John Lennon’s Son Slams “Pathetic” Political Correctness

John Lennon’s Son Slams “Pathetic” Political Correctness, by Paul Joseph Watson.

Sean Ono Lennon slammed political correctness as “pathetic,” pointing out how many people are “offended by comedy and science.”

“When I was young the most interesting people were left wing intellectuals. Believe it or not,” Lennon tweeted.

Writer and director Paul Duane responded by claiming, “We still are the most interesting.”

“No we’ve become the church lady as person below says. It’s embarrassing. We’re offended by comedy and science. It’s pathetic,” responded Lennon.

Imagine that.

John Lennon was a closet Reagan Republican claims former assistant, by the LA Times in 2011.

Fred Seaman, who was Lennon’s personal assistant from 1979 until the singer’s assassination in 1980, claims the former Beatle and anti-war activist favored Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter and would have voted for the Gipper if he could have.

“John, basically, made it very clear that if he were an American he would vote for Reagan because he was really sour on Jimmy Carter,” Seaman told Seth Swirsky, who is making a film about the Fab Four.

Sounds like Lennon would be a conservative today.

Denmark Begs Men to Have Sex with its Feminists

Denmark Begs Men to Have Sex with its Feminists, by John Davis.

Feminism has given women in Denmark an immunity from civility, and, license to openly hate and ridicule men. For example, it is not uncommon for girls to be sitting on a bus, in a group, and have them openly point to a man and discuss how unattractive he is. The Danish legal system is set up so that once a woman has “been impregnated” by a man, the man is completely disposable in divorce, and, the man’s role as a sperm donor is further degraded by requiring him to pay for the child for the rest of his life so that the impregnated woman may enjoy her fulfillment as a modern feminist.

Denmark still imposes all of the obligations of men that have survived medieval chivalry, yet, virtually sees men as nothing but completely disposable sperm donors (who are occasionally allowed to work in the Danish socialist job market).

How’s that working out? Is there a glimpse into the future for the rest of the west?

The result is that only about 20% of Danish men are actively in the dating pool.

Danish women are constantly complaining about not having enough men to satisfy their desires for sexual and social intercourse.

Yet, Danish women will viciously guard their feminism, hatred of men, life plans to treat men as disposable, and the concept that men are irrelevant except to give the woman sperm, and, the child some semblance of legitimacy. …

Nothing some government propaganda won’t try to fix:

Note how the advertisement features a prominent man-hating feminist in the narrative in order to appease the fascist feminist lobby that controls the country’s social laws and norms.

Note how the advertisement relegates the man to a mere decoration and accessory and sperm donor.

Note how the key solution, in the minds of the feminist State, is for women to seduce (and rape (she employs force at the end of the video which would be a serioius crime if a man did it)) the man, as opposed to an honest interaction between two adults seeking mutual love, respect and compassion for each other.

It didn’t work.

Ocasio-Cortez Gets Head Stuck In Bucket, Journalists Rush To Explain Why It Was Actually A Genius Move

Ocasio-Cortez Gets Head Stuck In Bucket, Journalists Rush To Explain Why It Was Actually A Genius Move, by the Babylon Bee.

On Wednesday, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez somehow got her head stuck inside a bucket. She was heard yelling, “Who turned out the lights?” while repeatedly running full speed into walls. …

Many journalists … leaped to Ocasio-Cortez’s defense, saying her getting her head firmly wedged inside of a plastic bucket was further proof of her being an intelligent and dynamic politician.

“Most people don’t have her scientific curiosity and intelligence,” said MSNBC pundit Chris Hayes. “Someone incurious like Trump would never look at a bucket and ask ‘Could my head fit inside that?’ But Ocasio-Cortez dives into such questions head first.” …

As for Ocasio-Cortez, she is doubling down and refusing to apologize, even though the incident caused a huge delay for the Capitol janitorial staff.

Satire, but doesn’t it nail the relationship between the green-left and the media?

Recently AOC called holding areas for illegal immigrants to the US “concentration camps” and invoked the Nazis. She would not back down when the substantial differences were pointed out.

Transgender Colorado STEM Shooter Motivated by Revenge Over Pronouns, Bullying

Transgender Colorado STEM Shooter Motivated by Revenge Over Pronouns, Bullying, by Tyler O’Neil.

On May 7, two teens opened fire in the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, Colo., injuring eight students and claiming the life of 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo, who heroically sacrificed himself to stop the shooting.

Early rumors suggested one of the shooters was transgender, and court documents released Thursday confirm that one of the suspects was motivated to carry out the shooting due to other students rejecting her gender identity.

During a police interview, 18-year-old Devon Erickson said 16-year-old biological female Maya McKinney — who identifies as male and goes by the name Alec — warned him not to go to school the night before the shooting.

