How To Recognize The Cult Mindset In Yourself And Others

How To Recognize The Cult Mindset In Yourself And Others, by Stella Morabito.

Consider for a moment today’s culture, which is saturated with the constant agitation of political correctness. It rarely allows for any real discussion or debate without automatic vilification of those deemed politically incorrect….

We can’t deny that political correctness has a lot of disruptive effects on discourse, such as inducing self-censorship that can cause us to feel socially and mentally isolated; manipulation of our basic fear of ostracism through the threat of smears; promotion of mob rule; and an authoritarian nature that promotes the power elites who use it.

Wait, those features are all rather cult-like, no? This acceptance of the anti-thought nature of political correctness is pretty much everywhere: 95 percent of the mass media promote it, 95 percent of celebrity culture promotes it, and obviously, on college campuses, the academics are 95 percent in compliance with political correctness.

You can’t deny that cult-like tribunals against “wrongthink” are pretty much everywhere — in the media, in celebrity culture, in our legislatures, among judges, in human resource departments all over the corporate world, and most obviously, on college campuses, where youth are scared to death of being ostracized for expressing a politically incorrect thought. …

Cults are not defined by beliefs, but by their methods:

The only people who profit from such conditions are powerful elites in their never-ending quest to control the lives of others.

I offer a few notes about cults from Singer’s book, “Cults in Our Midst“: …

  • Cults and cult-like thinking always proliferate at times of great social upheaval, when people feel displaced.
  • Cults always serve a powerful elite, with recruits manipulated from above to profit those elites, who employ coordinated persuasion programs.
  • Cults always have a hidden agenda that is never exposed when recruiting. They isolate their recruits from other points of view in order to control and manipulate them.
  • Cults control language in order to blunt independent thought. They cultivate dependency, debilitation, deception, dread of separation, and desensitization in people, all of which makes it harder for them to walk away.
  • The main goal of a cult is simply to grow, grow, grow. There is no end in sight in terms of recruitment or fundraising or power.
  • Cults make a point of getting footholds in the institutions of society — including government, media, and education — in order to get mainstream credibility.
  • Cults are very organized in suppressing critics and criticism. …

Is it possible that the entire education establishment and our school boards are immersed in cult-like behaviors? …

How about socialism? Does the socialist movement have features of a cult? After all, socialism pretty much requires a centralized power structure that can’t help but be authoritarian. It ends up placing all power into the hands of a few elites. It’s tailor-made for creating mass dependency and the groupthink that goes with that.

Yep. The cult of political correctness has pretty much taken over the West, though it is getting some competition from the much stronger and older Islamic cult.

How do we deprogram society? Freedom:

A prime lesson of the Jonestown tragedy is that our freedom of thought is a sacred right of all human beings. …

Singer concludes it with these words of great wisdom:

A free mind is a wonderful thing. Free minds have discovered the advances of medicine, science, and technology; have created great works of art, literature, and music; and have devised our rules of ethics and the laws of civilized lands. Tyrants who take over our thinking and enforce political, psychological, or spiritual ‘correctness’ by taking away our freedoms, especially the freedom of our minds, are the menace of today, tomorrow and all eternity.

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Greens want to put you in jail for seven years for burning coal after 2030

Greens want to put you in jail for seven years for burning coal after 2030, by Greg Brown.

The Greens want to criminalise the exporting and burning of ­thermal coal by the end of next decade, with up to seven years’ jail for executives of companies that break the proposed law.

Greens environment spokesman Adam Bandt will declare today that “coal kills” as he outlines an escalation of the party’s hostility to a mineral that makes up about 60 per cent of Australia’s baseload power generation.

Under the policy the Greens will take to the election, thermal coal exports would be phased out by 2030, as well as local coal-fired power production. There would be criminal liabilities for people who breached the laws, including jail time. There would still be a “short-term” role for coking coal, which is used to make steel. …

Stone-age reasoning:

Mr Bandt will use the death of more than 50 people in Californian fires this week to illustrate thermal coal’s deadliness.

“The reality is every tonne of coal that is burnt makes the bushfire threat worse … literally, coal kills,” he will say.

