The USA has crossed a threshold, and is now more like China

The USA has crossed a threshold, and is now more like China. By Tucker Carlson. Blistering.

This is far worse than Watergate, yet the mainstream media are in lockstep, covering for Biden by pretending Hunter’s laptop might be Russian disinformation. The American system is broken.

Is what the upcoming world of woke will be like? Wall to wall lying and disinformation? Leftist systems always rely on mendacity — communism is renowned for it.

The Biden camp is not even claiming the emails are fakes. Here a Fox News host backs a Biden surrogate into a corner, forcing her to make the admission:

Shockingly, [Biden campaign surrogate Jenna] Arnold then admitted, ‘I think that’s fair. I don’t think anybody is saying they are inauthentic.’

Truth and openness are features of western civilization, but are the enemies of woke.

Threats of Revenge: The left gets ready for a post-Trump world

Threats of Revenge: The left gets ready for a post-Trump world, by Tucker Carlson.

Revenge and intimidation. The revolutionaries will be in charge. Moving left fast towards Orwell’s dystopia.

Message from the left: “You’re going to be punished for opposing us.”

Woke and western civ. are incompatible cultures, just as Islam and western civ aren’t culturally compatible.

hat-tip Charles


Remember the Forgotten Man? He works, he votes, generally he prays — but he always pays.

Remember the Forgotten Man? He works, he votes, generally he prays — but he always pays. By Jason De Sena Trennert.

The costs of trade and immigration policies that favoured big business were most often felt by the working class in “flyover country”. …

Those same families sent their sons and daughters to fight in far off wars with few obvious connections to the national interest.

Those who complained were either ignored or deemed xenophobic racists and “deplorables”. How dare they question the collective wisdom of highly educated experts? Never mind that those experts bore almost no consequences for the disastrous effects of their policies. To my knowledge, no politician, university professor, news anchor, military officer, or Wall Street titan has ever seen his job outsourced to a foreign land.

For a while, the coastal elites made some attempt to empathise with those who don’t define themselves primarily as victims. But the effort to understand how and why Trump won didn’t last very long. They may have died the day Trump fired James Comey as FBI director — a direct hit on an established and entrenched political elite. Comey’s abrupt dismissal seemed to represent an existential threat to the order of things in Washington and New York.

Instantly, the validity of Trump’s arguments on major issues like trade, immigration and foreign entanglements took a back seat to efforts to destroy him. The Forgotten Man was forgotten again, almost as quickly as he had been remembered.

Four years later we are in the midst of a global pandemic that has reordered society again to the detriment of the little guy. Small businesses and their employees must follow the diktats of state and local governments without any assurances about their economic future. Those who can’t work from home see the pandemic as far more than an inconvenience. Debates over trade and immigration have been sidelined in favour of debates over lockdowns and masks, yet Democrats and Republicans alike are finally starting to realise that China was never the good-faith economic partner it was supposed to become when it was granted membership in the World Trade Organisation.

Many more forgotten men and women are also wondering about the costs of lockdowns imposed by a political elite largely insulated from their consequences.

The lockdowns’ loudest cheerleaders work in jobs that are easily done from the safety and comfort of home. Pundits and politicians are unlikely ever to need unemployment benefits, or to watch a family business built over generations get wiped out in a matter of months.

The forgotten men and women are also wondering why they get so little respect, as customers, from wealthy athletes, television commentators and celebrities who are quick to lecture them about their alleged moral failings, sometimes ascribed to them simply because of the colour of their skin.

Inspiring: Celebrities Spell Out ‘We’re All In This Together’ With Their Yachts

As Henry David Thoreau wrote, most men lead lives of quiet desperation. We worry about paying our bills, keeping our kids happy and out of trouble, preserving our property, and protecting our families. Most of us don’t have ambitions greater than living free from want and fear.

Most don’t want a European vacation or an apartment in San Francisco. We just want the freedom to say what we think and to worship as we choose.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Some Facebook workers ‘ashamed’ by tech giant’s censorship of Post’s Hunter Files reporting

Some Facebook workers ‘ashamed’ by tech giant’s censorship of Post’s Hunter Files reporting. By Sohrab Ahrami.