According to the Snapchat message, McKinney told Erickson she wanted to get revenge “on a lot of people.” She told police that classmates called her “disgusting,” made fun of her, and referred to her “as a she,” despite her transgender identity, the Associated Press reported. …

Erickson, a registered Democrat, expressed hatred for Christians who uphold the biblical position on traditional sexuality. He also attacked Donald Trump and praised Barack Obama on social media. …

Kendrick Castillo, the one casualty, was a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Roman Catholic charity that has been demonized by Democrats due to its opposition to LGBT pride. …

This shooting does not prove or even suggest that transgender people in general are a threat, but the grievances promoted by a pro-transgender culture can become explosive. Americans should be able to disagree on these issues while still being civil to one another, and this shooting tragically shows that civility is breaking down.

You didn’t hear about that in the media. In their narrative, transgender is next to  godliness and shooters can only be non-left deplorables or radical Muslims.

Political correctness has become an immediate danger — people are getting shot over it.

The Media’s Narrative on Climate Change

The Media’s Narrative on Climate Change, by Kip Hansen.

Those of you who closely watch the media — newspapers, broadcast & streaming news, national magazines, national public radio — may have noticed that all the news about climate change is beginning to sound the same — regardless of outlet (there are a few sensible exceptions). This is no accident. In fact, it is an organized movement among American journalists. …

Not just American. It is international.

The story starts earlier in the year with a conference planned and held at the behest of  Columbia Journalism Reviewand The Nation(“along with partners such as The Guardian”).  You can watch the conference online (YouTube).  The outcome of that conference is a growing cabal of journalists and their editors. In their own words:

How does the media cover—or not cover—the biggest story of our time? Last fall, UN climate scientists announced that the world has 12 years to transform energy, agriculture, and other key industries if civilization is to avoid a catastrophe. We believe the news business must also transform.”

“The Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation assembled some of the world’s top journalists, scientists, and climate experts to devise a new playbook for journalism that’s compatible with the 1.5-degree future that scientists say must be achieved. We also held a town hall meeting on the coverage of climate change and the launch of an unprecedented, coordinated effort to change the media conversation.”  

Journalists around the world are being contacted by email by CJR  with a message that includes this appeal :

“Our ask of you  is simple: commit to a week of focused climate coverage this September. We are organizing news outlets across the US and abroad—online and print, TV and audio, large and small—to run seven days of climate stories from September 16 through the climate summit UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres hosts in New York September 23. The stories you run are up to you, though we can offer ideas and background information and connect outlets looking for content with content providers looking for outlets.

We’d be happy to schedule a phone call to discuss this further.  


Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope

In other words, when it comes to climate, the news media are mainly about propaganda, not news. Which goes nicely with the new education system — mainly indoctrination, not education.

Which I’m sure surprises no readers here, but it’s nice to see an admission.

Admission from the New York Times that it presents “news” to support the PC “narrative”

Admission from the New York Times that it presents “news” to support the PC “narrative”, by Michael Cieply in 2016, who was an editor at the New York Times from 2004 to 2016. The NYT is the ground zero for political correctness in the US, and hence the world.

It was a shock on arriving at the New York Times in 2004, as the paper’s movie editor, to realize that its editorial dynamic was essentially the reverse. By and large, talented reporters scrambled to match stories with what internally was often called “the narrative.” We were occasionally asked to map a narrative for our various beats a year in advance, square the plan with editors, then generate stories that fit the pre-designated line.

Reality usually had a way of intervening. But I knew one senior reporter who would play solitaire on his computer in the mornings, waiting for his editors to come through with marching orders. Once, in the Los Angeles bureau, I listened to a visiting National staff reporter tell a contact, more or less: “My editor needs someone to say such-and-such, could you say that?”

The bigger shock came on being told, at least twice, by Times editors who were describing the paper’s daily Page One meeting: “We set the agenda for the country in that room.”

It’s hardly surprising, because most of us figured out what that’s the way the mainstream media rolls these days. But it’s nice to see an admission.

PC terminology distorts the truth

PC terminology distorts the truth, by Angela Shanahan.

Take violence against women. Lately the union boss John Setka got himself into a lot of trouble about this issue. Why? Not just because he himself has been charged with harassing a woman through phone and text messages, nor because he has publicly threatened Australian Building and Construction Commission inspectors, claiming their children will be made to feel “ashamed” of them, nor because he is the boss of a union that has used systematic bullying at building sites for years.

No, this is not why Setka has been threatened with expulsion from the ALP and his job. It is because he was perceived to criticise Rosie Batty, whose campaign against gender-based domestic violence has turned her into an untouchable icon of the virtuous right-thinking elite.

