The Right’s Demographic Debacle in Victoria

The Right’s Demographic Debacle in Victoria. By Ryan Anderson.

The sad fact remains that [Dan] Andrews and the ALP continue to be broadly popular, and are on track to win yet another term of government come the next election, due in 2022. … [Yet], hardly a month has gone by without an ALP ineptitude of some kind or another. …

Dan Andrews is the demographic winner

As has happened in a variety of locales across the Western world, large-scale demographic change has heavily favoured parties of the Left, rendering the Right impotent and largely useless. …

And so too it is here in Victoria. The Liberals’ share of the overall vote declines as their dominance in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs is eclipsed by the growth in population (and the associated ALP vote) in other parts of town. The ALP is now comfortably ahead in the immigration-fuelled, high-growth regions of Melbourne’s north and west, holding all but three of the thirteen seats that have populations of 10 per cent more than the state average. The ALP also holds all of the fifteen fastest-growing suburban areas and almost forty of the forty-five electorates with the greatest number of (soon to be ALP-voting) children.

Thus, to answer our initial paradox: the incompetence of Andrews and his government … is almost irrelevant, as “the people” are overwhelmingly on his and the ALP’s side. With the Liberals losing middle-income local “progressives” and lower-income migrants, they are pushing against demography.

Which is why Andrews can be as incompetent as he likes, as nothing the opposition says or does really matters much. A switch of leadership from Michael O’Brien — a man almost unknown to the broader Victorian public — to Tim Smith, or whomever, will do little to change the attitudes and voting habits of the bulk of the people in the increasingly important western half of the city: that is, a people which views the Liberal Party as an anachronism and votes accordingly.

This realisation must have dawned among the wiser heads of the Victorian Liberals. A brief glance overseas at the broader movements and correlations between immigration, demographic change and left-of-centre political dominance should have made this long evident.

This explicit connection between immigration and a leftward shift in politics was outlined by Helen Andrews last year in the article “How Early Immigration Shifted Our Politics Permanently to the Left” in the American Conservative, concerning the twentieth-century US experience. Ann Coulter was writing about the subject in 2015, and Michael Anton in his 2020 book The Stakes describes how his once Republican home state of California came to be coloured a deeply toned, and deeply dysfunctional, Democratic blue.

Thus the Victorian Liberals are yet another right-of-centre party that is finally having to confront the (largely predictable) consequences of the gaping contradictions inherent in their own policies and ideology. Their decades-long reliance on immigration to stoke economic growth (John Howard, for example, doubled the immigration intake) did achieve the narrow economic goal of a sufficiently buoyant economy (almost thirty years without a recession, before Covid). Yet their failure to contend with the deeper electoral changes that such a demographic shift has wrought has left them in a rather pathetic position, unable to exert influence on events.

The Right therefore finds itself at an impasse. Howard’s dream that the Liberals were a “broad church” that was able to unite “both economic liberalism and social conservatism” was always a fantasy. As Victoria has shown, social and economic liberalism — which emaciates social capital, erodes the birth-rate, and is reliant on immigration for economic growth — destroys the possibility of any type of healthy, socially-conservative society. This sad truth is occasionally acknowledged by the federal Liberal Party, as they make cosmetic changes to the social fabric (such as Morrison’s recent change to the National Anthem) whilst continuing full-steam-ahead with the demographic and economic changes that have made themselves and their party increasingly irrelevant.

Victoria is the Australian state most advanced along the Californian path towards ethnic and racial tribalisation, and permanent leftist rule.

Demographics is destiny. But we don’t have to import our destiny — it’s optional, not compulsory.

Anything That Is Not Censored Is A Lie

Anything That Is Not Censored Is A Lie. By Mark Jeftovic.

On the ivermectin example:

Brett Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist who has studied bats … was recently on Triggernometry, the UK based podcast … It turns out that neither Weinstein nor Triggernometry can say the word “Ivermectin” in their shows. If they do they’ll get an automatic takedown by YouTube and a strike on Facebook for violating community standards.