Facebook is almost an arm of the Democratic Party — an arm of the far-left wing of the Democratic Party.” So said the former Facebook insider as we sat down for an interview at a Midtown restaurant Friday afternoon. …

It was a Facebook communications manager, Andy Stone, who on Thursday announced the firm was reducing circulation of The Post’s still-undisputed reporting on the Hunter Files — an employee who happened to work for Democratic lawmakers before joining the tech giant. What the Facebook insider wanted to impress upon me, however, was how Facebook’s partisan tilt is common knowledge inside the firm.

He had the secret chats to prove it.

Facebook employees who wish to speak freely take to Blind, an anonymous social network for the tech industry, where workers at major firms like Uber, Google, Twitter and the like trade gossip and occasionally blow the whistle on malfeasance. …

So what do Facebook workers think about the company’s handling of our story? The comments speak for themselves:

“[Facebook] employees want Trump to lose,” wrote one user. “If that means rigging [the platform] against him, they don’t care.” The post garnered 29 “likes” from other employees.

“I was shocked that Facebook did this,” said another. “We kinda called [brought] this on ourselves. So much for ‘we are not the arbiters of truth.’ ” That comment garnered 15 “likes.”

Still other comments: “Facebook bets that Biden wins the election. So an effort to jump on the bandwagon.” “Yeah this one is unconscionable. I’m ashamed.” “Imagine if we censored some leaked Trump stuff. It would be the #1 upvoted question tomorrow for Mark [Zuckerberg company-wide]’s Q&A.”

Another employee wrote a detailed critique: “Why do people hate Facebook everywhere? Here’s one reason. Freaking one-sided decision. The comms Twitter account [Andy Stone’s] was definitely left-leaning, and it’s a talking point, as well. No proper response to comms feedback. Don’t want to be the what-if person. But we didn’t have problems circulating leaked Trump tax or any other s–t surrounding Trump or COVID.”

“If Trump loses his supporters won’t totally blame the obvious censorship that is happening right now,” wrote one sarcastic employee. “If Biden wins, all those questions will go away? Hell no. In fact, he is better off losing, if he doesn’t want more scrutiny into his son’s ill-gotten gains.”

Still another employee predicted starkly: “We’re now begging to be regulated.

We used to live in a high-trust civilization. Too woke now.

Media avoiding The Post’s Hunter Biden stories as much as Joe

Media avoiding The Post’s Hunter Biden stories as much as Joe, by Miranda Devine.

Neither Joe nor Hunter Biden has disputed that the laptop belongs to Hunter or that the material we have published from the laptop is genuine. Joe’s campaign admitted to Politico that an “informal” meeting with Burisma may have occurred.

This is new evidence that Joe participated in his family’s cash-for-influence scheme with shady foreign companies.

Yet the rest of the media is helping the Bidens discredit our reporting using the usual suspects, like James Clapper, who told CNN it was “textbook Soviet Russian tradecraft.”

They harassed the computer repair guy in Delaware, who turned over Hunter’s abandoned laptop and hard drive to the FBI, and they scoffed when he said he feared for his life.

They ran stories smearing Trump ally Rudy Giuliani as a Russian agent, because he told The Post about the laptop and identified incriminating documents on its hard drive.

They claim the “chain of custody” of the laptop is suspect.

So, let’s lay it out.

On April 12, 2019, a man who calls himself Hunter Biden enters a Wilmington, Del., Mac repair shop with three “liquid-damaged” computers just before closing time. The owner says one computer is beyond repair. Another has a fried keyboard, so the owner gives Hunter a spare keyboard.

The third laptop, a MacBook, is salvageable. Hunter signs a work order to confirm he wants him to fix it and provides contact details.

The owner — whom The Post promised anonymity, even though he has since been named by others — recovers the contents of the laptop and transfers it to his server. He calls Hunter and asks him to bring in an external drive, onto which he can transfer the content.

Hunter arrives at closing time with the external drive.

He never sets foot inside the store again.

The owner makes frequent attempts to contact Hunter to pick up his laptop, pay the $85 bill and return the keyboard and cord.

No reply.

After 90 days, as per the work order signed by Hunter, the laptop becomes the store’s legal property.

In August, the computer repairman hears news reports about the leaked phone call in which President Trump raises Hunter and Joe Biden’s Burisma activity with Ukraine’s president — the call which sparked his impeachment.

