Australia quietly ditches most vaccine mandates, no apology yet

Australia quietly ditches most vaccine mandates, no apology yet. By Rebecca Weisser.

This week, with hardly a whisper from its chief public health officers, Australia largely abandoned its vaccine mandates. For the most part, they remain in force only for those working in health and aged care or with those with disabilities.

There has been no explanation given as to why unvaccinated workers can now be ‘welcomed back’ into workplaces. There has been no apology to those who lost their jobs for refusing to be jabbed, or who lost their lives, or their good health, following vaccination.

So far, 889 deaths have been reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which may have been caused by vaccination and almost 133,000 people have reported a vaccine injury including more than 140 heart attacks, 360 myocardial infarctions, 500 strokes, 1,400 cases of deep vein thrombosis and 1,500 pulmonary embolisms.

So, why the sudden change in policy? Here’s one possibility. An Israeli study of 5.7 million people, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in June, shows that unvaccinated people who gained immunity through infection, were far better protected from Covid than people who were double vaccinated. And while the study did not have enough cases of severe Covid to be definitive, it showed that unvaccinated people with natural immunity were also better protected from severe Covid. …’

The crime of the Australian bureaucracy:

A year ago, health officials in Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India, with 240 million inhabitants, advised that they were using a multi-drug cocktail of repurposed medications including ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid with astonishing success. From a peak of 34,455 on 29 April, cases plunged to 178 on 26 June. A year later there is an average of one death per day.

The contrast with Australia could not be more stark. Australia’s public health officers weren’t content simply to disregard the evidence of Uttar Pradesh’s success with a multi-drug therapy that included ivermectin, the TGA went further than any other country in the world and on 10 September 2021 banned the use of ivermectin for the treatment of Covid.

If ivermectin and HCQ can treat covid, there was no justification for Pfizer’s expensive but experimental vaccines. Money and corruption have ruled.

Vitamin D and zinc? Don’t even mention it:

Public health officials in Australia pursued the same policy of persecuting doctors who dared to criticise official public health policy.

For example, Dr Paul Oosterhuis, a NSW anaesthetist with over thirty years experience in critical care and resuscitation, had his registration as a medical practitioner suspended on 3 September because of four anonymous complaints made to the Medical Council of NSW about his Facebook posts, which encouraged people to take vitamin D, zinc and seek early treatment with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine if they became infected with Covid.

It’s their democracy.

Btw, did you notice that there were modest demonstrations against the Roe versus Wade decision in Australia!?! The US is now transitioning to the same system as in Australia, where state governments decide abortion policies, and abortion is available to varying degrees in all states of Australia. Loopy to demonstrate here. Is it to influence US politicians — because they care how you vote? Or to influence our own politicians — to do what? As virtue signalling goes, this is at the stupid end of the spectrum.

These demonstrations were lovingly reported in generous detail by the ABC, for the last couple of nights. Contrast that with the much larger anti-vaccine-mandate demonstrations a few months ago in Australia, which were only briefly mentioned, if at all, by a contemptuous ABC. The ABC is a public broadcaster, paid for by all of us.


CNN Lays Groundwork to Dismiss Announcement of Biden Recession as Racist

CNN Lays Groundwork to Dismiss Announcement of Biden Recession as Racist. By John Nolte.

CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and political violence, is laying the ground to claim that any declaration of a recession is… racist. …


CNN knows that our economy has already shrunk this last quarter by a whopping 1.6 percent and that if we shrink again during this second quarter, we are officially in a recession. That’s how it works. Two consecutive quarters of shrinkage, and we’re in a recession.

So the big brains at CNN sat around and thought to themselves, How can we save the Democrat party? Hmmm? … The desperate stupes at CNNLOL came up with this beauty of a headline….

Who decides if the US is in a recession? Eight White economists you’ve never heard of

And the 1400 or so words that follow are all about undermining any upcoming declaration of a recession as illegitimate because white people….

There is a clear lack of racial diversity amongst the eight members, and NBER has never had a member who has been a racial minority, according to Gary Hoover, co-chair of the American Economic Association Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession.


In recent years there has been a push by policymakers and the Biden administration to include more diverse thinking in economic analysis.

Janet Yellen, America’s first woman Treasury secretary and its first woman Fed chair, has argued that the lack of women and minority economists at the Federal Reserve and the federal government is a top priority. That lack of diversity, she said, skews viewpoints and limits the issues of discussion.

This is not an opinion piece — I mean, it is an opinion piece, obviously, but it’s presented as news.

This is how desperate the corporate media now are….

