Uncanny Female Robots

Uncanny Female Robots, by Diana Fleischman.

The average single man paying attention to contemporary social fashions will struggle to understand the new rules of meeting, courting, or having sex with women. Something as banal as trying to converse with a woman wearing headphones is now often considered harassment. A man’s chances of mating success increase when he approaches many women, but so too do his chances of a gaining reputation as sexist, exploitative, or immoral. To take a fraught example, how does a man know that a woman is genuinely consenting to sex? A lack of ability to pick up on cues can incur catastrophic costs.

Men high in conscientiousness, who are sensitive to social disapproval but who nonetheless have difficulty reading subtle social cues, could make good husbands for women. These men are unlikely to want to take the risk of approaching women. As substitutes like sex robots and virtual companions become better and cheaper, they will monopolize the attention of such men.

Think of an introverted engineer with Asperger’s syndrome who wasn’t sure how to broach a conversation with a woman back in 2015 and definitely isn’t sure how to do that in today’s climate. In 10 years he could have a beautiful robot companion (indeed, he could have one that could emulate the experience of having sex with dozens of different women) that has a lower barrier to entry than the mating market and that keeps him satisfied enough to remain a happy bachelor. Some woman misses out on a conscientious guy with a good income who might not know exactly how to respond when she says “nothing’s wrong,” but will definitely keep the cars tuned up to get the kids to their mathematics championships. The world might miss out on his sons and daughters and their analytical approaches to some of the world’s problems. …

Social stability:

In the 1980s, evolutionary psychologist couple Wilson and Daly found that perpetrators of violence and homicide had something in common: they were young, single and didn’t have access to the kinds of resources with which to win mates.

Polygynous societies in which wealthier men have access to multiple women are more violent and less stable because they have a class of young men without the prospect of getting a mate. …

Men have much greater variance of reproductive success than women. Sometimes they get cues that they have nothing to lose you have everything to gain from taking risks through violence, sexual or otherwise. This is one reason that pornography decreases the rate of sexual assault. When men get cues that women are interested in them, even if those women are mere representations, their evolved psychology leads them to less risky ways of attempting to achieve reproductive success. How many teenaged boys would be able to build up the resentment to commit mass shootings or suicide if they had a beautiful sex robot at home?

Importantly, this is distinct from Freudian catharsis, or “discharge theory”. There isn’t evidence that aggressive or sexual impulses can be purged by “getting them out of your system.” The motivation for these impulses is instead weakened by environmental cues that indicate you don’t need to engage in risky strategies to achieve reproductive success. The cues a sex robot would provide to the evolved psychology of a previously disgruntled teenager would be “you’re achieving incredible mating success and status by staying at home and playing video games, keep at it!” …

What about women?

What does this mean for women? When the sex ratio changes, so too do sexual norms; sex robots are going to emulate an increase in the ratio of women to men. On University campuses with a larger percentage of women relative to men, women are more likely to have casual sex, they’re less likely to be virgins and they’re more likely to have negative attitudes about men. When there are more men than women, women are much less likely to have casual sex.

The majority sex competes for the minority sex and the minority sex calls the shots — a female majority competes with casual sex and a male majority competes with long-term commitment. …

Underpinning feminist anxiety is the specter of female replaceability. Having long been concerned with governing male desire, the feminist project now faces the possibility of being routed around.

The future is nearly here.

Liberal Millennials, Not Surprisingly, Fail At Sex Too

Liberal Millennials, Not Surprisingly, Fail At Sex Too, by Kurt Schlicter.

Romance used to be fun and now it is fraught. …

From the Atlantic piece: “According to a November 2017 Economist/YouGov poll, 17 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 now believe that a man inviting a woman out for a drink ‘always’ or ‘usually’ constitutes sexual harassment.” Well, that’s 17% of the population that self-selects out as too stupid to ever be loved.

There is also the issue of political selection. It turns out leftists’ big question in sizing up a potential mate is, “Does this person like the bad orange man?” A “no” to that question screens out the potent/fertile folks. Conservatives’ big question is, “Is this person an idiot?” Sadly, that kind of high bar is going to do a lot of disqualifying too.

