Dilbert comic strip is canned by 77 newspapers after artist Scott Adams began incorporating anti-woke plotlines

Dilbert comic strip is canned by 77 newspapers after artist Scott Adams began incorporating anti-woke plotlines. By Claudia Aoraha.

Adams’ much-loved ‘Dilbert’ comics have been in circulation since 1989 and frequently pokes fun at office culture, but he announced he was sensationally dropped by publisher Lee Enterprises.

The media company owns nearly 100 newspapers across the country — including The Buffalo News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and the Arizona Daily Sun — and has been publishing Adams’ jokes about the corporate ladder for years.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Disney Chooses Bald Actress To Play Rapunzel

Disney Chooses Bald Actress To Play Rapunzel. By the Babylon Bee.

Historians and experts pushed back against the desire for a haired Rapunzel. “Demanding that Disney cast Rapunzel — a fictional character I might add — with an actor who has hair, is simply ableist, sexist, racist, and several other -ists,” said Sandra Rice, the chair of Harvard’s Folklore and Mythology department. “Sadly, this is another example of the white cis-hetero patriarchal system that we live in.” Rice then began to sob.

Open letter to Ron DeSantis from a lifelong Democrat

Open letter to Ron DeSantis from a lifelong Democrat. By Lionel Shriver.

I am a disaffected registered Democrat. I voted for Joe Biden on the assumption that he was a boring, moderate placeholder who could steady the national ship after the nauseous high seas of the Trump presidency.

Two years on, I’m still sick to my stomach. Biden is captive to a radical left that has made the party I joined at 18 unrecognisable. It is now intolerant, racially obsessed, fiscally incontinent, eager to encourage dependency on the state and politically high-handed.

But I cannot stick putting 2016’s crude, anti-democratic boor back in the White House. So the prospect of facing down a none-of-the-above contest in 2024 — a Trump vs Biden redo, much less Trump vs that idiot Kamala Harris — makes me suicidal.

I’ve never voted Republican in my life. But if you were to secure the nomination (admittedly dependent on whom you ran against), I could be tempted to defect for the first time in nearly 50 years. …

I was first impressed with you early in the pandemic. You did your homework. Rather than blindly accept politicised CDC propaganda, you consulted medical experts with a variety of perspectives, the better to come to your own conclusions: that lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and school closures are illiberal, destructive and medically ineffective. Thereafter, you weathered frenzied nationwide accusations that you were a granny killer. …

True, I fiercely disagree with you about abortion access. Yet on many other issues, we’re surprisingly in sync. You saw no reason to change Florida’s voting laws during Covid, while drastic, ad hoc, last-minute revisions to electoral procedures in other states later helped justify Republicans’ disastrous rejection of the 2020 presidential results. You have banned the teaching of racist, divisive, historically distorted critical race theory in schools. Although the legislation was slyly mischaracterised by Democrats as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law, I don’t think kids under the age of nine should be forced to decide whether they’re boys or girls, either. You have protected women’s sports, which aren’t women’s sports with men in them. You have maintained high-quality public services with no state income tax and half the budget of profligate New York. You’re standing up to Big Tech’s stifling of free speech on the internet.

I’m an immigrant myself, so like most Americans I support controlled, legal immigration in moderate quantity. Uncontrolled, illegal immigration in eye-popping quantity is another matter. So good for you, forbidding the establishment of self-righteous ‘sanctuary cities’, which refuse to enforce federal immigration laws as belligerently as the Biden administration does. I thought your financing of the delivery of two planeloads of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard was hilarious. Yup, it was a stunt. An inspired one. …

The Dems don’t have anyone else lined up, and they’re starting to panic. They’re praying for Trump to win the GOP nomination, because he’s the Evil Incarnate they think they can beat (a huge gamble; maybe they can’t).

From the perspective of the present, a 2024 Republican nominee with none of the bombast, bile and bedlam of Trump who espouses solid, sensible conservative values — once much the same values my own party embraced — could waltz into the Oval Office with millions of votes to spare. The Democrats are terrified of you, which is why Newsom is already firing salvoes at you personally, all the way from the Pacific.

I can’t count the Americans I have met who say they would vote for you in a heartbeat.

Maybe not charismatic, but Ron DeSantis fights and he gets things done.

PayPal Goes Over to the Dark Side

PayPal Goes Over to the Dark Side. By Darren Beattie at Revolver News, who no longer does business with PayPal.

For years, the debate over Big Tech and its threat to freedom has centered most prominently on free speech. … But an arguably even more important fight concerns the financial ecosystem of the Internet, and on that front the situation is no less dire.

Two weeks ago, PayPal abruptly announced a major new partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to investigate the financial transactions of its users. …


At a minimum, simple prudence requires that conservative groups do everything they can to decouple their financial well-being from PayPal’s services. …

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman is one of the most aggressively political CEOs in America. In 2016, Schulman canceled a planned 400-job expansion into North Carolina over the state’s transgender bathroom bill. The service has banned Alex Jones and Gab.com from using its services. And after January 6, PayPal cut off payments to GiveSendGo, the Christian crowdfunding site that allowed users to donate money for the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse and January 6 protesters. …

Anti-Defamation League (ADL):

ADL has a long history of using underhanded and even illegal tactics against its enemies, including full-blown espionage, theft, and surveillance. …

Today, the ADL is led by former Obama Administration apparatchik Jonathan Greenblatt. … Under Greenblatt’s leadership, perhaps no left-wing non-profit has more emphatically swerved in a totalitarian direction for the sake of crushing its ideological foes.