Matt Taibbi recently posed the question “Why has ‘Ivermectin’ become a dirty word?” He cites Dr. Pierre Kory in his testimony to a US Senate Committee hearing on medical responses to COVID-19 in December 2020. Kory was referring to an existing medicine that was already FDA approved that he was describing as a “wonder drug” in treating COVID-19, that drug was Ivermectin.

This Senate testimony was televised and viewed by approximately 8 million people. YouTube removed the video of this exchange. They later suspended the account of the United States senator who invited Dr. Kory to speak. …

Associated Press for their part “fact checked” the senate testimony, and because, in their words “there is no evidence that Ivermectin is a ‘miracle drug’ against COVID”, they labeled it as false:

CLAIM: The antiparasitic drug ivermectin “has a miraculous effectiveness that obliterates” the transmission of COVID-19 and will prevent people from getting sick.
AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. There’s no evidence ivermectin has been proven a safe or effective treatment against COVID-19.

First, I find it a little presumptuous for a wire service to be fact checking senate testimony. Isn’t the job of the committee holding the hearing largely that of fact-finding? Isn’t that the entire point? The ostensible role of the press should have been to simply report on what happened. What we got instead was an editorial wrapped in a logical fallacy (appeal to ignorance) that was passed off as some sort of objective truth. …

The censorship has gone too far for most people. So the mainstream/left media is starting to sink:

It may turn out that there is a saturation level of manufactured narrative that the public can be led to believe or tolerate and beyond that point it all begins to look like hyperreality. Not only do fewer people believe it anymore, more of them are done with even pretending to believe it.

With too many things that were presented to us as truthful information over the last year turning out to be wrong, or a lie and almost everything that was dismissed as “already debunked conspiracy theory” turning out to have more substance, we may be crossing that point now.

The biggest audiences to be found aren’t on CNN or MSNBC anymore, but most of the people still watching TV are watching FOX, mainly because Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are calling b/s on nearly every establishment talking point.

Joe Rogan has a larger audience than Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon combined. So too does Steve Bannon, btw. The few times I’ve been on his Warroom I was astounded at the reach of his audience. According to company sources he’s doing between 2.5 and 3.5 million downloads per day. …

Zerohedge has more traffic than Huffington Post, Vox, Vice, The Atlantic and pretty well any of the other bluecheck day camps for aspiring establishment shills. …

It may seem like the censorship is absolute and that the narrative and the spin is overwhelming. But take solace that it only appears that way because the facade is breaking. As more people realize that the centralized technocratic system is failing, those who’s privilege and position are premised on it have to double down, triple down. They have to burn the boats. They’re fully committed now and because they have no other choice they have to overstep and overreach. Too much, too soon. Too late.

One-third says Biden won ‘only due to voter fraud,’ 80% want voter ID

One-third says Biden won ‘only due to voter fraud,’ 80% want voter ID. By Paul Bedard.

Despite the media’s best efforts to mock claims of 2020 voting fraud, or “the Big Lie,” one-third of the nation believes President Joe Biden beat former President Donald Trump “only due to voter fraud.”

What’s more, as Democrats, the president, and media allies team up to slam voter identification as an intimidation tactic, a surprising 80% want it.

And the latest Monmouth University poll on voting and elections said that the country is divided on mail-in balloting …

The new survey is somewhat of a blow to the mainstream narrative that the public wants easy and expanded access to voting and doesn’t believe reports of fraud during the 2020 voting process.

Monmouth said the most notable finding was that 8 in 10 adults want voter ID. Just 18% oppose it. … Said the analysis:

One-third (32%) of Americans continue to believe that Joe Biden’s victory in 2020 was due to voter fraud — a number that has not budged since the November election. … Furthermore, 14% of the American public say they will never accept Biden as president

Glenn Reynolds:

The effort to marginalize this view appears to have failed.

Despite the non-stop propaganda, censorship, and cancellations.

As Rebellion Against Critical Race Theory Grows, Left Turns to Denial, Dismissal

As Rebellion Against Critical Race Theory Grows, Left Turns to Denial, Dismissal. By Jarrett Stepman.

Americans are waking up to the threat posed by critical race theory, which is often presented behind a cloak of secrecy and the banner of social justice, and across the country, they are now fighting back.

