How Often Can You Be Infected With the Coronavirus?

How Often Can You Be Infected With the Coronavirus? By Apoorva Mandavilli at the NYT.

A virus that shows no signs of disappearing, variants that are adept at dodging the body’s defenses, and waves of infections two, maybe three times a year — this may be the future of Covid-19, some scientists now fear.

The central problem is that the coronavirus has become more adept at reinfecting people. Already, those infected with the first Omicron variant are reporting second infections with the newer versions of the variant — BA.2 or BA2.12.1 in the United States, or BA.4 and BA.5 in South Africa.

Those people may go on to have third or fourth infections, even within this year, researchers said in interviews. And some small fraction may have symptoms that persist for months or years, a condition known as long Covid. …

This is not how it was supposed to be. Earlier in the pandemic, experts thought that immunity from vaccination or previous infection would forestall most reinfections.

The Omicron variant dashed those hopes. Unlike previous variants, Omicron and its many descendants seem to have evolved to partially dodge immunity. That leaves everyone — even those who have been vaccinated multiple times — vulnerable to multiple infections. …

The Omicron variant was different enough from Delta, and Delta from earlier versions of the virus, that some reinfections were to be expected. But now, Omicron seems to be evolving new forms that penetrate immune defenses with relatively few changes to its genetic code. …

An infection with Omicron produces a weaker immune response, which seems to wane quickly, compared with infections with previous variants. Although the newer versions of the variant are closely related, they vary enough from an immune perspective that infection with one doesn’t leave much protection against the others — and certainly not after three or four months.

Still, the good news is that most people who are reinfected with new versions of Omicron will not become seriously ill. At least at the moment, the virus has not hit upon a way to fully sidestep the immune system. …

Each infection may bring with it the possibility of long Covid, the constellation of symptoms that can persist for months or years. It’s too early to know how often an Omicron infection leads to long Covid, especially in vaccinated people.

To keep up with the evolving virus, other experts said, the Covid vaccines should be updated more quickly, even more quickly than flu vaccines are each year.

Solution: ivermectin, vitamin D, and get slimmer. But, this being the NYT, none of those were mentioned — just more, new “improved!” vaccines.

Assassinating Elon Musk?

Assassinating Elon Musk? By Brandon Weichert.

“If I die under suspicious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya,” read Elon Musk’s cryptic tweet from earlier last week.

Musk, the world’s wealthiest man — a real-life Tony Stark who builds revolutionary electric cars and game-changing reusable rockets for fun — is known for his bizarre tweets that generate much publicity. This time, sadly, it was not a joke. Musk was merely responding to a recent threat made against him by the gonzo Dmitry Rogozin, the man charged with running Russia’s space program, Roscosmos.

Rogozin’s comments did not occur in a vacuum, and they were not mere nationalistic posturing. The threat was made because, at the start of the Russo-Ukraine War, Musk had given Ukraine 40 Starlink terminals which effectively prevented the Russians from cutting Ukraine off from the global telecommunications network, providing Ukraine with desperately needed strategic advantages over their Russian foes.

Starlink is a system of small, easily replaceable satellites designed to give internet connectivity to parts of the world that otherwise would lack access to the global telecommunications network. Yet, it has real strategic value as well. After all, these small satellites are cheaper than their conventional satellite counterparts and can provide a country under attack the telecommunications capabilities needed to survive and thrive in such a degraded environment. …

China, for that matter, has already stated that they are threatened by Starlink’s obvious military implications. Yet what has Elon Musk and his stalwart space start-up gotten in return for all their troubles?

The right enemies — Russia, China, and the Woke:

China is making veiled threats against Musk’s properties along with Rogozin’s threats of physical violence against Musk. Musk’s own government, which should be learning from and grateful for Musk’s contributions, has used its awesome regulatory power to punish Musk’s companies and has engaged in character assassination against him because of Musk’s personal political views.

Last year, I reported that the incoming Biden Administration was plotting to abuse the Federal Aviation Authority’s (FAA) regulatory powers to stunt the launches of SpaceX’s massive Starship rocket. This is the system designed to get humans to Mars in the next 10 years. It is a massive spaceship made larger by the fact that it will be blasted into orbit atop a massive heavy-lift rocket. An impressive feature of this rocket is that it will be entirely reusable, like SpaceX’s other rockets which have been making headlines for the last decade.

In 2020, however, Musk had told the press that any SpaceX-built Martian colony would not be governed by Earth — specifically, American — laws. Understandably, many in the United States government, especially the Biden Administration, grew concerned about this statement because SpaceX is funded largely by the U.S. taxpayer. Any mission to Mars, or so the federal government believes, should at the very least wave the American flag once it gets to the Red Planet.

