BREAKING: Pennsylvania Election lawsuit has been officially docketed at the US Supreme Court!!! Justice Alito has ordered the state to respond no later than December 9th

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Election lawsuit has been officially docketed at the US Supreme Court!!! Justice Alito has ordered the state to respond no later than December 9th. At last! See here.

The Supreme Court will presumably rule that either:

  • The invalid ballots can stand. Biden wins on the current vote counts.
  • All the unconstitutional mail in ballots will be removed and the states ordered to recount without them.
  • The election is invalid due to mass voter fraud, and at that point it will be sent to the House, where each state gets one vote and Trump will win.

Philadelphia Inquirer:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. issued a schedule for the case that appeared to foreclose any chance of the justices weighing in before the Electoral College vote had been finalized.

Alito, who handles emergency matters arising out of Pennsylvania for the court, gave state officials until Dec. 9 to file their reply — one day after the federal deadline for locking the state’s slate of electors in place.

Sidney Powell on timing:

Attorney Sidney Powell says there’s plenty of time for President Donald Trump’s legal team to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

”With the fraud case, the Dec. 8 deadline doesn’t apply,” Powell said Friday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s ”Stinchfield” in reference to the ”safe harbor” deadline that frees a state from further challenge if it resolves all disputes and certifies its voting results.

”We have at least until Dec. 14,” she said.

More commentary at Legal Insurrection.

hat-tip Kat H., Chris

Eight minute update from Rudy Giuliani

Eight minute update from Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani:

My great disappointment is how many Republicans are afraid to step up. They know what the right thing to do is. But they’re afraid their going to get attacked like me. They even said that to me. …

China has played a major role in the shutdown of information that is being disclosed in the United Sates. Going back to the hard drives that revealed thirty years of crime by the Biden crime family and $40 – 50m in illegal money that they got …

China can’t stand another four years of Trump; maybe he’ll straighten them out. And they own Biden, so this was an all or nothing election for China. ..

And the worst part is that the Democrats will stick together, even when they see a video like this which is plainly voter theft. Republicans won’t stick together. We’re asking them to do the right thing. … There’s something wrong with our political party when we won’t stand up for the right thing.

hat-tip Kat H.

Arizona Legislature Calls for Immediate ‘Forensic Audit’ of Dominion Voting Machines

Arizona Legislature Calls for Immediate ‘Forensic Audit’ of Dominion Voting Machines. By Jack Phillips.

The Arizona House and Senate have called for an audit of the Maricopa County election software and equipment following allegations of fraud and other irregularities presented by President Donald Trump’s team earlier this week.

In a news release Friday, GOP leaders of the Republican-controlled legislature sought an independent audit of Dominion Voting Systems software — used in Maricopa County — called for the audit. …

Someone’s lying:

Previously, Dominion’s CEO and a spokesman have said it’s not possible to change votes from one candidate to another, as some witnesses claimed in affidavits and in legislature hearings across the United States. They also denied being able to monitor, in real-time, the tabulation of votes and have also denied that Dominion employees have access to the tabulation efforts, saying only county employees do. …

On Monday, Maricopa GOP Chairwoman Linda Brickman, for example, told the Legislature in an event hosted by President Donald Trump’s lawyers, saying that she and her Democratic partner saw “more than once” Trump votes default and shift to Joe Biden as they were entering votes into Dominion machines from ballots that the machines couldn’t read.

“I observed, with my Democratic partner, the preparation of a new ballot, since the original one was soiled, or wouldn’t go through the tabulators. I read her a Trump Republican ballot, and as soon as she entered it into the system, the ballot defaulted on the screen to a Biden Democratic ballot,” Brickman told lawmakers on Monday. She said that her testimony was submitted in a sworn affidavit under perjury.

Is the tide turning? There isn’t much time.

hat-tip Kat H.

Google Banishes the Wentworth Report

Google Banishes the Wentworth Report, by David Evans.

Recently, Google search drastically downranked the Wentworth Report. The WR has joined the bad boys, big enough to be noticed and banished. (Joanne’s climate skeptic website was downranked over a decade ago.)

How do we know? Herein lies an interesting tale of modern censorship.

