The Quiet Radicalization of the Professional Middle Class

The Quiet Radicalization of the Professional Middle Class. By Rod Dreher.

It was fun to bump into people [at CPAC in Dallas] I had not seen in many years …

But what hit me hard was hearing over and over how radical people so many had become. I heard stories about woke adult children, and how politics had poisoned the relationship between them and their parents, no matter how hard the parents tried to make it work. …

There are so many normie conservatives — normie from when I used to hang with them ages ago — who have been totally radicalized to the far right. Crucially, none of these people are involved in politics. … These are stories told about middle-aged white collar radicals who are now driven by conspiracy theories. …

In Live Not By Lies, I drew from Arendt to identify how the Left in America is showing the hallmarks of a pre-totalitarian society. After what I heard in Dallas conversations about good people I used to know, I see the same things are happening to the Right. The disdain for truth-seeking, and the concomitant eagerness to believe anything that seems internally consistent and ratifies what ideological points the person already believes. The radical atomization. The total distrust in institutional authority. And so on.

I have focused professionally on the Left running amok with wokeness, because the woke Left controls all the institutions of power in this country. Ibram X. Kendi is as lunatic as a certain far-right racist academic I heard talked about in one conversation as having influenced an old friend, but that far-right academic is obscure and powerless. Kendi is on national TV all the time, writes for The Atlantic, and runs a Boston academic center funded in part by generous corporate donations. Kendi’s malignant anti-white racism is thoroughly mainstream and celebrated by elites. The far-right guy’s racism against non-whites and Jews is, for now, totally marginalized. But the fact that a middle-class normie corporate executive who has moved to the suburbs since we knew each other is now reading and absorbing the work of a radical racist writer shocks me more than I can say. …


We used to all go out drinking beer with Bob. When I was part of Bob’s life, he had a solid career track doing an intellectually demanding job in a good company. He wasn’t a journalist, but was part of our group. Really smart guy, very sensible, usually the one to call out whatever b.s. theory one of us floated. Well, Bob is now radicalized, and burning with anger. According to my source, Bob thinks the Left is totally evil, and he wants nothing at all to do with anyone on the political or cultural Left. What happened to Bob?

In short, he lost all his economic security in a series of corporate restructurings that left him jobless for long stretches. One of the companies he worked for had gone all in on wokeness. When it came time to downsize, out the door went Bob, a white guy, though the company retained younger employees with fewer skills, because they wanted to embrace diversity. Bob has had to try to keep his family from going hungry in part because he was let go (or rather, not retained) because he’s a white male. I heard that Bob and his wife and kids have been struggling for years. …

Like many universities, UC Berkeley now requires DEI statements for hiring:

You’ve got to read the fine print. How is this not a political loyalty test?



This is exactly the kind of mindset that cost Bob his job, and his family its financial security! It had nothing to do with Bob’s competence to do his work. It was 100 percent about ideology, and racial identity. Here is a major university saying openly that it discriminates against potential employees who don’t share an ideology only tangential to their work — and this is considered by the American ruling class to be a sign of virtue.

Hell yeah, I would be radicalized too if this kind of thing cost me my job. I keep telling my Bernie Bro son that the day you are denied a job or advancement because of the color of your skin or your sex, you will put aside that leftist ardor.

Medical world:

A commenter left this under Heather Mac Donald’s stunning recent piece about how racial wokeness is destroying medicine:

Public Health has been gone for at least the last 10 years. After I retired from clinical practice I spent the last 25 years of my career in public health. About a dozen years ago we started having seminars in “Woke Public Health” — that is the exact terminology, long before “woke” came into the common parlance. At my Big State R01 Flagship uni, the leadership at my school of public health starting purging white males from the administration about 10 years ago and the faculty soon followed. There is now not a single white male in the administration or research staff, and the only white males left on the faculty are old and getting pressured to retire. It’s an open secret that “white males need not apply” for faculty positions. Literally every department is chaired by a woman, most of them white women, but a significant number are minority. Our dean is, of course, black.

The notion of “replacement theory” gets poo-pooed by the left, however, those of us living in the academic world see it with our own eyes, every single day.

It’s happening in many different fields. The Left is blind to it, of course. … I have never been able to figure out why they can’t see this. Maybe they think that all white people will be as compliant and as self-hating as the kind of white people they associate with in the academic and journalism worlds. …

We’re quietly radicalizing under the left’s assault:

I didn’t know this was going on to this extent because in all my moving around, I had lost touch with these folks and my old social circles in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Dallas, and Florida. But you, reader, wouldn’t hear about this stuff either unless you were close to people like this, because all the people I’m talking about here are middle-class professionals, and that means they know better than to talk to anybody outside their trusted circles about it.