Thanks only to left-wing policies (profligate federal spending, green nonsense exploding energy prices, etc.), things are so objectively bad in America — and the corrupt media’s credibility and moral authority are so eroded — that all CNN can come up with is naked nihilism to push back on the coming declaration that the United States is officially in a recession — which will be an objective fact.

Who to believe, the left or reality?

Toronto Cops Look For Bearded ‘Woman’

Toronto Cops Look For Bearded ‘Woman’. By Rod Dreher.

I know, I know: what a bunch of dumbasses our ruling class is. But this is actually far more sinister. From Live Not By Lies:

In retrospect, this seems almost unbelievable. How could the Russians have been so blind? … Solzhenitsyn observed:

If the intellectuals in the plays of Chekhov who spent all their time guessing what would happen in twenty, thirty, or forty years had been told that in forty years interrogation by torture would be practiced in Russia; that prisoners would have their skulls squeezed within iron rings, that a human being would be lowered into an acid bath; that they would be trussed up naked to be bitten by ants and bedbugs; that a ramrod heated over a primus stove would be thrust up their anal canal (the “secret brand”); that a man’s genitals would be slowly crushed beneath the toe of a jackboot; and that, in the luckiest possible circumstances, prisoners would be tortured by being kept from sleeping for a week, by thirst, and by being beaten to a bloody pulp, not one of Chekhov’s plays would have gotten to its end because all the heroes would have gone off to insane asylums.

It wasn’t just the tsarists who didn’t see it coming but also the country’s leading liberal minds. It was simply beyond their ability to conceive.

The point is not that the Toronto Police folly is the same as the state crushing a prisoner’s genitals. The point is that people have no idea how quickly things they don’t imagine could happen actually can come to pass.

If you had told intellectuals in the 1990s that within thirty to forty years, the police force of a major world city would be sending out a tweet like that with a straight face — and that for the cops to fail to do so would be a crime in that jurisdiction — well, those intellectuals would have thought this was hysterical Religious-Right propaganda designed to divide us. It would never happen, they would have confidently predicted. …

Don’t forget these lines from Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four:

The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

The Toronto Police force, agents of the State, tells you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. This is the most essential command of Wokeness.

Humans are the only species on this planet in which large numbers of unrelated individuals can function and cooperate. Ants and bees also work together well, but in each case the individuals in a hive or nest are all sisters or brothers — genetically very similar.

The trick humans developed for doing this — only a few thousand years ago — is to adopt common beliefs. If we all agree on a common understanding of reality and what the goals are, we can all work together. Every human civilization started as a religion — the temples are always the oldest archeological remains. Shared beliefs is what enables human society.

The woke are tearing up the previous shared belief system, which was based on Christianity, science, and modernity. They are instead enforcing a religion of victimhood, where “victims” are sacred. This requires some truly unreal nonsense, which is increasingly rendering our society unable to function well in the universe. Catastrophe approaches.

Germany Labels Journalist ‘Criminal’ And Seizes Her Bank Accounts For Reporting From Ukraine

Germany Labels Journalist ‘Criminal’ And Seizes Her Bank Accounts For Reporting From Ukraine. By KanekoaTheGreat.

A German journalist living in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region has been criminally charged by the German government for interviewing Ukrainian citizens and reporting her findings.

Independent reporter, 28-year-old Alina Lipp, moved to the Donbas area six months ago, where she transmits first-hand information to her audience in German, Russian, and English from her telegram channel.

This is no longer allowed:

Lipp claims she is only doing what any journalist would do — interviewing citizens and documenting what is happening around her.

The journalist explained she is “doing interviews with people in Donetsk and merely translating them into German.”

“I am simply filming everything I see around,” Lipp added. She inquired rhetorically “what is it that’s illegal in that, or dangerous?”

The crime:

The controversy around Lipp began in March when one of her videos explaining the history and the context of the war went viral.

In Lipp’s viral video, she said, “you need to understand that Russia has been asking for eight years that the Minsk agreement be upheld. Ukraine did not adhere to it, nor did they approach the Donbas region in an attempt to come to agreement.”

“Instead, they have been bombing the outskirts of the Donbas region for eight years. They are shooting at civilians, who now also have to live in completely shot-up houses. Very many people have died here,” Lipp continued.

In the video, Lipp alleged that the Donbas citizens who overwhelmingly voted to secede from Ukraine in 2014 had been, “thankful that Russia finally did something”.

Lipp added, “Finally, the people here have been liberated from the terror that they’ve been experiencing for the last eight years,” under continuous shelling by the Ukrainian military.

