Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense, by Kurt Schlicter.

It is not transcendently stupid for the alleged anti-racism rioters to destroy a Lincoln statue, though, to normal people, it looks like the act of drooling morons. …

They have confused their targets — us — by casting off the constraints of coherence.

Oh wait, you thought that these folks were trying to make a point about racism being bad. And you thought, because that’s how those of us who weren’t raised on Instatwitbook, soy, and critical race theory, that if you point out that something is unreasonable then that will cause the person you were instructing to rethink it. After all, trashing some Honest Abe totem in order to illustrate how racism is double-plus-ungood is about a “12” on the 1-10 scale of unreasonability. And yet, you can point that out all day and they don’t care.

In fact, they laugh at you for doing so.

It’s not about making sense. It never was. It’s about making you kneel.

If you look at everything that is going on, the one common denominator is that every action the woke insurgents take is designed to strip you of your ability to defend your interests, or property, or rights, or life. The idea is to leave you utterly vulnerable, totally exposed, at which point they can do with you as they see fit. The nicer ones will merely reeducate you then demand humiliating submission and tribute. History (and their social media feed) teach that others will happily murder you. Doubt me? Just ask your local kulak.

Stripping you of defenses takes many forms. One form is defunding and abolishing the police. Oh, someone will be wielding force in society. It just won’t be people accountable to or inclined to protect you. Another form is literally stripping you of your defenses. Why is gun control such a fetish for these creeps? …

The law — and the law generally says you can reasonably defend your life and property (please consult your local laws for specifics and get proper training) – means nothing if corrupt Democrats ignore the crimes of leftists and prosecute normals who dare resist the Blue Terror, which is kind of the point. You thought you could rely on the law and on the government to protect you. Nope. And now you can’t protect yourself either.

And then there’s reason. That’s a defense too. You can use reason, make arguments, present evidence, and convince people. Not if making sense is beside the point.

You cannot reason with these people. Forget trying to convince them. You are not going to talk them out of their quest for power over you by deploying bourgeois conceits like “facts” and “evidence.”

Are you still trying to prove to them you aren’t “racist?” Why? You aren’t, so the hell with them. You owe them no assurances or excuses. They’ll just claim your denial is more proof. You’re “fragile” if you surrender and you’re “fragile” if you don’t, so stop playing their game. You don’t have to prove anything to jerks who spew the same species of racial garbage Goebbels would have spewed, only with different names. …

The total number of these shrieking punks is infinitesimal, probably under 1 percent of the population. But the mainstream media seeks to make them seem pervasive and overwhelming by covering them 24/7, and it expects you to fall for it. Don’t. Look out your window. Except for that whiny woke wine mom down the street with the handwritten lawn signs parroting the slogans du jour, the one whose husband you often see weeping in the window, you are looking at peace and calm. That’s the reality, not the chaos in a few square blocks of occupied Grungeburg, Washington. …

What can us normals do?

It’s time for us to riot, not in the streets, because we have jobs and we’re not going to destroy our own stuff, but at the ballot box. That’s where we lay waste to their Venezuelan dreams. In the primaries, vote for woke conservatives, not establishment saps. And then in November, vote straight Republican down the ballot.

Antifa’s a Laugh Riot — Until it Comes for You!

Antifa’s a Laugh Riot — Until it Comes for You! By Ann Coulter.

Imagine that instead of being a president, mayor or reporter in the vicinity of mentally unbalanced, historically illiterate, thuggishly violent lunatics … imagine that you, personally, are the window they want to smash.

Now you know what it’s like to be a conservative trying to give a speech on a college campus today. (Thanks for all the help, guys!)

Neither the conservative media nor elected Republicans gave a crap about the left-wing paramilitary force that’s been mobilizing since Trump’s election.

Through it all, conservatives stuck their heads in the sand and rationalized insane liberal violence. It was the path of least resistance — and also a smart business move. Cowards could pitch themselves as the “reasonable” ones, then sit back and watch as their more popular conservative competitors were deplatformed, shadow-banned and outright canceled.

Over and over again, conservatives made excuses for doing nothing. They told themselves:

It’s only Milo — he’s shocking, not the kind of nuanced conservative thinker I am.

It’s only Gavin McInnes and his “Proud Boys” — he’s funny, whereas I am aggressively humorless, so I’m safe.