I was talking to a fellow conservative this weekend about how shocked I was to discover how far the radicalism had gone among middle-class, middle-aged people I used to know. He told me that he has seen the same thing emerge in his broad circles. Both the Summer of Floyd and Covid did a number on a lot of people. They saw just what the ruling class’s priorities were, and how privilege works in this country now. They felt threatened, and lost all faith in authorities, and in Authority. And so forth. Now many of them will believe anything. …

These same radicalized conservatives are now watching the spread of a horrible disease called monkeypox, which for now is almost 100 percent spread among gay and bisexual men. But the public health authorities — the same ones who shut down schools, churches, and public life for Covid — cannot bring themselves to say that gay men should knock off the orgies, and that gay sex festivals should be cancelled right now for public health reasons. They are, according to the Washington Post, “wary of further stigmatizing same-sex intimacy.”

Further stigmatizing?! It’s not stigmatized at all! We have an entire month set aside to celebrate same-sex intimacy, and people fear being fired if they don’t! This is not at all about “stigma”; it’s about gay men and their allies believing that gay men should be able to have as much sex as they want, whenever they want, and suffer no consequences. To hell with the common good. Ordinary people see this, and they remember how medical authorities suspended the rules of public health to permit George Floyd protests, because reasons. Same thing is happening here. …

A lot of people — a lot more than we know, or care to think about — are probably feeling that way right now. … We are very much on the verge of a pre-totalitarian society (I believe that the State is going to cooperate with Corporations to institute a social credit system to keep the proles in line), or perhaps a pre-civil war one.

The virtue signalers are noisily moving left. The healthy types who believed in modernity and western civ are quietly moving in the other direction.

It’s not sustainable. In some years nothing much of note happens, but a lot of history is fast approaching.

Alex Jones Hit With $45 Million Ruling In Damages For Sandy Hook Lies

Alex Jones Hit With $45 Million Ruling In Damages For Sandy Hook Lies. By Sebastian Murdock.

A jury ruled Friday that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones should pay $45.2 million to the parents of a child killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting after spending years spreading lies that the shooting didn’t happen.

Jurors deliberated for less than a day before coming to its first decision Thursday that Jones must pay $4.1 million in compensatory damages. On Friday, jurors again deliberated for less than a day when deciding further punitive damages against Jones of more than $40 million. …

For years, Jones and his outlet have claimed the shooting was fake, leading to harassment of the families from listeners of his show. …

InfoWars makes big money:

Jones’ two-week trial has helped peel back the curtain on Infowars’ ethically bankrupt operation and offered a greater glimpse into the profits Jones and his web outlet have reaped while spreading lies about the shooting. On Wednesday, Jones was confronted on the stand with earnings that the Infowars store ― which sells non-FDA-approved supplements along with survival gear ― has made over the years.

On one particularly profitable day, for instance, the store made $800,000. Jones did not dispute the number but complained that lawyers for the plaintiffs were “cherry-picking” his most lucrative days.

HuffPost first reported earlier this year that Jones’ store sold $165 million in products from 2015 to 2018.

Jones was also recently given $8 million in an anonymous Bitcoin donation. When asked about the donation, Jones told HuffPost outside of court last week that he had already spent it. …

Truth is less profitable than concocted conspiracy theories:

The trial saw other dramatic moments including a deposition from a former Infowars employee who said he begged staff to stop spreading lies about Sandy Hook, only to be laughed at. And Infowars sidekick Owen Shroyer admitted on the stand that he did nothing to fact-check the accuracy of a bogus story claiming Heslin did not hold his dead child.

Riling people up for fun and profit, but so careless with the truth.

UPDATE: Reader Stanley writes:

Alex Jones betrays good people (see “Alex Jones is a traitorous Viper”). Alex Jones betrayed one of his biggest fans, Brian D. Hill who ran a political blog and was sued by Righthaven LLC in 2011. Alex Jones settled with Righthaven LLC while Brian fought and won.

Alex Jones wants to look good for lying, for turning his back on those who follow Alex’s advice “go to your city council”. Brian did that and became a target. Alex ran away and refused to cover Brian’s story.

Alex Jones is a traitor to his own fans and supporters. He betrayed Jakari Jackson, Millie Weaver, Aaron Dykes, Melissa Melton, Luke Rudkowski, David Knight, Stewart Rhodes.

There are some pretty strong feelings about Alex Jones out there, both for and against. If he was less extreme and more truthful he’d be less popular and make less money, but he’d be more respected and credible, and — probably — more effective.

Will America’s conspiracy king finally be silenced?

Will America’s conspiracy king finally be silenced? By Tom Leonard.

