Reducing Fire, and Cutting Carbon Emissions, the Aboriginal Way

Reducing Fire, and Cutting Carbon Emissions, the Aboriginal Way, by Thomas Fuller.

Over the past decade, fire-prevention programs, mainly on Aboriginal lands in northern Australia, have cut destructive wildfires in half. While the efforts draw on ancient ways, they also have a thoroughly modern benefit: Organizations that practice defensive burning have earned $80 million under the country’s cap-and-trade system as they have reduced greenhouse-gas emissions from wildfires in the north by 40 percent. …

“Fire is our main tool,” said Ms. Lawson, who lit multiple dry palm fronds as she walked along the fire’s edge. Credit: The New York Times.

The fire-prevention programs, which were first given government licenses in 2013, now cover an area three times the size of Portugal. Even as towns in the south burned in recent months and smoke haze blanketed Sydney and Melbourne, wildfires in northern Australia were much less severe. …

In some ways, the Aboriginal methods resemble Western ones practiced around the world: One of the main goals is to reduce underbrush and other fuel that accelerates hot, damaging fires.

But the ancient approach tends to be more comprehensive. Indigenous people, using precisely timed, low-intensity fires, burn their properties the way a suburban homeowner might use a lawn mower. …

“We most certainly should learn to burn Aboriginal-style,” said Bill Gammage, a professor at the Australian National University in Canberra. “Our firefighters have quite good skills in fighting fires. But for preventing them, they are well short of what Aboriginal people could do.” …

The preventive fires, [Victor Cooper, a former forest ranger in northern Australia] said, should trickle, not rage. …

“The European mind-set was to be totally scared of fire,” [Jeremy Russell-Smith, a bushfire expert at Charles Darwin University] said.

As the fires rage in the south, Aboriginal people in northern Australia say they are deeply saddened at the loss of life — about 25 people have been killed and more than 2,000 homes destroyed. But they also express bewilderment that forests were allowed to grow to become so combustible.

Even the New York Times is conceding that it’s fuel loads that matter.

Maybe our local virtue-signalers could back down a little from climate-change-causes-bushfires if they thought that aboriginal practices were the solution. (That conflict will set their brains on fire.)

Proclaiming your own shallow virtue from the pulpit of social media has become the new religion

Proclaiming your own shallow virtue from the pulpit of social media has become the new religion. By John Carroll.

The return of medieval heresy trials, draconian inquisition and pseudo-religious cults preaching apocalypse demands some inter­pretation. The new wars are over opinion. Belief has been separated from act [as in the opposite to “actions speak louder than words”]. In parallel, status has shifted from property and achievement to attitudes.

Even a summer of catastrophic bushfire … has been co-opted by doomsday politics …

One obvious manifestation of insecure identity is status anxiety. Throughout the modern period, people have compensated for doubts about their worth by showing off their wealth, displayed in large houses, luxury cars, designer clothes and expensive holidays; living in prestigious suburbs; and sending their children to elite schools and universities.

They have indulged in what American economist and sociologist Thorstein Veblen dubbed “conspicuous consumption”.

The new snobbery, however, is not over bad taste, crude accents, cheap belongings and the wrong schools; it is over attitudes.

Some boast on Instagram that they personally carbon offset when flying #climatechange, and attract a stream of likes. Others tweet they support gay marriage #loveislove, and are deluged in hearts of approval. …

Seventeenth-century French moralist Francois de La Rochefoucauld argued that self-esteem was the strongest of human motivating forces. Vanity, egoism and fear of embarrassment and failure drive most human behaviour. In the pre-modern world, this was less universally true, for more than 90 per cent of the population had little time or energy left over from the daily grind of basic survival. Concern about identity was a leisure-time luxury they could ill afford. …

German sociologist Max Weber coined the term disenchantment to describe the central threat confronting the modern West. In a secular time that no longer believed in God, or indeed in any transcendental ordering principle, the risk was that the world would lose its magic and be come a dull and prosaic absurdity. Humans were left to pursue pleasure and avoid pain, and little else.

Samuel Beckett highlighted this condition in Waiting for Godot, arguably the most important play of the 20th century. For Beckett’s two tramps, life has become so pointless that they talk of suicide but can’t be bothered carrying it out. Meaning has become the modern problem. …

Identity politics and other ideologies are primitive, crippled religions:

Shaky medieval religion also triggered apocalyptic sects, which we see re-emerging today in an uncanny regression to our most superstitious past.

Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg provides a case study. Her demean­our and mode of declam­ation mimics that of a fundamen­talist Christian preacher ranting about the end of the world. The intense eyes, the raging warnings of apocalypse and the incantatory chant of “How dare you!” pitched against the satanic adult world are reminiscent of some cult spawned in Waco, Texas.

There was a Children’s Crusade in the early Middle Ages: something like 20,000 children, led by two of their number, set out from France to free Jerusalem from unbelievers. The crusade foundered well before its destination, in starvation and disaffection. …

Greta is not in herself of interest. What is alarming is that she has been taken seriously by the worldwide media, listened to devoutly by broad sections of the upper middle class and its cultural elites, given a platform at the UN and celebrated as Time person of the year.

Professional orders that are otherwise sober, serious, hardworking and methodical in their practical lives are turning, in their leisure, to quasi-religious venting, dark paranoid fantasy and wide-eyed righteous indignation. …

The PC mob are a small minority with an outsized media presence and outsized opinions of themselves:

Sociologist Peter Murphy has calculated from Twitter statistics that a mere 2 per cent of the American adult population deal in political opinion. The rest who use Twitter gossip about celebrities and lifestyle …

In last year’s federal election, climate change was proved to be a minority worry, playing a negligible role among mainstream voters, who remained uninterested. …

Identity politics obeys the catchcry: I emote virtuously, there­fore I am. The specific content is often unimportant, as illustrated by a low inclination to mar­shal arguments to back up opinion. …

The mission statements of corporations, universities and sporting bodies proudly boast of inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity. But the more they do so, the more they have practised discrimination, intolerance and politically correct conformism.

Impeachment Is ‘Pornography For The Trump-Deranged’

Impeachment Is ‘Pornography For The Trump-Deranged’, by Mollie Hemingway.

Impeachment is sort of like pornography for the Trump-deranged. It really does point out this week how certain people are handling their power in Washington versus others.

You have Republicans, Mitch McConnell confirming justices. You have Republicans in Congress working with deregulation, as is the president.

Then you have Democrats who said that they were going to come to DC and work on health care and all these other issues, instead spending their time really freaking out about Donald Trump.

As Harry’s biographer, I fear the worst for him

As Harry’s biographer, I fear the worst for him, by Angela Levin.

I began writing Prince Harry’s biography three years ago and spent well over a year accompanying him on various engagements, and chatting with him at Kensington Palace.

I found him to be charismatic and witty, and I loved the mischievous twinkle in his eyes. He wears his heart on his sleeve, which perhaps is partly why he makes instant connections with people of all ages and types. It was amazing to watch how easily he made damaged or terminally ill children laugh, and gave physically and psychologically damaged ex-service men and women hope for the future.

Harry has been less successful in finding someone to love him who could also cope with life under the media spotlight. He believed he had found that person in Meghan Markle. When she made her public debut as Harry’s official girlfriend at the 2017 Invictus Games in Canada, cameras focused on her gazing adoringly at him whenever he was on stage. In retrospect it could have been the start of her acting out a role that convinced many, but not all, of her naturalness. …

She gave speeches at official visits, leaving Harry looking lost as he hovered in the background. She has since answered questions on his behalf even when reporters directly address the prince. I even saw her pass flowers from well-wishers during walkabouts to Harry to hold, a job usually handled by junior staff.

It was obvious, however, that Harry was proud of and besotted with his wife-to-be and announced before their lavish May 2018 wedding that ‘What Meghan wants, Meghan gets’. He still desperately wants to please her, rarely sees his old friends, has given up smoking, taken up yoga and announced that he is a feminist.

She’s smiling, he’ s just going along

Harry adores and admires his grandmother the Queen, and she him. She likes to have her family with her at Balmoral in the summer and Sandringham for Christmas. Yet the Sussexes declined both invitations, despite the fact she is nearly 94 and has had a horrible year. … To rub salt into Her Majesty’s wounds, the excuse in the summer was that baby Archie, then four months old, was too young to fly. But then the three of them flew by private jet to stay with Elton John. They also chose Canada over Sandringham for Christmas.