The ADL’s most famous push for ideological control came in April, when Greenblatt demanded that Fox cancel Tucker Carlson’s show for describing mass immigration as the “replacement” of existing American citizens. …

Even before January 6, Greenblatt was issuing sharp demands for widespread Big Tech-led censorship of “offensive” statements … Over the summer of 2020, Greenblatt spearheaded the Stop Hate for Profit campaign, in which hundreds of companies were pressured to stop advertising on Facebook until it changed its algorithm and moderation policies to address “systemic bias” and remove “hateful” content.

On January 7, the ADL demanded that all Qanon-associated accounts on Twitter be banned. Countless accounts were immediately purged. A short time later, the ADL attacked Amazon for allowing third-party sellers to sell Qanon, Oath Keeper, and Three Percenter merchandise. Not only that, but the group pressured Cloudfare and Epik to stop providing webhosting services for “extremist platforms like Gab.” …

The ADL has been aggressively hysterical about the January 6 incident, consistently describing it as an “insurrection.” And since this so-called “insurrection,” ADL’s ambitions to control American society have only metastasized. The US military has become one of the ADL’s chief targets in 2021, and they are going so far as to seek an ideological purge of the armed forces. In a March blog post, the ADL wrote that military regulations must be revised to ensure that soldiers can be disciplined not merely for belonging to certain banned groups, but for holding banned ideas …

In May, the Washington Post quoted the ADL’s Mark Pitcavage in support of the idea that the military should issue sweeping bans on even “interacting” with “extremists” online …

What counts as an “extremist?” With the Biden Administration in charge, the ADL is sure to play a major role in deciding it …

The ADL has occasionally tried to show a smidgen of neutrality by criticizing Antifa, but buried in their anti-“hate” database it’s clear how they actually feel. Considered on par with actual racist or violent rhetoric, the League simply classifies the entire category of “anti-Antifa” imagery as hate-based. The tone of its writing makes it clear how they really feel: Antifa are fundamentally heroic and laudable, and those who stand against them are villainous.

Paul Joseph Watson:

Grocery shopping under the social credit score system: “Sorry, you misgendered a drag queen on Twitter. Your card payment has been declined. Your account has been closed.”

Louisa Clarence-Smith:

A parents’ group that fought to keep schools open during the pandemic has become the latest to have their account shut down by PayPal due to “the nature of its activities”.

UsForThem said it has been unable to access thousands of pounds in donations from its account after PayPal announced it was discounting service to one of the group’s directors “in accordance with” the technology company’s user agreement.

It comes as PayPal faces a backlash over its decision to shut down the accounts of the Free Speech Union, its founder Toby Young and his news and opinion website, the Daily Sceptic.

Debanking is the biggest weapon the regime have for shutting us up and making us toe their line.

Two Bombings in One Night is the New Normal in Sweden

Two Bombings in One Night is the New Normal in Sweden. By Paulina Neuding in Sweden.

Sweden, which has a population of around 10 million, has the highest per-capita number of deadly shootings of 22 European countries. …

It may be shocking for Americans to learn that in Sweden — the land of IKEA, Spotify and Greta Thunberg — all of this is going on. Perhaps the reason you don’t know about it is because of the uncomfortable reality of how we got here.

Among shooting suspects, 85 percent are first- or second-generation immigrants, … as immigrant neighborhoods have become hotbeds for gang crime. National Police Commissioner Anders Thornberg has described the violence as “an entirely different kind of brutality than we’ve seen before” and his deputy, Mats Löfving, says that 40 criminal clans now operate throughout the country.

Spreading fear are “humiliation robberies,” targeting children and youth, in which victims are subjected to degrading treatment by assailants, such as being urinated upon. Just this week, four men were sentenced for robbing, beating and urinating on an 18-year-old, who was also filmed by his tormentors.

Democracy in action:

All of which is why, for the first time ever, crime emerged as a top priority among voters ahead of this past weekend’s general election. Swedes made their concerns plain on Sunday, when they awarded the country’s most strident anti-immigration party more than 20 percent of the vote.

The Sweden Democrats, or SD, is now the second-biggest party in parliament, and the biggest party of the right-wing bloc — gaining more votes than the more traditional center-right Moderate party. …

Left’s fantasies and denial to blame:

So how did Sweden’s famously liberal electorate usher in a party with roots on the extreme right? In a word: denial.

In response to Sweden’s increasing problems with gang violence and social unrest in immigrant suburbs, the government’s strategy for many years was to deny how serious the situation had become. ​​In the meantime, those people who noticed the problem — many of whom were working class — and spoke out about their diminished safety were accused of racism by leading politicians, the mainstream press, and the cultural elites. Only one political party did not: the SD. And in election after election, they gained more and more popular support.