Jones, a gravelly voiced Texan blowhard who has managed to make a multi-million-dollar business empire out of peddling the most far-fetched fantasies to America’s most gullible people, had finally been brought to book for one of the most insidious of them.

He has claimed for the past decade that the Sandy Hook tragedy, the worst school shooting in U.S. history in which 20 young children and six adults died, was a ‘false-flag’ operation fabricated by the Obama government as a pretext for tightening the country’s gun laws.

Nobody was killed, and both the victims and the bereaved were just actors, Jones told his millions of disciples on his radio show and on his website InfoWars. It is just one of many ludicrous fantasies that he has championed: he’s also accused the U.S. government of fabricating the September 11 terror attacks, the 1969 Moon landing and various mass shootings and bombings in the U.S. …

He has claimed Michelle Obama is actually a man, Lady Gaga carried out a satanic rite during a Super Bowl half-time show and the Pentagon has developed a ‘gay bomb’, allowing the chemicals from it to leak into the water supply so that frogs have turned homosexual.

He helped spread the notorious ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy theory about senior Democrats running an occult paedophile ring from the basement of a Washington DC restaurant. …

People are getting hurt by Jones:

And yet, as the Sandy Hook trial has shown, there are real victims of his demented lies. The parents who have sued him for defamation say his malicious accusations not only compounded their terrible grief but led to his deluded followers stalking, harassing and threatening them.

After the father of a girl who died at the school committed suicide, Jones claimed he had been murdered, possibly in connection with the official U.S. investigation into Russian election interference. …

Scarlett Lewis, who with Neil Heslin sued Jones in the Texas court to ‘restore the honour’ of their six-year-old son, Jesse, who died at Sandy Hook, testified that Jones’s claims led to ten years of ‘hell’ for them. They had asked the jury to fine Jones and InfoWars so severely that they’d be put out of business.

‘We ask that you send a very, very simple message and that is: Stop Alex Jones,’ said their lawyer in a message on their behalf. ‘Stop the monetisation of misinformation and lies.’ …

Follow the money:

And what a jaw-dropping monetisation it has been. Although Jones had told the court that any award over $2 million ‘would sink us’, after companies he owned filed for bankruptcy protection as soon as the trial began, Mark Bankston, a lawyer representing Sandy Hook parents, revealed that on a single day in 2018, those firms earned $800,000.

A forensic accountant hired by the parents testified that Jones’s businesses are worth up to $270 million, while court records show his InfoWars shop made $165 million from 2015 to 2018.

The thriving online retail business is his big money-spinner — geared towards preparing people for the complete societal collapse he’s long been predicting, it offers strength and stamina-building health and dietary supplements (of dubious merit), body armour and survival gear ranging from vegetable seed packs to $3,000 industrial freeze driers. …

The [2015] divorce case revealed records of Jones’s spending that hardly tallied with his image as a champion of the downtrodden against the rich. The couple’s assets included a $70,000 grand piano, $50,000 worth of firearms, and $752,000 in gold, silver and precious metals. He once bought four Rolex watches in a single day and spent $40,000 on a saltwater aquarium.

Jones insists he’s not in it just for the money and believes everything he says. Critics don’t believe him, saying he has become more vitriolic over the years after realising that the more extreme he became, the more money he made.

Mark Twain: A lie travels half way around the world while the truth is still getting its pants on.

Lies, telling people what they want to hear, is a darned sight more profitable, too.

‘Systemic Catastrophe’: Glyphosate Is a Slow Kill

‘Systemic Catastrophe’: Glyphosate Is a Slow Kill. By Marina Zhang.

Glyphosate was first used in Roundup, a herbicide developed by Monsanto in 1974.

Upon its release, Monsanto marketed glyphosate as harmless to humans and other mammals. The company reasoned that glyphosate kills weed by disrupting the shikimate pathway, which is not present in animals and therefore would not be harmful.

“However, this pathway is present in gut bacteria,” [Seneff, a senior researcher from MIT] wrote in her first study on glyphosate.

Recent research has revealed that human bodies have more bacteria than human cells, and our gut microorganisms play very important roles in maintaining our health. …

Bowel disorders, autism, allergies:

Knowing that glyphosate may be able to influence pathways in the gut bacteria and cause disturbances, Seneff reasoned that the yearly increase in bowel disorders, autism (which is highly correlated with impaired gut bacteria), allergies, and many other diseases may all be due to the diet we eat; a diet containing foods high in glyphosate.