How has it come to this? An insider told me that Meghan thought that marrying a British prince would give her the much-longed for opportunity to become a global figure on the world stage and campaign for her often Left-wing and woke causes. She got it wrong, but has been at work remedying the situation and is in line to make millions.

What about Harry? No one knows what goes on between a couple behind closed doors but in public at least it’s obvious that Meghan takes the lead far more than Harry.

How long before the royal divorce?

Meghan Markle drops into another Vancouver women’s group to discuss ‘climate justice for girls’

Meghan Markle drops into another Vancouver women’s group to discuss ‘climate justice for girls’. By Danyal Hussain.

Meghan Markle has popped up again in Vancouver to support a feminist climate change group called ‘Justice for Girls’ as 5,000 miles away her husband prepares for his first public event since they sensationally quit as royals.

The Duchess of Sussex visited campaigners who said the former Suits star, who donned a cashmere sweater she wore on the show, discussed ‘issues affecting women’ including how rising global temperatures and the justice system ‘disproportionately’ hits women and girls around the world.

Woke, woke, woke.

John McAfee just withdrew his famous 2020 prediction about Bitcoin, now says the cryptocurrency is essentially obsolete

John McAfee just withdrew his famous 2020 prediction about Bitcoin, now says the cryptocurrency is essentially obsolete. By Ethan Huff.

There was a time when John McAfee of antivirus fame predicted that Bitcoin would reach $1 million by 2020. But he’s since changed his mind and decided that Bitcoin will eventually reach $0 because the cryptocurrency is based on “ancient” technology.

Part of McAfee’s former $1 million claim included a personal promise; if it didn’t “shoot the moon,” then McAfee was going to remove his genitalia. But now McAfee claims that this was all just a ploy for attention, and that he never actually intended to do this. …

“Bitcoin was first,” McAfee wrote in a recent tweet disavowing the cryptocurrency that he once hailed. “It’s an ancient technology. All know it. Newer blockchains have privacy, smart contracts, distributed apps and more. Bitcoin is our future? Was the Model T the future of the automobile?”

The world wants a non-government currency that you can send over the Internet, but it doesn’t look like Bitcoin will be it.

‘We were left exposed’: Hero firey hits out at RFS hazard reduction plan

‘We were left exposed’: Hero firey hits out at RFS hazard reduction plan. By Ben Graham.

Everyone you speak to in Balmoral knows Brendan O’Connor’s name.

The Rural Fire Service captain has been hailed as a hero in the tiny NSW Southern Highlands town after he headed an odds-defying effort to save 120 of the community’s 140 homes when many believed the town had been wiped off the map. …

Despite all this, he told he feels he has now been “blacklisted” by the RFS for criticising the organisation’s hazard reduction plan — which he claims left the village and its surrounding towns “exposed” to the Green Wattle Creek fire – and taking matters into his own hands.

“The burn plan they had was very flawed and it was going to leave our village exposed to the fire,” he said.

“I had challenged that, but was told that they’re the experts because the RFS paid staff do all the computer programming to work out where should be burned.”

He said no hazard reduction burns had been done in the area surrounding Balmoral since 2001 — meaning there was 18 years of fuel growing on the ground.

“It was a time bomb waiting to go off,” he said. …

When the fire hit, Mr O’Connor — a veteran of the Black Saturday fires in Victoria — said he had never seen anything like it in his 21 years as a firefighter.

He described the scenes as “hell on earth” as flames soared more than 200m above the treetops and embers the size of footballs began to rain down on Balmoral.

“The problem was the fuel load was already back there to allow a fire to travel through it,” he said. …

Now, as Balmoral picks up the pieces he says “people are angry” about the hazard reduction situation.

And, Mr O’Connor says he feels like he’s been “black-listed” for raising concerns

Computer modeling trumps people on the ground and local knowledge. Computer models also say that increasing carbon dioxide is causing the world to dangerously overheat. Computer modeling … it’s progress. Got to do as the computer says.

But who programs the computer? And who pays them?

How the 2019 Australian bushfire season compares to other fire disasters

How the 2019 Australian bushfire season compares to other fire disasters, by Charis Chang.

The 2009 Black Saturday fires claimed the most lives, with 173 people. But the most destructive event, which happened in 1974 and burned 117 million hectares, does not have a name because most of the land was in central Australia and so it did not impact many communities.

“The 1974/75 fires had almost no impact and much of the damage was found by satellite after the fact,” Prof Pyne told

Source: NASA Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS) satellite data.