The German government reacts:

Soon after the video went viral, Lipp’s YouTube channel was closed, her PayPal account was blocked, and the Ukrainian government labeled her a “terrorist”.

Last month, the journalist received a letter from Germany’s prosecutor’s office which states that she now faces three years in prison for supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This comes after German authorities closed down her bank account and her father’s bank account without warning. … “They took 1,600 euro from my bank account and didn’t even tell me about it.” Lipp said.

According to Lipp, the German government has declared her guilty and she will not be able to defend herself in court.

This is their democracy, and anyone who opposes it is an authoritarian. Got it?

Wadeye: Failed Aboriginal Town as Cultural Triumph

Wadeye: Failed Aboriginal Town as Cultural Triumph. By Patrick McCauley.

I decided to take a teaching position at the isolated Aboriginal community of Wadeye in the Northern Territory …

Wadeye has a population of about 2500 in its general vicinity. The main settlement has an airstrip, a Catholic school, a swimming pool, a Catholic church, a store, an art centre, a museum, a post office, municipal offices, a mechanics shop, locked petrol bowsers ($2.60 per litre) and a Centrelink [welfare] office. The main street is surrounded by about a square kilometre of solidly-built kit-type houses in various states of repair. Many have been looked after, some even improved with green lush gardens; others, perhaps most, are vandalised, graffitied and surrounded by garbage in the deep terra cotta dust. Most have things like prams on their rooves and mangy dogs hanging around in packs.

Wadeye is one hour’s flight south-west of Darwin — about five hours by road in the dry, via Daly River. …

Trendy education failed:

Wadeye’s Catholic church and the school sealed their fate with a bilingual policy that dominated from 1972 till the mid-Nineties, so people over about forty years of age, who were pre-bilingual education (pre-self-determination, pre-alcoholism, pre-invasion/genocide/stolen generation, pre-apology and pre-“racism”) can still read and write. People under forty, however, cannot speak English, are functionally illiterate and have little idea of numbers. …

Stay in your cages, white people:

You need a permit from the Northern Land Council to enter this settlement, and you need permission from the big men here to enter any country which is outside the settlement, off the road to the beach or the road to Daly River, or even the road to the tip. So you are caged in from the moment you arrive.

You live in a “donga”, which is a shipping container. The donga is caged, the school is caged — the whole town is caged and locked in. Whitefella teachers walk around with backpacks containing their valuables and great bunches of keys around their necks in the thirty-eight-degree heat. The settlement is caged because of the enormous number of break-ins and the mindless vandalism perpetrated constantly, often by children.


Since about 2002 Wadeye, somehow and to its credit, has been a “dry” settlement in which alcohol is illegal except for those people who have an alcohol permit — overwhelmingly white workers. Marijuana is the drug of choice for the locals, and though the flights in are fairly strictly policed with sniffer dogs, there seems to be significant “gunja” in the community. The white locals who have lived here for a while say the settlement is less violent and there are fewer break-ins when there is sufficient “gunja” — if the dope runs out, the trouble returns. …

Media lies:

The ABC, SBS and academic Australia have created a brutal narrative that has slaughtered our art and our story through a religious ideological belief system based on resentment and blame, yet masquerading as compassion.

Not long ago, Kerry O’Brien convinced a governor-general of Australia (Sir William Deane) to apologise on live television for a massacre (not far from Wadeye at Mistake Creek) that was proven to have been perpetrated by an Aboriginal man. Neither of them apologised to my people for this profound cultural insult, yet this too is racism — serious, popular and pervasive.

It is this spin that is now murdering the people of Wadeye. There is a local television station and you can get SBS and the ABC — all of which constantly reaffirm the invasion/genocide/stolen generation/racist version of Australian history. …

O’Brien reports on an Aboriginal girl who was raped and murdered after checking herself out of an Alice Springs hospital without the knowledge of the nurse—the nurse is blamed for her demise, not the Aboriginal man who perpetrated the crime.

A twenty-nine-year-old Aboriginal man commits suicide after his love affair with a sixteen-year-old girl is outlawed by police — the police are blamed for his death. …


The school where I am working attempts to teach children to read and write, but exaggerates its attendance figures. It needs to be constantly employing new teachers, as they often only last a matter of days or weeks before they are overwhelmed by the extent of the problem, the complete lack of discipline and the primitive circumstances under which they must work and live.

The children who attend school regularly or even irregularly are often tired from lack of sleep, or are hungry and irritable. The school feeds each child breakfast, morning tea and lunch, every day. The teachers are, without exception, exhausted from the huge demand of teaching classes of children, many of whom would be on Ritalin if they were city kids.