As you know, the day after the US presidential election the mainstream narrative proclaimed Biden the winner and dismissed all allegations of irregularities or fraud as “baseless”. Websites posting evidence and stories of fraud were suppressed by big tech. Google were already familiar with the main non-left websites read by Americans, and clamped down hard on their traffic. Google searches on words likely to lead a reader to stories or evidence of fraud refused to find those websites.

Instead, the Google search algorithm found other websites carrying those stories of fraud, sites that had not previously come to Google’s attention. The Wentworth Report, being relatively small and Australian, was one of those sites. Immediately after the election, our traffic swelled enormously, as US readers curious about election fraud found us. Our site stats show that most of the new US readers were arriving from searches on Google.

Then suddenly it stopped. Starting November 8, our traffic dropped by 90%. Site stats showed that referrals from Google plummeted from that date, and have continued to drop towards zero since then. More people now find the Wentworth Report by searches from DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Yahoo than from Google! This is statistically amazing, considering the current shares of the search market:

Today, the traffic from DuckDuckGo is more than six times that from Google. Bing three times greater. Obviously Google put the Wentworth Report on their banishment list shortly after the US election. Prior to the election, we got the lion’s share of our search engine referrals from Google, as you’d expect.

By the way, I switched to using DuckDuckGo as my main search engine a few years ago. Joanne uses StartPage. We still use Google for local searches, when we want to buy something at a local store.

Google is evil, secretly and deceptively shaping what you know. As well as selling your information to advertisers.

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The Woke Housewives of Silicon Valley

The Woke Housewives of Silicon Valley. By Daniel Greenfield.

When California store owners turned to voters to criminalize shoplifting again with Proposition 20, they never had much of a chance once Patricia Quillin threw in $2 million against them.

When Quillin paid $1 million to support Proposition 16, Asian-American opponents of the proposition, which would legalize racial discrimination against them in the form of affirmative action, protested outside her husband’s job. Her husband is the CEO of Netflix.

Netflix doesn’t have to worry about shoplifters and doesn’t care about the stores that do. Quillin and her husband, Reed Hastings, who are white, also don’t have to worry about college admissions. Quillin’s Meadow Fund has poured money into various forms of pro-crime advocacy and the Netflix CEO’s wife claims to be very engaged with “racial justice”. …

Patricia Quillin is part of a fundraising phenomenon: the Woke Housewives of Silicon Valley.

MacKenzie Scott, the former wife of Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, divorced him when his cheating scandal was exposed, and cashed in with a massive settlement. …

Every time another small business goes under, Scott gets richer from her Amazon shares. And that money is used to bankroll radical political agendas. … [She threw] $1.7 billion at radical groups, including to the Movement for Black Lives, an umbrella group that incorporates the violently racist Black Lives Matter Network linked to nationwide riots, and which supports BDS.

Scott was funding the racist movement destroying small businesses and making her richer.

Like Quillin, Scott is insulated from the negative consequences of her political activism, but not the positive ones. The destruction of small businesses has little impact on a streaming platform like Netflix and is a net benefit for Scott and her Amazon stock. Every time another store went up in flames, her ex-husband’s empire expanded leaving her with more money and power. …

Scott has confined her $1.7 bn payout to identity politics and other causes that don’t touch on the sources of her wealth. In all her vast scope of institutional giveaways covering everything from lesbian rights to illegal migrants to Indian organizations, she isn’t funding any kind of workers’ rights group whose advocacy would affect Amazon, its share price, and her net worth.

The biggest self-interested virtue signalers on the planet. Fouling up the lives of middle class people right around the world.

Mutterings among those without media access to put their views

Mutterings among those without media access to put their views. From a reader letter at Gateway Pundit.

The stolen election is the ONLY story being talked about in truck stops, restraints, shippers and receivers.

Many drivers are carrying firearms against regulations and many state laws, and I personally have seen quite a few people in the southwest, and southern california open-carrying weapons, where a week ago that would be unthinkable.

138,000 Kids Suddenly Added To Santa’s Nice List In Middle Of Night

138,000 Kids Suddenly Added To Santa’s Nice List In Middle Of Night. By the Babylon Bee.

Santa Claus’s nice list is said to be run on trustworthy software, safe and secure on an unhackable server under his workshop.

