Revolt of the Fatherless

Revolt of the Fatherless. By Stephen Baskerville.

First we must understand that this crash of civilization is a revolt of adolescents — some superannuated, but adolescents all the same.

It represents the culmination of a power shift, from the mature to the immature, that accelerated during the 1960s: “The times they are a-changin’,” as Bob Dylan sang. Both Cancel Culture, with its contempt for civil liberties, and Black Lives Matter, with the violence and destruction it rationalizes, are perpetrated by those with a smattering of university education, young militants under the sway of their predecessors from the 1960s.

Bob Dylan and feminist Joan Baez

The media collusion is largely explicable in like manner. The manipulable, twenty-something journalism and political science graduates head out into the media world and make it like themselves. I have taught many such students (including conservative ones), and I know how intoxicated they become with their own righteousness and unaccountable power.

But why has this generation been so easily radicalized, and why does their rebelliousness enjoy such free rein? Why has the older generation lost its nerve? Something subtle but sinister has been at work in the intervening decades since the 1960s. The young have not simply been “empowered” to revolt against their elders; most of today’s youth have never known effective parental authority to begin with.

Fatherlessness is at the root of the subtle decay:

This suggests the origins of our malaise to be in something conservatives should understand but do not: government’s systematic destruction of families. More precisely, it demonstrates further fallout from … the elimination of fathers from the lives of tens of millions of children, the effects of which long ago transformed poor communities into war zones and now wreak havoc in middle-class society as well. Adolescents rage out of control because they never had any paternal authority to keep them under control and teach them how to channel their emerging discontent with the world’s imperfections into constructive dissent and productive habits of life.

Fatherlessness (not poverty or race) already accounts for every social pathology among the young: the violent criminality, substance abuse, and truancy that draw police to ungovernable minority and poor neighborhoods, where they themselves face criminalization for trying to fight crime. Fatherless youth suffer disproportionate emotional disturbance and self-destructive disorders …. These youth also indulge more in smoking, overeating, and other unhealthy practices. …

While some rise above their origins, fatherless youth are much more likely to be dysfunctional, self-destructive, and — in ways that lack purpose or direction — rebellious. The effect is compounded when entire communities have hardly a father among them for generations.

None of this is controversial. Mainstream conservatives quote the statistics. Liberals even jumped on the bandwagon with the elaborate (but useless) Responsible Fatherhood Initiative of the Clinton administration (later refashioned into Bush’s equally ineffectual Healthy Marriage Initiative). What neither did, nor do, is fix the problem.

If people today feel “disconnected,” the sensation may be tied to an absence of fathers, whose role is teaching them to engage with the world, conquer their fears and anxieties, and channel their insecurities into constructive endeavors.

A society increasingly run by the half-educated:

Now, with fatherlessness overwhelming middle-class communities, a new stage in the devastation emerges. The half educated intellectualize their dysfunctional rebelliousness using political ideologies, allowing them to collectivize their fury. Radical movements infuse apolitical social resentments and unfocused petty rebellions. …

In short, social anomie has mutated into systematic revolt. With fathers and men emasculated, no effective resistance impedes the fictional utopia of the radicals. …

Feminism went too far:

Why is fatherlessness so debilitating, both individually and socially? Because where motherhood is biologically inevitable, fatherhood constructs the social order. Philosopher Thomas Hobbes credited patriarchal authority with a central role in leaving the state of nature and entering civilized society. …

Only with the advent of civilized society — where “patrimonial laws” operate — did sovereign authority over children migrate to the father. Yet today we are reversing to this stage of civilizational development and reverting to matriarchy. Our revolt targets both fathers and civilization itself. …

The fatherhood crisis results not from impersonal social forces … It is rather an insurrection: a deliberate and collective attack against actual fathers. This trend has been building for centuries, and it has accelerated with new sexual ideologies that target fatherhood (“patriarchy”) directly: feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism, and more. …

This natural paradigm is attacked by radical sexual ideology and its institutionalization in government welfare and existing divorce laws. These structures empower officials to “divide and rule” parents by turning fathers and their authority into objects of invective or ridicule and by turning children into narcissistic and nihilistic rebels. As a result of feminist ideology, “the most striking characteristic of our time is that the mother resents the father,” writes Schwartz, and resentment (as Nietzsche and others understood) is the most poisonous emotion in politics. In the milieu of resentment, “the way for the children to become again the object of mother’s love is by joining her in her hatred of the father and the attendant wish to destroy him.” …

This precisely describes today’s revolt, beginning with adolescent children of welfare and involuntary divorce, who almost universally hate their fathers with an animus that is visceral and irrational.