AUSTRALIA, 2019/20

Death toll: 25 people dead so far

Damage: About 10 million hectares burned, including 5 million hectares in NSW. …


Death toll: 173 people died

Damage: 450,000 hectares burned …


Death toll: 4 people

Damage: About 160,000 hectares …


Death toll: 47 people in Victoria, 28 people in South Australia

Damage: 150,000 hectares in Victoria and 160,000 hectares in South Australia …


Death toll: 3 people in NSW

Damage: About 117 million hectares …


Death toll: 62 people killed, 900 injured

Damage: 264,270 hectares burned, 1,293 homes destroyed


Death toll: Two firefighters

Damage: 40,000 hectares burned …


Death toll: 71 people

Damage: About 2 million hectares …


Death toll: 60 people

Damage: Estimated 400,000 hectares burned …


Death toll: 12 people

Damage: 260,000 hectares burned and 2000 buildings destroyed …


Death toll: 12 people.

Damage: 5 million hectares burned, about a quarter of the state of Victoria.

The GAO Ruled Obama Broke the Law in 2014, But No One Called for His Impeachment

The GAO Ruled Obama Broke the Law in 2014, But No One Called for His Impeachment. By Matt Margolis.

On Thursday, The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a legal opinion concluding that by withholding aid to Ukraine, the Trump administration broke the law because Congress had appropriated those funds and the executive branch, therefore, did not have the right to place any conditions on that aid being delivered.

Now, let’s forget the fact that Ukrainian officials were unaware there was ever any hold on the aid, or that said aid was actually delivered. The Washington Post claims that the foundation of the GOP’s argument against impeachment was “severely undermined” by the GAO ruling, and the left is foaming at the mouth on social media claiming this proves that Trump committed an impeachable offense and the ruling has justified impeachment.

Except, if a GAO legal opinion justifies impeachment, Obama should have been impeached.

obama thinking

That’s right, back in 2014, the GAO ruled that Obama’s prisoner swap of five detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl violated federal law. “The Department of Defense violated section 8111 of the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2014 when it transferred five individuals detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the nation of Qatar without providing at least 30-days notice to certain congressional committees,” the GAO explained. …

The GAO also found that Obama had broken the law for failing “to follow its own health reform law in a $5 billion dispute over compensating insurers for high costs from seriously ill patients.” That’s right, Obama didn’t just break the law, he violated his own law, Obamacare.

Impeachment for thee, but not for me.

Selective enforcement by the deep state. When there so many laws and regulations that no one could possibly even know what they all are, everyone breaks several laws a day. Then the rule of law is a corrupted sham and democracy has been subverted. Because whoever decides when the law should be applied, and when it should be overlooked, becomes all powerful. Rule by a “monarch” or “central committee” has been resurrected.

Lights are being switched off in South Africa

Lights are being switched off in South Africa, by Jenni Russell.

I have always returned from South Africa aghast, anxious but ultim­ately hopeful. It surely can’t become too corrupt or inefficient, I think. The triple forces of capitalism, democracy and a free press will prevent it. Rotten politicians can be replaced; crooked state employees and the individuals paying them off can be exposed. Too many people and profitable businesses have an interest in keeping the state functioning, the trains running and the lights on for it to fall apart.

This year, as in the last, the lights literally are being switched off, and I’ve lost that confidence. For the first time I fear the country may be sliding towards irreversible decay. Corruption has siphoned so much money from the state and twisted so many people’s motivations that it has gone from being a private, hidden tax on the public to a burden that threatens everyone’s daily lives.

Electricity and maintenance:

It may have been the fifth power cut in five days that tipped me over the edge. …

It was just the restarting of rolling, daily, countrywide blackouts, which last officially two to four hours at a time, once or twice a day. In some areas they last much longer, for hours or days, as local substations collapse under the strain of being switched on and off so frequently. Fridges and lights blow, food spoils, restaurants without their own generators can’t serve customers, every business and individual using a computer is paralysed, robberies and break-ins soar in the enforced darkness.

This is not an unfortunate accident. South Africa’s power supply has been crippled over the past decade by the shameless looting of Eskom, the state power company, by corrupt African National Congress politicians, state executives and businessmen.