But some are questioning the legitimacy of the nice list after the tally suddenly spiked in the middle of the night, adding over 138,000 kids to the good side of the list.

After sorting kids according to their niceness or naughtiness for hours, Santa had abruptly stopped counting and gone to bed, saying he was tired and taking a break for the night, even though he is magical and does not need to sleep.

A team of unsupervised elves reportedly continued the counting against North Pole guidelines, and around 3 a.m. there was a sudden dump of over 138,000 kids put on the nice list. The software also switched kids over from the naughty to the nice list at random.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Extreme Charts

Extreme Charts, by John Rubino.

It’s one thing to hear someone claim that the world is spinning out of control. But it’s a lot more impactful to see the underlying trends laid out visually. …

The small print on this first chart is a bit hard to read, but the story is clear: [US] Government spending as a portion of GDP spiked during previous existential crises like the Civil War and World Wars I and II. But this year it rose to a level that exceeds all but one of those past calamities.

In other words, the US government is spending money like our survival is at stake, only this time the enemy is not a foreign army. It’s a disease and, crucially, our response to it. Given the number of states, cities, and industries that have been bankrupted by the lockdown, 2021 is likely to see an even bigger spike in fiscal stimulus.

The next chart, courtesy of Katusa Research, shows how all that government spending translates into currency, as the US money supply soars by  21% in a single year.

We live in interesting times. And soon it will get a lot more interesting, because a number of non-sustainable trends are going to blow up and intersect soon — including, but not limited to:

  • the growth of debt and the unsustainability of paper money (inflationary meltdown likely),
  • the West’s march leftward into woke fantasies that weaken society and roll back the scientific revolution,
  • the great realignment back towards a more feudal class structure with the left becoming the party of big government and thus the rich,
  • the ongoing replacement of the native populations in white countries,
  • the rising tide of immutable Islam,
  • the genetic trend towards a dumber world,
  • faltering technological progress,
  • the loss of the Christian philosophy that drove the success of the West and allowed mankind to finally escape the Malthusian condition and slavery (however briefly),
  • the loss of the ocean’s fish and soil erosion over much of the land.

All of which are terribly politically incorrect to notice, of course. Fortunately global warming is not much of a problem, so don’t be distracted by horror stories about carbon dioxide.

Modern Propaganda: Meet our Jasmine. Mad. Mysterious. And made up.

Modern Propaganda: Meet our Jasmine. Mad. Mysterious. And made up. By Stephen Rice.

Meet Indonesia’s new weapon in its battle against West Papuan independe­nce.

Jasmine Eloise is an “Aust­ralian reporter” who tweets her full-blooded support for Jakarta’s rule over the troubled province.

But Jasmine isn’t a journalist. She’s not even human. Jasmine is a machine-generated image, a synthetic warrior in a new kind of cyber warfare that threatens our relationship with our powerful northern neighbour.

An investigation by The Weekend Australian has confirmed the Indonesian government is behind a secret “black ops” disinformation campaign to influence Australian and inter­national opinion against West Papua’s independence movement and to attack human rights activists in Australia.

The well-funded operation uses multiple fake accounts on ­social media and employs computer­-generated “deepfake” profile images to avoid detection.

The covert campaign targets opponents of Indonesian rule in West Papua, such as prominent Australian barrister Jennifer Robinson, who also represents Julian Assange. It smears her as “slutty” after falsely accusing her of being involved in a sex scandal.

Indonesia’s troll factory has been quietly operating from behind­ a locked steel gate in a neat, two-storey villa on a tree-lined street in an upmarket part of South Jakarta, The Weekend Australian can reveal.

The building’s tenant, an Indonesia­n media and marketing company called InsightID, has spent $US300,000 on advertisements on social media, driving more than 500,000 Facebook and Instagram users towards fake news sites peddling false inform­ation about West Papua and lashing out at critics.

The Weekend Australian has established that InsightID was commissioned and paid for its services by the Indonesian government.

Read it all. How public opinion is shaped these days. Even the Indonesians are doing it.

The Left Steals Elections and Countries One Vote at a Time

The Left Steals Elections and Countries One Vote at a Time. By Daniel Greenfield.

Election fraud, like any other major strategy that the Left embarks on, is conducted [in a more focused and strategic manner than past generations].