The Biden administration may have reversed former President Donald Trump’s ban on critical race theory and so-called anti-racist training in government agencies, but Americans from a diverse set of backgrounds are now making this a national fight, which is dramatically playing out on the local and state level.

What has been the response from the left to this popular rebellion against critical race theory?

Denial and dismissal.

When asked about debates over critical race theory taking place at school board meetings in Northern Virginia, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, earlier this month called it a “right-wing conspiracy” made up by Republicans. …

Others on the left have said that critical race theory has been too broadly defined by opponents and legislatures that want to remove it from public institutions. It’s just an insignificant school issue, they insist: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Critical race theory is bad, you say? We’ve never heard of it, but stop trying to stop it, fascist!

These dismissive rebukes miss the point that many Americans reject the broad range of woke racial ideology that is broadly being promoted by activists, media, corporations, bureaucrats, and even the military to destructive effect.

The left deliberately keep the terms “white supremacy” and “racist” undefined, in order that they have maximum effect when bullying people. You cannot deny what is undefined.

It’s clear that critical race theory is not just diversity or sensitivity training, but an attempt to remake American society entirely defined by race, with its end result being a kind of neo-segregation, where opaquely defined “systemic” racism, “white supremacy,” and inequity are “combated” with more racism. …

The rebellion against critical race theory is real, and the movement is growing. It has become a serious threat to the agenda of woke social justice crusaders, who apparently thought the revolution was complete.

Opponents are now beginning to win this fight. It turns out that when people actually learn what critical race theory is — and more importantly, how its proponents want to put it into practice — a majority stands in opposition.

The left are greatly outnumbered on their race obsessions, and will eventually lose. But they win in the meantime, and it is a great distraction that keeps the political discussion away from class issues and how the rich elitists got to be that way.

Reaping what you sowed: Feminist Fantasist Cancelled by Trans Activists from the Most Falsely-Educated Generation in History

Reaping what you sowed: Feminist Fantasist Cancelled by Trans Activists from the Most Falsely-Educated Generation in History. By Declan Mansfield.

I admired Rowling because she encouraged more children to read than any other writer in history. …

But nothing is perfect and I do not like everything about Ms Rowling or Harry Potter. Fantasy, to put this in perspective, may stimulate our imaginations but it can distort our ability to see the world as it really is. ..

And Rowling has lived in the fantasy world of feminism her whole life. This has led her to unfairly attack her ideological opponents. Robust debate is necessary in a liberal democracy, but intellectual dishonesty should never be accepted. And there has been nothing, in recent years, more patronisingly moral, malicious and virtue signalling, at least until the advent of critical social justice, than the feminist establishment attacking anyone who criticises feminism. Specious claims of “sexism” or “misogyny” have become commonplace. Everyday words, which have had their meaning hollowed out by the scattergun approach of feminists, have been weaponised to create a culture where anything other than the outright worship of women for their unparalleled wisdom and virtue is now considered misogynistic. I don’t, for example, believe that women are made of sugar and spice and all things nice any more than I believe that all men are rapists. The sad thing is that this attitude, and the censorship that follows from this sensibility, is now the default position of contemporary culture. And Rowling has played a prominent role in creating the present-day politics of censorship.

Rowling’s, and other left-wing activist’s treatment of the Irish writer and Quadrant contributor Kevin Myers, who was falsely accused of anti-semitism, is one of the disgraces of modern journalism. Myers’ heresy, was not, as Rowling pretended, anti-semitism, but his criticisms of feminism. … Rowling was more responsible than any other public figure for the cancellation of Kevin Myers. …

I disagree with J. K. Rowling’s politics, which are based, in part, on the feminist nonsense of the patriarchy and the pervasive stupidity of the “you go, girl” generation. Patriarchy and the idea of social construction are the twin pillars of feminist philosophy. The “patriarchy”, if we can dignify an idea which ignores huge chunks of history to score an ideological point, is simply the history of men and women using the division of labour to survive. As the world has changed, so have the relations between men and women. The biggest and most positive change has been the advent of capitalism, which created the contraceptive pill and also the welfare state, which freed women from relying on men to provide for their own and their children’s material needs. …

J. K. Rowling’s feminist view of the world is … misguided because feminist thought is opposed to everything that has allowed the modern world to develop. Women’s liberation has occurred despite feminism not because of it.