Domestic violence policy is a means to an end, for some:

[The domestic violence issue] has been hijacked as an ideological campaign by ambitious feminists, harnessing the mantra of gender inequality, to attack something that does not originate in gender inequality.

Rather, domestic violence has its origins in the twin social evils of alcohol and drug abuse, combined with poverty, large-scale family breakdown, and of course inadequate policing. Hence domestic violence is most acute in Australia in Aboriginal communities. However, that fact does not play to the anti-racism ideology. So while the professional feminists are using domestic violence as a vehicle to promote yet more talkfests and paid lectures, Aboriginal women and children are being continually subjected to the most degrading physical and sexual violence.

Meanwhile, in the alternative universe in which we white educated types live, the men are not allowed to question any of this. Instead, they are encouraged to pay homage to the phony gender rubric that frames any discussion about domestic violence by flinging off the scourge of their maleness and sporting white ribbons.

Women are too hamstrung by the platitudes of feminists to query this agenda. So we are all obliged to treat domestic violence not as a practical problem of the drug culture and of policing, but as a seriously vague “gender issue” about which men have to beat their breasts and women take the high ground as victims and then demand that governments should do something, even though government can do very little.

See Rate of Domestic Violence Highest in Lesbian Relationships, a perennial favorite at the Wentworth Report.

Conservative injection should be easy as learning ABC

Conservative injection should be easy as learning ABC, by Gerard Henderson.

For eons, the ABC board, senior management and high-profile staff have denied the public broadcaster has a problem with bias or political diversity. …

Some ABC defenders have claimed there are many conservatives within the organisation — without naming one such person. Others have asserted this is a non-issue since there is no relationship between how journalists do their jobs and their political views. …

Ita Buttrose was appointed ABC chairwoman by the Coalition government in late February this year. … “Sometimes I think we might be biased. I think sometimes we could do more with diversity of views. I haven’t got a problem with anyone’s view but I think we can make sure ours is as diverse as we can make it to be.” Following further questioning, she raised the issue of unconscious bias.

Then on June 10, ABC Radio National Breakfast presenter Fran Kelly queried the ABC chair about what she meant by saying that ABC people sometimes reveal a bias without really knowing it. Buttrose doubled down on her earlier view, stating “we’re all biased in one way or another”. She then reflected that media types did not respond well to criticism. …

It is a matter of record that many an ABC panel takes place where everyone (the presenter included) agrees with everyone else in a left-of-centre kind of way. Such panels lack political diversity. That also makes them boring.

Unions remind Albanese who’s boss over Setka

Unions remind Albanese who’s boss over Setka, by Katrina Grace Kelly.

Because of the attempted hit on Setka — which has been akin to stabbing a sleeping bear in the face with a toothpick — every Labor politician in the country is now at risk of being drawn into a dangerous maelstrom, which Albanese has singlehandedly created.

Troy Gray, Setka’s ally, stated the obvious when he declared: “John Setka is not going anywhere.”

Gray also announced that the union he leads, the Victorian Electrical Trades Union, intends to trawl through the personal lives of state and federal ALP politicians in a search for dirt to use against them: “If sending a text message is the standard for resignation then there definitely will be some nervous politicians out there because we will audit them.” …

Who owns whom:

Despite the fact that the unions effectively sacked Kevin Rudd as prime minister, most commentators either just don’t understand this basic fact, or refuse to admit it; the unions own Labor, Labor doesn’t own the unions.

A football player can never bring down their team’s owner, an employee can never have the owner of the business they work for sacked, and Labor politicians cannot sack union officials.

All Labor politicians remain in their jobs by the good grace of the people that run the unions, and although it suits Labor, the unions, and Labor-aligned commentators to pretend otherwise to the general public, it remains a simple fact that unions can get rid of Labor politicians, whenever they feel like it. …

Rough trades and white breads:

When it comes to people in the labour movement, there is a vast chasm between “rough trades” — those who rose up to leadership from the shop floor, with dirty hands and hardened resolve — and “white breads”, those who developed their left-wing politics at university.

Rough trades tend to hold white breads in contempt, perhaps because of the way white breads idolise and romanticise the working-class existence but nevertheless fail to understand it. …

Hold them to the same standards:

Admittedly, in terms of pure entertainment value there is not enough popcorn in the whole world to cater for the debacle we see unfolding before us. It is delicious, too, that Labor politicians are finally being given the same treatment that employers are routinely subjected to.

The fun and games are underlined by a serious issue, however. The people who run unions and employer groups do need to be held to the same standards as other office-bearers in the community. The entities should also pay tax, just like corporations do.

It is well past time that our legislative framework stopped treating registered industrial organisations as special cases.


Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It’s time to switch.

Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It’s time to switch. By Geoffrey Fowler.