This is a story of what happens when the people who run things want to avoid confronting the consequences of their actions.

The Swedish left pictured Sweden as the world’s “humanitarian superpower”:

Sweden’s foreign-born population has doubled to 20 percent since 2000. No other country took in more immigrants per capita during the 2015 migration wave — from countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Nearly 23 percent of Swedish adults were born abroad. (At the height of American immigration, in 1890 that statistic was slightly less than 15 percent.) And most asylum seekers have been men. In 2015, for example, 70 percent of those seeking refuge in Sweden were male. …

Police are struggling to maintain control of some 60 immigrant-majority neighborhoods — officially labeled “vulnerable areas” — where gangs and clans compete with the state for local authority.

Violence escalated past guns, to bombs:

A few years ago, hand grenades began appearing among criminal gangs in Sweden. Now, bombs are often home-made IEDs.

In the fall of 2019, a group of New Jersey police travelled to Stockholm to learn about the bombings first-hand. “I was shocked by the use of grenades in Sweden,” Rick Fuentes, former superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, told Svenska Dagbladet. “I’ve worked within the police for 40 years, and I’ve never heard or seen anything like it.” …

After a particularly powerful bomb exploded at a residential building on Östermalm, an affluent part of the Stockholm city-center, in January 2020, a victim told the press how he had been watching Netflix when the explosion sent him flying to the floor. Half his left ear was blown off; months later he still suffered from reduced hearing. His two children were so frightened by the attack that ever since they refuse to sleep by the window. …

The bombings have mainly been directed at objects — such as cars and buildings — rather than individuals, which explains why there haven’t been more deaths. …

The Swedish criminologist Amir Rostami has described Sweden’s bomb epidemic as part of a cycle of violence among criminal gangs, going back some 15 years: “First they shot at legs and behinds, then they started shooting each other, then there were more shots, pure executions, and humiliation of the victims. Now we have extreme amounts of explosions,” he told the newspaper DN in 2019.

As this development picked up speed, it was considered bad taste to suggest that immigration and failed integration had led to severe problems with crime — or even that crime was a growing problem at all.

Don’t these excuses sound familiar?

When stories started appearing about gang-rule and attacks on people going into immigrant neighborhoods, sometimes referred to as “no-go zones,” a government agency started a PR campaign to rename them “go-go zones.” The government had help from left-leaning Swedish media.

In 2015, the editorial page of Dagens Nyheter, for instance, said that people expressing alarm about crime were “safety-deniers,” and compared them to climate deniers. The Social Democratic publication Aftonbladet said in 2017 that the idea that Sweden needed to recruit more police officers was “populism at its worst,” given that “crime is declining”.

Meanwhile, the link between immigration and crime was turned into a taboo topic. …

Even in 2021, as Sweden’s problems had become all-too evident, the Aftonbladet columnist Jan Guillou claimed that warnings of gang violence were a matter of racism: “For the Swedish public, slippery bathtubs thus constitute a considerably larger threat than armed teenage gangs with the ambition of shooting each other.” In 2020, one person died in a bathtub in Sweden, while 48 were victims of gun homicide, according to official statistics. …

All I want is for my kid not to get kidnapped and peed on:

Right now, the usual people are condemning Swedish voters—or at least the 20 percent who went for the right-wing Sweden Democrats—as racists. …

To dismiss the party’s voters as “racists” is also to fundamentally misunderstand Sweden and what Swedes have been asked to normalize.

Friends with children in their teens and twenties tell me that the fear of crime shapes the lives of their kids and their friends. …

As an acquaintance told me the other day, when we were talking about the election: “All I want is for my kid not to get kidnapped and peed on.”

Possibly related:

Violence hits epidemic proportions in California

Violence hits epidemic proportions in California. By Michael at Economic Collapse.

I can’t understand why anyone would still want to live in California. Yes, there are lots of high paying jobs and the weather is very nice, but crime is completely and utterly out of control. …. This is the end result of literally decades of cultural rot …

Of course much of this violence is being fueled by illegal mind-altering drugs. Some of these drugs are so immensely powerful that they literally put people into catatonic states for an extended period of time…

There have been homeless addicts in the streets of San Francisco for years, but now we have reached a point where they are seemingly everywhere. … Now addicts that have been drugged out of their minds are pulling down their pants and crapping in the streets right in front of some of the most expensive real estate in San Francisco. …

Shoplifting, eBay:

We are all painfully aware of the huge rise in shoplifting and even violent robberies of stores. We watch the videos of thugs brazenly raiding stores, and read about the organized crime rings that have sprung up to profit from the trend. Shoplifting has become a big, if criminal business.

Chances are that if you use eBay to purchase a wide range of products at reduced prices you have unwittingly purchased stolen goods. No good way for eBay to stop the practice.

John Anderer:

The report, conducted by scientists at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, reports more than one in six Californians (18%) experienced either physical or sexual violence in just the past year. Meanwhile, one in every 25 Californians experienced intimate partner violence. …

Physical violence nearly doubl[ed] among men between 2020-2022.