It’s only Heather MacDonald and Charles Murray — they write about crime rates and I.Q. I steer well clear of any topic that might trigger liberals!

And thus were the most interesting and popular personalities on the right scrubbed from the public square by violent, low-I.Q. criminals. How tiny is the circle of speech and behavior you’ve permitted yourselves, conservatives?

Now, hordes of these cretins have taken control of the streets, and the only pushback is the president cowering in the White House, tweeting “LAW & ORDER!” Yes, Churchill retreated to a basement, too — in Whitehall, where he planned a war that saved the world. He didn’t tweet out “HITLER! BAD!”

For 3 1/2 years, antifa was never punished for anything it did. To the contrary, they were praised. Private citizens who fought back were defamed as “white supremacists” and imprisoned.

Read it all.

Tucker Carlson is Working Among All Ages

Tucker Carlson is Working Among All Ages, by Bobby Burack.

This week, it was announced that Tucker Carlson Tonight recorded the highest-rated quarter for a cable news show ever. That statistic was overlooked by Fox News detractors who claim the channel’s audience is old, dying off, and not built for the future. That has long been the narrative for the channel. No one is going to deny the channel has millions of viewers over 60.

However, the data quickly debunks the notion that the channel and its hosts are not popular with the younger, key demographics. It states the opposite.

As was the case in total viewership, Fox News led by Carlson, dwarfed the competition in the 25-54 demo. …

MSNBC is falling far behind CNN with the younger population, as well. … This says the younger generation is seeking the opposite of what they are fed online. They are going to Fox News for that, and CNN for news. MSNBC is what you find on Twitter, it’s what is mistakenly provided on sports TV, and what you must say to fit in with the elites.

Carlson’s success among the different demographics is a direct response to extreme thinking. High-ranking media executives have rewarded reporters, hosts, and opinionists for far-left leaning views that demand change and spark outrage. That’s what gets retweets, likes, and promotions. Far-right viewers have their places in niches that mostly exist independently. Then there’s the rest of the country who isn’t searching for partisan hacks. Carlson, over the past quarter, has been the most moderate opinionist on TV.

He is a conservative, yes. But he, unlike most in his position, didn’t do PR for the party he supports. It was he who warned Trump to take the coronavirus seriously when most conservatives were yet to fully acknowledge it. He quickly pointed out Trump’s alarming poll numbers and publicized the possibility he could lose to Joe Biden. Carlson has also been critical of the Republican party. Just this week, he said it has failed Americans who support it.

Carlson’s most controversial monologues over the past quarter likely represent what at least half of Americans, young and old, think. He’s made no excuse for pathetic rioters, he’s raised concerns about the dangers of Black Lives Matter being immune from judgment, and has questioned if defunding the police force would truly make us safer. Publicly, online and on opposing channels, these comments are offensive, racist, and despicable. Privately, they are interesting, subjective stances worth considering. It doesn’t mean they are right or wrong — that’s for you to decide. …

Alternative views are particularly a refreshment to the younger demographics, who are showered in extreme thinking online. They are just trying to get through their days without getting fired or shamed. Carlson is that opposing perspective for them in the evening. …

Carlson is the antithesis of what the vast majority of media is today. He’s the threat they warn you about. He’s recently been under more fire for his stance on Black Lives Matter and the nationwide riots. …

Executives at Disney, T-Mobile, Papa Johns, and SmileDirectClub took the demands and pulled their advertisements from his show. The viewers, who the companies advertise for, did the opposite. Viewers of all ages flocked to him in record-setting numbers.

We’re facing a tsunami of censorship

We’re facing a tsunami of censorship, by Toby Young.

It’s open season on mavericks and dissenters at the moment. If you publicly challenge any of the sacred nostrums of the social justice left and you work in a school, a college, a university, an arts company, a public broadcasting organisation, a tech company, a charity, a local authority or, indeed, Whitehall, you are at risk of being cancelled. How do I know?

Because in February I set up the Free Speech Union to protect those being targeted in this way and in the past month we’ve been contacted by people in all of these fields who have either been fired, suspended or are ‘under investigation’ for having said or done something controversial, usually on Facebook or Twitter.