Although Musk’s comments were made in the Fall of 2020, when one of his loudest supporters, Donald J. Trump, was still president, in the first few weeks of Joe Biden’s presidency, the FAA began cracking down on Musk’s launches. As that occurred, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched a massive crackdown on Musk’s other legendary company, Tesla. According to the NHTSA, Tesla was mandated to recall over 135,000 vehicles that may have had malfunctioning touchscreens. While these touchscreens are part of the Tesla safety packages, one can’t help but notice the fortuitous timing of the matter from the point of view of the current administration.

The Biden Administration is opposed to Musk’s freewheeling style and is making a statement in opposition to another freewheeling legend, Donald Trump, who was largely supportive of the innovative and daring Elon Musk. Whereas many other corporations and business leaders have shown no compunction about jumping onboard the Democratic Party’s wholly undemocratic woke agenda, Musk is but one of only a handful of notable holdouts who refuses to toe the line. He is therefore, from the point of view of the Biden Administration, a thought criminal. And as such, he will be crushed beneath the jackboots of the federal government until he kowtows to the wokerati. …

A death sentence?

In fact, a wholesale cancellation of Elon Musk is already underway, as evidenced by the spate of negative press that has been pouring out of the “mainstream” media ever since the gonzo billionaire declared his intention to purchase Twitter for a staggering $44 billion.

Seemingly overnight, Musk went from being an obnoxious thought criminal to an enemy of the deep state. …

Elon Musk is the last of the Great American Tycoons and he has all the right enemies to prove it.

The Arc of History: The West is in the Midst of a Revolution by Ideologues

The Arc of History: The West is in the Midst of a Revolution by Ideologues. By the Z-Man.

One of the more difficult things for most people to accept is that the ruling classes of the West, particularly in the United States, are best understood as a revolutionary class, with the same utopian fantasies as past radicals.

They imagine themselves as the vanguard of a revolutionary cast, ushering in the final phase of history. Instead of “Workers of the world unite!” it is “Build back better!”

It is the all-consuming partisanship of the managerial elite that is at the heart of the crisis in the West. Partisanship leaves no room for criticism or the admission of error, as that could lead to doubts about the cause. Instead, the partisan always asks how the current setback or obstacle can be fashioned into a weapon against the enemy or a tool to promote the interests of their side in the fight.

The current baby formula shortage in the United States is a good example. … In fairness, this is not the fault of the Biden administration. These are people who have never done an honest day’s work in their life. They would not know a supply chain from a gold chain. As far as they know, products just magically appear when they need them, like on the old television sci-fi shows. They have servants who make sure the Sub-Zero refrigerator is stocked with premium ice cream for the late-night binge. Instead of simply admitting that they have no idea why the shelves are empty, their innate partisanship has led them to attack nursing mothers. According to the White House, the problem is nursing mothers hoarding formula. This is one step from blaming the problem on running dog enemies of the revolution. From the perspective of our revolutionary elites, this crisis is just another opportunity to attack their enemies. …

This summer, you can be sure that the pattern will hold. The call has already gone out to unleash the goons on normal people again. They are replacing their Ukraine badges on their social media profiles with pink ribbons. Anyone who thinks it is a good idea for a democracy to democratically settle the abortion issue will be branded an enemy of democracy, maybe even be attacked by the goons.

Objectively, everything we have witnessed since the start of the revolution has ranged from madness to idiocy. Pretending that sexual deviants in sundresses are women is abject lunacy. Imposing economic sanctions on your suppliers when you already have shortages and inflation is idiotic. All of it, however, is driven by a hyper-partisan animus toward the perceived enemies of the revolution.

Ideologues are beyond reason. They can only be stopped by blunt force.

This is why reason has no impact on these people. Once the promised outcomes of ideology are internalized as achievable ends, extreme partisanship is the only way for the believer to engage with the world. Everyone who questions the means or motives is an enemy of the revolution. Every failure to reach the promised land is turned into a motivation to go harder with the program. The partisan is a berserker unleashed on the reasonable to turn reason into a liability.

One of the fascinating aspects of Bolshevism is that they just assumed that once they made the right arrangements, the socialist paradise would simply appear. This is what made their partisanship possible. They never thought about the practical problems of implementing their program. They only had to focus on clearing the road to paradise of the enemies and obstacles that lie before it.

We see the same thing with the liberal democratic revolutionaries. Their assumption is they just have to subvert the rules of society, smash up the things they do not like, and then paradise will spring from the rubble. Those who are complaining about the wrecking balls and riots are hooligans and wreckers. They are proof that they must press on with the revolution, regardless of the consequences. …

The difference with revolutionary Russia:

The main difference between today’s managerial revolutionary and the Bolsheviks is the latter inherited a backward society, while the former inherited an advanced one.

The improvements under Stalin looked like a miracle to the people of the time, because they started with so little and suffered so much in the war. The Soviet Union that emerged after the war looked like it was working in a relative sense.