Not only fathers but the entire regimen of paternal authority, as established in civilizational norms, are targeted for destruction: the father replaces unconditional love and acceptance with rules and limits and is therefore the archetypal oppressor. Liberation is defined by his destruction and rebellion against his rules. …

Society then becomes a massive collective rebellion. It starts with our individual petty resentments, but these merge into our seeming altruism and solidarity with the larger community of the oppressed and marginalized. …

Replacing fathers with the state and bureaucrats:

State machineries routinely and forcibly separate millions of legally unimpeachable fathers from their children, strip them of their patrimony, and incarcerate them without trial or record. From dishonest witch hunts against so-called deadbeat dads to trumped-up accusations of domestic violence, governments have orchestrated hysterical vilification campaigns against millions of their own citizens, who have been convicted of no crimes.

Witch hunts against fathers might be seen as rehearsals for further government abuses. … Methods and rationalizations developed for forcibly separating children from fathers have already been applied against homeschoolers and other parents accused of ill-defined “abuse,” and those same strategies are now being used to remove children from parents who have ignored mask mandates and lockdowns. …

The state’s playacting as the “all-knowing mother” demands docility from naturally outgoing men, inhibits and prohibits masculine endeavors like work and civic leadership, and appeals to feminine fear, encouraging “a feminized identity, one that values security above all.”

Their champion — excellent family life, excellent politics

This feminized conditioning has long operated in the vast welfare underworld that most people find too dreary to understand. It is the world of social work, child psychology, child and family counseling, child care, child protection, foster care, child support enforcement, juvenile and family courts, and public education (which conservatives do challenge, but by then it is too late). Its matriarchs are quasi-police civil servants who devour vast resources managing other people’s children. Bureaucrats are now “the hand that rocks the cradle.”

Any suggestions?

First, we must expunge from the law the indefensible oxymoron of no-fault justice as applied to marriage and everything else. At a stroke, this devious legal subterfuge fatally undermined two bedrock institutions of western civilization: marriage and common law. …

Rectifying this law will facilitate the larger challenge of dismantling the socialist-feminist welfare behemoth, which institutionalizes this source of abuse.

State-mandated feminization was inflicted first upon the poor and then upon others. Devouring one-fourth of our GDP, this underworld criminalizes breadwinning men, embitters single mothers, empowers radical apparatchiks, and disfigures (morally and physically) innocent children. It also impoverishes all of us and entrenches leftists in public office.

Patriarchal societies out-compete matriarchal ones. As the west abandons patriarchy, it will eventually be surpassed by more patriarchal societies, despite its large head start.

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hat-tip Stephen Neil

Tucker Carlson Fights Back

Tucker Carlson Fights Back. By Rod Dreher.

I’m thrilled that Tucker Carlson isn’t doing the usual right-wing thing and crumpling in the face of bad-faith attacks from the media and Democrats.

Watch this 15-minute monologue from him last night, throwing the “Great Replacement” smears back in their faces:



Early in the monologue, Carlson points out that last year, a Syrian immigrant shooter went into a Boulder, Colo., supermarket and allegedly (he has not yet been tried and found guilty) murdered ten people — same number of dead as in Buffalo. Unlike this week in Buffalo, Joe Biden didn’t fly to that crime scene, Tucker said. Why not? Because that mass shooting didn’t fit the Narrative. He was a Person of Color, not a white supremacist. Colorado Public Radio even did a story at the time about how worried Colorado Muslims were of “backlash” because the shooter was Muslim. …

I also didn’t realize until watching this segment how mentally ill Payton Gendron, the Buffalo shooter, was. Did you know that he was hospitalized for 20 hours as a high school student because he had threatened mass shooting? Did you know that he wore a hazmat suit to school for an entire week? Did you know that his mother once helped him bury a cat that he had tortured and killed? Animal torture is a MASSIVE warning sign! This kid has been priming himself for homicide. But sure, let’s blame Tucker Carlson for this heinous act. …

The especially valuable part of the Carlson segment [is] the one in which he video-quotes passages of Democratic politicians and pundits saying explicitly that non-white immigration is diluting white voting power, and that’s a good thing.