The teachers live in a constant low-level fear fuelled by intermittent dog attacks, the hardly suppressed resentment and violence within the community, the total lack of respect, mindless vandalism, foul language and “motherfucker” mentality of the children, the difficulty in obtaining basic food supplies and the insufficient, caged and very basic accommodation, … the lack of being able to go for a decent walk out of the township, and lack of sleep due to the all-night noise. …

There is an unstated assumption that all teachers be apologists — that they accept the black-armband orthodoxy. The teachers hoard and hide supplies of teaching materials in secret places. …

Expensive experts in health and education, politicians and public servants arrive on almost every plane to tour the school and community like saviours. There is a discipline policy which is unworkable and unrealistic, with ideas of negotiated “contracts” and “draw your anger”-type activities — and also because the community in general views school like work, a whitefella imposition. …

The most influential teacher in the school … is exhausted and bullies both the kids and the teachers at times. She informs me that English is not the first language of this country, and we have no right to expect these kids to speak English at school. …

The people of Wadeye mostly treat whitefellas as their servants. First thing in the morning, my students demand that I get their breakfast, and then throw a tantrum if I don’t pick up the rubbish they throw on the ground. …

Any utterance of the word no to the kids at school will produce a tantrum which can go all the way to physical violence if not handled sensitively. Last week three of the “transition” kids I teach (average age about twelve) wrecked the library as three teachers tried to herd them, screeching with laughter, out the door.

Money corrupts:

Centrelink pays unemployment benefits to almost the entire community of Wadeye without ever breaching a person for not making an effort to find work. In the rest of Australia, people must apply for jobs every week or they lose their benefit. …

There are millions of dollars worth of claims presently before the United Nations from Aboriginal people for various accusations of racial discrimination manufactured by a largely white Aboriginal legal industry. The Aboriginal leaders are painfully consumed in an uneducated anger fed by misinformation and ideological groupspeak, reinforced by the vast majority of public servants and teachers who are allowed to enter the community. …

Whites must pay for everything:

Isolated Aboriginal people, like those in Wadeye, have come to be expected to fail in order to achieve further government funding.

These Aboriginal people are confined by the remnants of their culture to isolation as “noble savages” with no real idea of themselves as individuals, or the real value of money and work, or the value of things like houses.

Many Aboriginal people in Wadeye believe that all Australians are given a free house by the government as a right of citizenship.

The indigenous co-principal says it is quite possible to live from birth to death in Wadeye without needing to speak English or to work.

“This is my country,” the kids tell me. They have seen and heard Kerry O’Brien on the ABC, they watch Living Black and Message Stick — and they believe in their victimhood. Money is not a problem here. We must pay.

Read it all.

These people sound like great assets for the Australian community, and we can all feel proud of how our taxpayer dollars are being spent. Asking them to conform to the same rules and expectations as the rest of us would just be racist, so this glorious triumph of a town can only grow and grow. You get more of what you subsidize.

Meanwhile, a massive retinue of leftist government workers are being well paid to “fix” it. It’s obvious who the real beneficiaries here are, and who set up and defends the situation.

Cultural triumph? No, government job triumph … and too bad about the mascots.

The One With The Nauseating White Guilt

The One With The Nauseating White Guilt. By Brendan O’Neill.

I see white people are apologising for being white again. This time it’s the turn of Marta Kauffman, the co-creator of Friends. She’s really, really sorry that Friends had a predominantly white cast. She’s eaten up by remorse at having been ‘part of systemic racism’.

She’s so consumed by regret over her part in the cultural crime of creating a sitcom about six white New Yorkers that she has decided to throw some money at a non-white cause. She’s giving $4million to Brandeis University in Boston to create an endowed professorship in its African American studies department. ‘Will this wash away my sin of whiteness?’, she might as well say as she hands over the penitent cash. …

Everything about Ms Kauffman’s self-flagellation is absurd. … We need to talk about Marta Kauffman’s feelings. I wish we didn’t, but we do. Because there is something genuinely disturbing about a hyper-successful TV producer, the co-creator of one of the most successful sitcoms in history, feeling so much anguish about the skin colour of her actors. This is not normal behaviour. Ms Kauffman should feel ocean-going pride over the role she played in making millions of people across the Earth chuckle at the antics of six NYC singletons. But instead she apparently has to avoid mirrors lest she catch a glimpse of her own shameful, racist visage. … And yet here is poor Marta, prostrating herself before the elders of wokeness, burying her face in the dirt, declaring: ‘I apologise for my ignorance.’ (She literally said that.)