Hundreds of millions of dollars of public money intended for maintenance, new power lines and power stations have been stolen, diverted into fake contracts, bribes and private bank accounts. …

For 10 years, under the scandal-ridden president Jacob Zuma, it ignored the fact Eskom was being shredded. Nobody with the political power to do anything about it cared, not while there were private fortunes to be made by ignoring it or joining in.

President Zuma. Maybe his counting problem, on display here, signified something deeper.

Other businesses also looted:

Corruption has brought South African Airways to the verge of bankruptcy; the limping state rail freight company reports it has lost hundreds of millions to bribes and fraud; a bank in which many poor South Africans had invested their savings collapsed in 2018 after being looted of about $200m by 50 individuals. Provinces, schools, hospitals; no sector is immune.

The President, Cyril Rama­phosa, elected two years ago as a reforming, modernising leader, has established a public commission into corruption that is exposing staggering venality through­out the system, from kickbacks to the buying off of police and prosecutors. The revelations have stunned and depressed a nation that had no idea how deep the rot went. …

The tragedy is that it’s the people who are being betrayed but the democratic check I counted on, the verdict of the ballot box, is no risk here. The opposition parties are so weak that the ANC is still guaranteed its majorities.

It seems South Africa is going the way of the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, like Zimbabwe before it. What is the common factor? Who could possibly have foreseen it? The western PC media doesn’t want to know…

Vladimir Putin has killed too many people to just step aside as Russian President

Vladimir Putin has killed too many people to just step aside as Russian President, by the Economist.

Russia’s President took Kremlin watchers by surprise late on Wednesday (AEDT). In his annual state of the union speech, he announced a radical overhaul of the Russian constitution and a referendum on its proposed (and still unclear) terms. This bombshell was followed by another. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev resigned along with the entire cabinet. …

To understand what might be going on, start with a simple fact. In the past 20 years, Putin’s regime has killed too many people and misappropriated too many billions to make it plausible that he would ever voluntarily give up ­effective power. Under the constitution, he cannot run again for president when his term expires in 2024, since no one is allowed more than two consecutive terms. So everyone has always assumed that one way or another he would game the rules to remain top dog.

He already has form on this. His first two terms as president ran from 2000 to 2008. Term-limited out for the first time, he became prime minister for four years, during which time Medvedev served as a distinctly neutered president. In 2012 Putin was back in the suddenly re-empowered presidency, and he was re-elected to a second term in 2018. The only enigma has ever been what job he would jump to in 2024. …

Russia is a dictatorship masquerading as a democracy. Putin’s electoral successes owe much to years of economic growth (now brought to an end by corruption, uncompetitiveness, the end of the oil boom and Western sanctions) and the popularity of his reassertion of Soviet-era ­imperium. But they owe perhaps even more to state control of television, the barring of popular opposition candidates, the co-opting of tame opposition parties, and the arrests and intimidation dished out to the less tame ones. The murder of political opponents is no way to foster genuine competition for power.

Whether Putin is president, prime minister, head of the State Council or honorary chairman of the National Bridge Association (the post through which Deng Xiaoping ruled China for years after stepping down from his more prestigious offices) makes a lot less difference than it would in a real democracy.

Vladimir Putin is not just a power-hungry autocrat, he is also the world’s most despicable thief

Vladimir Putin is not just a power-hungry autocrat, he is also the world’s most despicable thief. By Paul Monk.

President Vladimir Putin is manoeuvring to have himself installed as ruler for life in Russia. …

What Xi Jinping has done in China, what Recep Tayyip Erdogan has done in Turkey, what Rodrigo Duterte has done in The Philippines and what Nicolas Maduro has done in Venezuela all have a good deal in common. …

[Putin] is seeking to lock in a political framework to guarantee he will not be prosecuted, after he steps down [in 2024], for the vast scale of embezzlement and extortion in which he and his circle have engaged.

He is seeking to thwart political moves by wealthy and powerful Russian exiles, as well as domestic dissidents, to check his power or hold him to account. …

In The Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia, Masha Gessen explored the rise of the Putin regime through the lives of four Russians who were born in the last years of the Soviet regime and entered the 1990s very young, with soaring personal and social expectations. Those expectations were crushed as a new mafia state took a ruthless stranglehold on the country, with Putin at the helm. This is the issue at the heart of the matter and those troubled — rightly — by the faltering of democratic politics in the West in the past decade or so would do well to ponder the far more dire decay of politics in the new authoritarian regimes.