Carlson smirks appropriately at the end, “So you play clips of them saying it, and you’re the deranged conspiracy nut.” …

The Left is totally gaslighting us on the “Great Replacement” thing. If you believe that whites are being displaced politically by immigration and the growth of non-white communities, and that it’s a good thing, you’re fine to say so. But if you believe that and you think it’s bad — well, you are a white supremacist who encourages loonies to commit mass murder.

So Orwellian, denying and boasting at the same time.

The left is trying to use the Buffalo shooting to cancel Tucker.

Disillusioned by Vlad

Disillusioned by Vlad. By Taki Theodoracopulos.

Back in 2000, Vladimir Putin repeatedly petitioned for Russia to be admitted to NATO, according to the alliance’s former secretary general, George Robertson, as well as my friend, the filmmaker Oliver Stone, who has interviewed the Russian president extensively. It’s easy to forget that while Putin is now seen as a combination of Hitler and Stalin, when he replaced the drunken Boris Yeltsin in 2000, the West was eager to deal with him.

Boris Yeltsin had also made overtures for NATO admission, and even Mikhail Gorbachev had hinted that he was interested. When Putin was told to wait his turn and apply, he answered correctly: “We’re not standing in line with a lot of countries that don’t matter.” Sorry, but he was right. …

But 22 years later:

As Putin’s army shells Ukrainian hospitals, it is hard to blame anyone but him for the situation there.

What makes it even worse is that until he ordered his troops to attack Ukraine, he was a hero to many on the right for resisting the West’s slide into woke politics. Just before last Christmas, he came to the defense of British author J. K. Rowling for calling a woman a woman, something a future U.S. Supreme Court justice cannot even do. He also denounced the fact that a male weightlifter can call himself a woman, saying that “women’s sports will cease to exist altogether.”

Putin’s war on woke had me cheering, especially when he urged nationalists, conservatives, and traditionalists to unite and reject multiculturalism. Embracing your enemy’s enemy is as old as when the Greeks went to war over a woman more than 3,000 years ago. Putin was seen as an icon and antidote to a flimsy transatlantic order that doesn’t understand his mystical attachment to the idea of a nation.

Russia, said Putin, rejects the West’s politically correct nonsense and will defend traditional Christian values. He lamented that Shakespeare is being dropped from school curricula in the West and that Hollywood is enforcing ridiculous quotas on race and gender. Better yet, Putin made it illegal to propagandize the Russian schoolchildren about gender orientation or alternative sexualities. A similar bill in the state of Florida has Disney employees in a tizzy, and the British media has called it prehistoric and fascistic. Well, I for one not only wholeheartedly agree with the sunshine state’s proposed bill, but the idea that those who disagree with it are presently free to walk around perverting youth turns me into a permanent Orlando furioso.

Hence, I was halfway into buying a one-way ticket to St. Petersburg — then Vlad attacked Ukraine. Mind you, he had endured plenty of provocations from the West … Now he has become the world’s biggest gangster, or so it seems to many Western minds who think that nationalism is evil and that globalism and multiculturalism are the future.

Never mind. The world as I knew it seems to have turned upside down. Winston Churchill is called a racist by young Brits today, and America is a systematically racist backwater. The word “woman” has become a slur, and woe to anyone who claims that physical differences between men and women are enduring. Wokeism is reinventing the wheel, and Silicon Valley, the universities, and the media — not to mention Hollywood — are playing ball. …

It’s the kind of madness even George Orwell did not dare include in his seminal novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where lies were truth and so on. …

Poor Russia:

Which brings me back to Putin. How can I denounce him with a straight face when my real enemies are right here at home? For 500 years, Russia has tried to ingratiate herself with the West, most notably during the reign of Peter the Great, but on every occasion, the Russians have been rebuffed and snubbed.

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Australia set to sign Geneva’s Global Pandemic Treaty

Australia set to sign Geneva’s Global Pandemic Treaty. By Flat White.

The ‘New Normal’ of medical fascism is coming regardless of how Australians vote at the federal election.

Having acquired a taste for globalised control during the Covid pandemic, the World Health Organisation has teamed up with vaccine manufacturers, philanthropic billionaires, and power-crazed world leaders to create a ‘Global Pandemic Treaty’ in Geneva.