It’s ironic. Wildfires in California and bushfires in Australia are more intense because of changed forestry practices brought about by the Greens. Leaving the forests alone, especially eucalyptus forests, results in a huge build up of undergrowth and litter that makes the inevitable fire much worse.

Dumb Green “forest preservation” policies are the killer. But the grown-ups aren’t calling for Greens to be made illegal after 2030.

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All the World’s a Migrant Utopia

All the World’s a Migrant Utopia, by Nicholas Farrell. He starts off with the left and some scammers:

The little town of Riace in Calabria on the toe of Italy has been eulogized by the global left for quite some years now as the perfect solution to what it calls the “refugee crisis” in Europe and everyone else calls the “illegal migrant crisis.”

If only every town in Europe followed the example of Riace — they say — there would be no migrant crisis.

In 2016, Riace’s left-wing mayor, Domenico Lucano, who is the driving force behind the utopia, was even named as one of Fortune’s 50 most important world figures. …

But then, in October of this year, 60-year-old Lucano was arrested after a lengthy inquiry begun in 2017 by the Guardia di Finanza, which accuses him of aiding and abetting illegal immigration. He and 30 other people, including his “partner,” Tesfahun Lemlem, are under formal investigation for the alleged misuse of the taxpayer millions required to keep his multicultural migrant utopia going. He is also accused, among other things, of arranging fake marriages between migrant women and local men. …

The government money behind the propaganda:

Since 2013, 750,000 migrants have arrived by sea in Italy from across the Mediterranean, nearly all from Libya. They masquerade as refugees, but even the United Nations concedes that most are not, and just ten percent are granted refugee status. However, few are deported. …

The Italian government pays €35 ($40) of taxpayer money per day per migrant to those who run welcome centers for migrants [A$ 20,000 per migrant per year]. It is big business — and nationally costs the taxpayer €5 billion each year.  …

It is the perfect propaganda image: a beautiful old dying medieval Italian village above the Mediterranean brought back to life by young migrants from Africa. …

The migrants themselves work as potters, dress-makers, glass-blowers, and all those sorts of things hippies used to do in the 1970’s. They also run the old town’s door-to-door trash-collection service, which comprises two carts drawn by donkeys.

But there is another problem. What is the point of Riace?

If the point is to provide asylum-seekers with a comfortable situation in which they can be potters and glass-blowers while their asylum applications are being processed (which can take years), well, OK — up to a point.

But that is not the point, is it?

The point is to convince the world that Italy and Europe should allow all these migrants to stay forever, whether or not they are genuine refugees. …

“Dying Riace is a metaphor for a dying country and a dying continent. We must set up thousands of Riaces in Italy and Europe.” …

The real problem:

In a sense those who support mass immigration are right.

We need migrants, or else our populations will die out, and with them our economic prosperity and our civilization. Or so most economists keep telling us.

But migration will mean the death of our civilization, if not of our economies. …

The global population is growing at a terrifying rate. It shot up from one billion in 1900 to seven billion in 2000, and is projected to reach eleven billion by 2100. …

Yet Africa produces less than three percent of global GDP.

But here is the truth, however cruel and unpalatable. The moral argument against illegal mass immigration cannot be won.

Every illegal migrant has a story to tell about the terrible life he (most are men) had in his country of origin and the journey across the Sahara and the time in Libya waiting for a boat. It does not win the argument to say that these people are “bad” or “lazy” or “incompetent” or “spongers.” …

Nor does it win the argument to say we should help them in their own countries. We know that we can never give enough help, and what help we do give will be pocketed by local tyrants.

The only way to stop mass immigration is to confront the issue as a question not of sympathy but of self-interest. Otherwise, they will nearly all get in. …

The only way to stop it will be with arguments of self-interest—existential self-interest.

It boils down to compassion versus survival. On current trends and projections, Africa will just keep on producing more people:

Population 1950-2010 Africa, ME, Europe

When is this ever going to be discussed in the media? All we hear from them are endless compassion stories. The media give us positive stories about third-world immigration in abundance, but negative stories only when they cannot be swept under the carpet.

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Comparison of state taxes in Australia: Victoria the most

Comparison of state taxes in Australia: Victoria the most. By the ABC.

The high-taxing states are the more PC states — except Tasmania, which is the most subsidized state.