Kauffman seems to have been sucked into the cult of white shame. There really is a cultish feel to some of her recent comments. …

Friends has been the subject of woke maulings for years now. There are frequent media storms about how unwoke this oh-so-Nineties show was. ‘Why Everyone’s Favourite 90s Show Is Hugely Transphobic’, says one headline (apparently it’s because Chandler’s gay, cross-dressing dad was played by husky Hollywood icon Kathleen Turner, which, I’m sorry, was absolutely brilliant). ‘Friends: 10 times the classic sitcom was problematic’, says a headline in newspaper turned clickbait industrial complex, the Independent. Cosmo has slammed Friends for its ‘sexism, homophobia and fat-shaming’. …

But the Kauffman thing is more serious. … This is Friends itself effectively saying: ‘Yes, we were racist, we were phobic, we were wrong.’

What Kauffman and others should be saying … is that it is perverse and outright philistine to judge the entertainment and art of the past by the unforgiving standards of the present. … Kauffman should have told her unjust persecutors to go to hell. …

Kauffman is boasting that she is better than us:

The white, privilege-checking, self-flagellating, skin-hating members of the cultural elite appear, on the surface, to be consumed by shame. When they atone for their whiteness, or bow down to black people on a BLM demo, or confess to past racial transgressions, they seem to be self-mortified.

But in truth they are boasting. They’re saying: ‘I am an aware white person; I am a good white person; I am not like those white-trash hordes who never check their privilege.’ This is the moral complexity that informs the Kauffman story — she’s ashamed, but she’s also proud, because she is telling the world that she has reckoned with her whiteness, seen that it is wrong, and is now making audited amends.

It was just entertainment:

Screw that. Was Friends funny or not? That is the only question that matters. My answer, for what it’s worth, is: Yep, it was funny. Thank you, Marta.

Virtue signalling, moral vanity, and claims to be superior. What an ass.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Identity politics destroys patriotism, while minority rule leaves them super-afraid of the majority

Identity politics destroys patriotism, while minority rule leaves them super-afraid of the majority. By the Z-Man.

This is the Fourth of July weekend, the high point of the summer and theoretically the most America holiday of the year. …  July 4th is expressly a holiday for celebrating what it means to be American. It is the one day of the year when normal people are allowed to be nationalistic and patriotic. You are even allowed to say nice things about the white people who founded the country. …

It seems that patriotism is on the wane. The days of retail shops decorating themselves with red, white and blue colors are gone. …

Of course, patriotism has always been a white thing. Black people are the least patriotic for obvious reasons. … The resentment is part of black identity. Therefore, the decline in patriotism is all about white people.

The steady decline in white patriotism can also be rooted in the antiwhite pogroms that have become a feature of America. Every ad maker complies with the edict to erase all white faces from their ads. The exception is the race mixing ads and when they use a white man as an object of ridicule. … Of course, politics is drenched in antiwhite rhetoric from the Left with conservatives nodding along. …

According to a recent poll, most people think the government is corrupt and a quarter are open to an armed revolt. Interestingly, the reason for this is in the text of that Guardian story. “This deadly attack on the US Capitol stemmed from the false, partisan, pro-Donald Trump belief that Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election. Rioters attempted to thwart certification of the election, in an effort to keep Trump in office.” This degree of lying naturally makes people want to revolt.

This raises the question as to whether patriotism is possible in this age. Back in the Bush years the media was biased against “conservatives” so naturally “conservatives” were patriotic as a way to oppose the liberal media. There seemed to be a line between the media and the political class, even if the media favored one side. Now only a simpleton thinks the media is anything but the voice of the ruling class. As a result, we are constantly reminded of their corruption.

If it is no longer possible for a rational person to feel any loyalty to the nation, then what will hold the country together?

In the book After Nationalism: Being American in an Age of Division, Samuel Goldman looks for a new way to unify the nation. Here is a good summary from Chronicles. Goldman describes the three prior unifying identities as the covenant, the crucible and the creed. These were the large frameworks in which patriotic loyalty was cultivated. There is plenty to dispute in that description, but what the Chronicles review makes clear is that there is no obvious fourth option.

The only way to arrive at something close to a civil society again is by first removing the people in charge of the political and cultural institutions. The crazies currently in charge are not going to be talked out of their positions and they are not going to sacrifice themselves for the common good, so that means physically removing them from power.

