

I’m reminded of a Jordan Peterson quote sent to me this morning by a pissed-off parish priest, who had the bishops in mind: “And if you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak men are capable of.

But enough about the bishops. What kind of men are the laity? Reader Matt in VA put up an explosive comment, which he begins by quoting C.S. Lewis’s famous remark about “men without chests”:

We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

What does anybody do to make anybody involved here stand up/man up/take responsibility/clean house? There is this sense that seems to permeate Christianity of the more conservative/orthodox variety that goodness and honour and “enterprise” just happen. Put all your trust in the Lord, right? …

But will any Catholics even go so far as to put together a picket line outside these bishops’ residences? I wonder. Maybe some lonely victim of abuse will stand outside holding a sign, but there won’t be anything organized, I bet. …

A few of the commenters on these threads are noting that they believe that in the past, enraged fathers and community members would be going after these priests and knocking their teeth down their throats. But us comfortably middle-class 21st century Americans would never do something like that. After all, Christianity is about forgiveness, and never doing evil to do good. Funny how these arguments work to justify doing nothing about anything other than more committees and more “standards” and more b***s***. Funny how these arguments are really arguments for behavior that is indistinguishable from that of cowards.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Military Recruitment: Why are the services facing a dwindling pool of largely obese, uneducated delinquents

Military Recruitment: Why are the services facing a dwindling pool of largely obese, uneducated delinquents? By Mark Perry.

The problem, it seems, isn’t that young people don’t want to join the Army — or any of the services — it’s that they can’t. And therein lies a paradox: for while the U.S. military represents the best in America (as its most senior officers claim), it doesn’t actually represent America. For that to be true, two thirds of our military would have to consist of obese, under-educated former drug users and convicted criminals.

Here’s the arithmetic: one in three potential recruits are disqualified from service because they’re overweight, one in four cannot meet minimal educational standards (a high school diploma or GED equivalent), and one in 10 have a criminal history. In plain terms, about 71 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds (the military’s target pool of potential recruits) are disqualified from the minute they enter a recruiting station …

Of the pool of remaining potential recruits, only one in eight actually want to join the military, and of that number, fully 30 percent of those who have the requisite high school diploma or GED equivalent fail to pass the Armed Forces Qualification Test (the AFQT), which is used to determine math and reading skills.

Here’s a sample question: “Five workers earn $135/day. What is the total amount earned by the five workers?” Put more simply, the purpose of the AFQT isn’t to identify the most qualified, but to winnow out the illiterate, the 30 percent who can’t read, write, or count, despite their high school diplomas.

“There are 30 some million 17 to 24 year-olds out there, but by the time you get all the way down to those that are qualified, you’re down to less than a million young Americans,” Marine Corps Major General Mark Brilakis says. …

The military cannot lower standards:

A legendary West Point “tank study” of the 1980s … showed smarter tank gunners are actually more accurate tank gunners — that, in effect, smarter soldiers are better soldiers. It’s not simply that smarter recruits are more capable of operating sophisticated weapons systems (like the F-35); they’re better fighters, too, which is, after all, the whole point. …

It’s also cultural: the left-leaning US states don’t contribute:

One of the challenges the military faces is that it recruits in states where America has the greatest fitness and obesity challenge — the Deep South. For while America’s soldiers, sailors, and airmen are educated, fit, and good citizens, they’re also religious, rural, conservative (80 percent of military personnel voted for Donald Trump), and Southern.

“I may have met two or three New Englanders when I was in the Army,” retired Colonel Kevin Benson told me, “but that would be about it.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

In knocking Trump, NY Governor Cuomo criticized for saying America ‘was never that great’

In knocking Trump, NY Governor Cuomo criticized for saying America ‘was never that great’. By Joseph Spector.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave an impassioned speech Wednesday by knocking President Donald Trump over his comments and policies toward women.

Then Cuomo was stung by his own comments as he derided Trump when he said, “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.”

Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro said … “America, with its imperfections, has always been great,” … and, “Our people, our principles, and our promises have been a beacon light to the world for 242 years and counting.”

For Cuomo, the comment was part of his larger contention that Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is aimed at moving the nation backward, not forward, when it comes to equal rights for all.

The vision of the Democrats for 2020 is “America was always awful”?


Of course this is what liberals and SJWs believe, America was an evil country that discriminated against transvestites, but until now major politicians have been smart enough never to say stuff like that.

Possible Financial Spasm on the Way

Possible Financial Spasm on the Way, by Dave from Denver.

In 2008, gold was taken from $1020 to $700 and silver was pounded from $21 to $7 during the period of time that Bear Stearns, Lehman and the U.S. financial system was collapsing. The precious metals were behaving inversely to what would have been expected as the global financial system melted down. Massive Central Bank intervention was at play.

Currently the prices of gold and silver are being dismantled by what appears to be massive hedge fund shorting of Comex paper gold. …

The effort to push down the price of gold is to silence the alarm gold provides to signal global systemic distress. It’s not just the emerging market economies and China. The U.S. economy, based on all the private sector data I dig up an analyze on a daily basis, hit a wall sometime between March and May. …

The bottom line is that the prices of gold and silver are being systematically taken down as a mechanism to help cover up the fact that a large-scale financial crisis is going to hit the global financial system. I don’t know the timing, but I would suggest that the EM currency melt-down that began in South America and has spread to the eastern hemisphere represents a series of earthquakes that are generating a “tsunami.”

If we predict a financial problem often enough, we will eventually be right!

More seriously, there is no sign in western stock market dynamics or manufacturing indices that there is an imminent problem. However the money supply growth in the US and Europe dropped below the critical 5% level a few months ago, which usually signals major problems within the next year. The Turkish and a few other emerging markets have major currency problems because they borrowed US dollars when they were cheaper and the interest rates were lower, but now the US dollar and interest rates are both rising and they are having difficulty managing their loans.  China has a massive debt problem that will erupt and disrupt at some point, perhaps triggered by the trade war that is building. Last night gold and silver prices fell significantly again for no apparent reason, which has been a canary in the coal mine before.

The chances of getting through the next six months without either a financial crash or major intervention from western central banks would seem to be about even. It’s been 10 years since the last recession in the West, thanks to major central bank money “printing” and near-zero interest rates, but we are overdue.