The “improvements” of this age look like self-destruction. People are getting poorer, social capital is draining away, and government struggles to do the basics. Worse yet, the lunatics are loose, threatening to pull the roof down on all of us. At some point, the people will conclude that there is no reasoning with a fanatic and the only solution is to remove them by any means necessary.


There is the lesson of history, regarding the revolutionary partisan. Their single-mindedness carries them to power and allows them to battle reality long past what logic says should be possible. In the end, however, reality carries the day and the revolutionary partisan ends up in the dustbin of history. This is the fate of our managerial revolutionaries. The only question is when it happens.

Covid: So what went right in Australia and wrong in the United States?

Covid: So what went right in Australia and wrong in the United States? By Asanka Brendon Ratnayake in The New York Times, for a globalist view.

Latest covid deaths per million: US: 3,069, Australia: 302

If the United States had the same Covid death rate as Australia, about 900,000 lives would have been saved — instead of a million lost.

For the standard slide-show presentation, it looks obvious: Australia restricted travel and personal interaction until vaccinations were widely available, then maximized vaccine uptake, prioritizing people who were most vulnerable before gradually opening up the country again. …

But Australia’s Covid playbook produced results because of something more easily felt than analyzed at a news conference. Dozens of interviews, along with survey data and scientific studies from around the world, point to a lifesaving trait that Australians displayed from the top of government to the hospital floor, and that Americans have shown they lack: trust, in science and institutions, but especially in one another. …

In global surveys, Australians were more likely than Americans to agree that “most people can be trusted” — a major factor, researchers found, in getting people to change their behavior for the common good to combat Covid, by reducing their movements, wearing masks and getting vaccinated. …

The initial reaction was crucial, but still the NYT skirts the issue — why didn’t the US close its border? Trump wanted to, but that would be anathema to the deep state and Dems (because it would turn off the flow of new voters).

Australia’s good performance was entirely due to closing the borders, as evidenced by the similar performance of other countries that also closed their borders (Taiwan, NZ, Vietnam, some Pacific nations).

The first positive case appeared in Australia on Jan. 25. Five days later, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first human transmission of the virus in the United States …

The same day, Mr. Hunt struck a more practical tone. “Border, isolation, surveillance and case tracing mechanisms are already in place in Australia,” he said.

Less than 24 hours later, on Feb. 1, Australia closed its border with China, its largest trading partner. On Feb. 3, 241 Australians were evacuated from China and placed in government quarantine for 14 days. While Americans were still gathering in large groups as if nothing was wrong, Australia’s Covid containment system was up and running. …

A full border closure followed. Hotels were contracted to quarantine the trickle of international arrivals allowed in. Systems for free testing and contact tracing were rolled out, along with a federal program that paid Covid-affected employees so they would stay home.

For a business-friendly, conservative government, agreeing to the Covid-containment measures required letting go of what psychologists describe as “sticky priors” — longstanding beliefs tied to identity that often hold people back from rational decision-making. …

The Morrison government, the opposition Labor Party and state leaders from both parties lined up behind a “one voice” approach, with medical officers out front. …

The NYT prefers to talk about how Australia’s success was due to being a trusting society. Not that the NYT mentions it, but that’s because Australia is still more cohesive than the US, less damaged by low-trust immigration and by woke activism:

When Australians are asked why they accepted the country’s many lockdowns, its once-closed international and state borders, its quarantine rules and then its vaccine mandates for certain professions or restaurants and large events, they tend to voice a version of the same response: It’s not just about me.

The idea that one’s actions affect others is not unique to Australia, and at times, the rules on Covid stirred up outrage.

“It was a somewhat authoritarian approach,” said Dr. Greg Dore, an infectious diseases expert at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. “There were lots of mandates, lots of fines for breaching restrictions, pretty heavy-handed controlling, including measures that were pretty useless, like the policing of outdoor masking.” …

Studies show that income inequality is closely correlated with low levels of interpersonal trust. And in Australia, the gap between rich and poor, while widening, is less severe than in the United States.

During the toughest of Covid times, Australians showed that the national trait of “mateship” — defined as the bond between equal partners or close friends — was still alive and well. They saw Covid spiral out of control in the United States and Britain, and chose a different path.

Compliance rates with social distancing guidelines, along with Covid testing, contact tracing and isolation, held steady at around 90 percent during the worst early outbreaks, according to modeling from the University of Sydney. In the United States, reductions in mobility — a key measure of social distancing — were less stark, shorter and more inconsistent, based in part on location, political identity or wealth.

In Australia, rule-following was the social norm. It was Mick Fanning, a surfing superstar, who did not question the need to stay with his American wife and infant in a small hotel room for 14 days of quarantine after a trip to California. …

It was also all the Australians who lined up to get tested, who wore masks without question, who turned their phones into virus trackers with check-in apps, who set up food services for the old, infirm or poor in lockdowns, or who offered a place to stay to women who had been trapped in their homes with abusive husbands. …

Not a big deal now:

The arrival of the Omicron variant, which is more transmissible, has sent Australia’s case numbers soaring, but with most of the population inoculated, deaths are ticking up more slowly. Australia has a federal election on Saturday. Covid is far down the list of voter concerns.