That means that there isn’t a single grand conspiracy, but a thousand parallel ones, sometimes networked, other times not networked together, some legal and some illegal, following vastly different approaches in different areas, though funded by most of the same donors.

The key part is that there isn’t a single approach. Anything truly big gets the kitchen sink thrown at it.

It’s why we’re seeing old-fashioned election fraud at the ballot level and all sorts of structural environmental approaches with tactics ranging from mafia thuggery to big data analysis. It’s why conservatives need to understand that there isn’t one big thing, there are a thousand of them, some more effective than others.

The election was stolen one vote at a time.

Anything this big doesn’t have a single explanation. And it’s a weakness to look at just one. The Left certainly didn’t. It did things that were legal and illegal. It tried various approaches, threw things at a wall and saw what stuck. …

Conservatives like to focus on one area, one target, one threat.

It’s not like Star Wars or Independence Day, where the enemy has a single point of failure that our heroes can blow up. It’s more like fighting a school of fish or a swarm of bees.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Georgia’s Kemp Urges Signature Audit After ‘Smoking Gun’ Video Emerges

Georgia’s Kemp Urges Signature Audit After ‘Smoking Gun’ Video Emerges. By Jeffrey Radock.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is calling for a signature audit after video footage emerged allegedly showing Fulton County poll workers counting ballots without monitors present.

A private security firm inside Atlanta’s State Farm Arena provided the surveillance video to Trump campaign lawyers at 1 a.m. ET on Thursday, attorney Jacki Pick said Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield.”

“Yes, people were sent home, told to stop working, stop counting, but some people stayed behind: Sure enough, just as our poll watchers — well, our monitors — had said,” Pick maintained.

Pick, who presented the evidence to the state Senate earlier on Thursday, said the video shows suitcases being pulled from under a table covered by a black cloth — purportedly holding thousands of ballots.

As result of the video, Kemp called for the signature audit on Thursday during an interview on the Fox News show, “The Ingraham Angle.”

See the video below. Maybe this video will be the tipping point, that convinces a lot of people that there was a lot of fraud. Who you going to believe, your own eyes or the media? Those suitcases probably had enough votes to flip Georgia. Kemp is reacting to the pressure.

hat-tip Kat H.

How Team Trump Wins

How Team Trump Wins. By Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

The evidence is overwhelming.

On the night of the election President Trump was winning in all the key battleground states. Then the local Democrat authorities all decided to halt their counts. Once they were restarted, hundreds of thousands of ballots for Biden were miraculously “found.”

Since then, Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Joe DiGenova, Victoria Toensing, and the rest of the president’s small but intrepid legal team have found evidence of multiple instances of fraud in all the key voting districts.

Now brave Americans have dared to challenge decades of Democrat voter fraud by giving their names to sworn affidavits and publically testifying to the crimes they have witnessed and voting results that simply cannot be empirically true.

Two of the most powerful to date were the sworn Michigan State Senate testimony of Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, a woman who has worked officially on election integrity for decades and who has testified to felonies committed within polling stations. She spoke of Republican poll-watchers threatened and intimidated, and countless pristine and unfolded “mail-in” ballots processed for Joe Biden.

Then we have the forensic testimony from last week’s Pennsylvania hearing.

Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldren, a former combat officer with a background in Information Operations and Electronic Warfare disclosed that in one 90 minute period more than 570,000 votes were tallied for candidate Biden, and 3,200 votes for the incumbent. It’s all on video, with the remarkable exchange with Mayor Giuliani starting at 1 hour 28 minutes.

Professor Paul Kengor, a recognized authority on Socialism and Socialist tactics, has justifiably called that evidence “Incredible. Impossible. Scandalous.” And rightly so. There is no election in any normal country — which isn’t a dictatorship — where the electorate has simply two choices and one of them receives 99.4 percent of the vote and the other receives 0.6. Biden and the Democratic National Committee are clearly attempting to steal the election, and more than 30% of Democrats themselves believe the election was rigged. And everyone knows it. …

And while the fight must continue in the courts, and all the way to the Supreme Court, the route to re-election is political, not legal. There simply isn’t enough time to demonstrate all the fraud in front of a judge before the Electoral College votes. And if there were time, we know that even if all the requisite evidence were presented, judges just don’t like to overturn elections.