Putin’s Russia is a good place to start, if only because Russia is, broadly speaking, “Western” in terms of language, religion and long geopolitical involvement with the other states of the European world. …

The most striking themes are kleptocracy camouflaged behind romantic nationalism. Putin is a former KGB officer and extols Stalin and the Soviet past. But he is not a communist. His ideological camouflage is an opportunistic combination of Russian chauvinism, old Slavophilic or Russian Orthodox mysticism, anti-liberal “Eurasianism” and neo-authoritarian decisionism. But the practice is one of extraordinary and systematic theft and extortion. Putin and his cronies have siphoned off vast sums of money from the Russia they claim to champion and have stashed it in foreign — often Western — banks and havens. …

It is estimated that the President and his inner circle have stolen enough money that Putin himself might well be the wealthiest robber baron on the planet. …

Oil and gas have been the lifeblood of the Russian economy since the turn of the 20th century, and as Martin Sixsmith pointed out some years ago in Putin’s Oil: The Yukos Affair and the Struggle for Russia, it was through muscling in on hydrocarbons at the expense of independent oligarchs that Putin laid the foundation of his vast ill-gotten gains. Along the way he has had oligarchical enemies, political rivals, intelligence defectors and investigative journalists imprisoned, exiled, harassed and murdered.

Bernie Sanders Supporters Just Got a Taste of CNN’s Shameless Lying

Bernie Sanders Supporters Just Got a Taste of CNN’s Shameless Lying, by John Nolte.

During CNN’s Democrat primary debate, and in an obvious effort to do Team Obama’s bidding, CNN outright lied to the world by presenting as fact that the 987-year-old communist had in fact told Elizabeth Warren a woman could not win the presidency.

This is an important political moment. It will long be remembered, and it is infuriating Bernie’s supporters:

Here’s how the moment went down [emphasis mine]:

Moderator Abby Phillip: CNN reported yesterday that, and Senator Sanders — Senator Warren — confirmed in a statement, that in 2018 you told her that you did not believe that a woman could win the election. Why did you say that?

Sanders: Well, as a matter of fact I didn’t say it. And I don’t want to waste a whole lot of time on this, because this is what Donald Trump and maybe some of the media want. Anybody who knows me knows that it’s incomprehensible that I would think that a woman could not be President of the United States. Go to YouTube today, there’s some video of it, of me 30 years ago talking about how a woman could become president of the United States. In 2015 I deferred, in fact, the Senate Awards was a movement to draft Senator Warren to run for president.  And you know what I said? “Stay back.” Senator Warren decided not to run and I —  they — I did run afterwards. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by three million votes. How could anybody in a million years not believe that a woman could become president of the United States? And let me be very clear: if any of the women on this stage or any of the men on this stage win the nomination — I hope that’s not the case, I hope it’s me — but if they do, I will do everything in my power to make sure that they are elected in order to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of our country.

Unequivocal denial, right?

Phillip: You’re saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman couldn’t win the election?

Bernie: Correct.

Phillip: Warren, what did you think when Sanders said a woman couldn’t win the election?

Warren: I disagreed. Bernie is my friend, and I am not here to try to fight with Bernie. But look, but look. …

This was a total set-up between CNN and Warren. The Conspiracy News Network hit Sanders with a spitball and then lobbed one slow and over the plate to Lieawatha. She knew it was coming and had her answer perfectly rehearsed.

What’s more, this is the second time CNN rigged a debate against Bernie. Never forget a CNN staffer rigged a 2016 CNN debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie by slipping Hillary the debate questions in advance.

And so I say to all you Bernie Bros and Bernie Babes: Welcome to the party, pal!…

The ends justifies the means?

So what’s CNN’s political agenda here…

Above all else, the Fake News Network is determined to drive Donald Trump from office, by hook or crook, through impeachment or a re-election loss, and for that reason the recent Sanders poll surge is freaking CNN out.

The Fake News Network knows three things: 1) Bernie has a committed base no other Democrat has, 2) this kind of momentum just a few weeks away from the first votes matters and, 3) Bernie cannot beat Trump.

No 999-year-old socialist fresh off a heart attack is going to beat Trump.