And then there is the curse of screens. Technology is the root of all evil and most loneliness. Look, if you are staring at your iPhone all the time and texting people who are literally sitting at the restaurant table with you (Well, congratulations for at least leaving your mom’s basement – that’s something) then you are never going to graduate to the more advanced modes of interpersonal interaction.

hat-tip Barry Corke

Vladimir Putin Is Responsible for Everything Bad in the World, Including This Blog Post

Vladimir Putin Is Responsible for Everything Bad in the World, Including This Blog Post, by Jim Treacher.

As always when I discuss Russia, I need to preface it with the wise words of the Greatest President in American History. Remember when The Lightworker said this, all the way back in 2012?

The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back.

In six short years, they’ve all gone from “Hurr hurr, Romney is stuck in the ’80s” to “OMG, my phone charger is missing, Putin stole it!” It’s just odd to me that they think Obama took care of this guy, and yet he stole an election right from under Obama’s nose. Doublethink is your best entertainment value.

I didn’t like Putin back when Obama was dismissing him as a threat, and I don’t like Putin now. I don’t like to see Trump palling around with that dissident-murdering tyrant.** But unlike my moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left, I don’t see Putin lurking around every corner and hiding under the bed.

Of course, the Russians will cease to be a problem again the minute another Democrat steps into the Oval Office. As bad as things are, at least it hasn’t come to that yet.

**Although I also recognize that Trump is tougher on Putin, policy-wise, than Obama was.

The Left has ‘entirely won the culture wars’

The Left has ‘entirely won the culture wars’, by Victor Davis Hanson.

Imagine the traditionalist as living in synopticon — a suspect that is the target of 24/7 viewing, indoctrination, and conditioning by progressive auditors.

In other words, a 40-45 percent minority of Americans is relentlessly lectured, sermonized, demonized, and neutered by a 360- degree ring of prying institutional overseers.

There is no escape. There is no respite. There is no quarter given.

The media has become an extension of the progressive movement, partly because its farm teams are the universities and the upper-middle class suburban professional classes.  …

The masters of our social media and Internet universe are the most insidiously partisan. Open your laptop or power on your smartphone, and you meet their shadow personas nonstop. …

Popular culture—from rap and pop music to corporate advertising—is progressive hip …

Maybe one can turn then to sports either to find at least an escape from 360-degree progressive surveillance? No luck there. If an NBA figure were to speak out as conservatively as the vast majority of owners, players, and coaches do progressively, his career for all practical purposes would be over—and so none do—even if there are any who are not genuinely progressive. …

There is no real need to reference Hollywood. Its movies remain as banal as they are partisan. We know the usual script: a good looking social justice warrior ferrets out a polluting corporation, a cancer-causing drug company, a CIA orchestrated massacre abroad, an internal right-wing FBI-led coup, and then allies with crusading journalists, courageous environmentalists, or undaunted social activists. Usually their suit-clad corporate villains employ as hit men and foot soldiers the usual white-male goons, authenticated with Russian, South African, or southern drawl accents, and various fascist tattoos, scars, and missing teeth.

Both low-brow and high-brow children’s animation and cartoons are so frequently about a once smiley old tree choking on corporate-fed stinky air, a fishy swimming for his life in a climate-changed boiling sea, or some sort of beetle, mouse, or bunny trying to get home to protected green spaces or federal wetlands, as it dodges greedy clear-cutting ax-men, chain-sawers, psycho NRA hunters with assault weapons, or soulless huge corporate agriculture combines.

May I recommend 45 years of Cultural Dominance by the Political Left in Australia?

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Asia Bibi and the case that makes a mockery of Britain’s asylum laws

Asia Bibi and the case that makes a mockery of Britain’s asylum laws, by Douglas Murray.

In between the small amount of other news this week there has been a certain amount of attention on the plight of the Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi and her family. Bibi has spent most of this decade on death-row in Pakistan. Her crime is that a bigoted Muslim neighbour of hers made up a crock accusation against her and said she had blasphemed against Islam.

In the last week there has been some attention on the fact that various countries are looking into giving asylum to Bibi and her family — Britain among them.

But it appeared earlier this week that the UK would not be offering this genuine asylum seeker any asylum because there were concerns about — ahem — ‘community’ relations within the UK should she be allowed to move here.

Britain has applied for future membership of the third world. It’s been accepted!

hat-tip Stephen Neil

UK Media Refuses To Correct The Record On Flawed Climate Paper

UK Media Refuses To Correct The Record On Flawed Climate Paper, by GWPF.