“We learned that we can come together very quickly,” said Denise Heinjus, Royal Melbourne’s executive director for nursing, whose title in 2020 was Covid commander. “There’s a high level of trust among our people.”

The US right wing misreported what was going on in Australia terribly — see here and here, for instance. It’s been interesting to see how both sides of US politics projected their own issues onto Australia, and both got it quite wrong.

Interesting too how the article completely avoids the elephant in the debate: why didn’t the US close its borders? It could have if it wanted, but it wasn’t even discussed in the media.

Russian offensive in Ukraine ends, goes over to defence

Russian offensive in Ukraine ends, goes over to defence. By Jim Dunnigan.

Civilians are advised to flee any Russian offensive because the Russians are treating Ukrainian civilians worse than the World War II Nazis did.

The Russians are rounding up civilians, forcing some into labor units and sending the rest to internment camps in Russia, where they are hostages to encourage the men in labor units to not resist. They can always find a few locals willing to work for a new pro-Russian government. Russians will be encouraged to migrate to “liberated” Ukraine and occupy the homes and take over businesses left behind by Ukrainians who fled or were interned for refusing to collaborate.

Many Russians are appalled with these policies and the fact that the rest of the world sees Russians as 21st century Nazis. Ukrainians sum this up with some humor, describing the large white “Z” used to identify Russian vehicles as half of a swastika, as the other half was stolen by corrupt Russian officials.

Fortunately for the Ukrainians, Russian troop morale and performance has not been enthusiastic, in part because about a third of the invaders have been killed, wounded or captured in the first month of the war. This made surviving or newly recruited Russians troops even less eager to fight their better prepared and armed neighbors.

The fight is now over as Russia plans to annex portions of Ukraine they occupy and have their reluctant troops go on the defensive and force the Ukrainians to take heavy losses. That’s not how the Ukrainians operate and new tactics have been developed which defeat Russian defenders with far fewer losses among the Ukrainian attackers.

Russia could end it all by withdrawing from Ukrainian territory but that option is seen as the last one by Russian leaders. Some Russian military leaders and analysts insist withdrawal is the best option and should be used sooner rather than eventually. The unprecedented economic sanctions and potential long-term damage to the Russian economy make a withdrawal from Ukraine an attractive option.

This is not the case with the political leaders who ordered and backed the invasion and many officers who committed war crimes while in Ukraine. It’s a struggle between most Russians who want out of the war and the few who ordered it and face retribution if Russia does not achieve some kind of victory.

Russia hasn’t lost yet, but it will. It should cut its losses immediately and go into damage control.

Russia has gained nothing from this war, but earned the enmity and distrust of the west, badly damaged its economy, and slipped down the status ladder in everyone’s eyes. Putin is going to go out as a loser, or start WWIII. Too bad, because on cultural issues he was a major asset for western civilization.

Australian Election: The Great Realignment moving the Liberals to the “right”

Australian Election: The Great Realignment moving the Liberals to the “right”. By Chris Mitchell.

While many journalists believe the Liberal Party needs to move to the left after Saturday’s election to protect heartland inner-city seats that do not fall to “teal” independents, the opposite is more likely.

The teals may rout a couple of progressive Liberals, but the Coalition seems destined by demography to emulate Republicans in the US and Tories in the UK, embracing outer suburban and rural voters, as wealthy city conservatives vote on issues less related to material wellbeing. …

Following the pattern in the US and UK:

Western democracies were being polarised between “somewheres” and “anywheres”. “Somewheres” were traditional voters with values aligned to those of a particular place. “Anywheres” were the winners of globalisation whose values were shared globally and were more focused on environmental and identity issues. The “somewheres” supported Donald Trump in 2016 and Brexit in the UK. …

Queensland Nationals senator Matt Canavan probably got closer to the truth … “My view is there is no reason to be scared of what some have termed the boganisation of the Liberal/National parties because there’s a lot of bogans out there and they all get the same vote as high-wealth people.” …

Canavan was more worried about the jobs of ordinary Australians than he was about the jobs of progressive Liberal MPs such as Dave Sharma in Wentworth in Sydney’s east and Trent Zimmerman in North Sydney. He wanted them to hold their seats but knew they would be OK financially if they lost. …

The evidence from Morrison’s campaign suggests he thinks he can take “somewheres” from Labor even if he can’t defend “anywheres” in teal seats. The PM has been campaigning in Labor outer suburban seats in Sydney and Melbourne and in Labor’s Hunter Valley coal seats. …

This “somewheres” focus helps to explain his support for controversial Sydney candidate for the electorate of Warringah, Katherine Deves. Her views on trans women competing in women’s sport might be unpopular in the inner city seats where many journalists live but in the rest of mainstream Australia, Deves’ views are resonating. …

Labor reinventing itself as the party of the well-off bureaucrat:

Labor is being challenged by the Greens in formerly working class innercity suburbs. These are now expensive areas with few working-class homeowners. …

The Greens are to the ALP’s working class base what the teals are to Liberal voters in wealthy seats — a drag to the left from traditional party values. House prices in former working-class areas are instructive.