The repairman does a word search for Burisma on Hunter’s laptop. Bingo.

Four months later, the impeachment is big news, so he decides to contact the FBI, via a friend, in case the material on the laptop is useful.

On Dec. 9, two FBI agents take away the laptop and hard drive.

In August this year, the repairman sees Giuliani on TV talking about Hunter and Burisma and decides to contact him via an email address he finds online.

This is how the repairman explained his actions in an email to Giuliani on Aug. 27, 2020:

“As I read deeper into the drive, I started to realize what I was sitting on and who was involved and at what level. I figured the safest thing to do was reach out to the FBI and have them collect the drive and the Mac so I could wash my hands of it and they might be able offer me some level of protection should someone come looking for it and come after me because I knew what was on it. The FBI did show up and . . . over the next few days they contacted me for access to the drive . . . because their tech guys didn’t know Macs.

“That kind of threw up a flag . . .

“They also said nothing ever happens to people who don’t talk about this stuff so that got me a little concerned . . .

“There is some very incriminating videos on the drive . . .

“I live and work in [the Bidens’ hometown] Wilmington, Delaware and my life here as well as my business would be destroyed if people found out what I was involved in.

“I have been trying to keep things quiet . . . but I feel time has been running out.”

The email was compelling. Within two days, a copy of the hard drive was FedEx-ed to a Long Island address where Giuliani and his lawyer examined it, and verified the material was genuine.

Bannon, a former Trump adviser, was only peripherally involved. He was brought in by Giuliani in late September to help decipher the China material.

Shortly thereafter, Bannon alerted The Post to the existence of the material, although he did not have a copy.

On Sunday a week ago, Giuliani provided The Post with a copy of the hard drive.

It is not hard to believe that Hunter would be as reckless as to abandon a laptop at a repair shop. In October 2016, he left a crack pipe in a Hertz rental car in Arizona, along with a white powdery substance, credit cards and his driver’s license, as widely reported.

The Post has been transparent about the provenance of the material we have published. We stand by our reporting and the authenticity of the material.

It’s hard to believe the rest of America’s media does not want to know the full story about a man running for president.

How would airing this story help woke displace western civilization? Of course the media are keeping mum. Compared to that, electing a crook to the presidency is a minor matter.

Trump tweet:

Hunter Biden’s laptop is a disaster for the entire Biden family, but especially for his father, Joe. It is now a proven fact, and cannot be denied, that all of that info is the REAL DEAL. That makes it impossible for “50%, or 10%” Joe, to ever assume the office of the President!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 18, 2020

Klepto Joe

Klepto Joe, by the Z-Man.

One of the more famous political dirty tricks is attributed to Lyndon Johnson, who allegedly spread false rumors about an opponent’s life-long habit of enjoying sexual relations with his barnyard animals. When told by one of his campaign aides that no one would believe such a crazy rumor, Johnson allegedly said, “I know, but let’s make the sonofabitch deny it.” That’s the key to a good political trick. It forces the other guy to select between two bad options.

That comes to mind with the Biden scandal. Joe Biden is famously on tape bragging about how he bullied the government of Ukraine.

He threatened to withhold a billion in aid money unless they fired a prosecutor Biden did not like. It was the classic bullshitter moment, in which the story is supposed to make the person telling it look like a tough guy who really knows how to handle his business. The audience was supposed to come away thinking that Biden was a man of action that other men feared.

The problem at the time was that there was never any context to the story … Now we get the leaks from Hunter Biden’s laptop. …

That prosecutor was investigating Biden’s son, who was in a no-show job paying fifty grand a month. Suddenly, that video of Biden bragging about his prowess takes on a new meaning. He’s not Rambo Joe, righting wrongs around the globe, but Klepto Joe, shaking down foreign governments.

October surprise!

That’s what makes this October Surprise so good. Like the LBJ opponent forced to talk about bestiality rumors, there is no way for the Biden campaign to engage this story that does not look bad. …

There is another angle to it that shows real skill. The story was teased with the salacious images of Hunter Biden high on drugs. People love seeing famous people in a bad way, so it was sure to get a lot of attention. Then you get the details about the Ukrainian shake-down scheme and the juxtaposition of the guy we see in the media and the guy getting the $50,000 per month contract becomes stark. Joe Biden’s motives suddenly become obvious to everyone.