Rowling deserves criticism because free speech is the only thing that keeps the barbarians outside the gates. …

I take no pleasure in saying this, but feminists are reaping what they’ve sowed. They’ve cancelled people for decades. The supreme irony about trans rights activists trying to cancel Rowling is that it was the feminist philosophy of socially constructed gender that led to the trans claim that biology is not a necessary condition of sexual identity. And it was the Harry Potter series that played a part, a small part, but a part nonetheless, in creating a generation that believes in the power of magic over reality.

The vision of feminists walking into a trap of their own making would be an exquisite irony if it wasn’t so disastrous for freedom, human rights and democracy around the world. …

It is a disgrace to the civilised notions of free speech and liberal democracy that trans rights activists are trying to cancel her for saying something that most of the world believes and has believed since the beginning of recorded history. …

What is an even bigger disgrace is that critical social justice activists, working behind the scenes in our public institutions, are cancelling everyone they don’t like. Take note, things are afoot that are an affront to the rights of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.

We’ve spent hundreds of years creating the foundations of a liberal-democratic order — in other words, not destroying people because they hold a different opinion; and now, the most falsely-educated generation in history is stealthily reintroducing the politics of identity through a takeover of our institutions and dominance of the public square. As Voltaire said, “No opinion is worth burning your neighbour”. …

Biology, not make believe, is the horizon of who we are as human beings. Even Heidegger, the greatest philosophical exponent of the social construction of human psychology, knew that some things are “pre-ontological”, in other words, biologically real. We can’t escape what Heidegger called ‘facticity’, which is the actual, not imagined, reality of the boundaries of our individual lives.

Having an IQ of 83 or being six-foot-two are facts we can’t change. Forcing people to say that you are intellectually gifted or that you are petite doesn’t change reality. And lying to people about who or what they are doesn’t help. It just postpones the inevitable confrontation with the reality of the world.

There has been a huge upsurge of politically-inspired fantasies in the last four decades, led by the feminists. It works politically because truth is not allowed to puncture the fantasies soon enough. The left — aided by its media and big-tech monopolies — cancels the truth tellers.

But all good leftist revolutions always end with infighting among the lefty leaders, as they turn their tactics on one another. Expect more of the above.

Career Advice for Men: Stay Away from BHP

Career Advice for Men: Stay Away from BHP. By Janet Albrechtsen.

Parents, please revise career advice to your sons. Tell them BHP is not the right employer for them.

The Big Australian has turned on men to such an extent that working at this company is so skewed against them that it makes little sense to work hard, do well and look for promotion. …

According to analysis by accounting firm BDO of remuneration data of 57,000 workers in the Australian mining industry, women are appointed to managerial roles nearly a decade earlier than men.

On average women are appointed to their first managerial roles at 42, while men had to wait until they were, on average, 51. Fair? Only if male employees are so lacking in experience as to warrant this difference. …

Maybe a US court can deliver justice:

Burak Powers worked at BHP in the US. He is suing the Big Australian in a Texas court, claiming punitive damages because he was passed over for promotion in favour of less qualified and experienced women. Powers points to two critical facts: BHP headquarters in Australia set an “aspirational” goal of 50 per cent gender parity by 2025, and the company pays bonuses tied to these sex-based targets to encourage managers to hire women over men.

Powers says BHP is guilty of a “systemic pattern of top-down sex discrimination”. He claims he has received only positive performance reviews since starting at BHP as part of its exclusive Future Emerging Leaders Program. Until he was told his position was abolished. Then he learned the job was re-created, minus an open interview process, and offered to a female worker in Melbourne. On each of three occasions, Powers claims, he was overlooked for promotion while women less qualified than him were promoted. …

Equality of outcomes ignores merit and preferences — it is just a corrupt way of cheating for those with less ability or less usual preferences within their identity group:

There is a point when the blind pursuit of equity becomes deeply inequitable. It would be better if schools and broader society encouraged girls to consider subjects and university degrees that led to a career in mining. Much fairer than the BHP model of management trying to shoehorn a 50-50 gender balance from an adult candidate pool that is 26 per cent female. That is a recipe for discrimination, unfairness and poor hiring decisions.

