Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal, by Josh Gertein.

In an April 5, 2016 interview with the FBI, Abedin was shown an email exchange between Clinton and Obama, but the longtime Clinton aide did not recognize the name of the sender.

“Once informed that the sender’s name is believed to be a pseudonym used by the president, Abedin exclaimed: ‘How is this not classified?'” the report says. “Abedin then expressed her amazement at the president’s use of a pseudonym and asked if she could have a copy of the email.”

The State Department has refused to make public that and other emails Clinton exchanged with Obama.

That Obama used a pseudonym implies he knew Clinton’s email was insecure and thus illegal.

Gennifer Flowers ‘agrees’ to sit front row at first US Presidential debate

Gennifer Flowers ‘agrees’ to sit front row at first US Presidential debate, by Aaron Short.

When Hillary Clinton takes the podium at Monday night’s first presidential debate, she could be staring down an old romantic rival sitting in the front row.

Gennifer Flowers, who carried on a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton when he was attorney general and governor of Arkansas, might attend the debate at Hofstra University as Trump’s guest …

It was a shot at Clinton’s decision to seat Cuban, a frequent Trump critic, in the front row as her debate guest, and a signal that the Republican nominee might dredge up past Clinton scandals as ammunition.

Superb bit of trolling! Flowers was a model and still looks pretty good — see photo from 2013.

Hillary: The Third World Has a “Right” to Move to the United States

Hillary: The Third World Has a “Right” to Move to the United States, by John Hinderaker.

On Monday, Donald Trump gave a speech on terrorism and immigration in which he said:

We want people to come into our country, but they have to come in legally, through a process…. No one has a right to immigrate to this country.

That should be a truism. But, as Byron York points out, Hillary Clinton responded in a retweet that she disagrees.

In a sensible world, Hillary’s apparent belief that foreigners have a “right” to emigrate to the United States would disqualify her from the presidency. … The ability to control who enters a country is a fundamental attribute of sovereignty. It is appalling that Mrs. Clinton fails to understand this basic fact.

The global elite, under Soros’ financial urging, are pushing for open borders. Goodbye countries, hello third world. Goodbye Enlightenment, hello socialist re-distributive governments.

Hong Kong shows what post-Brexit Britain could be: The success story that will always confound the left

Hong Kong shows what post-Brexit Britain could be: The success story that will always confound the left, by James Delingpole. Some friends moved to Hong Kong from London:

In London, they were just scrabbling to no real purpose. Neither was earning enough to save even for holidays, let alone accumulate sufficient capital to get a place on the property ladder. Now, they can afford to go on long-weekend jaunts to Thailand and the Philippines, eat out whenever they wish and still put money aside for a home for all the beautiful grandchildren they’re going to make us now that they’ve just got married.

Really, it all comes down to tax. In Hong Kong, your property rental is at least as hideously as expensive as in London. The big difference is, you’re not handing over up to 45 per cent of your earnings to the taxman. Even the top income tax rate in Hong Kong is just 17 per cent — but, of course, the Rat [his friend] pays much less than that. Some companies pay you for a 13-month year so that effectively you’re paying almost zero tax. Throw in an incredibly cheap and efficient public transport system, fantastic food and lots of gorgeous tropical locations to fly to whenever there’s time, and you can see why people find the living in Hong Kong so very attractive.

There are downsides. When the Rat first moved there he was shocked to see in the small hours of the morning very elderly people doing menial tasks such as lugging around cardboard boxes. He offered to help one once and was angrily waved away. ‘This is the culture here. It seems harsh but they don’t like you interfering because that’s the way they do things. If you don’t work you don’t eat.

Hong Kong Skyline Restitch - Dec 2007

It was set up a classic liberal, not a socialist:

Cowperthwaite was the colony’s financial secretary from 1961 to 1971. He was also, as luck would have it, an ardent classic liberal who believed economies do best with minimal government intervention. To this end, he refused to collect economic statistics, which he believed only served to encourage meddling. On his watch — and in the teeth of opposition from his superiors, many of a big-government persuasion — taxes stayed low, government spending and red tape were kept to a minimum, employment laws remained lax and the economy grew like Topsy.

Taxis illustrate the difference:

Since he moved to Hong Kong three years ago, the Rat’s Cantonese has been coming on apace. ‘If you want to get a cab somewhere urgent in the morning and you can’t speak good enough Cantonese then basically you’re stuffed. The drivers just swear at you and drive off. They haven’t got time to be wasting listening to dumb Gweilo trying to make themselves understood. In Hong Kong time is money.’ …

You can just imagine a more ‘enlightened’ European-style administration trying to solve that taxi ‘problem’ I mentioned at the beginning with a raft of new initiatives: compulsory basic English lessons for drivers; a ban on taxis turning down passengers no matter how poor their Cantonese; a leaflet and ad campaign, in several languages, informing taxi users of their rights; a team of inspectors to enforce the new rules…

The left cannot understand:

To the left, successes like Hong Kong will always be anathema. … One of the many problems with socialists is that they never stop to consider what unintended consequences might result from their virtuous interventions. And because they’re so busy trying to generate equality by bringing everyone down to the level of the lowest common denominator, it never occurs to them how much damage they’re doing to the potential of young people like the Rat.