This is why the regime is so desperate to break up anything that looks like self-organizing by normal people. They understand better than most Americans that the only thing preventing a revolt is confusion in the masses. It is why they remain haunted by the January 6th events. Their determination to put Trump in jail is viewed by them as a matter of self-preservation. …

Identity politics always fails:

The fact is, the system holds together only if the majority population has no sense of identity at all. Patriotism focuses too much attention on the institutions and the people running them, so that cannot be allowed. Regional, religious or racial identity, at least among the majority population, is dangerous, so it is forbidden. The nature of minority rule is that it must make sure the majority never agrees on anything. Division is now the new creed of the American empire.




Trump Is the Greatest Man Alive

Trump Is the Greatest Man Alive. By Dan Gelernter.

For all the hysteria over Trump’s divisive tweets, the truth is that Trump is the only unifying figure in modern political history: He persuaded millions of people who had never voted for any Republican, indeed for any president, to vote for him.

During his first term, he increased his share of the vote with every segment of the population, except college-educated whites. No Republican since Reagan received such broad support from so many groups. And he won their support not by pandering to their sub-category interests or to the things that set them apart, but by appealing to them as Americans. …

Here’s my question to the January 6 committee: If Trump made a call for violence on January 6, how could I possibly have missed it? I was glued to the TV all day. I watched Trump’s speech; I hung on every word. I recognized it as a pivotal moment in American history: We were about to certify an unelected, illegitimate president. It was an impending catastrophe that only the boldest possible action could have prevented.

If Trump had called out to the nation in his January 6 speech — if he had said, “We must stop this, come to Washington with your guns!” — millions of Americans would have come. The response would have been massive and overwhelming. You can bet your boots that Ashli Babbitt would not have been the only person shot and killed that day.

Trump easily — easily — could have started a civil war. He had only to make the call. Millions would have answered it. America was watching and waiting. But Trump never made that call, and Washington knows damn well he didn’t.

If you ask me, Trump has shown greater restraint than any man alive in the world today. Greater restraint perhaps than almost any man in history: For there are very few men, even in small and trivial nations, who could launch a civil war if they chose to do it. That sort of following — so wide, so deeply committed, and so much on the precipice of fury unleashed — is truly rare.

The fact that Trump did not call upon his supporters to do violence on January 6 is singular, incredible: What leftist, on the verge of losing his power in Washington, and yet possessed of the means of retaining it through coercive force, would have walked away as Trump did?

Now the establishment — the Liz Cheneys, the Nancy Pelosis, the Mitch McConnells and Mitt Romneys — are terrified because they know Trump still has that following. They know the nation, left to choose its own president, would choose Trump again. And they can’t possibly let that happen.

Trump is the only real threat … to the power of the elites. The elites want that power more than anything — they cannot walk away — and they are willing to do anything, even destroy the entire planet with war or disease, sooner than they would see Trump become president again.

The left — and the deep state — cannot afford to let the normies or their champions get in charge, because next time the normies know to sack all the bureaucrats. Hmmm, don’t bureaucrats run the elections and issue all the statistics? Problem solved, for a while.

Despite Everything, Voters Prefer Trump to Biden

Despite Everything, Voters Prefer Trump to Biden. By John Hinderaker.

After years of non-stop hysteria from the Left, you would think Donald Trump would be–politically speaking–deader than a doornail. And yet, poll after poll shows him beating Joe Biden in 2024. The latest comes from Emerson:

That finding is typical of many others. …

Everyone now knows the attacks on Trump are false, so only the woke believe them:

The Democrats’ attacks are usually so stupid as to make you laugh out loud. Like the “hearings” currently going on in D.C. Like nearly all Americans, I have paid zero attention to them, not having watched a single minute. But based on headlines, I understand that the Democrats called a “bombshell” witness who testified to what Trump did in the presidential limo.

Where was the “bombshell” witness seated in the limo at the time? Well, she wasn’t in it. She was relating alleged hearsay from a couple of Secret Service agents. …

And, by the way, what was “bombshell” about her testimony? Trump wanted to go to the Capitol? Why not? Seems reasonable. He “lunged” for the wheel of the limo? Probably physically impossible, but in any event, so what? This is the Democrats’ idea of a scandal? Pathetic.

It also turns out that the Democrats’ committee has already taken testimony from the agents whose alleged statements were testified to by the woman who wasn’t there. What do they have to say? I think we can safely say that if their testimony was helpful to the Democrats — assuming that anyone cares about Trump wanting to go to the Capitol, but not actually going there — we would have heard it by now. The whole enterprise is inexpressibly lame. …


Still, I am not entirely happy about the polls that show Biden is a loser in 2024. Why? Because there is little chance that Biden will be the Democrats’ nominee. They know he is hopeless, and will only get worse over the next two years as his dementia proceeds. I don’t know who their nominee will be be, but it won’t be Biden.