For example, the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission recently found the Queensland Police Service, in search of the magical 50-50 gender balance, has been guilty of discrimination against hundreds of male officers. …

The golden skirts:

The sole beneficiaries of these policies are those who push it the most. They have become known as the golden skirts — the 20 to 30 per cent of female members in a candidate pool who may be getting promotions they don’t deserve, up to 10 years earlier than men, going by evidence from the mining industry. The golden skirts have already taken hold of company boards where females are the beneficiaries of quotas.

Just try applying for a board position if you’re an exceptionally talented 60-year-old white bloke. That mix doesn’t tick a single box in corporate Australia any more.

It’s happening elsewhere. At the Bar, gendered briefing policies put young male barristers behind the eight ball.

And now it’s taking hold in large companies such as BHP, where the message to your son is: don’t go to work for BHP or those other companies that make hiring and promotion decisions on the basis of sex. Or if you do take a job there straight out of school, do it for a few years to build your CV. Then skedaddle, before gendered promotions are made.

Working for a female manager who was promoted 10 years too early because she’s female rather than a better candidate doesn’t make for a happy workplace.

This also makes BHP shares a long-term sell.

Australian Senate Bans Critical Race Theory from Classrooms

Australian Senate Bans Critical Race Theory from Classrooms. By James Morrow.

The Senate voted Monday night to call on the federal government to keep contentious “critical race theory” doctrines out of the national curriculum.

By a vote of 30-28, the Senate supported a notice of motion put forward by One Nation leader Pauline Hanson calling “on the federal government to reject critical race theory from the national curriculum.” …

Speaking at a conservative conference in Texas last week, Republican Senator Ted Cruz blasted critical race theory, saying it “says every white person is a racist.”

“Critical race theory says America’s fundamentally racist and irredeemably racist. Critical race theory seeks to turn us against each other and if someone has a different colour skin, seeks to make us hate that person.”

“And let me tell you right now, critical race theory is bigoted, it is a lie and it is every bit as racist as the Klansmen in white sheets,” Senator Cruz said.

Female Weightlifter Suffers Tragic Testicle Injury Just Weeks Before Tokyo Olympics

Female Weightlifter Suffers Tragic Testicle Injury Just Weeks Before Tokyo Olympics. By the Babylon Bee (nb: satrical).

100% totally female weightlifter Laurel Hubbard was forced to bid farewell to her Olympic dreams yesterday after a tragic accident left her with a severely lacerated testicle. Hubbard would have been the first transgender woman to compete in the Olympics. …

Hubbard was something of a controversial figure at this year’s games given that she was born a biological male and competed as a male weightlifter until 2013. Many critics argued that this gave her an unfair advantage compared to female weightlifters, but Hubbard says that’s ridiculous.

“Sure, there are some biological differences like bone density and muscle strength between the sexes,” Hubbard said. “But none of those gives me an unfair advantage in weightlifting, which is really more about finesse and technique!”

Hubbard said while she’s disappointed she won’t be able to live out her Olympic dreams this year, that’s just the way it goes. “Sometimes your testicles get in the way,” Hubbard said. “That’s just something we gals have to deal with.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Down a Black Hole: Even the hard sciences are no longer immune to the ongoing racial hysteria

Down a Black Hole: Even the hard sciences are no longer immune to the ongoing racial hysteria. By Heather Mac Donald.

That is a lacuna that an astronomy course at Cornell University aims to prevent. “Black Holes: Race and the Cosmos” asks the question, “Is there a connection between the cosmos and the idea of racial blackness?”

Anyone familiar with academia’s racial monomania knows the answer: of course there is! Though “conventional wisdom,” according to the catalog description of “Black Holes: Race and the Cosmos,” holds that the “‘black’ in black holes has nothing to do with race,” astronomy professor Nicholas Battaglia and comparative literature professor Parisa Vaziri know better.