Note that Western Australia and South Australia encourage their mining industries, and raise revenue by royalties, while Tasmania and Victoria are much less friendly to mining.

Here is the current GST carve up — what share each state gets of the GST paid within its borders, who subsidizes whom:

No state has ever received less than 85% of what it pays in GST except Western Australia, which has been receiving less than 50% for several years now — and only 34% in 2018. Hmmm.

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Muslim leaders to boycott Scott Morrison’s terrorism roundtable

Muslim leaders to boycott Scott Morrison’s terrorism roundtable. Surprised?

If Morrison doesn’t back down, this issue could potentially be an election winner or changer. But that can only happen if (a) the left make a big issue out of it and try to use it against Morrison (otherwise it gets mainly ignored), and (b) most Australians side with Morrison.

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‘Decisive action is required’, Advance Australia national director Gerard Benedet says

‘Decisive action is required’, says Advance Australia national director Gerard Benedet.

Over the past decade, a growing sense of unease has been felt by an increasing number of Australians about the direction in which our country has been heading.

Our country has been slowly drifting further and further away from our mainstream values and freedoms. This has occurred not because of any single momentous event, but rather through a series of incremental changes pushed through by the left-wing activists without your permission or say-so. …

This steady shift to the left can be witnessed in any number of policy areas from energy and education through to the corrosive effects of identity politics on our national debate.

Inch by inch, the left has steadily made gains while mainstream Australia has been left voiceless. …

Sounds like Advance Australia are going to have a go at doing something about the left’s cultural dominance in Australia. Haven’t heard them mention the ABC yet, only GetUp.

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Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Reynolds to Trump: Break Up Tech Monopolies – Or Lose in 2020

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Reynolds to Trump: Break Up Tech Monopolies – Or Lose in 2020, by Jim Hoft.

On Tuesday night, after the votes were counted, Democrats took control of the US House of Representatives.

Wealthy suburban voters and women are being credited for the win. …

Democrats have a huge advantage over Republicans with their partners in the media complex, Hollywood, and academia.
And, unlike 2016, this year Democrats can also can give a huge amount of credit to Tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Suburban voters and women no longer were reading conservative articles on Facebook. Facebook eliminated at least 1.5 billion links to conservative articles since 2017. If you add additional websites like The Gateway Pundit, Infowars, Young Cons, Right Wing News, etc. the number tops 2 billion easy. And it likely made a difference on Tuesday night. 80% of women age 18-49 have Facebook accounts. These are the women who get their news from Facebook. Facebook knows this and eliminated conservative content on their platform so there would be no repeat of 2016.

It’s no secret that the Silicon Valley tech giants discriminate against conservatives and conservative content. …

In July we released a study where we looked at several top conservative websites and discovered that the publishers had lost an average of 93% of their Facebook traffic.

This is a bloodbath. Facebook has wiped out conservative content to American subscribers.

Hard to believe that the tech giants didn’t sway voters to the left, like the ABC in this country. Nothing overt, just persistent bias in content, framing and tone, shielding their audience from the facts and arguments that undermine the PC left.

What can we do about it?

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Sprung! Teacher’s vow to turn kids off voting right

Sprung! Teacher’s vow to turn kids off voting right, by Michael Owen.

A public school teacher vowed to “ensure that the next generation of voters in my classroom don’t vote Liberal” in a social media post she thought would never become public.

South Australian Treasurer Rob Lucas yesterday lashed Woodville High School teacher and union delegate Regina Wilson over her inflammatory post on the Australian Education Union’s Facebook page, which he described as “outrageous and unacceptable”. …

Ms Wilson yesterday told The Australian she was “not legally ­allowed” to do what she had posted. “I am not legally allowed to; so what I posted was just a comment but I am not legally allowed to as a teacher speak to my students about anything political,” she said. “I just made a comment to my (Facebook) friends because I didn’t think it would go public. I would never, ever do that and I have never, ever done that. …

Ms Wilson insisted she had ­always acted appropriately in the classroom and “never influenced them (students) in any way with politics, religion, sexual orientation or anything like that”. …

Ms Wilson’s post said: “I am going to try to ensure that the next generation of voters in my classroom don’t vote Liberal, without being political of course, as I won’t tell my students what to think, but I teach them how to be critical thinkers who question those in power and especially those who seek to keep the status quo for the rich, upper classes and refuse to acknowledge the rest of us.