But the fraud must be stopped. Not for the MAGA movement, or this election, but for all future elections.

Therefore, the only way to save the Republic from this and every future election being stolen is for the constitutional provision of a “Contingent Election” to be enacted, just as was the case when Thomas Jefferson was elected — not by the Electoral College but directly by Congress.

The institutional GOP has proven itself ineffectual yet again. It is up to the President and to your supporters to hold rallies and send a clear message to all the Republican statehouses in the battleground states: if anyone one of the Republican politicians in the state legislatures — that by the Constitution run our elections — decides to recognize a fraudulent result, chose their electors and hold their Electoral College votes, then they will never ever be re-elected and their careers will be terminated by the will of the people.

In that case, neither President Trump nor Biden will have a 270-vote Electoral College majority and, according to the Constitution, the House of Representatives will get to elect the President — not with a vote by members, which the Democrats would win, but by state party delegation, where the GOP has the majority.

Thus President Trump would be re-elected to a second term. And if the Contingent Election was good enough for Thomas Jefferson, it is good enough for the current incumbent.

hat-tip Kat H.

“I Can’t Get a Job Any More Because Democrats Like to Ruin Your Life!” – GOP Witness GOES OFF at Michigan Hearing

“I Can’t Get a Job Any More Because Democrats Like to Ruin Your Life!” – GOP Witness GOES OFF at Michigan Hearing. By Jim Hoft.

One witness, a Dominion-trained IT contractor named Melissa Carone, went off on the Democrats who only appeared to be harassing witnesses. The Democrat lawmakers were not there to learn or listen. They were there to attack and smear.

Yes, They Cheat. We Have to Win Georgia Anyway.

Yes, They Cheat. We Have to Win Georgia Anyway. By Ann Coulter.

Donald Trump: Great tweets, but not enough action.

Trump warned that there would be massive fraud with mail-in ballots, but as with all his other great points, he didn’t actually do anything about it. True, Trump tweeted, “There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent.” It turns out that didn’t actually accomplish anything. It was much like his “LAW & ORDER!” tweets or this (my favorite) tweet: “bring our troops back home. Stop the ENDLESS WARS!”

Far from an “authoritarian,” Trump seemed to be utterly unaware that he was president.

Now it’s too late. The vote fraud is baked in the cake. At least this time, one of the victims of Trump’s all-talk presidency is him.

The runoff for two places in the US Senate in Georgia on January 5 is a big deal, even for the other side of the world:

Currently, the fate of Western civilization comes down to two runoff Senate elections in Georgia. If Republicans win, they will hold the U.S. Senate. Even with a handful of Mitt Romneys, the Democrats’ most psychotic plans will be dead on arrival. That means: No Green New Deal, no District of Columbia statehood, no court packing and no mass amnesty.

But if they lose, the Democrats will have the trifecta: the presidency, the House and the Senate, and welcome to hell. …

Yes the Democrats cheat, but it is too soon to boycott the vote as some Republicans are advocating. As for mail-in voting:

It’s probably too late to cancel early voting, but could you at least compare the signatures on mail-in ballots this time, Georgia?

Back in June, The New York Times ran an article condescendingly refuting Trump’s claim that mail-in voting wasn’t secure. The Times’ arguments were: 1) We checked with election officials and they assured us their systems are fraud-proof; and 2) Oh, relax! The signatures on mail-in ballots have to match voters’ registration signatures. …

Signatures aren’t that easy to forge, especially if you don’t know what the signature is supposed to look like.

But the problem is: THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED. States didn’t make sure the signatures matched.

First, we got: What these jerks at Breitbart didn’t tell you is that we have a procedure! Trained election officials will compare the signature on file with the signature on the absentee ballot. Not only that, but the public can watch — in person or online!

Then, after the election: Yeah, we didn’t really have time for the signature matching and our poll workers were worried about COVID, so poll watchers weren’t allowed anywhere near the signatures. No, we threw out the envelopes so you can’t check our work.

You have to knock this crap off, Georgia. It’s bad enough that the Democrats demanded — and won — such a laborious process to disqualify ballots with mismatched signatures that it was easier for election officials to just approve them all. But preventing poll watchers from observing and videoing the signature “matches” is insane.