In London, I’ve no doubt the Rat would be doing well enough. But moving to the red-in-tooth-and-claw free-market environment of Hong Kong has transformed him. He works harder; he thinks more tactically and strategically; he has a better future because he knows that when his payback comes, he won’t have to hand back his well-deserved gains to some ungrateful scrounger. This could be Britain’s post-Brexit future, too: I just hope we have the courage and enlightened ruthlessness to seize the opportunity.

Hong Kong is the top country of the world on the Heritage Foundation’s list of Economic Freedom.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Austrian town enforces 8 pm curfew on underage migrants after wave of sexual attacks

Austrian town enforces 8 pm curfew on underage migrants after wave of sexual attacks, by RT.

By the end of the festival, the number of sexual assaults had increased to 17, prompting a strict response from the authorities.

“We had the problem that the female visitors of the festival being the victims of sexual assaults. 17 women in the age between 18 and 50 years were abused during the festival in Wels. Their abusers were refugees from Afghanistan and these refugees were in the age between 15 and 16,” the mayor told RT, adding that one more assailant was 23 years old.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Obama vetoed 9/11 victim bill over geopolitical considerations

Obama vetoed 9/11 victim bill over geopolitical considerations, by RT.

By vetoing a bill that would have allowed the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, US President Barack Obama has disregarded thousands of victims for the sake of geopolitical interests, William Rodriguez, a survivor of the attack, told RT. …

Commenting on Obama’s controversial decision to veto the ‘Sue the Saudis’ bill, Rodriguez lamented that the “president did not take into account the lives that were lost on 9/11, 3,000 people, and the people that were sick after 9/11 happened, we’re talking about 10,000 more that have been affected in the event.”

Remember the Obama bow from 2009? See the first 30 seconds of

Rodriguez thinks the main argument against the bill is not valid, and notes the money.

The White House said the bill would enable other countries to sue the US for its actions abroad. …

“At this point, the amount of money the government of Saudi Arabia has spent buying the interest and the support from politicians here to push the veto has been mind-boggling,” Rodriguez said. .“We know for a fact that we have a public relations company here and they spend around $60,000 a month basically doing a campaign against the victims of 9/11,” he said, adding that given such circumstances, the veto did not come as a surprise to the relatives and friends of the victims of 9/11 seeking justice.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Build ‘giant refugee city’ in Libya rather than let them in – Hungarian PM

Build ‘giant refugee city’ in Libya rather than let them in – Hungarian PM, by RT.

The EU should fund the construction of a giant refugee camp in turbulent Libya and keep asylum seekers there rather than allow them into the EU, controversial Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban suggested. …

He suggested that Libya should reassume the role as Europe’s refugee buffer, which it served before a NATO-backed uprising ousted Libya strongman Muammar Gaddafi before the country plunged into the state of chaos it remains in today.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

The Crisis of America’s Nonworking Men

The Crisis of America’s Nonworking Men, by Rachel DiCarlo Currie.

Based on the official unemployment rate — which held steady at 4.9 percent last month — America’s labor market has fully recovered from the Great Recession. Indeed, many prominent economists, including Federal Reserve officials, believe we have reached  “maximum” employment or something very close to it.

Based on another indicator, however, America’s labor market remains stuck in a long-term crisis — a crisis that has gotten significantly worse since 2008.

Simply put: There are millions of American men in their prime working years who have dropped out of the labor force.

As of August, the labor-force-participation rate among men aged 25 to 54 stood at 88.3 percent — down from 90.5 percent in August 2006, … 94.3 percent in August 1976, … and 97.2 percent in August 1956.

10 million men in their prime have dropped out in the US.

“Benchmarked against 1965,” writes Eberstadt, “when American men were at genuine full employment, the ‘male jobs deficit’ in 2015 would be nearly 10 million, even after taking into account an older population and more adults in college.”

But nobody cares. They ought to.

Who are America’s nonworking men? As Eberstadt observes, they “tend to be: 1. less educated; 2. never married; 3. native born; and 4. African-American. But those categories intersect in interesting ways.” For example, “Black married men are more likely to be in the workforce than unmarried whites.”

The decline of work is indeed closely related to the decline of marriage among Americans with less education and fewer skills. As University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax has emphasized, “Marriage causes men to become more industrious, law-abiding, and sober.” By the same token, delaying or avoiding marriage makes it easier for men to delay or avoid becoming responsible adults.