It is set to form part of the ‘one health’ approach proposed by the WHO and has been pitched by its creators as a way to overcome the inconvenient battle between — as they put it — globalism and statism. …



It amounts to extending similar emergency powers to the WHO that Daniel Andrews gifted himself in Victoria – except Australians can’t vote the WHO out of power. …

It is likely the treaty will make it possible for a foreign bureaucracy with unacceptably close ties to China to call the shots — literally — on global public health. Universal healthcare was meant to be a voluntary safety net — not a stepping stone to international socialism or the dissolution of body autonomy. …

Yes, the treaty requires the passing of legislation — but Labor, Liberals, and the Nationals have all voiced their approval. The only hope Australians have of stopping it would be a balance of power held by Freedom Friendly minor parties like One Nation — who has stepped out alone to vocally oppose it.

Among the horrors facing Australia if the treaty were to proceed are the advertised promises of global tracking (most likely through the World Economic Forum’s Digital Identity policy linked to health passes), mandatory vaccination of all citizens, and the ability for the WHO to declare and sustain a pandemic along with its emergency powers.

Lately, international treaties have been used to undemocratically circumnavigate the sovereign will of nations. A treaty is a powerful legal document that leaders use to defy public opinion.

The globalists tried this on in 2009 with climate change. The Presidents and Prim Ministers of almost the entire world went to Copenhagen, expecting to sign a treaty to set up an unelected body to limit carbon emissions — including powers of enforcement. World government, here we come. In the end, too many countries declined to sign.

Australian Election: Superannuation is a Labor Rort

Australian Election: Superannuation is a Labor Rort. By Peta Credlin.

Since 1992, despite compulsory super, the percentage of retirees on the full pension has merely inched down from 63 per cent to 60 per cent …

Compulsory superannuation has failed to switch retirees from government benefit to their own savings


The main impact of compulsory super has been less the creation of more self-funded retirees and more the creation of a vast superannuation industry based on fees averaging about $30bn a year [$1,200 per man, woman, and child, per year]. …

Because about two-thirds of compulsory superannuation is held by industry super funds, where 50 per cent of directors typically are retired union officials or ex-Labor MPs, the impact of compulsory super has been less the enrichment of retirees and more the socialisation of capitalism.

The public companies where most of it is invested — under the institutional weight of the voting bloc these woke union funds deliver — have steadily adopted environmental, social and governance practices that have their origin more in politics than in business.

That has led to pressure on corporations to divest coal assets and to campaign for same-sex marriage, Indigenous constitu­tional recognition and now even a transgender push that negates biological sex, especially for women.

Canny political operator that Keating was, I’m sure his main objective was always finding a way to replace the diminishing clout of the unionised workforce inside business (and the union dues workers paid) with taking over the boardrooms of these companies to transform big business, neutralising their links to the Liberal side of politics and pushing them to adopt Labor’s so-called progressive agenda. The fact there was a benefit for retirees was just the marketing hook to make palatable the transfer of workers’ wages from their own pockets to union-dominated funds.

It’s no coincidence that the rise of industry super fund shareholdings has seen the near complete cessation of public company political donations to the Coalition parties that once were largely funded by them. On the other hand, regular union donations via affiliation fees have kept the Labor Party very well funded – despite the collapse in union membership from more than 50 per cent to under 10 per cent of the private sector workforce since the 1980s – so Labor now routinely outspends the Coalition in election campaigns. …

Morrison’s housing scheme threatens Labor’s money:

Scott Morrison’s 11th-hour election bid to give first-home buyers access to up to $50,000 of their existing super savings towards a deposit has injected a rare note of philosophical difference into a campaign previously characterised by both sides’ attempt to scratch electoral itches by throwing government money at them. …

And Labor knows, if that is successful, it threatens all the long-term political pay-offs that Big Super has secured for the cultural left. Hence the instant vitriol rather than the me-too reaction that has greeted nearly every other Coalition initiative.

As a scarcely less savvy political operator than Keating, Morrison must have noticed that three million Australians had accessed their super, when they temporarily could, to meet hardships at the start of the pandemic.

That’s a vast constituency that preferred benefits now to benefits in several decades, and preferred to spend their super on their own needs rather than those ordained by government.

Whose money is it? Once it’s in the super funds, it’s effectively Labor’s money, influencing companies to move left and earning fees for Labor.

Australian Election: A Seinfeld election, a show about nothing

Australian Election: A Seinfeld election, a show about nothing. By Alan Moran.