The Mainstream Press Has Failed America

The Mainstream Press Has Failed America. By Jacob Hornberger.

Of course, this isn’t the first election in which the losing side has charged that he has been cheated out of his victory. In virtually every election cycle, there is at least one political candidate that charges that he lost because of fraud committed by the other side.

But let’s face it: Sometimes there is fraud. As I have pointed out before (see here and here and here), there is now no doubt that Lyndon Johnson employed fraud to win the 1948 U.S. Senate race in Texas against popular Governor Coke Stevenson. Johnson told a South Texas crony who controlled some South Texas counties to keep his poll results open in case Johnson needed extra votes to win. When the vote-counting was over, Johnson did need a few more votes to win. He called his crony, a man named George Parr, and Parr ordered a local election judge to produce 200 additional votes for LBJ, which then gave Johnson the win. Many years later, the election judge confirmed that he had done this. The 200 signatures on the voter list were all in the same ink, and the names of the 200 voters were in alphabetical order. If Johnson had lost the election, he never would have become vice-president or president, which truly made him a truly illegitimate president in U.S, history, one who ended up sending tens of thousands of American men to their deaths in a senseless war thousands of miles away in Southeast Asia.

The problem with the mainstream press in the Trump-Biden race is the speed by which it concluded that the 2020 presidential election was not marred by fraud. It reached its conclusion before the election was even over.

Now, it’s very possible that Trump’s assertions are, in fact, false and baseless, but how could the mainstream press know that before or immediately after the election without even the semblance of any press investigation into the allegations?

Perhaps the mainstream press believed that the stealing of an election through fraud is simply inconceivable. But how can it be inconceivable when it is undisputed that LBJ won his Senate race through fraud? If it happened once, doesn’t that negate the idea of inconceivability?

It certainly can’t be that the press immediately conducted an investigation and found no evidence of fraud in the Trump-Biden race because the mainstream press reached its conclusions immediately and never conducted any independent investigation.

And that’s the core of the problem — the mainstream press’s deference to the Washington, D.C., establishment by automatically embracing its official position that the election was honest and above board.

In a free society, the citizenry necessarily depend on an independent press to keep government honest. The citizenry simply lack the resources and time to investigate official misconduct. Thus, they necessarily depend on a vibrant, dynamic independent press to do this job for them.

That’s where the mainstream press has failed America and has severely damaged America’s democratic system. It has essentially become a loyal lapdog of the Washington, D.C., establishment, never daring to challenge it, question, or investigate it at a fundamental level.

That’s why people don’t trust the mainstream press. That’s one big reason why mainstream papers have lost massive numbers of subscribers ever since the Internet came into existence. People know that when it comes to confronting political power with truth, they are going to find it on the Internet rather than in the mainstream press.


The Election Showed 75+ Million Americans Have Rejected The Establishment’s Narrative. We’re Not Going to Start Believing It Now.

The Election Showed 75+ Million Americans Have Rejected The Establishment’s Narrative. We’re Not Going to Start Believing It Now. By Richard Bledsoe.

For the last four Saturdays at noon, we’ve been going down to the Arizona Capitol for the weekly Stop the Steal rallies. These events are happening at statehouses around the country.

Here in Phoenix, the turnout is high, and the mood is boisterous. It’s a real cross section of society. Everyone’s clad in their red, white and blue finery. Various flags are worn like capes; hand drawn signs display mottos and slogans. We chant, cheer, and boo, as appropriate. Listening to the speakers, and talking to other rally goers, we all share information about the latest developments and outrages. …

Listening to the national anthem wards off globalists

One thing I’ve noted at the rallies is how informed everyone seems to be. Despite the unprecedented censorship and distortions of Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Democrats (three heads of the same Marxist monster), we seem to all know the up to the minute status of the various court cases and the players involved. Somehow the truth continues to seep out. The constant lies and discouragement being relentlessly broadcast isn’t fooling or converting anyone. We’re all in “don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining” mode.