The organized effort to bury the story by social media made it something more than just the typical political scandal. People naturally assume the effort to cover it up is proof that there is some truth to it. …

The FBI has had this material for months. They were asked by the House and Senate about it and stonewalled them. In other words, the reason it is coming out now and through the tabloids is the best people tried to hide it, rather than do their job. It reinforces the underlying narrative of this election. It is us against them and they are not good people.

Perhaps the best part of this caper is that Bannon had this material for a long time, but held onto it for just the right moment. The best dirty tricks are done when people are ready to pay attention. Before a big debate or in the final days of the campaign is when it is best to do it. Not only are people paying attention, the other side does not have to time to create an alternate reality. Unleashing this stuff now means the story the rest of the way is about the air of scandal around the Biden family. …

Dems bungle:

That’s another indication that the Inner Party is short of talent. They had the Trump tax returns, which had some salacious stuff in them. Nothing really all that bad, but they required a response. They also had the Melania recordings. Instead of dumping this stuff in the summer when no one cares, it should be coming out now. They could have exaggerated the contents and forced Trump to shift gears to address it. Instead, it has all been forgotten as old news.

China is practicing unleashing swarms of suicide drones packed with explosives from the backs of trucks

China is practicing unleashing swarms of suicide drones packed with explosives from the backs of trucks, by Pyan Pickrell.

China has a suicide drone filled with explosives that can loiter over the battlefield and hunt for targets, and a defence firm recently test-launched a swarm of them out of the back of a truck. …

Loitering munitions … fill the gap between cruise missiles and more unmanned combat aerial vehicles.

Loitering munitions are fitted with extendable wings and a camera and carry high-explosive warheads that can linger over an area while an operator searches for potential targets.

This heavy loitering munition, which was unveiled about four years ago, can be used against personnel, light vehicles, and potentially enemy armour. …

Militaries are interested in swarming drones because they offer a lot of capability, be it reconnaissance, communications jamming, or kinetic strike, and potential defences against these combat systems are insufficient, disproportionately expensive or still very immature.

You just know that China has got our interests at heart.

New Data Analysis Finds 353 US Counties With 1.8 Million More Registered Voters Than Eligible Citizens

New Data Analysis Finds 353 US Counties With 1.8 Million More Registered Voters Than Eligible Citizens. By Mark Tapscott.

A total of 353 counties in 29 U.S. states have 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens, according to an analysis by Judicial Watch.

In addition, eight states, including Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont, were found to have statewide registered voter totals that exceeded 100 percent of eligible voters, according to the nonprofit government watchdog.

Judicial Watch compared the registration data available for 37 states with the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recently available American Community Survey (ACS) numbers for the period 2014–2018 on a county-by-county basis. …

The results of the Judicial Watch analysis come as the nation nears the end of the 2020 campaign, which has been marked by massive efforts by Democratic state and local officials, encouraged by colleagues in Congress, to use mail-in ballots as widely as possible. …

No fraud here, move along:

In one case, Stefan Neimann, a German journalist living in the District of Columbia, reported receiving three blank mail-in ballots, including one to an individual known to be deceased.

“The chaos that Trump lamented with the delivery of mail voting papers is here. I am not allowed to vote here,” Niemann wrote in a tweet, according to a translation.

“But three ballots came to my Washington address: for the previous tenant who moved five years ago, the landlady living in Puerto Rico, and her deceased husband,” he said.

Biden insisted during the debate, however, that there is “no evidence” of fraudulent mail-in voting.

Amy Barrett Adopts a Troubled Youth Named Hunter

Amy Barrett Adopts a Troubled Youth Named Hunter, by the Babylon Bee.

According to sources, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has adopted her 8th child, a troubled local youngster named Hunter. …

According to friends of the family, Hunter is slowly adjusting to his new home and family. He has kicked an old drug habit and is now attending church with the rest of the family. He has also renounced his old ways and paid back a Ukrainian gas company fourfold.

“We love having Hunter with us!” said the leader of the small church group Hunter attends every week. “Whenever we share testimonies, he puts our testimonies to shame with stories of drugs, corruption, and horrific scandal, unlike anything we’ve heard. Awesome!”