She found yearly increases in disease cases, such as diabetes and various cancers, can be directly correlated with an increase in glyphosate use. …

Lifespan, cancers, organ damage:

Glyphosate is implicated in many cancers. One of the earliest glyphosate studies by Dr. Gilles-Éric Séralini, a French molecular biologist and friend of Seneff, showed that low doses of Roundup exposure over a lifetime lead to shorter lifespans and organ damage in rats.

Further, laboratory studies on human cells and sea urchin embryos have also shown that glyphosate caused DNA breakage, which is a major factor in cancer progression.

Even Monsanto’s earlier papers showed organ damage and tumor growth in rats, though these results were not given much attention after the company submitted new studies showing no significant health impacts. …

Seneff is also highly confident that glyphosate’s disturbance to the gut is what causes autism, coeliac, and other allergies and behavioral problems, with some of the people around her sharing stories of improvements in their children’s behavioral and asthma problems after they switched their children’s diet to organic foods. …

Obesity and diabetes:

The biggest concern and speculation Seneff and Samsel have made was that glyphosate may be incorporated into human proteins, the very building blocks of our cells. … Seneff’s studies speculate that glyphosate is structurally similar to an amino acid named glycine, and therefore cells may mistakenly take up glyphosate and build it into proteins, thinking that it is glycine. …



Glycine is present in proteins that regulate fat as well as insulin. If glyphosate replaced glycine in these proteins, these proteins will become impaired and lose their function in regulating fat and blood glucose, leaving the body open to metabolic disorders including obesity and diabetes.

How to reduce exposure:

To reduce glyphosate exposure, Seneff recommends eating organic food and drinking filtered water.

Since glyphosate is used to spray weeds, many plants such as corn, soy, canola, sugar beets, cotton and alfalfa are genetically modified so that they would not be harmed by glyphosate. This has significantly increased glyphosate content in plants with farmers also spraying the plants as opposed to only spraying the weeds.

Seneff said the substance is pervasive, and despite all her efforts to avoid exposure to glyphosate, she still tested positive for the substance when she did testing at home.

That could explain a lot. Look at tv and movies made before 1980 — everyone is skinnier and healthier looking.

‘You’ll own nothing’ — Leftist bureaucrats taking over the world

‘You’ll own nothing’ — Leftist bureaucrats taking over the world. By David Solway.

The world’s farmers and cattle raisers, deprived of their livelihoods on the pretext of reducing nitrogenic fertilizers and livestock-produced methane, will own next to nothing. Meat and grain will become increasingly rare and we will be dining on cricket goulash and mealworm mash, an entomorphagic feast. We will be driving distance-limited electric vehicles rented from the local Commissariat and digitally monitored by Cyber Central—assuming we will still be allowed to drive. Overseen by a cadre of empowered financial managers who can “freeze” our assets at any time, we will possess bank accounts and credit ratings, but they will not be really ours. …

Should the Great Reset ever be fully implemented, we will have been diminished … to the condition of medieval serfs, or reduced to the status of febrile invalids …

As Schwab writes in his co-authored Covid-19: The Great Reset, people will have to accept “limited consumption,” “responsible eating,” and, on the whole, sacrificing “what we do not need” — this latter to be determined by our betters.

What strikes me with considerable force is the pervasive indifference or cultivated ignorance of the general population respecting what the Davos cabal has in store for them. A substantial number of people have never heard of it. Others regard it as just another internet conspiracy — though it is not so much a conspiracy since it is being organized in full sight. The majority of “fact-checkers” and hireling intellectuals wave it away as a right-wing delusion.

Others I have spoken to simply cannot grasp the enormity of so vast, diabolical, and methodically orchestrated a scheme. “Surely, you’re joking,” my neighbor said to me. … The general state of public stupefaction and complacency is precisely what may ensure the success of what is nothing less than a social apocalypse, epically scalable and coercively networked by an unholy alliance between government, corporations, NGOs, academia, techno-elites and a coterie of the world’s billionaires.

It is real. “It matters,” writes Ben Sixsmith at The Spectator World, “that some of the world’s richest and most powerful people are so interested in ‘resetting’ the way we live.” …

Yuval Noah Harari, author of the bestselling Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, represents an interesting case in the ongoing debate over the nature of the Great Reset. Often condemned by skeptics as a vigorous promoter of the movement, he appears to be more of a Cassandra prophetically surveying the evolution of our political, economic and technological future, which, he believes, may well be unstoppable. He suspects that artificial intelligence (AI) and the algorithmic revolution will generate a “global useless class.” …

The useless class — no economic or military usefulness, and therefore no political power:

The only event, however, that I can see radically forestalling what has begun to seem inevitable would be the total collapse of the economies, traditional pursuits, communal trust in national leadership, and, in effect, the  structural cohesion of nations, as in Sri Lanka, Argentina, and possibly Holland and Canada in the approximate future. Such convulsions may serve to rouse the masses. Otherwise, we may be inviting a fait accompli. Barring the unforeseen, one thing is certain. The oligarchs and power-brokers who are busy installing the insidious measures and manorial provisions of the Great Reset, should they succeed in their plans, will have much to look forward to. They will own everything, and they will be happy.