Violence often happens behind closed doors, and most victims never formally report their experiences. It’s why study authors admit relying on criminal justice data or health records to analyze violence almost always fails to account for the “full picture.” In pursuit of stronger data, CalVEX surveyed a representative sample of adults across California, and then uses those responses to estimate population rates. The dataset used in this latest report was collected in March 2022 from 2,285 adults. …

Men are more likely than women to have dealt with physical violence, while women are more likely than men to have experienced various forms of sexual violence. … Men were deemed more than two times as likely as women to report committing an act of sexual violence and intimate partner violence. …

Over four in five women (82%) report experiencing anxiety or depression due to physically aggressive, coercive, or forced sexual behavior. Women who have experienced physical violence are also twice as likely as men to miss work, miss school, or change/quit a job.

Joshua Young:

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition @sfbike acknowledges that ‘Black and Brown people’ (sic) are way overrepresented as bike thieves, but says not to report them, because filing theft reports leads to them being ‘impacted’ by police. …

After two years of growth and learning the mostly white organization has seemingly concluded it’s best to let black and brown San Franciscan’s steal bikes.

Where California leads, the US then the western world follows. But can we just skip this one, please?

Huge Chinese academic cheating scandal exposed in Australia

Huge Chinese academic cheating scandal exposed in Australia. By Rhiannon Down.

A ghostwriter who has ­completed thousands of assignments for cashed-up students across Australia’s major univer­sities has blown the whistle on the Chinese company at the ­centre of a vast academic cheating scheme.

The Kenyan, who has asked to remain anonymous out of fear of reprisals, has revealed how he worked as a ghostwriter for Chinese company Assignment Joy, which for as little as $US100 ($149) per 1,000 words will ­arrange for struggling international students to have their ­assignments fraudulently written for them.


Over more than half a decade, the “academic writer” has penned assignments for bachelor degree and masters students in fields including nursing, health science, education, psychology and business administration for almost every major Australian university.

Dozens of orders and completed university assignments for Australian universities including the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, the University of South Australia, Macquarie University and Torrens University as well as several TAFEs, have been obtained by The Australian.

The ghostwriter said he knew about 50 other writers in the field personally, including several who he subcontracted to do assignments for him.

The multimillion-dollar shadow industry employs thousands of people across Kenya and South Africa because of their proficiency in English and low labour costs.

“It’s all kinds of students but the major market is Chinese foreign students; they’re 60 per cent of the entire market,” he said.

“There are also a lot of foreign students from Malaysia, those countries that don’t have good English.” …

In some cases students opt to hand over their login details to their university portal and allow the ghostwriter to handle the ­demands of their entire course on their behalf. …

“If you’ve seen all the things I’ve seen your mind would be blown,” the ghostwriter said.

“You would come to the conclusion that I have come to realise that the education system is just a sham.

“I have some students who I have worked for since their first year and I’ve done all the assignments until they graduate, just pass and get all the grades.

“The thing that makes me worried is the medical students who have never done even one assignment since their first day.”

Some of the credentialing role of universities could be replaced by a 1-hour IQ test. Save everybody time, but fewer nice jobs for bureaucrats.

As for actually learning something, that still requires hard work and honesty.

Putin is the one escalating the war in Ukraine

Putin is the one escalating the war in Ukraine. By Tim Black.

So we have arrived at a hugely significant moment in the war. In the space of 24 hours, Moscow has decided to unilaterally annex the Donbas region via pseudo referenda; threatened to attack those repelling an invading force with nuclear weapons; and promised to mobilise vast swathes of the Russian populace in an effort to conquer a sovereign nation. In a war that was already near enough existential for both Ukraine and the Kremlin, Putin has raised the stakes even higher.

Not that Putin and his allies are willing to take responsibility for escalating a bloody, devastating war that they themselves launched. Instead, they continue to blame the West. They continue to frame their own act of aggression as a mere defensive response to Western provocation. …

There’s no escaping one simple, indisputable fact: on 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Not NATO. Not the US. Not the UK. Russia. It started this war and now it is escalating it. …

One can understand why Putin is keen to paint the war in Ukraine as a war against NATO. Claiming that Russian forces are fighting ‘the entire military machine of the collective West’, as he did today, excuses the Russian army’s all-too-obvious failings. It also provides an increasingly pointless war with something of an anti-Western purpose, no matter how specious.

He may be culturally conservative, but…

But what is less understandable is why so many ‘anti-war’ pundits and politicos in the West are willing to go along with this fiction. That this is the West’s fault. That the West is escalating the conflict by giving Ukrainians the means to fight back. Is their anti-Westernism really that kneejerk? Their anti-imperialism really so shallow?

It may have been possible to argue that the West bore a large amount of responsibility for the simmering conflict over and in Ukraine before the invasion. But to continue blaming the West for the war and its escalation, after Russia’s entirely voluntary act of military aggression, is absurd. …

This simple-minded worldview leads to truly wretched conclusions — chief among them being the idea that Ukraine’s resistance is itself escalationary, a product of the West’s desire to prolong the conflict, to fight to the very last Ukrainian. According to this logic, the best solution is for Ukraine to give in, to acquiesce to Russia’s will.