In inner Sydney Marrickville, where Anthony Albanese’s electoral office sits, the median house price today is $1.9m. This is a largely industrial suburb under the flight path close to Sydney Airport. In the former wharfie heartland of Sydney’s Balmain, the median price today is $2.65m. …

Union membership in the private sector has fallen below 10 per cent as Labor becomes the party of public sector workers. These people live in the same suburbs as the incorporated tradies and small business people the Coalition needs to target. …

Globalists vote left:

The Liberals may not remain the party of big business. They are alienated from the preoccupations of big business. Think climate change, diversity in and out of the workplace, gay marriage, defending trans rights and Aboriginal reconciliation. Big business panders to the social media left’s campaigns that are destroying good government across the world.

Remember the Republicans were once the party of big business and the Democrats the party of blue-collar workers. Now the Democrats represent big-tech billionaires and the Hollywood elite, while many supporters of Donald Trump are more like National Party and One Nation voters here.

Another election of woke versus Western Civilization.

The polls say that woke will win this one. The shy vote for the right was 2% at the last Australian federal election, but would have to increase to 8% to win this one.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Great Replacement Theory is fueled by woke progressives gloating about America becoming non-white

Great Replacement Theory is fueled by woke progressives gloating about America becoming non-white. By Liberty Unyielding.

The media claim that the Buffalo mass shooter was inspired partly by something called the “Great Replacement Theory.”

Great Replacement Theory is related to the idea that whites will lose power to non-whites in America, due to immigration of non-whites.

People are blaming Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for “Great Replacement Theory.” But the Buffalo mass shooter isn’t a fan of conservatives like Tucker Carlson. Indeed, he calls himself part of the “mild-moderate authoritarian left.” He was influenced by the New Zealand mass shooter, a white self-described “ecofascist” who admired communist China. The New Zealand mass shooter, according to USA Today, “explicitly rejects conservatism, capitalism, individualism and consumerism. …

The Great Replacement Theory comes from the left:

Echoing Great Replacement Theory, Beltway progressives gloat over what they see as old centrist and conservative whites dying off and being replaced by non-white progressives, due to what progressives call “explosive population growth of people of color.”

America’s progressive media — including liberal newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times — have celebrated this idea, claiming that America will cease to be mostly white by 2040 or 2050. Liberal journalists trumpet the idea that this will end what they see as “white privilege,” causing whites’ relative status to decline and progressive policies to be adopted. …

Above all, progressives are captivated by the idea that the Democratic Party is free to move leftward, and no longer needs to appeal to moderate or conservative voters to win elections, because a “demographic revolution” is creating a “new American majority” in favor of progressive policies, a majority consisting of ever-growing numbers of non-whites, and progressive young professionals.

The classic statement of this is the book Brown is the New White: How Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority.

It exults in the idea that old conservative and centrist white voters are dying off and being replaced by progressives, mostly by non-whites, due to “the explosive population growth of people of color.” The book was heralded by the Center for American Progress, a virtual extension of the Democratic Party described in Time Magazine as “Obama’s idea factory,” and headed by Biden’s senior advisor Neera Tanden. …

Ironically, the white replacement theory peddled by progressives was faulty, in that non-whites did not vote quite as heavily in support of Democrats as they predicted, so Democrats did not win the 2016 election, as Steve Phillips and progressives expected. Even non-white immigrants can find the Democratic Party’s increasing wokeness and left-wing policies very annoying. …

Progressives … have been peddling their own version of “Great Replacement Theory” for years. Progressive politicians and journalists only support unrestricted immigration for political gain, and supported curbing immigration in the past, even when it was economically and socially beneficial, when it did not politically benefit them. When immigrants are anti-communist [e.g. from Cuba], progressives like Joe Biden want to keep them out. California’s Democratic governor Jerry Brown wanted to close California’s airfields to refugees when Republican President Gerald Ford was using them to evacuate hundreds of thousands of anti-communist Vietnamese refugees from South Vietnam, knowing that these Vietnamese would vote Republican for a generation — as they in fact did.

Too many on the left actually believe their fantasies. Consequently they have little idea of how the world works, and so they are inadvertently wrecking our societies to gain short-term power.

Here’s What the Buffalo Shooter’s Alleged Manifesto Actually Says

Here’s What the Buffalo Shooter’s Alleged Manifesto Actually Says. By Matt Margolis.