Covid in NSW: fourth dose enthusiasts are taking a hit

Covid in NSW: fourth dose enthusiasts are taking a hit. By David Archibald.

Our health bureaucrats have obscured the data they produce so that the hospitalization, admission to ICU, and death rates for the unvaccinated can’t be determined. But with the introduction of the fourth vaccination dose an interesting trend has been established:



The chart above shows the hospitalization rate in NSW for the vaccinated, by dose level per one million people in each dose group, from 30th April to 30th July. There hasn’t been much difference between the one, two and three dose hospitalization rates until July when the three dose people started being admitted to hospital at twice the rate of the two-dosers.

When the fourth dose was introduced a couple of months ago, they immediately started having a higher hospitalization rate than the three dose people. That has widened to the extent that they now have twice the hospitalization rate of the three dose people who in turn have twice the rate of hospitalization of that of the two dose people.

At these higher dose levels the death rate is proportional to hospitalization rate at about a quarter of those hospitalized. Some 4.3 million people in NSW have now had three and four doses. This cohort is producing 520 hospitalized from covid each week, and some 130 dead. If they had stopped at two doses, then these 4.3 million people would be producing 240-odd hospitalizations per week, and a similarly halved death rate. About 70 extra deaths are occurring weekly in NSW at the moment due to the third and fourth vaccine doses from catching covid alone.

It is clear that the covid vaccination experiment has failed.

Some of the fourth dose rate might initially have been because it was rolled out to the most at risk first. But even so, it looks pretty bad.

Our NSW authorities ought to take a holiday in Bali, where they can ask the local pharmacists how they got on top of covid. Ivermectin, cheap and effective for early treatment.

Lefties Are Objectively Pro-Monkeypox

Lefties Are Objectively Pro-Monkeypox. By Stephen Green. I know that sounds like a terrible thing to say, but he has a point. Remember how in the early days of covid, Pelosi was telling Americans to go to Chinatown in SF, and that closing their borders or calling it a Chinese disease was racist? It’s like deja vu all over again.

A California state senator is sharing how to hide monkeypox symptoms before going out for a night of fun at San Francisco’s Up Your Alley street fair.

Senator Scott Wiener (really), a Democrat representing the 11th Senate District in the Bay Area, shared a “safety” guide that advised people to “cover it up with a bandaid or clothing before you go out” if they found any pox-looking bumps on their skin.

“There’s never been a better time,” a cartoon character named Douchie says, “to dress from top to bottom in latex or leather.”

I suppose not. But there also hasn’t been a better time to stay home for a weekend or three and catch up on reading. …

The Left’s silence on monkeypox — after more than two years of ceaseless and often counterproductive talk and action on COVID — is telling.

Democrats criticized President Ronald Reagan for never using the word “AIDS” in public (even though he did), but today they won’t publicly speak simple truths about who is catching monkeypox and how. …

So why is monkeypox safety getting the silent treatment?

Maybe it’s all about the money and power that come from declaring monkeypox an official Public Health Emergency, as PJ Media’s own Athena Thorne explained on Thursday:

“Authoritarian politicians and bureaucrats are having a tough time giving up the dictatorial powers afforded them by the Great COVID Powergrab, so the latest declaration is doubtless music to their ears.”

You can’t have a public health emergency without sick people. And if that means staying mum about who is catching monkeypox and how, then that’s exactly what the Left will do.

More power to the leftist bureaucratic state. Money to the right people perhaps? Maybe even an excuse to change voting rules again? What they are up to now?

Biden Administration Calls For Censorship On Energy

Biden Administration Calls For Censorship On Energy. By John Hinderaker.

Gina McCarthy, the Biden administration’s National Climate Advisor, is openly calling on tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to censor any dissent from the administration’s “green” fantasies. McCarthy says the tech companies “have to stop allowing” people to disagree with Biden.

In my opinion, Gina McCarthy and the Biden administration disseminate misinformation on climate and energy 24/7. But I think they should be “allowed” to do so. Truth will win out, but only if it is not censored.

It’s becoming ever more blatant.

They cannot win the argument except by censoring. The warmists were losing to the skeptics until 2013, when they and their tech buddies simply censored us.