This is upside down. Yes, the Ukrainian military is using NATO-supplied weapons, but those HIMARS aren’t driving Ukraine’s war effort. No, it is being driven by the Ukrainian people themselves. …

If this war is ever to come to an end, it is important to recognise the forces at play, rather than just blaming everything on the West.

Above all, it is vital to recognise that Russia started this war, and that Russia is now escalating it. Because that also means that Russia can de-escalate this war, too — by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine. As it should.

Putin made a bad mistake, in part because he was misinformed:

  • By his generals, about how good his army was.
  • By his spooks, that they had indeed bribed all the right people in Ukraine. (In fact the spooks took the bribe money for themselves. To prevent the war, to prevent Putin finding they’d pocketed the money, they told the west Russia’s invasion plans — which is how the US was able to announce the upcoming invasion so accurately.)

Doubling down on his initial error, when no longer misinformed, is unforgivable.

Putin Chooses Mobilization, Sham Referendum, Continuing Humiliation

Putin Chooses Mobilization, Sham Referendum, Continuing Humiliation. By Lawrence Person.

Faced with the continued erosion of Russia’s military position in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has chosen to double-down on failure. …

Before this announcement it was apparent that Russia basically had no reserves, so a mobilization isn’t a surprise. …

Peter Zeihan (via Lawrence Person):

The Russians are now discovering that they’re actually outnumbered locally, and that with all the captured equipment, the Ukrainians actually now have more artillery and more ammo.

This is the sort of war the Russians know how to fight: Just throw bodies after it. …

Russia is already crashing demographically, and the main cohort of this war is coming from the men who should be fathering children.

This is potentially a country killer. Before I thought that this was Russia’s last war. Now I’m certain of it.

Stephen Green:

A 2019 RAND study noted that … Russia has an effective reserve of only 4,000-5,000 men.

The country’s former army reserve units had been disbanded from 2008-2010 as part of the military’s modernization program, with their equipment — all of it older — going into storage or scrapped.

That doesn’t mean that Russia can’t conscript, train, organize, and arm 300,000 new soldiers, but it won’t be quick or easy.

One problem, as Foreign Affairs analyst Oliver Alexander put it, is “effectively readying and equipping these reservists. Russia already has problems equipping its professional armed forces.”

Then there’s the speed problem. Dara Massicot wrote back in August — weeks before Kyiv’s stunning counteroffensive in Kharkiv — that “Even if the Kremlin pulls all levers available, declaring a general mobilization to call up sufficient armored equipment and trained personnel, that process would still take time.”

That’s because with something like 80% of Russia’s combat power already fighting in Ukraine, plus wartime losses to their NCO and officer corps, the Russian army will need to train more trainers before anything like 300,000 men can be mobilized.

Just last month, Putin ordered an increase in the size of the Russian military of 137,000 troops. But as I reported to you then, Putin’s order only meant that “Starting next year, the Russian military will be authorized to find another 137,000 troops.” The country has long had a problem with draft dodgers, one that Putin’s “special military operation” won’t help.

Notice that it took Ukraine about six months between full mobilization (early March) and those troops showing up in numbers on the battlefield (September).


‘The Woman King’ Lies About Africa’s Slave Trade

‘The Woman King’ Lies About Africa’s Slave Trade. By Mike Cote.

The left needs these lies:

“The Woman King,” a new “historical action epic” starring Viola Davis, has been treated to laudatory reviews by the corporate press. It has been called “indelible and truly inspiring” in an ABC News review which features the subhead “Black women only — no white saviors need apply.” The Daily Beast labeled it “an absolute blast of a cinematic experience,” praising its “thick layers of history.”

Set in 1823 in the West African kingdom of Dahomey (modern Benin), the movie pits the innocent Dahomans, protected by the elite all-female Agojie army, against the evil Oyo Empire, which operates as a brutal arm of the European slave trade and wishes to force Dahomey into providing slaves. Dahomey is portrayed as a kingdom that only wishes for peace and autonomy, whose king, Ghezo (John Boyega), is looking for alternatives to the awful trade in which his tribe has been reluctantly forced to participate. Besides manfully defending the citizens and king of Dahomey, the Agojie, under their leader Nanisca (Davis), are also proponents of ending the slave trade and replacing it with the cultivation of palm oil. …

In the words of the Los Angeles Times, “The Woman King” is an “incredible true story” about “this amazing group of female soldiers who caused such an act of resistance that slavery paused for a time.”

The Reality:

The problem? Almost none of [the above] is true.