Understandably, the present campaign has been called a ‘Seinfeld election’, one that is a show about nothing. That appellation was also used to describe the Canadian 2019 election, which saw an incumbent leftist government challenged by ostensible conservatives who adopted a shallow differentiation of the government’s policies — including supporting a carbon tax. The conservatives were trounced by the more genuine article. …

The party of the bureaucrats (the modern left) versus everyone else:

A new ‘liberty’ party would need to bear down heavily on regulation. The issue is epitomised by Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill mine which, located in the middle of nowhere, required 4,500 different approvals taking ten years. By contrast, at the outset of Australia’s mining resurgence 50 odd years ago the Kambalda nickel mine, which transformed Western Mining into a global heavyweight, needed just two approvals. It was producing within six months. This is the outcome of regulatory overkill that not only imposes costs but also weaponizes those in the green left pursuing a war on civilisation.

In contrast to the ALP and Coalition, a liberty party would recognise planning policy as the major cause of high house prices — planners’ imposition of their own preferences of urban concentration restricts land for housing, causing a scarcity that is a de facto tax of $100,000-$200,000 per new housing block. A federal liberty party government would use its financial powers to force a relaxation of these arrangements, which government planning agencies foist on their docile political masters. …

In the western world only Donald Trump and Tony Abbott have enjoyed success with conservative, deregulatory agendas, and in both cases their policies were imperfect and their triumphs transitory. It may be that the corporate state now has too many tentacles of favours and redistributions for such policy approaches to prevail. But we need to explore the possibility.

The great political realignment is moving towards a bureaucratic party of the left (in favor of bigger government) versus a liberty alliance of everyone else.

The Necessity of Zero Covid

The Necessity of Zero Covid. By David Archibald.

New data has the Bank of England rattled:

The graph above shows the percentage of the UK population who do not want a job due to long term sickness. It started rising rapidly from the onset of the covid pandemic. The effect on employment has been considerable:

The working population in the UK is now in downtrend, and about 700,000 bodies short of what it was predicted to be. Which also means that an increasing dependent population is being supported by a shrinking workforce. And in turn that means the system will ultimately collapse if these trends continue.

So will they continue? The proportion of people infected by covid and who subsequently have long covid is said to range between 10% and 80%, depending upon how symptoms are classified. The chance of becoming long covid increases with each infection, and people are being reinfected faster than their long covid symptoms are resolving. So the trends will continue.

Apparently the UK economy and society is headed for collapse. System outages have started due to lack of staff as a result of covid.

Every country that has also opted for ‘let her rip’ with respect to covid management will suffer the same fate. That includes Australia. The UK is two years ahead of Australia and we should be closely watching their situation.

China has rightly judged that countries that keep their populations covid-free will enjoy a substantial long term competitive advantage. China has started cutting up the passports of Chinese attempting to leave the country for travel or study. The cost of covid outbreaks when those people return is likely to be too high.

Similar to competitive advantage between nations, competitive advantage between firms in a tightening labour market due to long covid could be developed by keeping staff healthy. That means prophylaxis using ivermectin, vitamin D, selenium, zinc, berberine, cannabidiol and thymoquinone. And irradiation of the workplace with UV light at 222 nm, which kills covid virions but does not harm human eyes or skin. And upgrading face masks to the FFP2 standard.

Hope he’s wrong, but he’s usually at least partly right.

Do the shareholders know? Twitter is a kindergarten for communists, not there to make profits

Do the shareholders know? Twitter is a kindergarten for communists, not there to make profits. By Joanne Nova.

Another Project Veritas operation exposes what’s going on behind the lines at Twitter and the most astonishing thing is not the political censorship but how Twitter is run like a Day Care centre for student activists.

It’s not a profit making business, so much as a university club with salaries for people who may only work 4 hours a week and brag about being “left left left” and as “commie as f**k”. If they need days off, they just don’t turn up to work. Sometimes they take months off. “Mental health is everything”.

No wonder Twitter employees hate Musk and are stress eating —  They have jobs where they get paid to take a month off, and no one cares how efficient they are, or what their sales figures or expenses were. Nice work if you can get it. …

Who is paying for all this?

If Twitter isn’t there to make money, who is pouring the dollars in, and is the political censorship the whole point? …

If Twitter really is a communist megaphone, not a business, Elon Musk is exposing it, even if he doesn’t buy it. He’s pulling the capitalist-legal strings and if it’s an investment facade, it will unravel.