On Saturday afternoon, an 18-year-old from Upstate New York traveled to Buffalo and live-streamed himself shooting several people, ten of whom he killed, at a Tops Friendly Market in a predominantly black neighborhood. …

With their usual swiftness, leftists on Twitter quickly launched a seemingly coordinated effort to blame Fox News and Tucker Carlson for allegedly radicalizing the suspect. …

PJ Media obtained a copy of the [180-page] manifesto, and while we cannot independently verify its authenticity, it is widely believed to be genuine …

First, despite the coordinated effort to blame Fox News, the manifesto attacks a number of news networks, including Fox, for hiring Jews. …

A search of the entire manifesto also yields no mentions of Tucker Carlson and specifically mentions “the internet” as where he got his beliefs. …

Others have tried to link the shooter in a more general way to right-wing politics. For example, the so-called conservative S.E. Cupp of CNN tried to blame “right-wing extremism” for the shooting. But here’s what the manifesto says about the shooter’s politics: …

When I was 12 I was deep into communist ideology, talk to anyone from my old highschool and ask about me and you will hear that. From age 15 to 18 however, I consistently moved farther to the right. On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist.

So, the shooter describes himself as “authoritarian left-wing,” but the left and S.E. Cupp are trying to blame “right-wing extremism.” Okay?

He also repeatedly attacks capitalists, and rejected the conservative label because, he wrote, “conservativism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.” …

Media bias, willingness to lie:

But let’s not pretend that, assuming the manifesto is legitimate, the rhetoric espoused in its pages means the shooter cannot be legitimately aligned with either major political party or political movement. While I would argue that the views expressed in the manifesto echo rhetoric of radical leftism, the manifesto is full of nonsense and garbage that is at times inconsistent. The people who were quick to exploit the situation to attack Fox News and conservatives were wrong and should be ashamed of themselves.

I’m wearing my shocked face.

The media treatment is like the New Zealand shooter, who also turned out to be mostly socialist and green. The media will mention this crime incessantly for years, but will always omit his left wing roots.

Meanwhile, the black guy who drove his car into a parade in Waukesha in November 2021, killing 6 and injuring 62 white people, also a clear case of race hatred, has already been forgotten by the media.

The Global Great Replacement: Fear of a Black Planet

The Global Great Replacement: Fear of a Black Planet. By Steve Sailer.

First, from an article by Adam Tooze in Foreign Policy:

If the economic recovery of China and India was the great shock of the first quarter of the 21st century, the next decades have another revolution in store for us: the astonishing demographic transformation of Africa.

… Africa’s total population today is some 1.4 billion — an increase of more than tenfold over the course of a mere century — and it is set to rise further in the coming decades. …

Population 1950-2010 Africa, ME, Europe

At midcentury, Africa will likely account for just shy of 25 percent of the global population, more than three times its share in 1914. …

We should expect t the population of Africa by 2100 to exceed 4.2 billion, at which point Africans will constitute as much as 40 percent of the world’s population. That would be far short of Asia’s 60 percent share today, but it would constitute a revolution, nevertheless. …

Given the sheer scale of these numbers, discussions of African demography tend to evoke heated reactions. On the one hand, there is doom-mongering and thinly veiled racial anxiety about the prospect of tidal waves of African migrants heading north to Europe.

Africa has special challenges:

In 2018, prior to the pandemic, Nigeria overtook India as the country in the world with the largest number of absolutely poor citizens. Remarkably, despite the country’s natural resources and its well-deserved reputation as a center of entrepreneurial talent, Nigeria’s GDP per capita has not risen substantially above the level it reached in the late 1970s.

Nigeria holds the dubious distinction of being one of the economies in the world with the highest dollar amount of GDP per kilowatt of electrical grid capacity. That is both a testimony to the improvisational genius of Nigerians and an indictment of the failure to build adequate infrastructure. A country that is a major producer of oil but has no adequate domestic refinery capacity and generates much of its electricity by burning imported diesel fuel is, to put it mildly, failing to make the best of its possibilities. …

Indeed, the only example of development to high-middle-income status in sub-Saharan Africa is South Africa, and given its colonial and apartheid roots, it is hardly an example that anyone would wish to emulate. Today, South Africa is afflicted by creaking infrastructure, civil unrest, and mass unemployment. …

Sailer comments:

Professor Tooze is is hinting that the the ongoing Great Replacement of the Earth’s shrinking white population by a booming black population would be a world-historic disaster. The same hints have been offered by hyper-insiders like Emmanuel Macron, Bill Gates, and John Kerry, but in the current ideological zeitgeist of Good Guys Black, Bad Guys White, their subtle suggestions have been ignored.


Elon Musk’s Starlink has put 2,200 satellites in low-Earth orbit to provide Internet to 32 countries, including Ukraine since two days after the Russian invasion.