Not only does the movie massage the events of the past to fit a progressive narrative, it outright reverses the polarity of history entirely and makes heroic a kingdom that was, in reality, one of the biggest drivers of the slave trade. It only takes a brief look at the primary sources to completely debunk the entire plot of “The Woman King.” …

In reality, Ghezo was put in power by a coup supported heavily by Brazilian slave traders, one which transformed Dahomey into “the dreaded oppressor of neighboring nations.” The king who Ghezo deposed was, in actuality, the one who briefly attempted a switch to agriculture …

According to Frederick E. Forbes, a commander in the British Royal Navy who wrote of his visits to Ghezo’s Dahomey, the kingdom became extremely militaristic after the coup and actively attacked its neighbors …

Ghezo was called “a monarch whose whole existence depends on the slave trade, whose every exertion is to supply a larger number to the market of the preceding year.” One victim of this slave-raiding aggression was a nearby independent community of Igbo tribes, which was put under unprovoked Dahoman assault. The Bradford Observer of March 24, 1859 — noting the death of Ghezo, whom they label “a scourge of the human race” — has the details: “He attacked them, burnt their towns, carried off the choicest people, and when his own violence was unsuccessful, his intrigues introduced civil war, which completed their ruin.” …

These regular wars were undertaken purely for the capture of slaves and the expansion of Dahomey as a kingdom …

What of the film’s supposed focus on female empowerment? Well, the Agojie warriors — known to Europeans as Amazons — did exist and were a fearsome fighting force. … The Agojie were primarily slave raiders who carried out wars of conquest on Dahomey’s neighbors. Forbes describes them as “exceeding their male coadjutors in cruelty and all the stronger passions” and quotes them as chanting, “[we] will conquer or die!” The supposedly-progressive King Ghezo himself had “thousands of wives,” including many forcibly captured by the Agojie for his sexual enjoyment. To top this, human sacrifice was common …

Why do they do it?

This attitude of denial in the face of historical truth echoes the response by proponents of the 1619 Project, who flat-out refuse to accept the criticisms of that work’s factual basis. This proves that between progressives in academia, woke journalists in the corporate media, and Hollywood liberals, the left has a firm grasp on the levers of historical truth, with which they intend to promote their political ideology. …

Conservatives and historians could ask for no better example of this absurdity than a film that presents a genocidal, slave-raiding kingdom as beneficent defenders of freedom.

Africa was mostly colonized by the British while Britain was eliminating slavery around the world — just look at the dates. The reason is simple: most African tribes were addicted to slavery. The only way the British could stop them capturing, using, and selling slaves was to conquer them, then to rule the country.

How many cultures eliminated slavery, worldwide? Only one, and it’s the one the left hates.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

The domestic violence gravy train

The domestic violence gravy train. By Bettina Arndt.

Twice during her brief visit, her daughter-in-law called the police alleging domestic violence over trivial arguments with her husband. On one occasion she decided she wanted beef for dinner and demanded her husband provide it. Vimala explains: ‘Her fridge was stacked with chicken, fish, and lamb but she decided she needed the beef straight away, and threatened to call the police if my son didn’t give in.’

The young woman had a standard response anytime her husband asked her to do something which displeased her: ‘I know all the services and who to call if you tell me to do something I don’t like.’ …

The Australian bureaucracy is more pro-female than you thought:

Most people have no idea of the extent that domestic violence benefits have mushroomed over the last few decades. The industry has set up an immense system of special services costing our community billions of dollars which no one dares question.

That’s because, like all such schemes, this huge juggernaut is based on a kernel of truth, a very genuine need that everyone would support. Who’d quarrel with providing proper support for a frightened woman escaping a dangerous man?

Our federal government spent 3 billion over the past decade on the safety plan to protect ‘women and their children’, with untold billions added from all the fundraising by community groups, private companies, and organisations across the country. People rightly dig deep for this important cause.

But the fortunate truth is only tiny numbers of women in this country are actually in peril. Official statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey show that just over 1 per cent of women have been physically assaulted by their partners in the past year. Yet this critical fact is inevitably swamped by statistics which include emotional, psychological, financial abuse, and threats of violence for women over their lifetimes, to give a truly frightening impression of widespread risk for women.

The vast majority of these women are not in a dangerous situation. The public doesn’t realise they are forking out mainly to help women who are very rarely under threat. They may have unpleasant partners who are reluctant to pay their credit card bills, but there’s just no logic for the billions being spent to ‘keep them safe’.

Yet we have created this moral hazard, inviting all these women to think of themselves as victims and hence eligible for the services now on offer. The result is on display in the inflated figures from police reports, blown out by numerous domestic violence allegations which serve to gain strategic advantage in family law battles. Many women are encouraged to make such allegations by lawyers or friends telling them they are genuine victims and deserve special treatment in the family court system.

No evidence of physical violence is required to make such an allegation. Any experience of emotional abuse or an alleged fear of violence is enough to set the ball rolling, with the ‘victim’ eligible for the truckload of financial payouts, cheap services, and support. …

Government benefits on order:

Take a look at these government special benefits which are usually available only to female victims. These payouts simply require asking someone to support the victim’s story – like a local DV centre, doctor, or police report – systems set up to automatically believe the woman and treat men as potential perpetrators. …