That especially goes out to all those who are still pretending this was anything like a normal election, and we have to follow the norms. All those who are signaling resignation, like “The Senate will stop the worst of the abuses!” Or “Trump should run in 2024!” Or “We’ll make gains in 2022!” Please. If you don’t see an extinction level event for the United States of America staring you in the face, you’re either in deep denial, or you’re a willing minion of the coup.

Many people are so indoctrinated they don’t even realize they are living a lie. There’s nothing new about this propaganda assault. It’s been implemented for ages, under the corrosive philosophy of Postmodernism. …

For five years we’ve been told nonstop by all the best people and institutions that Donald Trump was a hater racist foreign agent fool of a failure. And what happened?

On Election day, 75 million + Americans demonstrated we don’t believe the hype. Instead, we voted to continue the self-evident growth and benefits that America First policies were bringing to the whole world. Reality trumped the Postmodern narrative. …

We haven’t believed the establishment for the last five years. We’re not going to start believing them now. The elites are still behaving like it doesn’t matter what we think, they are going to do whatever they want with no consequences, just like they’ve done for years. We are supposed to submit to outrageous fraud, overlook the brazen criminal acts, and accept as inevitable a senile placeholder, who will open the floodgates for every sick, destructive domination fantasy the Left indulges in.

Not this time.

I believe there will never be a President Biden/Harris. It would be tantamount to surrendering our Republic to a cartel of our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

How will this desperate gambit for tyranny be defeated? That I don’t know yet. We are still trying to follow the rule of law, and that takes time.

If you only watch the mainstream media, you’d have no idea of what is brewing.

Andrew Hastie blasts Defence over publication of unsubstantiated allegation Australian soldiers killed Afghan children

Andrew Hastie blasts Defence over publication of unsubstantiated allegation Australian soldiers killed Afghan children.

Ben Packham:

Liberal MP and former special forces captain Andrew Hastie … [says publishing Crompvoets’ report] had delivered China an unnecessary propaganda win.

The allegation was not part of the Brereton war crimes report released two weeks ago, but a separate report by sociologist Samantha Crompvoets, which preceded the four-year inquiry by NSW Supreme Court judge Paul Brereton.

Samantha Crompvoets

On Monday, China’s Foreign Ministry tweeted a meme by a Chinese artist that seized on the allegation, depicting an Australian soldier slitting the throat of an Afghan child.

“The Crompvoets (report) detailed unproven rumours of Australian soldiers murdering Afghan children,” Mr Hastie told parliament on Thursday.

“It may have prompted the Brereton report, but its evidentiary threshold was far lower. The Brereton report neither rules these rumours in or out. So why are they in the open? It has undermined public confidence in the process and allowed the People’s Republic of China to malign our troops.”

Mr Hastie said the propaganda attack was “calculated, deliberate and designed to undermine the political and social cohesion of our country”.

“Australia is seeking to be honest and accountable for alleged wrongdoing by a small number of individuals entrusted to wear our flag,” he said. “We are owning our mistakes. This is in stark contrast to the People’s Republic of China.

Henry Ergas:

The purpose of [China’s] latest outrage was not so much to deceive as to humiliate. …

Having thus sped around the globe, the image of an Australian soldier allegedly slicing an Afghan child’s throat could have an enduring presence. As George Orwell put it in Nineteen Eighty-Four, “It was true that there was no such person as Comrade Ogilvy; but a couple of faked photographs would soon bring him into existence — and once the act of forgery was forgotten, he would exist just as authentically as Charlemagne or Julius Caesar.”

Yet the damage that might inflict on our reputation can hardly explain China’s actions. After all, it must have been apparent that the falsehood would immediately be exposed. And under normal circumstances, that should have deterred the fake image’s release or ensured that it occurred through a notionally separate media outlet whose conduct the Chinese authorities could readily disavow.

Instead, the tweet was issued by the Foreign Ministry, giving it official status. To make things worse, once the fraud was exposed, the Chinese, far from apologising, doubled down, compounding the offence.

Now, no one could regard unvarnished truthfulness as the master trait of diplomacy. But neither has vilifying a country with which one is at peace ever been considered acceptable behaviour. To brazenly engage in it, as the Chinese did, amounts to a calculated show of contempt.

Boasting of pretend weakness to earn politically correct virtue points could be very dangerous in this case.