John Hinderaker:

There is a serious point here. Amy Barrett and Hunter (Joe) Biden represent, respectively, the best and the worst of America. Yet the Democratic Party abhors the one and tolerates the other.

The Pink Police State

The Pink Police State, by Rod Dreher.

What self-respecting male cop would drive this?

NY Post’s Op-Ed editor, Sohrab Ahmari:

This is what totalitarianism looks like in our century. Not men in darkened cells driving screws under the fingernails of dissidents, but Silicon Valley dweebs removing from vast swaths of the internet a damaging exposé on their preferred presidential candidate.


The immediate danger is not that no one will ever be able to speak or write a dissenting word (though that would certainly be a danger if the US were to institute its own version of China’s social credit system).

The more imminent danger is that the gatekeepers of middle-class professions refuse to allow dissenters from their ideology into the professions, and into the social circles of the “successful.” In a bourgeois conformist nation like ours, that may be enough to crush a lot of discourse.

Yep. That’s how they crushed climate skepticism.

The woke truly despise the Deplorables — and more and more of us are “deplorable.” … A highly motivated activist elite can ram a revolution down the throats of the passive, disengaged masses …

They indoctrinated our kids at the schools:

I hear more and more that the psychological and emotional fragility of students today can’t be overestimated. I assumed that it was just something at elite colleges, but I’m hearing no, that it’s more general.

This week I had a conversation with a friend who teaches at a state school, and who told me that it really is something to see how coddled this entire generation has been by their parents, and by the authority figures in our culture. We have left them unable to handle adversity. …

How confident should we be that as the Boomers pass into history, and the Millennials, Generation Z, and the one that comes after them become politically dominant, that they will still respect the right to dissent without being driven to the margins of economic and social life? I am not confident at all. …

It is impossible, I find, to get liberals and progressives to understand why so many of us on the Right fear the Left more than we loathe Donald Trump. Just today I was talking to a friend of mine, a successful lawyer and mother who is a Republican. She cannot stand Trump, but expects to vote for him because in her professional milieu, the viciousness and intolerance she sees from the Left — discussing their reactions to her support for Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is what brought this conversation up — frightens her for herself and her children. …

Culture is upstream from politics, and kids are upstream from adults:

I would trade the presidency in a heartbeat for the power that the Left has within culture-shaping and opinion-forming institutions. Ask conservative college professors and teachers, conservative physicians and nurses, conservative lawyers, conservative journalists, and conservative business executives if they believe that the Trump presidency is making it easier for them to be openly conservative in their environments.

Woke versus western civ. We’ve been asleep at the wheel for too long.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

US Polling Propaganda

US Polling Propaganda, by Mark Ellis.

The Real Clear average has always, from the first 2020 poll, “shown” dampened if not downright impossible prospects for a Trump second term. …

What we’ve … got is polling designed to sow despair amongst Trump voters. Duplicitous, manipulative, and underhanded attempts to create and conduct polls that unethically spin results in favor of Biden. …

Contrary to published polling that has consistently shown the president losing to Biden, it can be compellingly argued based on obvious Socialist Democrat desperation plays too numerous to mention that what they are seeing in their internal polling is not good. That the same flawed polling dynamics that consistently and preemptively showed Clinton as unbeatable in 2016 are in play here, and will be inexorably exposed as equally inaccurate when pedal reaches metal in the final days before Election Day.

That what they are seeing spells disaster for Biden/Harris.

By contrast, Mr. Trump seems pretty confident.

Maybe. If Trump wins again, the US polling industry will be exposed as partisan players, and join the media in the discredited corner.

I Didn’t Vote For Trump In 2016, But I’d Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote For Him Now

I Didn’t Vote For Trump In 2016, But I’d Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote For Him Now. By David Sound.

Even though I had voted for every Republican presidential candidate since 1980, I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016.

Many Republican nominees had been huge disappointments to me, and I wasn’t going to vote for yet another GOP candidate I thought would betray my trust. I couldn’t imagine Trump as a genuine conservative who would champion limited government, respect individual freedom and liberty, and protect the unborn — but was I ever wrong. Although I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, I would crawl over broken glass to vote for him in 2020.