  • There’s the $5k Escaping Violence Payment funded by the federal government
  • This can be topped up by victims of crime payments – like the $5k offered in NSW plus up to $30k to cover losses.
  • The Commonwealth chips in with a 4-week Crisis Payment for those claiming severe financial crisis due to DV – calculated using complex pension-related formula.
  • There’s crisis accommodation across the country, even putting victims into motels.
  • Victims are given help with rent, and priority for social housing.
    Staying Home Leaving Violence programs turf hubby out so women can stay at home, helpfully changing locks to keep the villain well away.
  • Meanwhile, male victims have nowhere to go — there’s not a single government-funded centre offering refuge to men. Boys 14 and older are not welcome in women’s refuges which take in their mums and siblings. Yet, while vulnerable males are ignored, women can have pets taken care of by the RSPCA. …

That whole list of perks palls into insignificance compared to the advantages of domestic violence victim status in family law battles. An unproven allegation of domestic violence sets women up on a path that allows for smooth sailing throughout family law proceedings, creating enormous, costly obstacles for their partners which often end up destroying the father’s relationships with his children and robbing him of much of his life’s earnings.

Yet over a quarter of domestic violence is by females against males, and the relationships with the highest incidence of domestic violence are lesbian.

Middle Class Destruction: The emergence of a cognitive elite that has converged with the financial elite

Middle Class Destruction: The emergence of a cognitive elite that has converged with the financial elite. By Edward Ring.

Nearly 30 years ago, Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray published “The Bell Curve,” which became notorious for its chapter that highlighted differences in IQ test results by race. But that controversy overshadowed the primary focus of the book, which was that the human race is dividing into a cognitive elite and everyone else.

In the book, the authors argue that for the first time in history, humans are far more likely to marry their intellectual equals. “As the century progressed,” they write, “the historical mix of intellectual abilities at all levels of American society thinned as intelligence rose to the top. The upper end of the cognitive ability distribution has been increasingly channeled into higher education, especially the top colleges and professional schools, thence into high-IQ occupations and senior managerial positions. The scattered brightest of the early twentieth century have congregated, forming a new class.”

Herrnstein and Murray went on to predict an alliance between the cognitive elite and the affluent, writing, “For most of the century, intellectuals and the affluent have been antagonists,” but that now, “the very bright have become much more uniformly affluent than they used to be while, at the same time, the universe of affluent people has become more densely populated by the very bright. Not surprisingly, the interests of affluence and the cognitive elite have begun to blend.”

Although parts of The Bell Curve have been hotly debated, these two predictions — the formation of a cognitive elite, and the alliance of the cognitive elite with the affluent — resonate strongly today. They explain one of the root causes of globalism. Herrnstein and Murray even predict the rise of “the custodial state,” which they define as “a high-tech and more lavish version of the Indian reservation for some substantial minority of the nation’s population, while the rest of America goes about its business.” …

Appealing to those elites who retain a shred of common sense and common decency is not impossible. Protecting the planet and promoting fairness does not require rationing and racism. Elaborating on those basic facts may yet convince a critical mass of elites to change the course we’re on. …

Meanwhile, to try to fully understand the reason America’s elites are distancing themselves from everyone else, and engineering the destruction of the middle class, another curve has explanatory value: the curve of population growth in the world. …



Herrnstein and Murray … didn’t anticipate the rise of the green movement as a moral pretext for the destruction of the middle class. The elitist argument for destroying the middle class is simple.

If everyone on earth used as much energy as Americans use, global energy production would have to more than quadruple. That fact roughly applies to all natural resources. We might argue — and we should argue — that innovation can deliver a middle-class lifestyle to 8 billion people without catastrophically depleting critical natural resources or causing unacceptable harm to the earth’s biosphere, but apparently that’s not a choice the elites want to make. And they don’t have to. …

The consensus among today’s elites is that broadly distributed intelligence in a population is no longer necessary. The logic for this is sound, even though it dismisses the aspirations of billions of people. People in jobs of moderate responsibility, or less, won’t need to know as much or think as much as they once did. Even doctors and airline pilots will rely increasingly on algorithms to make their diagnoses and fly their planes. If the plane crashes, as we saw a few years ago with two grisly 737 incidents, that is an inevitable byproduct of working out the bugs in the software. …

What is coming is a ruthless meritocracy that will admit only those individuals with the skills to do work that can’t be replaced by algorithms and robots. There won’t be many openings. In most professions and trades, to the extent human involvement is still necessary, competence will be secondary to affirmative action because automated procedures and artificial intelligence prompts will tell workers what to do.

By blending and flattening the population of the world’s cognitively normal, the cognitive elite will be able to pacify and manage them, distance themselves, and have exclusive access to whatever property and privileges they consider not sustainable or desirable for everyone to enjoy.

For example, even if it becomes possible to deliver a middle-class lifestyle to the entire global population of aging billions, the elites may ask, “Is it desirable?”

And if it becomes possible to deliver life extension therapies inexpensively with nothing more than a gene modifying injection, the elites may also ask, “Is it desirable?”

Why should elites care about any of this if an underclass of machines that do not require these things can do all the work for far less bother than an underclass of humans? …

The controversy over one chapter in Herrnstein and Murray’s book should not diminish the fact that, way back in 1994, their work anticipated two of the most decisive trends in the world today: The emergence of a cognitive elite, and, for the first time in history, the almost total convergence of intellectuals with the financial elite. The consequence, an apparent consensus among the two groups to destroy the middle class to protect their own interests while claiming they’re saving the planet and promoting “equity,” should surprise nobody.