And by ‘controversial’ I don’t mean they’re guilty of hate speech. One person who asked for help was Mike McCulloch, a maths lecturer at Plymouth University, who was being investigated by his employer for having liked a tweet saying ‘All Lives Matter’. Then again, the definition of ‘hate speech’ is so nebulous and broad that it’s increasingly common for mainstream views to be labelled as such. For instance, another FSU member, the feminist campaigner Posie Parker, started a petition on asking the Oxford English Dictionary to keep its definition of ‘woman’ as ‘adult female human’, and the moderators took it down on the grounds it was ‘hate speech’. J.K. Rowling knows all about that, of course.

Organizing against digital McCarthyism

I thought it was bad when I set up the FSU, and it was. According to the Telegraph, the police in England and Wales have investigated and recorded 120,000 ‘non-crime hate incidents’ in the past five years. That’s more than 65 people a day being interviewed by the authorities for precisely the kind of thing Mike McCulloch was investigated for, e.g. liking a tweet that dissents from fashionable left-wing dogma. Once that’s on your record, it shows up on an enhanced DBS check, which means you might not be able to get a job as a teacher or a carer. But things are worse by an order of magnitude since the explosion of the Black Lives Matter movement. At the FSU, we used to get half a dozen requests for help a week. Now we get half a dozen a day.

Last Sunday, for instance, I was contacted by a man called Nick Buckley, who has been fired by a charity for vulnerable young people in Manchester for writing a blog post in which he took issue with some of BLM’s policies, such as dismantling capitalism. When he republished his post on LinkedIn, a ‘poet’ called Reece Williams wrote the following comment: ‘Please know that we will be doing everything in our power to have you removed from your position. Expect us.’ Nick wasn’t all that worried because he founded the charity, has been running it successfully for nine years, and was awarded an MBE last year. But in the current Maoist climate that wasn’t enough to save him. A week later he’d lost his job.

What can be done about this tsunami of censorship? I’m tempted to say: make it illegal to fire someone for exercising their lawful right to free speech — but I don’t want to encroach on private companies’ freedom of association. What about limiting the protection to those who express political views? At present, people’s religious and philosophical beliefs are a ‘protected’ characteristic under the Equality Act 2010 and firing someone because of those beliefs is supposed to be unlawful. But in a recent case a judge ruled it was perfectly fine to sack someone for saying ‘men cannot change into women’, because that particular belief ‘is not worthy of respect in a democratic society’. The problem with legislating to protect free speech is that the law has to allow for some wiggle room, and that will give the courts all the latitude they need to find against you if you’ve said something Afua Hirsch or Owen Jones would disapprove of. You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. The police and the Crown Prosecution Service have been captured by the social justice cult and the Courts and Tribunals Service is not far behind.

Sweden Buckles

Sweden Buckles, by Oliver Moody.

The Swedish prime minister has ordered a public inquiry into his government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis after the country recorded more than 5000 COVID-19 deaths.

Sweden has found itself isolated in Europe because of its unorthodox strategy, under which it kept most schools, bars, restaurants and businesses open in the belief that the severe lockdowns imposed by its neighbours would be counter-productive.

Since then its per capita death rate has risen to the fifth-highest in the world despite a sparsely distributed population and a well-regarded hospital system. …

Politicians take over from the scientists — the death toll is too high:

Stefan Lofven, the centre-left prime minister, said the time had come for a shift in its approach.

“The crisis has highlighted the shortcomings in our society,” he said. “We have thousands of dead. Now the question is how Sweden should change, not if.” …

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has copped much criticism for his advice on the crisis, and acknowledges there have been ‘too many deaths’ … and Sweden should have responded more aggressively to the pandemic.

The contagion is not out of control in Sweden, and the hospital system is not overwhelmed. Their strategy of going for herd immunity is on track.

But they have incurred 5,370 deaths so far. With only 70,000 confirmed cases, probably about 280,000 Swedes have been infected to date. This is only 2.8% of the population (of 10 million). With another 67% of the country still to get sick under the original strategy, they might expect as many as another 100,000 deaths. Seems a bit unnecessary, when nearly every other country in Europe has crushed the curve and is now getting few infections and almost no deaths.

(Will those anti-lockdown US websites now stop abusing everyone who doesn’t agree with them?)