On the GOP side of the aisle, I hope the nominee is not Trump. He was a very good president, but his personality flaws and his obsession with the 2020 election make him a weak candidate in 2024. Voters want to look forward, not backward. If the Democrats nominate a fresh face who runs against a Trump obsessed with past grievances, the Democrat likely will win. Which would be tragic.

So, sure: enjoy the polls that demonstrate the impotence of the liberal media. But don’t be fooled into thinking that an aging, self-obsessed Donald Trump will be our best nominee in 2024.

Trump and DeSantis are hot favorites for the Republication nomination.

But who can the Democrats run? Biden, Harris, and Clinton are truly awful — and won’t fool many normies to vote for them. Bernie Sanders? Michelle Obama? Princess Megan? Oprah Winfrey? AOC? All too extreme or lightweight.

The US Military Went Woke. Now It Can’t Find Recruits.

The US Military Went Woke. Now It Can’t Find Recruits. By Daniel Greenfield.

The Army is at only 40% of its recruiting numbers for the fiscal year despite raising its maximum enlistment bonus from $40,000 to $50,000. It now offers new recruits up to $10,000 for showing up to basic training in 30 days. And is no longer even asking them for a high school diploma. …

While the Army runs anime lesbian wedding ads, it’s pushing away the recruits it needs, young patriotic men from traditional backgrounds. When the Biden administration’s brass decided to mandate vaccinations, they automatically rejected the 60% of potential recruits who aren’t.

By Obama’s second term, male Army ROTC cadets were being forced to march in women’s high heels. Under Biden, that escalated to mandatory transgender pronoun training while figuring out living arrangements for men who suddenly decide that they’re really women. The Army is now preparing for the prospect of accommodating men in women’s housing and deploying HIV positive men. …

But it’s kicking out unvaccinated soldiers:

In February, it reported that commanders had “relieved a total of six Regular Army leaders, including two battalion commanders, and issued 3,073 general officer written reprimands to Soldiers for refusing the vaccination order.” As of June, 60,000 Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers are unvaccinated. That’s 12% of the Army Guard and 10% of the Army Reserve.

Motivation — where the left always fails:

Instead of spending $684 million on recruitment, and a $4 billion 10 year contract with Omnicom, one of whose subsidiaries worked on the Biden campaign, the Army could try to stop actively alienating and firing the young men actually willing to fight and die on the battlefield.

And maybe then the Army might be able to stop lowering standards and issuing moral waivers for criminal records. Or forcibly extending the assignments of recruiters and making them work on federal holidays in the hopes of recruiting 60,000 active duty soldiers.

A Quinnipiac poll earlier this year found that only 40% of Democrats would stay and fight if America were invaded, while 52% would run away. 68% of Republicans would stay and fight. 70% of men would stay and fight in contrast to, understandably, 40% of women, and 61% and 57% of Hispanic and white people would stay and fight, in contrast to only 38% of black people. …

Navy recruiters are focused on the popularity of Top Gun Maverick to bring in new recruits. But … in the movie, the pilots fly F/A-18s and no one screams at them about their pronouns and their unconscious racial biases. Or their vaccination status. In real life, F/A-18E/F’s have a 51% mission capable rate. And the Navy’s woke leadership is focused on fighting “systemic racism:” …

No country can buy an army. Young men have to want to fight and risk death for their country. It’s got to be worth fighting for.

The United States military is never going to win a bidding war against corporations. Amazon warehouse team members make more than starting recruits. And they’re generally less likely to die. The only real military recruiting edge is a patriotic commitment to defending your country. …

The Obama and Biden administrations appointed brass who gutted the services and replaced patriotic and nationalistic values with woke virtue signaling and radical politics. Now they’re discovering that when jobs are going begging, no one wants to join a woke military.

Patriots don’t and wokes won’t either.

Wokes willing to die for a cause are a lot more likely to join riots than the military. Those who see the military as serving their cause are, like actual white supremacists, exactly the kinds of “dangerous extremists” who are just joining up to gain experience for domestic terrorism.

The Ukrainians went full-on patriotic and found hundreds of thousands of recruits very fast.

Russia’s Oil Revenue Soars Despite Sanctions

Russia’s Oil Revenue Soars Despite Sanctions. By Hiroko Tabuchi.