When was the last time you heard, in the MSM, anyone sensible pointing out that the climate models exaggerate, their predictions so far have all been wrong, and that the warming to date has mostly not been due to the rising carbon dioxide? By simply excluding us from the public square and repeating their message ad naseum, most people now go along with their message. “If everyone says it, it must be right…”

The left is at War with Manhood

The left is at War with Manhood. By M. Jordan.

I see some fear rising these days from libs over losing a cultural war they thought they could suppress: manhood.

Dems will never be the party that makes a man feel good about his manliness. It’s anathema to their big agenda but also simply an ideology that won’t allow it. The feminization of society can only work after men have built and secured it. And it can only last until their beta males collapse into a puddle of goo.

The cycle is always, ever: Strong men build strong societies, strong societies create weak men, weak men create weak societies, weak societies create strong men.

We’re at that last phase. Expect a bright future.

Possibly related:

Amnesty Report Finds Ukraine is Using ‘Human Shields’

Amnesty Report Finds Ukraine is Using ‘Human Shields’. By Tyler Durden.

The Amnesty report said investigators had “found evidence of Ukrainian forces launching strikes from within populated residential areas, as well as basing themselves in civilian buildings in 19 towns and villages” in three war-torn regions of the country from April through July. …

The report detailed further that in 22 of 29 schools visited by an Amnesty team between April and July, investigators found evidence of prior military activity. Additionally, five instances of Ukrainian troops using hospitals as bases were documented. The report went so far as to stress Amnesty was “not aware” of instances where Ukrainian troops first tried to evacuate civilians from these locations. …

The Kremlin, meanwhile, said the report confirms what Russia has been saying for a long time.

Ukraine War Turning Nasty: the Brutal Russian Way of War

Ukraine War Turning Nasty: the Brutal Russian Way of War. By David Patrikarakos.

A cloud of thick smoke hangs over the occupied city of Kherson in Ukraine. Its very stench is evidence of Russian war crimes, on a scale almost too sickening to contemplate.

The smoke comes from mobile incinerators that are running night and day. Vladimir Putin’s paranoid soldiers are burning the corpses of Ukrainian citizens tortured and murdered on suspicion of helping the resistance. And they are dispatching the bodies of their own comrades too — hundreds of them. ..

The incinerators fill Kherson with the reek of charred flesh. There is no mistaking the smell and it adds to the pervasive sense of horror in this Black Sea port. It is a living hell.

News is leaking out, like it did in the 1930s:

I am in contact with pro-democracy activists inside the city who have managed — for the first time since the start of the occupation — to get information out …

They say many of the Russian troops are drunk all of the time. Arms, ammunition, kit and even food are in short supply for Putin’s blundering army — but vodka is always available in abundance. …

Poor and desperate Russian troops from the least civilized parts:

These soldiers are rounded up from the poorest regions of Putin’s empire, far away from St Petersburg and Moscow. No one in the main cities wants to have their sons sent to be butchered in occupied territory.

Instead, bribes are often offered in rural districts, where conditions are little different from the world of Tolstoy’s peasants. Many people are illiterate and generally ignorant of international news. They live largely without sanitation, in poverty and disease.

These families don’t want to send their young men to war either. But they cannot afford to refuse the government payouts.

And consequently, men from these regions are treated by the Kremlin as utterly disposable, lives without worth. Yet still, to return them to their villages in bodybags would be considered a military embarrassment — as well as an unwarranted expense — and so their remains are simply incinerated. …

What started as a relatively polite war between “brother nations” has turned into a death struggle:

When the Russians first occupied places such as Bucha, outside Kyiv, they were almost apologetic to Ukrainian citizens. On a ‘special military operation’ they’d been told would be over soon, these young men didn’t really want to be there. In an odd way, the invaders were almost pathetically friendly.

But then their comrades started to die. And the mood changed.

Now in Kherson, Russians are hunted by snipers, ambushed and bombed. Thanks to consignments of Western arms, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) has the power to inflict serious damage.


The weapon the Russians fear most is the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), supplied by the U.S. and capable of firing barrages of missiles from the back of an armoured lorry. Both manoeuvrable and lethally accurate, these rocket launchers are effectively unstoppable. They can wipe out an ammunition dump or a column of tanks in one hit.

I’m told that many of the rural Russian soldiers, who have never encountered such advanced military technology, are petrified: ‘They talk of the HIMARS almost as children do of dragons.’

The Ukrainians are exploiting this advantage. The last consignment of American HIMARS missiles was expected to sustain the AFU for a month. But they blazed off the whole lot in three days — and with devastating effects.

The resistance:

At the other end of the fightback are the insurgent youths, ambushing Russians with their daggers. Ukraine’s government does not want to admit this is happening, perhaps because it exposes how desperate the defence has become. But the Russians will not acknowledge it either, because they are ashamed by the damage these youngsters are inflicting.