Erasing History

Erasing History. Ok, it’s an ad from the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA), but it’s pretty good.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) actually condemned a Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore as an event “glorifying white supremacy.” While the DNC deleted the tweet, the damage had already been done. …

“It’s absurd to think Democrats could be offended by Mount Rushmore or the Fourth of July. However, today’s cancel culture has absolutely nothing to do with promoting equality or ensuring domestic tranquility and everything to do with creating division and destroying anything and everything lawless liberals think they might hate,” [RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper] added. “Today, their targets are our founding fathers, our flag, and public safety. As a parent, one must ask, what will they target tomorrow?”

Melbourne quarantine fiasco: Guards slept with quarantined guests

Melbourne quarantine fiasco: Guards slept with quarantined guests. By Rachel Blaxendale.

Victoria has confirmed 77 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday — with 31 new cases where the source is unknown.

…Thursday is the fourth straight day with more than 60 new cases, and the fifteenth straight day with a double digit increase. …

A security guard has blown the whistle on a serious lack of training at Melbourne’s quarantine hotels, which has been identified as the source of the city’s second outbreak of coronavirus.

The guard, identified only as George, broke a gag order to appear on the Today show this morning, where he revealed he received only five minutes of training before being tasked to one of Melbourne’s quarantine hotels.

“And that was the PPE and everything, the box and dice and then we were sent up to your level,” he said.

“Every hotel quarantine has subcontracting happening and that’s the way the companies are making money out of this,” he said. …

His training was conducted by the head of the company’s carpark management, but George said the real problem was security companies hiring subcontractors to work at a much cheaper rate than regular guards. …

Victorian authorities should “throw the book” at hotel quarantine operators that contributed to the resurgence of Melbourne coronavirus cases if the allegations are upheld, says Health Minister Greg Hunt. …

While highlighting the success of the hotel quarantine system in bringing 60,000 Australians home, Mr Hunt said if correct, there had been an “unacceptable set of breaches” at two hotels which needed to “be dealt with”. …

Some security firms allegedly ­exploited the pandemic by using fake names for non-existent workers and paid workers in cash, long a scourge in the security industry. It also claims that some hotel guards slept with guests, security personnel wore personal protective equipment for up to eight hours without changing it, guards shook hands and shared lifts in a major breach of regulations and some of them had just six hours of ­infection control training and were caught sleeping on the job.

In NSW, hotel quarantine guarding was performed by police. No outbreak occurred. (Don’t defund the police, please.)

Most with coronavirus not sure how they caught it

Most with coronavirus not sure how they caught it, by Robin Foster.

A majority of Americans who are diagnosed with COVID-19 don’t know who passed the virus to them, two new government reports show.

In the first study, researchers found that only 27% of more than 360 Colorado residents diagnosed with COVID-19 knew of any contact with someone who had coronavirus in the two weeks before they were tested. …

“This just emphasizes the fact that while we know how COVID-19 is transmitted we do not have a good idea of how to assess our risk when interacting with other people,” said Dr. Eric Cioe Pena, Director of Global Health at Northwell Health, New Hyde Park, NY. …

Among those in the study who knew they had come into contact with an infected person, the most commonly reported relationship was a family member (27%) or a coworker (25%) in the Colorado study. In the second study, it was most often a family member (45%) or a work colleague (34%).

In the Colorado study, the most commonly reported activities in the two weeks before becoming ill included attending gatherings of more than 10 persons (44%), traveling domestically (29%), working in a health care setting (28%), visiting a health care setting not as a health care worker (23%), and using public transportation (22%).

News you can use, in some parts of the world.

Harvard Student threatens to stab anyone who says “all lives matter.”

Harvard Student threatens to stab anyone who says “all lives matter.” By NewsAlert.

Some Harvard students seem unaware that the 1964 Civil Rights Act and Section 1 of the 14th Amendment applies to everyone. Makes you wonder what they are teaching at Harvard ? To you employers out there: are Harvard students the individuals you would want on the payroll?

Notice the passion, but notice also the intellectual confusion engendered by the new definition of “racism”. These students have been taught that racial differences in outcome are evidence of “racism.” Worse still, they have been indoctrinated that inequalities of opportunity — à la racial discrimination, such as affirmative action — must be increased until equality of outcome is achieved. Communism in another guise.