In 2016, I was convinced Trump was just another New York liberal. On election night, however, I smiled. I was happy that at least Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be president, and I suspected that the next four years with Trump would at least be entertaining.

The primary reason I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 was that I didn’t believe him. I didn’t trust that he would be pro-life, a non-negotiable issue for me. His bluster and bravado didn’t appeal to me. I took him literally but not seriously, in contrast to his supporters who took him seriously but not literally (credit to Peter Thiel for identifying this significant distinction). …

During the first year of his presidency, I was impressed by his commitment to keeping his campaign promises, unlike most politicians. By the end of 2017, I classified myself as a Trump supporter because of what he had already done as president. …

The Trump administration’s accomplishments have been in spite of relentless, daily attacks by the mainstream media, which act as the Pravda-like arm of the Democratic Party. Trump Derangement Syndrome is evident every day on television and online. …

As president, Trump has largely kept his promises and fought against relentless opposition. I don’t care about the tone of his tweets nor if his opponents think he’s rude. I’ve seen that he is a patriot who genuinely loves the United States of America and its people. I misjudged Trump in 2016, but I will do everything I can to see that he is re-elected in 2020 — and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

It’s not really about Trump or Biden, as inspiring or flawed as they may be.

The US 2020 election is important because it is nakedly a contest between the new upstart revolutionary culture of Woke, versus the older culture of Western civilization. They are incompatible cultures. You have to choose, one or the other. Only one culture will survive. Winner gets to go against Islam and Chinese communism.

Fear and loathing in the Biden Crime Family

Fear and loathing in the Biden Crime Family, by Howie Carr.

“I have no response.”

That was Dementia Joe Biden’s response Friday when he was finally asked about the devastating expose of his son Hunter’s emails and so much more.

Those revelations included the crack-addled Hunter whining to one of his daughters that he has to pay 50% of all the cash he collects to “Pop,” and that as part of a shady Chinese deal, the so-called “remuneration package” would include “10 held by H for the Big Guy.”

“I have no response,” the Big Guy told a CBS reporter. “It’s another smear campaign, right up your alley.”

But he didn’t deny it. Biden — or more precisely, his keepers — haven’t disputed the veracity of the Biden Crime Family documents, or that they are from Hunter’s laptop. They were obtained legally, after an “inebriated” Hunter abandoned the computer at a repair shop, according to the New York Post.

The usual alt-left suspects — the AP, NBC “News,” Rep. Adam Schiff — went through the tired motions of trying to blame it all on, who else, the Russians. But seriously, how many times can these hacks cry wolf, even to Wolf Blitzer? …

You can see why all these foreign oligarchs would be falling all over themselves to offer such an extinguished, I mean distinguished, person such outlandish sums — $1 million a year from Burisma, $10 million a year from a Chinese company “just for introductions,” another “850” for Hunter, not to mention, of course, the 10 for “the Big Guy.”

In The New Yorker piece last year, Hunter tells his adoring hagiographer, “I’ve pretty much always lived paycheck to paycheck.”

Of course he has. In her divorce petition, his first wife said Hunter was “spending extravagantly on his own interests (including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations) while leaving the family with no funds to pay legitimate bills.”

Woke’s front man is a silly, corrupt Trojan Horse:

The Biden Emails Prove Impeachment Was A Sham

The Biden Emails Prove Impeachment Was A Sham, by David Marcus.

The basis for the impeachment, for those whose recollections are understandably shaky, was that President Trump pressured the president of Ukraine to launch investigations into the energy company Burisma for the purely political purpose of hurting Joe Biden. Central to that allegation was the argument that Trump and the United States had no legitimate interest in seeing Burisma investigated.. …

If these emails are accurate [yep, since confirmed — ed], then it is as clear as is the summer sun that Hunter Biden was absolutely selling access to his father and the Obama administration in exchange for his lavish salary. This was literally at the heart of the Trump defense, and it really is a silver bullet. …

As far as I know, there is no way to reverse an impeachment, but if there were one, now would be the time.

Remember, “Impeachment is forever”? It was the big catchphrase right before “Don’t touch your face” shot up to No. 1. When was the last time you even heard a Democrat say the word impeachment? If this black mark on Trump’s presidency is so very damning, then why isn’t the Biden campaign making a big deal about it? Or frankly, talking about it at all? The reason, of course, is that even back in January, Democrats were concerned that should Biden win the nomination, some of these chickens could come home to roost. Now they have, and my goodness, they are laying some heavy eggs.