Groups with knives, sometimes a handful and sometimes a marauding gang, attack Russians wherever they can — slashing them, stabbing them, cutting their throats if they get the chance.

Their fury reflects the hatred of ordinary Ukrainians for the invaders. Putin’s continued pretence that people in the coastal cities have welcomed his army as liberators could not be further from the truth.

At the outset of the war, last February, some older Ukrainians with rose-tinted nostalgia for the Soviet Union did have sympathy for the Russian cause. But not any more.

The barbaric obliteration of Mariupol stunned people of all ages. It was unforgivable. Above all, it convinced Ukrainians who were in any doubt that the Kremlin would stop at nothing to conquer their land — even genocide. …

On the pretence of rooting out resistance cells, the soldiers break down doors and march into houses at any hour. They torture and rape the inhabitants, and kill them. Property is destroyed or looted. These are not isolated incidents. It is going on all over Kherson — every day, every night. The anger this unleashes in all the inhabitants, including the very youngest, is palpable. …

Special hatred is reserved for collaborators, those who assist the Russians. They are killed by the resistance, but not before their death sentence has been publicly proclaimed. Photocopied leaflets, printed in secret, are distributed throughout the city. Faces of suspected collaborators are reproduced from grainy photographs, and their names exposed. The last hours for those condemned must be sheer terror. …

Both sides now live in constant terror of what their enemy will do.

The Russians know they have only the most precarious hold on Kherson and will probably be driven out in the end, whether that takes weeks or years. Ukrainian surrender is never going to happen.

That is why Putin’s soldiers are using incinerators. Mass graves leave behind evidence of war crimes. By burning the bodies, they destroy the evidence. …

Imagine being a Russian soldier:

British defence secretary Ben Wallace warned back in February, before the invasion, that this could be Russia’s unofficial policy. The Ministry of Defence released footage of a mobile crematorium, mounted on a lorry …

‘Being a soldier, knowing that trundling behind you is a way to evaporate you if you are killed in battle probably says everything you need to know about the Russian regime.’ …

Bottom line:

However the Russians try to disguise it, this is mass murder of civilians on a scale not seen in Europe since World War II.

There are too many reports like this — it’s not just propaganda. It aligns with Russian atrocities of last century all too well.

The Russian way of war has always been brutal, perhaps as part of their Mongol legacy. In this century, however, it is not going to win them any friends because it is completely unacceptable.

South Africa has become a gangster state: Model for the upcoming world?

South Africa has become a gangster state: Model for the upcoming world? By Brian Pottinger.

During his 1999-2008 form, [the former South African president Thabo Mbeki] … introduced a state-sanctioned system of race-based extortion of wealth and opportunity under the guise of black empowerment, ushered in a new era of political cronyism, and gave rise to a new and truly avaricious economic elite, a multi-tentacled screen of parasites through which little national wealth percolates to the masses.

In The Mbeki Legacy, I labelled Mbeki a de-moderniser, for the simple reason that through ideological misdirection, he severely weakened the country’s institutional capacity, something the entirely malignant former president Jacob Zuma later took full advantage of to create his gangster state. …

The state is shriveling due to incompetence and corruption. Private organizations are rising to take its place:

President Ramaphosa, once hailed as the modernising saviour of the country after the depredations of his predecessor, has not turned the country away from its trajectory towards a failed state. Institutional collapse is obvious in many state and para-state institutions and physical infrastructure is dire. Those citizens who can afford to have turned to private suppliers of health care, security and education. Going off-grid is now a staple of dinner conversation. …

The feuding ANC and its bankrupt state apparatus have lost real influence in the lives of ordinary citizens: so much so that an organisation called Afriforum, initially an Afrikaner civil rights group but now enjoying wide support across all race groups because of its feisty legal defence of wronged citizens, has stated its intention to make communities “state-proof”, ending their reliance on state-provided services.

All of this is a direct consequence of Ramaphosa’s refusal to reverse the core drivers of collapse and the enablers of corruption: race-based economic empowerment policies, inappropriate state appointments, expensive social welfare programmes, land seizures and a culture of impunity at all levels of state and elected office. …

Ultimately, it may not matter much who governs South Africa. The existential threat faced by the country is the terrifying loss of skills, much of it driven out by the ANC’s affirmative action policies. Collapsed state training and educational institutions cannot introduce black candidates at sufficient a rate. There is the rub. …

Without a competent state the nation will devolve into communal zones. The rich will live well. The poor will endure. The gaps will grow. This cantonising of the country is already happening and it is still largely around apartheid-era geographical divisions. The threat is therefore not popular uprising but decay: social, economic, political and cultural, just like the old days.