Media outlets around the world reported new findings that suggested that the world’s oceans were warming faster than previously thought. However, within days serious errors were found in the underlying scientific paper, prompting its authors to issue a correction.

Several newspapers in the USA, including Science magazine, the Washington Post and the Washington Times have published follow-up stories, outlining the discovery of the error, which entirely negates the earlier headlines.

To date, no UK newspaper, nor the BBC has reported the story, or even issued a correction.

Proven: In the UK the climate “debate” is all about persuasion and propaganda, not about finding the truth or informing readers.

hat-tip Charles

GetUp faces conservative challenger Advance Australia

GetUp faces conservative challenger Advance Australia, by Simon Benson.

An alliance of well-known Australians has launched a centre-right political machine in a bid to rival union-backed activist group GetUp and vowed to campaign as a registered third-party organisation against the Left ahead of next year’s election. …

The group, Advance Australia, will run its first major campaign against Labor’s plan to scrap ­imputation dividend refunds, the so-called retiree tax, as well as a grassroots movement to keep Australia Day unchanged. Advance Australia has also flagged a direct counter campaign to GetUp-led attacks on sitting conservative Liberal MPs, and may target federal seats to support candidates who campaign on mainstream issues. …

[It] includes: former ABC chairman, banking executive and Macquarie University chancellor Maurice Newman; Sydney doctor David Adler, who is president of the Australian ­Jewish Association; and storage king Sam Kennard.

Free-speech advocate Kerry Wakefield, whose husband is former Coalition minister Nick Minchin, will also be on the advisory board, with the organisation to be chaired by Queensland businessman James Power, whose uncle Bernie Power founded Power Brewing, which was bought by Fosters Group in 1993. …

A nationwide poll of 2000 voters, commissioned by Advance Australia in September to guide its charter, found that only 16 per cent of people believed society was better than it was a decade ago, while more than 80 per cent were concerned about the rise of political correctness. …

GetUp, which has had significant funding from construction union CFMEU, is fighting attempts by Coalition senator Eric Abetz to have its independent status revoked and force its regis­tration as an affiliated entity of Labor. It has been forced to amend its constitution and remove references to charitable status.

It’s on: GetUp slams conservative rival as ‘front for dirty coal, tax breaks for rich’. By Richard Ferguson.

A conservative rival to GetUp would be “a front” for coal producers, wealthy Australians, and religious schools, GetUp says.

Truth was the first casualty!

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Joanne

Sorry, feminists, men are better at scrabble

Sorry, feminists, men are better at scrabble, by Heather MacDonald.

The 2018 World Scrabble Championship was held last month in London. The champion, 51-year old Nigel Richards, played ­“groutier” (meaning sulky) for the winning 68 points. This was Richards’s fourth world title in English Scrabble; he also took the French Scrabble title this year for the second time, even though he doesn’t speak French.

If Richards’s dominance of competitive Scrabble is clear, there is a less noticed but more significant pattern in the game: since the World Scrabble Championship began in 1991, all winners have been male. The North American Scrabble Championship has had one female winner (in 1987) since its founding in 1978. All eight finalists in this year’s French World Scrabble Championships were men.

Competitive Scrabble constitutes a natural experiment for testing the feminist world view. According to feminist dogma, males and females are identical in their aptitudes and interests.

If men dominate certain data-based, abstract fields such as ­engineering, physics and math, that imbalance must, by definition, be the result of sexism — whether a patriarchal culture that discour­ages girls from math or ­implicit bias in the hiring process.

But the hypothesis that all large groups are statistically equal, so beloved of the political left, is wrong:

But there are no cultural expectations that discourage females from memorising dictionaries — a typical strategy of competitive Scrabble players, often in a language the player doesn’t speak. Girls are as free as boys to lap up vocabulary. Nor are there misogynist gatekeepers to keep females out of Scrabble play; the game, usually first learned at home, is open to all. According to board game maker Hasbro, 83 per cent of recreational Scrabble players 25 to 54 are female.

Championship Scrabble, however, rewards typically male obsessions: strategy, maths, a passion for competition, and a drive to memorise facts. Richards’s mother told The Guardian in 2015 that he “related everything to numbers” when he was growing up. …

Male obsession is what drives technological progress. It is the force of nature that has lifted mankind out of poverty over the last three centuries.