What Trump must make clear in the final weeks of the election is that not only was his impeachment a giant lie, a despicable ploy by desperate Democrats, but it was also a massive cover-up on behalf of Joe Biden.

It is time for what we naively thought would be the biggest story of 2020, namely impeachment, to make its way back into this election — not as Democrats intended as a negative for Trump, but as his ultimate vindication against charges we now know to be baseless, crude, and deeply cynical.

So cynical, by the Dems. A shame if it should succeed.

Stop Being Shocked

Stop Being Shocked, by Bari Weiss.

To understand the enormity of the change we are now living through, take a moment to understand America as the overwhelming majority of its Jews believed it was — and perhaps as we always assumed it would be.

Western civilization:

It was liberal.

Not liberal in the narrow, partisan sense, but liberal in the most capacious and distinctly American sense of that word: the belief that everyone is equal because everyone is created in the image of God. The belief in the sacredness of the individual over the group or the tribe. The belief that the rule of law — and equality under that law — is the foundation of a free society. The belief that due process and the presumption of innocence are good and that mob violence is bad. ..

Crucially, this liberalism relied on the view that the Enlightenment tools of reason and the scientific method might have been designed by dead white guys, but they belonged to everyone, and they were the best tools for human progress that have ever been devised.

Racism was evil because it contradicted the foundations of this worldview, since it judged people not based on the content of their character, but on the color of their skin. … The founding documents were not evil to the core but “magnificent,” as Martin Luther King Jr. put it, because they were “a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.”

I didn’t even know that this worldview had a name because it was baked into everything I came into contact with — my parents’ worldviews, the schools they sent me to, the synagogues we attended, the magazines and newspapers we read, and so on.


No longer. American liberalism is under siege. There is a new ideology vying to replace it.

No one has yet decided on the name for the force that has come to unseat liberalism. Some say it’s “Social Justice.” The author Rod Dreher has called it “therapeutic totalitarianism.” The writer Wesley Yang refers to it as “the successor ideology” — as in, the successor to liberalism.

At some point, it will have a formal name, one that properly describes its mixture of postmodernism, postcolonialism, identity politics, neo-Marxism, critical race theory, intersectionality, and the therapeutic mentality. Until then, it is up to each of us to see it plainly. We need to look past the hashtags and slogans and the jargon to assess it honestly — and then to explain it to others.

The new creed’s premise goes something like this: We are in a war in which the forces of justice and progress are arrayed against the forces of backwardness and oppression. And in a war, the normal rules of the game — due process; political compromise; the presumption of innocence; free speech; even reason itself — must be suspended. Indeed, those rules themselves were corrupt to begin with — designed, as they were, by dead white males in order to uphold their own power. …

The beating heart of this new ideology is critical race theory...

Critical race theory says there is no such thing as neutrality, not even in the law, which is why the very notion of colorblindness — the Kingian dream of judging people not based on the color of their skin but by the content of their character — must itself be deemed racist. Racism is no longer about individual discrimination. It is about systems that allow for disparate outcomes among racial groups. If everyone doesn’t finish the race at the same time, then the course must have been flawed and should be dismantled.

Thus the efforts to do away with the SAT, or the admissions test for elite public schools like Stuyvesant and Lowell — for decades, the engines of American meritocracy that allowed children of poor and working-class families to advance on their merits, regardless of race. …

In fact, any feature of human existence that creates disparity of outcomes must be eradicated: The nuclear family, politeness, even rationality itself can be defined as inherently racist or evidence of white supremacy …

Woke is built on the lie that civilizations and races are equal. They aren’t. They have different strengths and weaknesses. And it’s an historical fact that one civilization and one people broke out of the Malthusian trap, and shared it with the rest of the world. Humanity has never been better off.

But now the people and civilization that led humanity out of the bleak Malthusian nightmare are being demonized, the civilizational features that allowed that progress are being rolled back, by fact-denying “sharers” of other peoples stuff — by “progressive” socialists. Humanity risks plunging back into a new dark age. Facts and truth are being forced to play second fiddle to power politics wielded by the powerful, the corrupt, and the violent.