South Africa is ruled by a racist communist Party, and is rapidly devolving back to the pre-modern era. South Africa cannot sustain a society that exhibits modernity and upholds the enlightenment and democracy.

The left refuse to deal with race or IQ honestly. They refuse to see what is happening in South Africa. They don’t want to know.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Black Women Can Say These Things

Black Women Can Say These Things. By Janet Albrechtsen.

If we are honest, right now in this modern era there are some things that only a woman can say. And there are other things that only a woman of colour can say.

It’s fortunate, then, that in Australia we have Jacinta Nampijinpa Price. Equally lucky, the British have a woman called Kemi Badenoch.

Both women are tremendously frank about challenging the status quo … These are matters that most people refuse to question. Many favour the status quo for ideological reasons. Some have vested interests. Others are too scared to speak up for fear of Twitter storms and losing their jobs. …

Kemi Badenoch:

When Badenoch concluded her Tory leadership pitch by quoting American writer Thomas Sowell — “if you want to help people, tell them the truth; if you want to help yourself, tell them what they want to hear” — it wasn’t an empty platitude.

The bureaucracy versus the elected minister:

Badenoch, a minister for only a few years, has already walked the talk. She is among a handful of ­important, credible and measured voices to thoughtfully challenge the gender development practices at Tavistock clinic, which, until recently was regarded as a world’s best practice in treating children who questioned their gender.

Late last month, Tavistock was ordered to close following an independent review. Paediatrician Dr Hilary Cass found that the clinic in north London was hurrying young children into hormone-blocking treatments.

Writing in The Times a few days later, Badenoch, who became Equalities Minister in 2020, exposed the medical, bureaucratic, and activist obstacles that she faced simply by wanting to listen to many different perspectives around the complex issue of treating children who experience gender distress.

When Badenoch wanted to listen to Keira Bell, a young woman who gave harrowing evidence about being given puberty blockers at 16, and having her breasts cut off at 20, civil servants in her department told Badenoch it would be “inappropriate to speak to Bell”.

She faced selective leaks by her department when she spoke with whistleblowers from Tavistock, and other concerned citizens.

There is, she says, a small minority of activists within her bureaucracy who “are the tail wagging the dog” while more senior department heads are too scared to challenge their own staff.

“A minister asking tricky questions can be stopped in their tracks by accusations of stoking ‘culture wars’,” she writes. …

Jacinta Price:

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is no follower of stubborn, entrenched orthodoxy. That orthodoxy ignores shocking levels of violence that Indigenous people inflict on one another, much of it, but not all of it, men against women and children. Condemning a racist remark at a footy game attracts more attention than the tragic death of an Indigenous child by an Indigenous parent. ­Exploring violence within Indigenous communities raises challenging cultural questions.

Price’s maiden speech 10 days ago was one for the ages. She traversed complex issues by searching for truth, not succumbing to platitudes. Price denounced pointless virtue-signalling, and demanded solutions — real change — to save Australia’s most vulnerable citizens from the nightmare of violence and terror. …

She took aim at large sections of the media that ignore the culture of ­violence within Indigenous communities, the deaths in jail of Indigenous people at the hands of other Indigenous people, and the causes of disproportionately high levels of incarceration: poor parenting, child abuse and neglect, poor school attendance, and unemployment.

“We spend days and weeks each year recognising Aboriginal Australia in many ways, in symbolic gestures that fail to push the needle one micromillimetre toward improving the lives of the most marginalised in any genuine way,” she said.

On the voice to parliament, Price challenged the Prime Minister to show how the voice will deliver practical outcomes rather than further divide Australians on the basis of their race. “I personally have had more than my fill of being symbolically recognised,” she said. “It would be far more dignifying if we were recognised and respected as individuals in our own right who are not simply defined by our racial heritage but by the content of our character.”

Price is in parliament because of the content of her character. Not gender quotas. Not racial favours. She has earned her place in parliament. Her character will ensure she rises above the mediocrity of the place. …

Follow the money:

Price confronts more than 30 years of obstruction from bureaucracies, activists and pusillanimous politicians.

When Price took aim last week at the “gravy train” of Indigenous activists who have been consulted uphill and down dale about Indigenous disadvantage, with no discernible change to the terror within Indigenous communities, she was accused of being offensive.

Notice how the left use the fear of being socially isolated or having made a social faux pas to steer people. Disagree with them? Then they call you “offensive” to imply that you have violated the social norms.

It’s nearly always complete BS. It just means they want you to change your mind, or at least to shut up. If you’re not getting called “offensive” and “racist” occasionally, then you’re not over the target.

hat-tip Stephen Neil