Like the ABC, never saying overtly or explicitly politically biased. But, by selection of material, framing, and tone, nonetheless ensuring that her audience is firmly swayed to the left.

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Trump takes on the experts to save democracy

Trump takes on the experts to save democracy, by Janet Albrechtsen.

[Social scientist Salvatore] Babones’ central thesis is that 21st century authoritarianism is not about Trump, it’s not even right-wing or nationalist or even conservative. The real threat to democracy comes from a form of liberal authoritarianism. “It is the tyranny of experts,” he writes.

His diagnosis of what ails modern US democracy is a warning shot for us. He starts with Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: government “of the people, by the people, for the people”.

Babones interprets the celebrated three-part phrase to mean that all three political traditions must be in balance, in healthy tension. “Of the people” implies a classically conservative view of the people as a single society, not a collection of individuals and special interests; “by the people” evokes the historically liberal program of extending equal rights to all; and “for the people” alludes to devising programs for the people, the core of the progressive ­agenda.

Babones presents a sobering account of how the liberal part of the equation has thrown democracy out of kilter. “Political liberalism,” he writes, “has evolved over nearly three centuries from a philosophy of safeguarding freedoms into a philosophy of demanding rights.” …

The new fascism is being challenged by populists:

Drawing on experts is understandable. If you need brain surgery, you ask for brain surgeon. But politics is a unique field of human activity, says Babones. It draws on the consent from the people for its legitimacy.

Here, says Babones, is the new authoritarianism.

“The greatest spiritual danger facing 21st century democracy is that liberal intellectuals increasingly dismiss the moral right of less-educated people to have opinions that conflict with the consensus wisdom of the expert class,” he writes.

And populism is the last-gasp strategy to up-end this liberal authoritarianism. Populism forces lofty-minded experts to engage seriously with the mundane views of ordinary citizens.

Ah, that’s been a bit missing lately … the consent of the people. Brexit springs to mind, for instance.

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Invention May Have Cured Motion Sickness Without Drugs

Invention May Have Cured Motion Sickness Without Drugs. By Patrick Tucker.

More than half of [US] soldiers got sick while riding in Army vehicles. Roughly 25 percent of military personnel got sick on “moderate seas” and 70 percent on “rough seas.” In the air, as many as 50 percent of personnel get airsick; even 64 percent of parachutists reported episodes.

To treat symptoms, troops typically take a drug called scopolamine. It has serious side effects, most notably drowsiness, so soldiers often take it with an amphetamine that carries its own downsides and side effects. It’s like being on uppers and downers at once, which makes for a fatiguing Friday night, much less a war. …

As many gamers are today discovering, VR can have big motion-sickness effects. …

Whew, so it wasn’t just me. Now the good news:

Enter a young inventor named Samuel Owen, who has developed a prototype device called the OtoTech. Worn on a headband behind the ear, it uses subtle vibrations to change the way the brain computes the fact that the body that it’s attached to is in motion. Early tests show it relieves motion sickness without the side effects of drugs, Owen said, though he admits the science is so young that it’s not clear just how. …

While you remain consciously aware that you’re moving, the balance portion of your brain stops noticing the fact; the data has been drowned out in white noise from the device.

So far, he says, initial testing shows that it works to prevent motion sickness without affecting balance, vision, alertness, or anything else it’s not supposed to.

Venice turns completely red to show solidarity with persecuted Christians and Asia Bibi

Venice turns completely red to show solidarity with persecuted Christians and Asia Bibi, by Voice of Europe.

The Italian city of Venice is lit today with red lights in an initiative that aims to remember Christians persecuted for their faith throughout the world.

During the “Venice in Red” initiative some of the city’s most characteristic monuments are illuminated with red lights, such as the Ponte Rialto or the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute. …

The initiative also pays a particular tribute to the Christian Asia Bibi, who was acquitted at the end of October of the crime of blasphemy for which she had been condemned to the death penalty in Pakistan.

This is the first time ever I have heard of something official in support of persecuted Christians. Christianity is of course the most persecuted religion in the world, by a country mile. Compare that to the countless official warnings of Islamophobia.

The main persecutor of Christians is of course the religion of peace:

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