Battaglia and Vaziri puncture the “conventional wisdom” by drawing on theorists such as Emory University English professor Michelle Wright. Wright’s book, The Physics of Blackness: Beyond the Middle Passage Epistemology, invokes “Newton’s laws of motion and gravity” and “theoretical particle physics” to “subvert racist assumptions about Blackness.” The Cornell course also studies music by Sun Ra and Outkast to “conjure blackness through cosmological themes.”



The humanities and much of the social sciences have been beyond parody and beyond shame for a long time. What’s different about “Black Holes: Race and the Cosmos” is its co-listing in an actual science department. …

It is not surprising that astronomy would be an early adopter of race theory, and that Cornell would lead the way. Many astronomy departments have been on the forefront of campus identity politics, eliminating the physics GRE as a requirement for graduate study, for example, on the ground that it has a disparate impact on female, black, and Hispanic students.

Cornell’s astronomy department will not even allow prospective graduate students to submit the general GRE or the physics GRE. Cornell’s engineering department accepts female undergraduates at over two and a half times the rate of male students, to yield an engineering class that is majority female. This is hardly an accident. Twice as many male as female intending engineering students apply for admission; the average male math SAT score is significantly higher than the average female score, and males predominate at the upper reaches of the curve.

Astronomy lacks immediate factual feedback, so theorizing and social dynamics hold sway over actual evidence. Origin of the universe? Fashions constantly change — no theory stays on top for more than a few years. (After hearing the latest more important-est theory a few times, the rest of us learn to tune them out.) Like a climate scientist, an astronomer can be wrong for decades — a whole career even — and never be contradicted by empirical evidence.

PS  Don’t hire engineers from Cornell.

“Just Blind Chance”: The Rising Call For “Random Selection” For College Admissions

“Just Blind Chance”: The Rising Call For “Random Selection” For College Admissions. By Jonathon Turley.

Random selection is not generally an approach that most people opt for in the selection of doctors or even restaurants or a movie. However, it appears to be the new model for some in higher education. Former Barnard College mathematics professor Cathy O’Neil has written a column calling for “random selection” of all college graduates to guarantee racial diversity. It is ever so simple: “Never mind optional standardized tests. If you show interest, your name goes in a big hat.” She is not the only one arguing for blind or random admissions.

Recently, University of California President Janet Napolitano announced that the entire system will no longer base admissions on standardized tests — joining a “test-blind” admissions movement nationally. Others have denounced standardized testing as vehicles for white supremacy. Education officials like Alison Collins, vice president of the San Francisco Board of Education, have declared meritocracy itself to be racist. There is a growing criticism that the problem with higher education is that it relies on merit rather than status as the driving criteria for admissions. …

Not the way to train doctors or engineers:

O’Neil and others are arguing not just for blind but actually random selection to achieve true diversity. O’Neil argues that it would also “take the pressure off students to conform to the prevailing definition of the ideal candidate” and allow them “to be kids again, smoking pot and getting laid in between reading Dostoyevsky and writing bad poetry.”

In her column, O’Neil admits that there is a “downside” like the fact that “applications to the most selective colleges would soar, causing acceptance rates to plunge and leaving the ‘strongest’ candidates with little chance of getting into their chosen schools.” However, she treats the downside of eliminating the value of actually doing well in high school and tests as just a question of privilege: “The kids who struggled to get perfect grades, who spent their high school years getting really good at obscure yet in-demand sports, the legacies and the offspring of big donors, would lose their advantages.” …

Schools really strongly want to discriminate on the basis of race:

Blind selection is the final default position for many schools. Universities have spent decades working around court decisions limiting the reliance on race as an admissions criterion. Many still refuse to disclose the full data on scores and grades for admitted students. If faced with a new decision further limiting (or entirely eliminating) race as a criterion, blind selection would effectively eliminate any basis for judicial review. …

China moving up, USA moving down:

The push for blind or random admissions is the ultimate sign of the decadence of society. What O’Neil is describing is a system designed for the intellectual dilettante. Of course, countries like China are moving to dominate the world economy with kids who are not focusing on good sex and bad poetry. Higher education has long been based on intellectual achievement and discovery. Admission to higher ranked schools has been a key motivating factor for millions of students, including the children of many first generation Americans. Their achievement has translated into national advancement in science and the economy. It has served to bring greater opportunities and growth for all Americans.