Twitter Senior Engineer, Siru Murugesan, on Project Veritas:

“Everyone gets to do what they want, no one really cares about OPEX (operating expenses), like capitalists [do], …

“They care about our health, In Twitter, mental health is everything. … Like if you are not feeling it, you can take a few days off. People have taken months off” …

Twitter culture and inflated paychecks turn employees into communists:

“Like I started working for Twitter and became left. I think it’s just like the environment, like you, you’re there and you become like this commie — they call it Commiefornia for some reason”.

But Elon is already getting to Siru. Surprisingly, he even admits it:

“Elon makes some good points sometimes. I am slowly starting to buy his side a little bit. …”

Siru openly says that “Twitter does not believe in free speech”. But he thinks that free speech is just whether you want to “bully and harrass people”.

“For example, like if you bully a transgender, the right thinks it’s okay. The left does not.”

Essentially the right tolerate bullying, he says, but the left “need it to be censored” or they will leave the platform (making them sooky snowflakes in need of protection.) In snowflake world, it’s not that free speech is a quest for truth that may save lives and stop injustice, but that the worst thing in the world is to be bullied. All the gulags, slavery, death and disease are simply invisible.

Sounds like Musk could improve profitability just by sacking a few people. Perhaps start with $17m-per-year censorship czar Victoria Gadde:


Audit finds half of Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are fake

Audit finds half of Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are fake. By Jack Hobbs.

At least half of President Biden’s 22.2 million Twitter followers are bogus, a new audit revealed. …

[Fake followers are defined] as “accounts that are unreachable and will not see the account’s tweets (either because they’re spam, bots, propaganda, etc. or because they’re no longer active on Twitter).” …

Musk said he believes that 20% of all Twitter accounts are fake and vowed to not go through with his $44M purchase of the social media giant until the issue is resolved.

“My offer was based on Twitter’s SEC filings being accurate,” Musk said.

“Yesterday, Twitter’s CEO publicly refused to show proof of <5%. This deal cannot move forward until he does.” …

SparkToro used the same audit on Musk himself and found that nearly 70.2% of Musk’s 93.3 million Twitter followers were fake.

Where there are advertising and political profits to be had by inflating traffic and follower numbers, and there are no regular audits, then traffic and followers will be inflated.

Elon Musk — I will be voting Republican in 2022

Elon Musk — I will be voting Republican in 2022. By Citizen Free Press.

Musk classifies himself as a moderate, “neither Republican nor Democrat,” and has overwhelmingly voted Democrat in the past.

“I might never have voted for a Republican, just to be clear. Now this election, I will.” His comments were met with laughter and applause from the crowd.

“This is not some right-wing take over,” Musk clarified. He described his purchase of Twitter as a “moderate take over and an attempt to ensure that people of all political beliefs feel welcome on a digital town square and they can express their beliefs without fear of being banned.”

Recently red-pilled.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

The swiftness to denounce the Buffalo race killer makes some on the right look guilty

The swiftness to denounce the Buffalo race killer makes some on the right look guilty. By David Cole.

Rightists fell all over themselves to prove how deeply they hate hate hate racism by pointing out how much they despise this mass killer, as if their dislike of him was in question. When nothing was known of the shooter but that he was white and yelled racial epithets, former Fox host Todd Starnes tweeted “white terrorist” and “#deathpenalty.” …

Unsolicited sweaty-palmed exclamations like Starnes’ scream, “I must assuage my guilt! This guy resembles me a little too much, so I need to go out of my way to condemn him.”

It’s foolish. …

Think of it like this: Every time a random black thug shoots an innocent person, do you expect your black coworker to take you aside and say, “Hey, man, I condemn that jerk”?

You might answer my question with, “Well, I would want my black colleague to issue a condemnation if he’d previously advocated or excused black thuggery.”

Exactly. The defensive “denounce” shtick is always associated with having something to answer for. If you have nothing to answer for, don’t do it.

Amen. The left manipulates them so easily.

Retired Russian colonel gives damning assessment of Russia’s war in Ukraine on state TV

Retired Russian colonel gives damning assessment of Russia’s war in Ukraine on state TV. By Chris Pleasance.

Russian state media’s trumped-up narrative of Putin’s glorious war in Ukraine was last night shattered by a retired colonel who gave an unusually frank and damning assessment of the situation on the frontlines and world stage.

Brave man

Mikhail Khodarenok, a former air defence commander and graduate of some of the Soviet Union’s top military schools, used his platform on one of Russia’s most-watched talk shows to warn that the war is going badly and is likely to get worse, and that nuclear sabre-rattling — far from being threatening — actually ‘looks quite amusing’.