A seasoned Asian diplomat interviewed by Tina Faulk:

China never acts simply out if pique. This was a carefully stage-managed escalation taking opportunistic advantage of a domestic situation that got out of hand.

The CCP is not out just to humiliate Australia. It is demonstrating to the ‘small dragons’ of South East Asia that if China can bring a western country like Australia to heel, it can do much more and worse, to them.

Australia’s “mistake,” if you will, was to make so much of what, in China would have been brushed under the table. To publicly name and shame Defence Force soldiers who were in Afghanistan by order of their own government, opened the way for China to retaliate, signalling clearly “you accused us of human rights violations – look in the mirror”.

The Prime Minister stumbled when he involved himself. It was better handled inside Defence. Morrison has asked China for an apology, which he won’t get because China doesn’t apologise — we saw that with Covid. …

To step back from this the Australian government must show the nation is behind it and speaks for the people. No kowtowing because China sees that as weakness and leads to greater demands, more concessions.

Augusto Zimmermann:

The Prime Minister of Australia has claimed that our defence forces serving in Afghanistan were murdering prisoners and innocent civilians.

Scott Morrison announced that he has apologised to the President of Afghanistan for the contents of a report he hadn’t even read.

The Prime Minister has denied our soldiers the presumption of innocence. He has shown to completely ignore the common-law principle that everyone is innocent until it can be proven otherwise.

As the member for Curtin Celia Hammond stated in a speech to the Federal Parliament on Monday:

“We must avoid at all costs a situation where our defence forces are universally demonised. They are individual men and women who serve and sacrifice for us. Ultimately, it must never be us-versus-them because they are us”.

Michael Yon:

My gut instinct: The allegations are lawfare designed to target Australia and the Aussie military, who are famously disciplined.

I’ve seen this sort of lawfare against British and Americans.

Take this instance … British Soldiers were on a mission in Basra and got into a long and sustained firefight. Dozens of enemy were killed.

Leftwing lawyer-squad later attacked the British Soldiers saying they had committed war crimes during the mission. Bullshit. … I was on that mission. Thousands of rounds were fired. Enemy and British were exchanging heavy fire and it went on and on. British kicked their tails. And I was there the entire time and witnessed nothing that remotely appeared to be a war crime. My photos and narrative are here.

Later came the allegations.

NOBODY from any side reached out to me.  I was the only witness who was not Iraqi, or a British Soldier.  I had tons of photos never published that I would have supplied to British court and I would have sworn in writing that I saw no war crime. …

I’ve witnessed a lot of war, and some war stupidity, and tons of courage and professionalism, but no war crimes from Americans or from British. Nobody asked me about those false allegations against the British.

Why? Leftwing enemies are trying to destroy the United Kingdom and their military, and the Aussies, the Canadians, and Japanese.

See also Afghanistan: The Fevered Imaginations of the REMFs.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

CCTV Video Of Georgia Poll Workers Waiting For Observers to Leave Then Pulling Suitcases of Ballots out of Hiding

CCTV Video Of Georgia Poll Workers Waiting For Observers to Leave Then Pulling Suitcases of Ballots out of Hiding. By Tyler Durden.

Disturbing election night footage has emerged showing Georgia poll workers waiting for observers and news outlets to leave State Farm Arena in Atlanta after calling an end to counting for the night, before pulling out several large suitcases containing ballots from under a table. …

A handful of poll workers can clearly be seen staying behind after GOP observers say they were told to clear out. After the media packs up their belongings, the workers can be seen pulling out the suitcases and opening them at approximately 11 p.m.

First, they wait for the observers and other people to leave:

When the coast is clear, they pull four suitcases of ballots from underneath a table with a tablecloth over it, where they had hidden the ballots early in the morning.

This demands a pretty good explanation! Why did counting resume after observers went home? We weren’t born yesterday.

This video was presented by Republicans during a Thursday state Senate hearing. Naturally, Twitter labels it as “disputed”.

hat-tip Eric

This is a struggle for the soul of this country and the survival of the Republic

This is a struggle for the soul of this country and the survival of the Republic. Corporate media will ignore all evidence of fraud to overthrow Trump.

Blood boiling stuff. Truth is taking a terrific beating at the moment.

hat-tip Kat H.