Sure bud:

And, when the world discovers that bad poetry holds the key to the new global economy, we will once again rise as a world power.

How I Left Academia, or, How Academia Left Me

How I Left Academia, or, How Academia Left Me. By Michael Robillard.

Some of the more blatant contradictions and hypocrisies found on the left warrant our explicit acknowledgement.

  • Western science is an oppressive structure of the white male patriarchy that we are dutybound to oppose and deconstruct, but we must trust the latest Covid biomedical data.
  • We must trust the latest Covid biomedical data, but the biomedical categories of male and female are just social constructs.
  • The categories of male and female are just social constructs which can be chosen at will, but the category of race cannot be similarly chosen at will because race is ostensibly an objective natural kind. But race is also just a social construct.
  • But neither of these previous claims are true since race doesn’t refer to anything at all because there is only one race, the human race. But whites oppress blacks.
  • Objective evolutionary data discredits God and objective morality, but that same evolutionary data as it relates to heritable features due to race is suddenly just a social construct again.
  • We are in a radically relativistic, post-truth world, but we must guard against conservative fake news. There is no historical meta-narrative, but the events of slavery and colonialism are undeniable objective facts.
  • The patriarchy of Christianity is bad, but the patriarchy of Islam, of the very same Abrahamic tradition, is to be lauded and venerated.
  • Obesity is a social construct but also a marker of objective health at any weight.
  • Atheist materialist science proves that life is fundamentally meaningless and worthless, but for heaven’s sake, will someone please think of the rights, dignity, and intrinsic value of animals and future generations threatened by climate change.
  • A priori Mathematics and Logic are just socially constructed systems of oppression.
  • There is no such thing as objective truth, but CNN reports just the facts. And what do we even mean by ‘truth’ anyway?

And so on. …

Such arguments are often deployed from such folks with a self-satisfied air of condescension and a near total lack of gratitude for anything and everything their fellow countrymen or forebears have sacrificed on their behalf, making the luxury of sustaining such superfluous and nonsensical arguments even possible in the first place.

I can honestly say now, having seen both sides, that during my time in the military I met folks who were markedly less conformist, far more open-minded, and far less vindictive towards peers and colleagues who dared to entertain or voice alternative viewpoints. My academic peers should reflect upon that last sentence carefully. …

Farewell academia, I disavow you.

hat-tip Jeremy, Stephen Neil

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the price of truth speech on Islam

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the price of truth speech on Islam. By Raymond Ibrahim.

Criticism against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is again on the rise, now that his nation is set to take the presidency of the Visegrad group of Central European nations next month. …

Speaking back in 2015, during the heyday of mass Muslim migration into Europe, … the prime minister went on to invoke history — and not in the politically correct way (to condemn Christians and whitewash Muslims) but according to reality:

I have to say that when it comes to living together with Muslim communities, we are the only ones who have experience because we had the possibility to go through that experience for 150 years.

Orbán was referring to Islam’s conquest and occupation of Hungary from 1541 to 1699.  Then, Islamic jihad, terrorism, and Christian persecution were rampant.

Indeed, on this very day in history, on June 15, 1389, a horde of Muslim Turks met and crushed a coalition of Serbs, Hungarians, Poles, and Romanians, at the pivotal Battle of Kosovo.

Thereafter, much of southeastern Europe, including Hungary, and portions of modern day Russia, was conquered, occupied, and terrorized by the Turks — sometimes in ways that make Islamic State atrocities seem like child’s play.  (Think of the beheadings, crucifixions, massacres, slave markets, and rapes that have become IS trademarks — but on a much grander scale, and for centuries.)

Still, to Western “progressives,” such histories and the lessons they impart are meaningless.  Thus, in an article titled “Hungary has been shamed by Viktor Orbán’s government,” the Guardian mocked and trivialized the prime minister’s position:

Hungary has a history with the Ottoman empire, and Orbán is busy conjuring it. The Ottoman empire is striking back, he warns. They’re taking over! Hungary will never be the same again!… Hence the wire; hence the army; hence, as from today, the state of emergency; hence the fierce, unrelenting rhetoric of hatred. Because that is what it has been from the very start: sheer, crass hostility and slander.