If you’re reading this blog you’re in the cognitive elite (you’d have to be, to have an appetite for this many words and ideas), but presumably disagree with the way the converged elites above are running the world.

Republicans and conservatives increasingly unwilling to talk to pollsters out of fear

Republicans and conservatives increasingly unwilling to talk to pollsters out of fear. By Robert Zimerman.

Blacklists are back and the Democrats have got ’em: According to pollsters, the vicious almost slanderous attacks by President Biden against Republicans and conservatives — following decades of similar harsh language from Democrats nationwide — is causing these voters to increasingly refuse to talk to pollsters about their opinions.

In a Twitter thread, Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert C. Cahaly said that President Joe Biden’s recent attacks on so-called “MAGA Republicans” will make polling supporters of former President Donald Trump even harder to poll than in previous years. …

“I call this new group ‘submerged voters,’” Cahaly went on. “They aren’t putting stickers on their cars, signs in their yards, posting their opinions, or even answering polls. At this point I think it’s fair to say that Biden’s pursuit of and attacks on ‘MAGA Republicans’ has created an army of voters who will be virtually impossible to poll (even for us) and more difficult still to estimate.”

Cahaly’s conclusions were endorsed by numerous other pollsters. Essentially, what these surveyors are finding is that conservatives have become fearful of the Stalinist blacklisting culture that the Democrats have been espousing, and was epitomized by Biden’s anti-Maga speech on September 1, 2022.

Not only did Biden paint all his opponents as evil and fascists, he did it in front of a background that instantly invoked the many Hitler rallies in 1930s Germany.  …

The result has been the terrified silencing of many ordinary conservatives. Rather than risk actual blacklisting to themselves or their families, Republicans are simply going quiet. They have blacklisted themselves, and are now desperately hoping that by voting strongly against this intolerant and oppressive Democratic Party in their secret ballot on election day in November, they will finally see this ugly blacklisting stopped.

The pollsters note that this silencing has essentially made it impossible to get reliable poll numbers prior to the election, especially in regions where are Democrats are presently in control. As one pollster noted in the article at the link, ““It raises the possibility that the apparent Democratic strength in Wisconsin and elsewhere is a mirage.” …

Makes it easier to rig another election, if the polls say the Dems are going to win:

If the Democrats still have the ability to shift the vote illegally — which in many states it appears they still do — then it won’t matter how many hidden Republican voters there are. The Democrats will shift the vote totals to guarantee a win, and will then follow up with even more vicious blacklisting, censorship, and oppression. Anyone who is so willing to cheat to win will have no reluctance to cement that fake victory with persecution.

In fact, Biden’s speech and the Democrats’ general behavior since 2020 strongly suggests they did cheat in that election. They certainly have not acted like they themselves believe they have the will of the people behind them. Instead, they have eagerly embraced tyranny, censorship, and persecution of their opponents.

Little attempt to investigate or explain apparent voting irregularities, only persecution and name calling of anyone who questions the 2020 election. Hmmm … acting guilty.


The fear instilled into the public through the pandemic has bled over into politics. Not only have the progressive liberals put fear into their own people to ensure that they don’t disagree with them under pain of shunning, they now have put fear into the opposition party, who fear the consequences that the marines [behind Biden in his speech] may bring. …

Instead of the post-racial America that the U.S. press promised with the Obama election, we got a post-Constitutional America.

Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the formerly free, home of the terrorized.

Majority of Democrats Believe There Are ‘Tens of Millions of Dangerous MAGA Republicans’

Majority of Democrats Believe There Are ‘Tens of Millions of Dangerous MAGA Republicans’. By Hannah Bleau.

Most Democrats believe that there are “tens of millions” of “dangerous MAGA Republicans,” a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll released in September found.

And some believed him…

The survey followed President Biden’s angry speech in which he demonized millions of Americans, deeming “MAGA Republicans” a great threat to the very “foundations of our republic.” The poll asked voters, “Do you think there are tens of millions of dangerous MAGA Republicans backing violence and trying to overthrow the constitution or is that a gross exaggeration and distortion?”

While a majority across the board, 54 percent, said that characterization is a “gross exaggeration,” 46 percent believe that there are, in fact, “tens of millions of dangerous MAGA Republicans.” …

Nearly three-quarters of Democrats, 73 percent, tend to believe Biden’s divisive rhetoric, concluding that there are literally “tens of millions of dangerous MAGA Republicans” who are overtly “backing violence and trying to overthrow the constitution.” Forty-two percent of independents agree with the majority of Democrats, as do 20 percent of Republicans.

The survey was taken September 7-8, 2022, among 1,885 registered voters and follows Biden’s angry September 1 speech, in which he stated that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” …

The survey also found that most Americans overall, 59 percent, believe Biden is raising these issues about MAGA Republicans to “avoid talking about inflation, immigration, crime, and other issues.” However, the vast majority of Democrats, 70 percent, believe he is “fairly raising MAGA Republican issues.”

Our information system is well and truly corrupted.