Ukraine, he said, will soon have mobilised more than a million soldiers who will be trained by the West and equipped with modern weapons, ready to fight and die to protect their homeland against Russia.

Batting aside repeated interruption from propagandist Olga Skabeyeva that the army will be mostly made of conscripts, Khodarenok insisted that how an army is recruited is irrelevant — what really matters is willingness to fight, and Ukraine ‘intends to fight to the last man.’

Russia’s position on the world stage is no better, he added, pointing out that ‘we are in full geopolitical isolation, and that, however much we would hate to admit this, virtually the entire world is against us. And it’s that situation that we need to get out of.’

Khodarenok’s remarks, broadcast to millions of Russians who until now have been spoon-fed a narrative of their military’s prowess and Ukraine’s weakness, mark a stunning break with the state-sanctioned narrative and puts him at extreme odds with the Kremlin stooges stood to either side of him.

Speaking on Skabeyeva’s evening talk show — which toes the Kremlin line so tightly that she has become known as the ‘iron doll of Putin TV’ — Khodarenok urged his fellow panellist to wean themselves off of ‘information tranquilisers’ and look objectively at the situation. …

What remains unclear – however – is whether anyone, and in particularly those in the Kremlin, are listening to him.

He spoke out after repeated briefings from western intelligence agencies said that Russia’s offensive in the Donbass has stalled and that a path to Ukrainian victory is now emerging.

In a sign of growing desperation in the Kremlin, military sources said last night that Putin is now micro-managing the war effort – taking decisions that are typically left to colonels as his battleplan falters.

At least there is actual debate in the clip above. When was the last time you heard a debate in the West?

Australian Election: The Teals

Australian Election: The Teals. By Janet Albrechtsen.

There is a British spoof show that features a chap called Marcus, who runs a shop in Notting Hill called I Saw You Coming. Marcus has a sly, sanctimonious look about him as he sells what he calls a “bunch of crap” to women he calls “posh thickos”. His customers are often blonde, never very bright and invariably rich, with husbands who work in the City. They are happy to browse for overpriced old sofas and lamps that Marcus collects from boot sales and upscales with little more than a hefty price tag.

One woman spots some old gumboots. “Ah yes,” says Marcus, not hiding his contempt, “those are cheap gumboots that I painted flowers on so I could charge you 30 quid.” “For a pair?” asks the sweet hippie airhead. “Each,” he grunts, “or you can take three for a hundred.” “Oh, great,” she says, “I’ll take three.”

Getting around Wentworth, where women — and they are overwhelmingly women — in teal-coloured T-shirts are spruiking the policies of Allegra Spender, I can’t help thinking her backer, Simon Holmes a Court, bears a striking resemblance to the cynical Marcus.

When we talk about the teals, we should focus on Holmes a Court. He is the common thread holding them together, financially, politically and structurally. And, like Marcus, Holmes a Court sure saw his constituency coming: mostly women who have grown weary with the usual array of things on offer from the usual parties. They are excited to be part of something new — not quite Liberal, not quite Labor, not quite Green — something different.

It is possible that, like Marcus’s not very bright target demographic, the women who have become teal devotees in Liberal-held seats don’t realise they have become pawns to tear down a party that clearly Holmes a Court has turned his back on. …

Like Marcus, he has spotted a market that is too rich and too easily manipulated for its own good. He has found policies whose appeal to affluent searchers for virtue is matched only by their vapidity and lack of rational analysis. You can have urgent climate action without significant cost; an integrity commission without defining corruption; and gender pay equity without grappling with the reality of women’s preferences. …

His plan, by funding teal candidates to knock off Liberal moderates, can only be to dismantle the broad church of the Liberal Party by stealing its centre for himself. …

Consider the stupidity of affluent teal fans patting themselves on the back for not voting Labor. And hell, no, never, those capitalist-hating Greens. Yet as single-issue candidates with no economic policies or credentials, teals in parliament will hand the economic levers to Labor and the Greens. …

Yes, teal voters might get more climate action more quickly. And then they will have to reckon, for the first time in their affluent lives, with the high price of their indulgence on the poor. They will get an open-ended national integrity commission without clear definitional limits and replete with public show trials. What they will get on gender issues is anyone’s guess because the teals (and others) haven’t decided whether they want equality of outcome or equality of opportunity.

What an awesome take-down. Well done. Read it all.