Similarly, after acknowledging that Hungary was once occupied by the Ottomans — though without any mention of the atrocities it experienced — the Washington Post complained that “it’s somewhat bizarre to think this rather distant past of warlords and rival empires ought to influence how a 21st century nation addresses the needs of refugees.”

Unable, or rather unwilling, to appreciate the continuity of Islam’s history with the West — many Muslims in Europe, including migrants, maintain their ancestors’ hostility for “infidels” — the so-called “mainstream media” fall back to default: they accuse Orbán of being a “racist,” “xenophobic,” a man “full of hate speech,” and Europe’s “creeping dictator.” Sounding like the mafia boss of the Left, the Guardian simply refers to him as a “problem” that needs to be “solved.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Tucker Carlson Is Asked if He’s Vaccinated and His Answer Is All-Time

Tucker Carlson Is Asked if He’s Vaccinated and His Answer Is All-Time. By Bonchie.

Why does Ben Smith or anyone besides Tucker’s family need to know his vaccination status? The answer is that they don’t. This creepy obsession with demanding private medical information from other people with no justification has to stop. I know some are hopelessly paranoid about COVID, even when it comes to those who have natural immunity, but that’s not an excuse. …

Enough asking people if they’ve been vaccinated. If you are worried about being infected yourself, go get vaccinated and mind your own business. It’s really that simple. Everything else is clearly just politics disguised as concern.

Insulting their way to more concessions or to societal collapse?

Insulting their way to more concessions or to societal collapse? By Charles Murray.

The rhetoric about white privilege and systemic racism coming from black opinion leaders has always seemed borderline suicidal. Blacks, constituting 13 percent of the population, are telling whites, 60 percent of the population, that they are racist, bad people, the cause of blacks’ problems, and they had better change their ways or else. Right or wrong, that rhetoric has been guaranteed to produce backlash by some portion of the 60 percent against the 13 percent. So far, this effect has been masked because the strategy has worked so well with white elites.

Ordinarily, you can’t insult people into agreeing with you, but white guilt is a real thing. In the summer of 2020, many white college students and young adults agreed that they had sinned, even though they hadn’t realized it until now, and joined in Black Lives Matter marches. The New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC gave sympathetic coverage to the protests and, to varying degrees, downplayed the riots and looting.

Meanwhile, many middle-class and working-class whites have not been insulted into agreement. They’re just insulted, and to their minds unfairly insulted. I’m not talking about white nationalists and white supremacists — their numbers are relatively small. My concern is the extremely large majority of middle-class and working-class whites who don’t think of themselves as racists and have not behaved as racists.

Tens of millions of these people live in towns that have no black residents or just a few, and racial issues haven’t impinged on their lives. They don’t understand why they are being accused of racism. Still other tens of millions live in large cities where racial problems have been real, but they see themselves as having treated black and Latino neighbors and coworkers with friendship and respect. They believe that everyone has a God-given right to be treated equally. Now all of them are being told that they are privileged and racist, and they are asking on what grounds. They are living ordinary lives, with average incomes, working hard to make ends meet.

They can’t see what ‘white privilege’ they have ever enjoyed. Some are fed up and ready to push back. …

Government in the US increasingly loses its legitimacy:

Events since the summer of 2020 make me think it is too late to talk about if whites adopt identity politics. Many already have. That’s the parsimonious way to interpret the red-blue divisions over wearing masks, the widespread belief in red states that the 2020 election was stolen, and the rage that resulted in the invasion of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

This is all evidence that the federal government has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of many whites. If that reaction spreads, the continued ability of the federal government to enforce its edicts in the reddest portions of the nation will be thrown into question. The prospect of legal secession may be remote, but the prospect of reduced governability from Washington is not.

Reader Philip Barton:

It is written in stone that we are facing an epic collapse everywhere. The rebuilding is of more importance now — in what manner will the rebuild be attempted? If it is socialism, then the foundations for new societies cannot be established. Socialism is not a way of building a nation, it is a philosophical excuse for the confiscation of wealth already created.

But if the collapse is accompanied by an acute realization of the real reason for the collapse — governments — then a fast rebuild is entirely possible.

We live in interesting times 🙂