Trump Supporter Hospitalized By Black Lives Matter Thugs At Women’s March

Trump Supporter Hospitalized By Black Lives Matter Thugs At Women’s March. By Eduardo Rivero.

Isabella DeLuca, the Outreach Director for the pro-Trump organization Republicans for National Renewal, was attacked by multiple Black Lives Matter and Women’s March far-left activists, after DeLuca advocated for confirming Coney Barrett – a woman – to the Supreme Court.

Woke versus western civilization.

UPDATE: If the left is willing to violently beat supporters of Donald Trump in a public setting when they don’t have power, how emboldened do you think they will be with the knowledge that the executive power to enforce the laws is in the hands of their allies?

Cultural Clash In France, Muslim Beheads Teacher for Blasphemy

Cultural Clash In France, Muslim Beheads Teacher for Blasphemy. By Jack Newman.

The Islamist terrorist who beheaded a teacher in Paris filmed the brutal killing and shared a video of the victim’s severed head to fellow ISIS supporters. …

Witnesses said they heard Chechen-born attacker Anzorov shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ — Arabic for [My] God is the Greatest — before he was shot dead by police about 600 yards from the killing. …

Teacher — beheaded

Aboulakh Anzorov, 18, was shot dead by police shortly after the attack against Samuel Paty in a northern suburb of the French capital on Friday afternoon after the teacher showed a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed to his class.

It has also been revealed the half-sister of the Russian-born killer travelled to Syria to join ISIS in 2014 and was the subject of an anti-terror investigation. …

Investigations are focusing on Brahim Chnina, father of a 13-year-old girl in Paty’s class, who denounced the teacher online and gave details of the school. He has since been arrested.

Parent who complained, which led to the beheading

Branding Mr Paty a thug in a video posted on Twitter sometime in the last week, he asked the community to complain about the teacher’s behaviour. The killer is presumed to have seen the video and acted upon it.

After the killing, Anzorov himself shared pictures and videos online with Chechen ISIS Telegram channels, and also denounced Emmanuel Macron as the ‘leader of the infidels’. …

The teacher had invited Muslim students to leave the room before showing the caricature. Muslims believe that any depiction of the Prophet is blasphemous.

A father of a 13-year-old pupil at the secondary school in middle-class Conflans-Sainte-Honorine told Reuters Mr Paty had told any Muslim students to leave because the cartoon would likely cause offence.

However, one pupil stayed behind by mistake, and later told her Muslim parents. They filed a complaint against the teacher and held a meeting with Mr Paty, the school principal and an official from the education authority. …

France has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe with up to five million members.

Western media frames it as “knife attack”, downplays Islam. By Fred T.

The New York Times’ headline is “French Police Shoot and Kill Man After a Fatal Knife Attack on the Street”. Leaves a lot out, doesn’t it? Any newsworthy motive, perhaps?

Here’s an actual paragraph from that article that even I, even knowing what paper it is, still find hard to believe went to print:

Seizing on the symbolic nature of an attack against a high school teacher, and reprising anti-Islamist themes he has lately emphasized, Mr. Macron said the teacher had been “the victim of a terrorist, Islamist attack.”

SEIZING?! ANTI-ISLAMIST? Yeah of COURSE he’s anti-Islamist. That worldview includes BEHEADING TEACHERS IN THE STREET.

The rest of our press won’t deal with this well, either, if they deal with it at all.

But the people of France aren’t taking it. they’re honoring Paty, in the streets and online. Je Suis Samuel, say signs as they march. (I am Samuel.)

Robert McCain:

Notice that when “right-wing” or “white supremacist” violence occurs, the motive becomes the most important thing about the story, and every politician is expected to denounce the motive, per se.

By contrast, when violence is perpetrated by left-wing extremists, by Muslims, or by any protected minority group, the media will never generalize these crimes as representing the collective sentiment of a group, nor is there any political pressure to denounce the attacker’s motive.

At least the French state is doing something this time, arresting ten people. Macron sounds like he gets it, and there are loud demonstrations. But we have incompatible cultures occupying the same territory. It isn’t working. On current trends, demography will have sorted it out in about a century.

Islam (aided by Woke) versus western civilization.