UPDATE: She loses her Deloitte job over TikTok ‘stab threat’. By Lee Brown.

The Harvard graduate … revealed in a new pair of recordings that she has lost her job over the perceived threats and ensuing furor.

… a teary Claira Janover said in a new video posted Wednesday afternoon. “The job that I’d worked really hard to get and meant a lot to me has called me and fired me because of everything.”

Janover’s LinkedIn account lists her as an “incoming government and public business service analyst” at Deloitte, a UK-based accounting firm.

During the video, Janover gestured to what appears to be a page from the company’s website, and noted that she was axed “even though they claim to stand against systematic bias, racism and unequal treatment.” …

Janover, who contended that the message was an analogy rather than a serious threat, has since deleted that video, but said that she’s since received a deluge of threats against her own life and safety. …

Through tears, a defiant Janover vowed not to back down.

Maybe she’s now learning something Harvard should have taught her. Unequal outcomes does not mean there was unequal treatment.


Why social justice feels like self-help to privileged women

Why social justice feels like self-help to privileged women, by Kat Rosenfield.

Rachel Hollis’ guide to self-help through face hygiene and Robin DiAngelo’s manual for the white and fragile provoke the same sort of starry-eyed praise, using the same highly specific vocabulary (the word “journey” turns up with remarkable frequency), because of the fundamental similarities in what they’re selling — and, more importantly, because the same people are lining up to buy it.

Self-help has always been a woman’s game. … Is it socialization? Evolution? A bit of both, nature and nurture at once? Whatever the reason, women’s feelings of inadequacy have always been a gold mine for savvy salespeople, with entire industries springing up around the insecurity du jour. The trappings change as attitudes do; notice how the publications that used to sell spot-reduction techniques or cellulite creams pivoted to “wellness” in the early aughts. …

Ten years later, it’s clear that the game did not, in fact, change. Female self-loathing is still a major moneymaker, the only difference being that the relentless focus on women’s flaws has moved under the skin. Your problem areas are now your problematic areas; it’s your soul, not your cellulite, that needs smoothing.

Of course, only the most elite women can afford the luxury of so much wallowing in their imperfections, a fact that feminist writers have readily critiqued in other contexts. A New York Times article by Jessica Knoll noted, accurately, that the trillion-dollar wellness industry “is a largely white, privileged enterprise catering to largely white, privileged, already thin and able-bodied women, promoting exercise only they have the time to do and Tuscan kale only they have the resources to buy.”

But if that’s true of wellness in our late capitalist moment, it’s equally true of wokeness. Diversity, an $8 billion enterprise back in 2003, exploded in the wake of Donald Trump’s election into one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries. Colleges funneled millions of dollars into diversity and inclusion efforts; in 2019, a survey found that 63% of working diversity trainers had been hired within the past three years. And it’s not just corporate strategy that’s up for sale: you can buy diversity in the form of books, movies, merchandise, and $2,500 dinner parties where white women pay to confess their racist complicity. Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility seminars — at which the attendees are overwhelmingly white, female, and highly educated — cost as much as $165 per person. Her keynote speaking fee is $40,000.

Whatever is being sold, be it a jade vagina egg or a ticket to an anti-racist workshop, there’s a great deal of money to be made off the guilt, anxiety, and insecurities of financially secure white women.

And like any other luxury lifestyle choice, this one is an ongoing investment. As a marketing strategy, convincing women that social justice is best achieved through endless self-interrogation is brilliant. The savviest brands on offer turn the profitable allure of unattainability into a core part of their ethic. DiAngelo herself talks about anti-racism the way some people would talk about training for a marathon—“I want to build the stamina to handle the discomfort so we don’t retreat in the face of it, because retreating holds the status quo in place” — only in this version, it’s endless preparation for a race that never comes. …

Self-help social justice doesn’t just offer privileged white women the comfort of a permanent passion project; it fuels the pleasant, ego-driven delusion that nothing is more important to the cause, to any cause, than the innermost minutiae of your own thoughts, attitudes, and feelings. …

The emotional catharsis is, indeed, ongoing. The cult of self-improvement demands that you fix yourself first: Love yourself before you ask someone else to love you. Know your own value before you ask for that raise. Unlearn your privileged biases before you try to make change. For how long? As long as it takes, lady. Maybe forever.

Well that explains a lot.