One reason for optimism is that technology sometimes evolves in directions that less competent people can make use of it. It used to be that a landline telephone network, like the one the Bell System provided admirably in the U.S., required so much organizational excellence and cultural capital that even the Italians, much less the Russians, could barely manage it.

But nowadays, an African-American genius can start a company that builds cheap rockets that put thousands of satellites in orbit to create a network so that a white country can (remotely) plug into into while being bombarded by the Russian Army and use it to bombard back. It’s not unreasonable to hope that black countries, to the extent that they can maintain peace in the countryside, can use solar power and possibilities like Starlink to connect most everybody eventually to the Internet.

Neocons hijacked the right

Neocons hijacked the right. By Prepper Anon.

I’m not pro—Russian and I’m certainly not pro-Chinese. I’m pro-truth, and although Russia and probably China will soon be our enemies and are committing military aggression, it’s the corrupt American deep state which is bringing the globe to the brink of catastrophe.

That’s not anti-Americanism, anti-Australianism or anti-Westernism. The good people of America agree with that take. If you love Australia, so should you.

The small, elite group of sociopaths who are taking the West to nuclear war have a name. They are known as the neoconservatives, or neocons for short.

Who are the neocons?

They are academics and intellectuals who have taken over the Washington bureaucracy and push an ideology of American imperial hegemony which requires that all the nations of the world submit to American power and adopt a distorted version of American political and cultural values or be crushed.

They have turned liberal democracy into an imperial agenda for world conquest. They are not reasonable and they are not rational. They’re ideological fundamentalists. …

Neoconservative ideology is not at all conservative. It’s an ideological movement that began with a group of Jewish Trotskyite intellectuals in the second half of the 20th century; men like Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz. These were Marxists who had left the Soviet Union and turned against their Bolshevik roots after Stalin ejected Trotsky.

Disgusted with the pacifism of the New Left and the hippies they encountered in the West, they created an ideology of muscular liberal imperialism that appealed to establishment conservatives because it looked like old-fashioned patriotism. It was anything but.

American conservatism had traditionally been isolationist and populist. The American right wanted to obey the Founding Fathers and avoid foreign entanglements that led to imperialism and strife.

The neocons changed all that. They made conservatism into an elite movement to reshape the world into the image of their debased version of liberal democracy. They stripped the American right of its sound money principles, and massively expanded private and public debt.

They discredited economic nationalism and instead pushed open-borders globalism and the transference of US tech and wealth to China, turning the great industrial cities of middle America into the rustbelt in the process. They pushed for wars in the Middle East which drained American blood and treasure and brought millions of Islamic invaders into Europe and the other Western nations. …

Russia, Russia, Russia:

The neocons have made it clear for a very long time that their primary objective is the subjugation and dismemberment of Russia.

They hate Russia due to Stalin ejecting their Trotskyite faction prior to World War II, and they hate Putin because his leadership ended the pillaging of the country in the 1990s.

Putin’s restoration of Orthodox Christianity and national pride has utterly enraged them.

In the 1990s, the neocon Project for the New American Century laid the groundwork for the ‘war on terror’ in the Middle East after 9/11. Now those disastrous military adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere have come to an end, and rather than being driven out of Washington in disgrace the neocons are still in charge and are now ready for the main objective of their ideological agenda — the destruction of Russia.

The neocons are being as dogmatic about war against Russia in Ukraine as they were about wars in the Middle East for the last twenty years. They just love wars, as long as the disposable boys of middle America go fight them. …

Edging towards the precipice:

The planet has far too many religious and ideological nutjobs who just can’t wait to see a nuclear war that will bring about the world they envision; and some of these people are in charge of the White House.

Neocons say they believe America can win a nuclear conflict with Russia and, by extension, China.

I don’t believe them. Nobody wins World War III.

Big tech cheats with web traffic figures

Big tech cheats with web traffic figures. By the Z-Man.

It looks like the Musk-Twitter deal is in trouble. The stated reason is Musk thinks Twitter has been faking their user numbers. Twitter admitted initially that 5% of their users were robots, but that always seemed like a lie. There are too many blue check journalists with high user counts and low traffic volume. The likes to replies is also out of order.

Years ago, a British research team estimated that Twitter controlled a bot army of about six hundred thousand Twitter accounts. They could use this swarm to boost favored users and rig the trending topics. Others have made similar claims about fake users and not just about Twitter. This video is from almost ten years ago and it walks through how Facebook fakes its own ad traffic.

There is an age old expression that says anything of value will be stolen or faked and that surely applies to internet traffic. In the old days, magazines and newspapers were subject to audits so they could not lie about their subscriber base and sales to prospective advertisers. The ratings book in radio was about protecting the advertisers from fraudulent claims about the listenership.