At root, work is about pride, dignity, and purpose. It’s about shedding the frivolities of youth and assuming the burdens of maturity. And it’s absolutely critical to family stability, civic engagement, and broad-based prosperity. Eberstadt is correct in describing the labor-force exodus by prime-age men as a quiet catastrophe. Let’s hope more people start noticing it.

Open Borders, supported by the politically correct and led by Soros, versus Countries, supported by most of us western natives

Open Borders, supported by the politically correct and led by Soros, versus Countries, supported by most of us western natives, by E.M. Smith (Chiefio). In Australia, GetUp! is the main voice for Soros.

Soros is the spider in the middle of a global web of organizations attempting to remake the world into his idea of what is best. He has spent billions funding Open Society Foundations around the world, supported “Color Revolutions” in various countries, has an arrest warrant out from Russia (since they suspect he wants to paint them with a color of revolution), funds groups like Black Lives Matter to suddenly pop up tossing rocks at national governments, and sends personal email to folks like Hillary Clinton… or her surrogates.

Maybe knowing “why?” and some about his motivations would be helpful to understanding the upheaval in the world and why some folks, like Obama, are hell bent on the destruction of America and happy to import millions who hate us. Obama, too, gets pats on the head from Soros…

Here is an important observation about Soros:

It is my opinion that Soros, growing up … in Nazi “greater” Germany, saw first hand the results of a “State As Superior Being”  … and was left scarred with it for life. Popper critiques this as a horrible thing (and it was) via the term “Tribalism” and the occasional reference to Nationalism.

Here’s where I think Soros went off the rails. IMHO, he now believes that the root cause of all the world’s problems are Tribalism and Nationalism, and if he can just stamp out Tribes and Nations, the world will be a happy ideal place.

Thus the destruction of “Tribes” such as presently in the Middle east, and the destruction of Nations going on now with the EU and massive Muslim imports (and to a lesser extent, the USA and our non-border and massive Muslim importation.)

Simplistic and dopey, but Soros has massive money and influence. He has the politically correct and most lefty leaders hooked on his money, doing his bidding.

George Soros

Chiefio details Soros’ background, including his formative experience as a Jew in Hungary in WWII.

Soros is a well known supporter of American progressive and American liberal political causes. Between 1979 and 2011 Soros donated more than $11 billion to various philanthropic causes. … Soros’ philanthropic funding includes efforts to promote non-violent democratization in the post-Soviet states.

Want to know where the money comes from to “pop up” sudden coordinated “protests” by the left in the USA (and elsewhere in the world)? How about:

[In  2003] Soros said that removing President George W. Bush from office was the “central focus of my life” and “a matter of life and death”. He said he would sacrifice his entire fortune to defeat Bush “if someone guaranteed it”. Soros gave $3 million to the Center for American Progress, $2.5 million to MoveOn.org, and $20 million to America Coming Together. These groups worked to support Democrats in the 2004 election. On September 28, 2004, he dedicated more money to the campaign and kicked off his own multistate tour with a speech: Why We Must Not Re-elect President Bush. …

When Soros was asked in 2006 about his statement in The Age of Fallibility that “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States”, he responded that “it happens to coincide with the prevailing opinion in the world. And I think that’s rather shocking for Americans to hear. The United States sets the agenda for the world. And the rest of the world has to respond to that agenda. By declaring a ‘war on terror’ after September 11, we set the wrong agenda for the world…. When you wage war, you inevitably create innocent victims.” …

In October 2013, Soros donated $25,000 to Ready for Hillary, becoming a co-chairman of the super PAC’s national finance committee. In June 2015, he donated $1 million to the Super PAC Priorities USA Action, which supports Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. Since then he has donated an additional $6 million to the PAC to support Clinton.

Now you know why Obama and Clinton both want to destroy US Nationalism and make a weaker America. Their sugar daddy wants it.

Finally, this gives the key to understanding much about today’s politics, because Soros is the guy guiding and funding the politically correct opinion-making arms in the western world:

[T]he fundamental philosophical fight today [is between] those who are “pro-Nation”, whatever their nation may be, and the “Non-Nationals” lead by Soros and his money.

If you value your nation, be it Russia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, the USA or “wherever”, then do realize you are under attack by NGOs, funded and directed by Soros, who’s main goal it to eliminate “Tribalism” and “Nationalism”, that is, your Nation as a Nation. Your culture as a culture.

His history and track record show this is not a theory, but a report of historical fact.

Interestingly, Putin has kicked Soros and his organizations out of Russia.

So why would Hillary and Obama be against Putin, while Trump says, basically, I can work with the guy? Simple.

Obama and Hillary are Soros Sock Puppets working to destroy nations. Putin and Trump are nationalist advocates, each for their own nation.

Yes, it really is that simple.