So Bernie’s got to get got, and as we have discovered over and over again — in Baltimore, in Ferguson, with the Russia Collusion Hoax, with the Impeachment Hoax, with the KKKovington KKKids — in hundreds of ways small and large, CNN is more than willing to straight up lie if it benefits the left-wing political agenda. …

Yes, evil CNN will do everything in its basement-rated power, in its almost non-existent influence to take Bernie down in the primary. Should he win the nomination, though, or lose the nomination and go back to life as Senator Stalin, CNN will start loving him all over again.

Warren’s dirty trick against Bernie proves she’s the new Hillary

Warren’s dirty trick against Bernie proves she’s the new Hillary, by Matt McDonald.

Saagar Enjeti of The Hill lays out the apparent Warren strategy nicely: ‘Progressives. Allow me introduce you to the media ecosystem that has bedeviled conservatives in the Trump age:

Step 1) Leak a bullshit smear sans any real confirmation to CNN.

Step 2) Have those same sources say the same thing to the NYT to create the appearance of a snowball.

Step 3) Never actually confirm that your smear occurred but allow it to float endlessly around.

Step 4) Now your opponent controls the story of the day and every single reporter will ask you/your surrogates about it.

Step 5) You are now branded as a sexist. You have no real recourse. Welcome to hell.’

Prince Harry and Meghan are caricatures of phony progressivism

Prince Harry and Meghan are caricatures of phony progressivism, by Janet Albrechtsen.

Having been there no more than a minute, Meghan Markle has had enough of the kind of work that comes with being a B-grade royal, but she seems to like the A-grade royal perks. She and Prince Harry had their big royal wedding. The progressive Sussexes want to keep other expensive, unprogressive royal accoutrements, the big royal home along with royally expensive renovations. Carving out their progressive future, they plan to do away with royal duties but keep their royal titles to boost their celebrity and personal bank balances.

It is entirely understandable if the duke and duchess are unhappy with frolicking in the shadows of the heirs to the British throne. It’s not easy being born No 2 in a royal family where only No 1 counts. And clearly the former TV star is finding it hard to adjust to a royal life in the shadow of Kate.

But why must these royal discontents camouflage their unhappiness by claiming they are now carving out a “progressive” new role? The answer to that question is because they can. The word progressive has two critical characteristics the Sussexes desperately need right now. It is simultaneously devoid of precise meaning, and steeped in virtue signalling.

The whole country celebrated their wedding, two years ago.

In reality, the attention-seeking Sussexes are caricatures of phony progressivism. Prince Harry, who travels by private jet, stood barefoot on an Italian beach last year to tell us to save the world from climate change. Harry has told us, more than once, that he and his wife are limiting themselves to two children to save the planet from the wasteful use of resources. Take that, brother William, second in line to the throne, with your three heirs. Now the Sussexes want us to swallow that, in the name of progress, they want the perks of royalty but not the work. …

History is replete with examples of misguided fools, selfish dolts and plainly rotten people claiming to be progressive doing dreadful damage in the name of being progressive. To give only the most historically significant example, communist heroes promised workers an enlightened, progressive future only to deliver despair, poverty and death.

Whenever anyone utters the word progressive it pays then to wait and watch. It can end in tears when it is (a) a political ruse, (b) a public relations exercise or (c) a selfish stunt rather than a path to genuine progress. In the Sussexes case, it is two out of three.


Meghan has her royal baby and is set for life. Harry will be discarded within a few years as he is now surplus to requirements. And because he is stupid.

hat-tip Philip Barton

UPDATE: Meghan Markle’s REAL dream is to move to Los Angeles… but only after Donald Trump’s presidency ends, say pals. By Rebecca English.

Meghan grew up in the city and her mother, Doria Ragland, still lives there. …

In 2016, before she met Harry, Meghan called Mr Trump ‘divisive’ and ‘misogynistic’. She pledged to vote for his presidential rival Hillary Clinton and threatened to move to Canada if he won.

‘Burger King’ offers Prince Harry a fast-food job after stepping back from royal duties.

‘Burger King’ offers Prince Harry a fast-food job after stepping back from royal duties.

The ads says:

We found out that the prince and the duchess decided to give up their roles in the royal family and will work to become financially independent.

So, we have a proposition for you: Do as thousands of people and take your first steps in the world of work with us. You know that the crown will suit you perfectly.

Also, after so many years of living as dukes, it is time for you to start eating like kings.