There has never been anything like this for social media companies or internet news sites, so fraud is rampant. The question is how rampant. Years ago, Ann Coulter tweeted out a post from this site. This was a test to see how much traffic actually would come from Twitter. A grand total of seven hundred clicks was the final result. Coulter supposedly has two million followers. …

Follow the money:

Twitter has been lying about their user base for a long time and the degree of overstatement is much higher than they have admitted. This is probably true of every site whose traffic is tied to revenue. The temptation to lie is simply too great and the morality of the people involved is too low.

So much of Big Tech is a big fraud and it starts with fake traffic numbers.

Odd that a simple technical solution hasn’t emerged — after all, it’s only counting. Obviously big tech doesn’t want anti-cheating measures — so it must be them that’s cheating.

East German tactics of personal destruction now being used in the USA

East German tactics of personal destruction now being used in the USA. By Darren Beattie.

Back in the spring of 2021, Revolver described the Deep State’s efforts to defame and ruin Rep. Gaetz. It was no ordinary smear campaign. Instead, the approach strongly resembled the tactics of East Germany’s secret police, the Stasi.

Stasi tactics:

In the later decades of the Cold War, Communist government were loathe to simply arrest and execute dissidents as they had during the Stalinist era. So instead, their goal was to discredit and personally destroy the opposition. The means: Zersetzung, a German word translating as “disruption” or “distintegration.” A 1976 Stasi directive describes disintegration tactics as follows:

a systematic degradation of reputation, image, and prestige on the basis of true, verifiable and discrediting information together with untrue, credible, irrefutable, and thus also discrediting information; a systematic engineering of social and professional failures to undermine the self-confidence of individuals; … engendering of doubts regarding future prospects; engendering of mistrust and mutual suspicion within groups …; interrupting respectively impeding the mutual relations within a group in space or time …, for example by … assigning geographically distant workplaces.

The purpose of zersetzung wasn’t to win an election. After all, like most radical left governments so often do, East Germany rigged its elections. Instead, the purpose was to personally annihilate a designated enemy, to destroy their career, their reputation, their friendships, their family, even their sanity. The end goal was to render the target utterly incapable of effective dissent or resistance to the regime.

Now being used by the deep state in the USA:

For the past year, America’s regime has hit Rep. Gaetz with one of the most powerful disintegration efforts ever, repeatedly tarring him as a human trafficker. Gaetz has never been charged with anything. His own claim that the mess stems from a blackmail effort against his family was first ridiculed, then proven completely true.

The smear efforts have continued into 2022. Grand jury deliberations are supposed to be secret, but last January someone anonymously leaked that Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend had testified to a grand jury. Once again, Gaetz has not been criminally charge or even faced an allegation of wrongdoing. Only innuendo meant to hurt the target while making a response impossible has been bandied about.

Why? It’s obvious the regime isn’t expressing a genuine concern or even outrage over anything in Gaetz’s private life.

Now on Madison Cawthorn:

Now, the same actors are trying to use the same disintegration strategy on North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn. The attack started with a flailing and unprecedented effort to simply bar Cawthorn from office entirely. Cawthorn’s enemies sued him in federal court, claiming that his political positions make him a criminal insurrectionist and disqualify him from office.

But with this legal gambit unlikely to succeed, the same sinister cabal has lobbed further attacks on Cawthorn that have become very personal in nature. For the past three weeks, the regime press has unleashed a blizzard of hit pieces against the Congressman. All of them have only two things in common: They have nothing to do with his political message, and they are simultaneously sensational yet contain not a single drop of actual wrongdoing. …

Nobody is actually offended by anything Cawthorn has done. Longtime Democratic Rep. Barney Frank let his boyfriend run a brothel out of his house; he enjoyed a full Congressional career and liberals just gleefully released a new graphic novel celebrating his life. Now, we’re supposed to believe Democrats are upset about someone feigning gay behavior as a joke?

Ridiculous. As is the case with all zersetzung attacks, the real purpose is to simply, in bad faith, grab anything that can be used to smear the target and then hurt them as much as possible.

Why Gaetz and Cawthorn?

Just like Gaetz, Cawthorn is a rising star in a new political faction that rejects the America-last, “designated loser” position Republicans have happily occupied for decades. All of this dirt on Cawthorn is being dumped now not because Cawthorn is weak or embarrassing or deficient, but because he is effective.

  • It’s happening because Cawthorn has openly called the 2020 election “rigged,” and warned of the dire long-term consequences if American election security isn’t shored up.
  • It’s happening because Cawthorn called Ukraine’s prime minister a “thug” because he was charging his enemies with treason and banning opposition TV networks well before Russia invaded.
  • It’s happening because Cawthorn wants a real America-first foreign policy. …

But most of all, it’s because Cawthorn has made himself as irritating to establishment Republicans as he is to Democrats. The all-out campaign to destroy Cawthorn is a bipartisan operation: An alliance between Republicans who want the party as it was in 2006, and left-wing media allies happy to help them fight an intra-party civil war.

Always a shame when your country becomes more like East Germany.