You open your browser to look at the web. Do you know who is looking back at you?

Over a recent week of web surfing, I peered under the hood of Google Chrome and found it brought along a few thousand friends. Shopping, news and even government sites quietly tagged my browser to let ad and data companies ride shotgun while I clicked around the web.

This was made possible by the web’s biggest snoop of all: Google. Seen from the inside, its Chrome browser looks a lot like surveillance software.

Lately I’ve been investigating the secret life of my data, running experiments to see what technology really is up to under the cover of privacy policies that nobody reads. It turns out, having the world’s biggest advertising company make the most-popular web browser was about as smart as letting kids run a candy shop.

It made me decide to ditch Chrome for a new version of nonprofit Mozilla’s Firefox, which has default privacy protections. Switching involved less inconvenience than you might imagine.

My tests of Chrome versus Firefox unearthed a personal data caper of absurd proportions. In a week of web surfing on my desktop, I discovered 11,189 requests for tracker “cookies” that Chrome would have ushered right onto my computer, but were automatically blocked by Firefox. These little files are the hooks that data firms, including Google itself, use to follow what websites you visit so they can build profiles of your interests, income and personality. …

Firefox isn’t perfect – it still defaults searches to Google and permits some other tracking. But it doesn’t share browsing data with Mozilla, which isn’t in the data-collection business.

A Gay War in Gay Vatican

A Gay War in Gay Vatican, by Professor Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, a book review posted by David Archibald.

The subject is one not many of us would have a great deal of interest in: gay factions in the Vatican in battle with other gay factions. As Professor Chodakiewicz reminds us in his introduction to his book review, it reminds one of the gay factions battling it out in Germany in the 1930s. The book’s author had a small army to assist him: 15 lawyers and over 80 research assistants. Which means that some unnamed party was funding the exercise. It is like the multi-year campaign to bring down Cardinal Pell.

To what end? To make New Soviet Man a century after the first attempt. By adopting Saul Alinsky’s rule no 4: Make the enemy live up to his own book of rules. The purpose of the book is to remove the moral authority of the Catholic church. The space created will allow another force to rise.

The Biden Buggy

The Biden Buggy, by The Z-Blog.

In 2016 there was the Trump Train, now we have the Biden Boat or, given his age, the Biden Buggy. According to all of the polls, even those in keys states, Joe Biden is the clear favorite to win the nomination. He’s polling at around 30%, which is twice his nearest rival. In fact, the latest batch has him with three times the support of Bernie Sanders, who has been in the second seat for a year now. Everyone else is in single digits, bobbing up and down with the news cycle.

Of course, there is a lifetime between now and the first votes. For a guy like Biden, who is pushing eighty, that could be literally true. He is by far the oldest man to run for the nomination and would be the oldest man to enter the White House if he won. Trump set the record when he was elected in 2016, but Biden is a decade older. It remains to be seen if the media will allow that to be an issue. …

In fairness, Biden really is the Democrat version of Trump. They appeal to the same demographic. Biden has been pitching himself as “working class Joe” for close to a century now. It’s his go-to line whenever he is out campaigning. He tells voters about how everyone has known him as “working class Joe” or sometimes he uses the phrase “lunch pail Joe.” The fact that he has never done a minute of honest labor in his life never seems to matter. The old working class whites like it. …

Identity politics rules the left:

While Democrats still need white votes, they are now the party of non-whites and increasingly the party of anti-whites. That’s probably what has all those old union types scrambling onto the Biden Buggy. They are tired of having to vote for someone that hates them. They are tired of pretending they are embracing their dispossession. It’s their last chance to have one of their guys at the top of the ticket. …

The risk, of course, is that this sort of talk will alienate black voters, who now make up 25% of the Democrat primary. … If Harris can get some traction, they could easily abandon Biden for her out of racial loyalty. This stuff can also rustle the females, who are already worried about Joe and his habit of sexually assaulting women in public. Women are close to 60% of the Democrat vote. …

[Elizabeth Warren] is the fall back candidate for when the party has to take the keys away from the Biden Buggy and put Uncle Joe in a home. She is no spring chicken herself, but her handlers are not wiping oat meal off her chin either. Her new economic pitch is aimed at the same old white people Biden is attracting with his lunch pail Joe act. That and she can appeal to angry single women and the snotty cosmopolitans.

Nostalgia for a previous America is palpable:

It speaks to the age that both parties in the 2020 presidential election will be running explicitly nostalgic campaigns. Trump is a crude reboot of the Reagan years. His new slogan, Keep America Great, is a call back to the Morning in America ads Reagan used on his re-election campaign. Biden and maybe Warren are running as throwbacks to another age, when Democrats were the party of working class whites. Despite the celebrations for the browning of America, everyone seems to miss the old days.