Russia’s revenues from fossil fuels, by far its biggest export, soared to records in the first 100 days of its war on Ukraine, driven by a windfall from oil sales amid surging prices, a new analysis shows.

Russia earned what is very likely a record 93 billion euros in revenue from exports of oil, gas and coal in the first 100 days of the country’s invasion of Ukraine…

“The current rate of revenue is unprecedented, because prices are unprecedented, and export volumes are close to their highest levels on record,” said Lauri Myllyvirta, an analyst who led the center’s research.

The cost of oil production in Russia is $5 per barrel (yep, five), and the current price is $110 per barrel.

The ruble has climbed to 55 to the US dollar, compared to 80 before the war started — because Russia is requiring payment for its oil and gas in rubles, instead of USD as previously.

So economically, so far, it would appear the Russians are doing well from this war. Sure, their planes and industry are running out of western spare parts and electronic chips etc, but so far the effects of that aren’t obvious in the West.

Rod Dreher:

In other words, the Russians are getting richer than ever on their oil and gas exports. How, exactly, is our oil ban hurting them? It’s not! But it’s hurting consumers in the US and Europe, and will do so indefinitely. We are plunging into recession because of all this. Do you think that the Biden administration cares? Watch this:

Yeah, why don’t you ask the working people struggling to fill up their cars how much they care about The Future Of The Liberal World Order. …

You can’t eat the Liberal World Order. You can’t power your car or heat your home with the Liberal World Order.

You can bet the sanctions on Russia are hurting ordinary Russians far more than the elites. Same in the West.

Possibly related:

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Steve B.

Chinese colonization of Africa, Bolsonaro speaks from Brazil

Chinese colonization of Africa, Bolsonaro speaks from Brazil. By Tucker Carlson.

Here in the United States, we’ve been so deeply engrossed in our own debates over whether men should be allowed to compete on girls swim teams or whether it’s immoral to carry our groceries in plastic bags that we’ve missed the fact that the government of China has been busy with its own agenda — taking over the world.

In the space of just 15 years, for example, the Chinese have succeeded in re-colonizing the entire continent of Africa. Didn’t think that could happen? Well, it is happening. In Africa, China now calls the shots and takes the natural resources for itself. Period. As of tonight, there is only one remaining African country that dares to recognize Taiwan, and it happens to be among the smallest countries in Africa, Swaziland. Everyone else on the continent obeys Beijing.

But wait a second. How can this be happening? Isn’t colonialism racist and bad? Yes, it is and no one’s worse and more racist than the Chinese. Go on Chinese social media sometime and see how they describe the Africans they’ve subjugated. It’s horrifying. So, why isn’t the New York Times writing stories about any of this? You know why – because the New York Times is on China’s side. That’s why they all but ignore the brutal Chinese colonization of Latin America, which is also in full swing right now.

Colonialism violates everything the New York Times once claimed to believe in, but that’s okay, because they never really believed any of it anyway. It was always about power. …


One person who is emphatically not in favor of it is the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. So, of course, the American media hate him. … These are people whose research consists of three minutes on Wikipedia on the way to the studio. “He’s a racist. Of course, he is.” He “doesn’t want lockdowns.” There’s your proof.

But it is the last clip from plagiarist Fareed Zakaria that explains why they’re so mad at Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro … represents a “growing global threat to the ideas of liberalism” –– liberalism, meaning neoliberalism, meaning globalism.

And in fact, that is true. Bolsonaro is no Justin Trudeau. He’s not a low-IQ fascist who would be working as an Instagram influencer if he didn’t have his own army. He’s not the president of Ukraine who shuts down television stations that dare to criticize him and outlaws opposition parties and arms Nazis.

In conventional terms, Bolsonaro is, in fact, liberal. He has done nothing to stop civil liberties in Brazil. But at the same time, he is a nationalist. He cares about his country. He resists China. Therefore, he must be stopped. George Soros hates him and so does Joe Biden. He’s not with the program.

So naturally, we wanted to meet him. Yesterday we did. We sat with Bolsonaro for more than an hour and the first thing we learn is that the left in Brazil hates him very much. They tried to kill him when he first ran for president four years ago. With very little money in the backing of no party, he came out of nowhere to get 57 million votes.

But he almost didn’t survive to be elected. He was stabbed by a leftist almost to death at a rally, at which point the left funded lawyers to come in and rescue his attempted murderer — an amazing story that hasn’t gotten a ton of coverage in the United States.

Watch from 4 minutes. Very interesting. You won’t hear this in any western media:

hat-tip Stephen Neil