Feminists have persuaded policymakers that only patriarchal inequity can explain the male dominance of Silicon Valley and of pure research. The archetypal male science geek, ignoring the demands of ordinary life so he can solve a physics problem or write code, is out of sight, out of mind.

The same maniacal pursuit of mastery that leads someone to spend every waking moment poring over a dictionary to prepare for a Scrabble tournament has also led to the computer revolution and to the West’s conquest of disease and natural disaster.

The left, with their dopey ideas that just happen to benefit them in their economic depredations, is trying to suppress male obsession. If they succeed, a stagnant future awaits mankind — which will be rendered less able to compete in the universe.

hat-tip Barry Corke

Boys are Growing Frustrated by Living in a Feminized Society… and That’s Showing Up in Their Friendships

Boys are Growing Frustrated by Living in a Feminized Society… and That’s Showing Up in Their Friendships, by Annie Holmquist.

I burst out laughing the other day while reading a friend’s Facebook status. He explained that he and his two grade school sons were watching Anne of Green Gables when they came to the part where Anne and Diana have a conversation while standing on a cliff overlooking the sea. The youngest son suddenly blurted out, “Anne better watch out, Diana might push her off the cliff.”

In amazement, my friend looked at his son and asked if he thought girl friendships were the same as the physical, often rough-and-tumble one which existed between him and his brother. The conversation ended in hysterical laughter as all three of them recognized just how different male interactions are from female ones. …

Rules are great and necessary, but the fact is, we’re disallowing boys to be boys. We’ve taken away toys like guns and swords because they’re “dangerous.” We’ve medicated little boys because their movements and noise are too much for us to take. We’ve tried to make sure girls are equal and included, and thus removed the institutions where boys don’t have to compete against those of the opposite sex. …

Is it time to stop treating the traditional, rough-and-tumble boy like a dangerous creature who must be toned down to suit feminized society?

Yes. Well past time. Or a more masculine society will push ours out of the way, permanently. And us. Is our feminist society so confident that our men can keep on producing the technologically superior weapons that give us the military edge that allows our society to survive and thrive? Are they concerned that demotivated men won’t want to fight for their society? I’ll bet they don’t even think about it.

hat-tip byrmol

Testimonials from “Modesty for Men”

Testimonials from the “Modesty for Men” site include:

I was so glad that I learned to unlead. Thanks to Modesty for Men I can now see that other people’s perspectives are valid and sometimes even worth listening to. This was a revelation.

— John, 55, professor

For a long time I was fed up with all the women’s leadership events at work. ‘What about a leadership seminar for men?!’ I asked. Repeatedly. So I was glad when my company announced it was hosting an event just for us. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but the brilliant M4M facilitators made me question why I fail to acknowledge my own male privilege. I will still fail to acknowledge it, but now I will question why.

— Nick, 32, accountant

The Modesty 4 Men ‘speaking in’ seminar made me realise that I don’t always have to interrupt my colleagues. Sometimes what I have to contribute probably isn’t that important after all.

— Jason, 45, CFO

As it says in small print down the bottom, “quotes are totally made up and 0% real.” Enjoy.

hat-tip Barry

Diagnostic toilet just the start of biological revolution

Diagnostic toilet just the start of biological revolution, by  Damon Kelly.

American bioscientist Raymond McCauley calls it the toilet of the future, one full of gene sequencers, which will make it the most networked appliance in the home.

“It will be able to look at your cells, the cells of what you eat, what infects you and then process it all on the cloud. Then we will send emails to you, your doctor, your nutritionist, your spouse and probably the people trying to sell you things,” he told The Australian after presenting at the Sohn Hearts & Minds investment conference.

“Not only will we be able to sense the health of your body and diet, we will be able to provide tips such as ‘You’ve really got to stop eating chorizo’.”

He says a South Korean entrepreneur, whose family has a toilet manufacturing empire, has already been developing a diagnostic toilet. …

This is the way McCauley sees the world as the cost of sequencing a human genome rapidly moves towards $10, which is set to revolutionise all aspects of human life.

Hepatitis C:

Most importantly he believes the ability to use genomics to circumvent diseases before they take hold could have major implications for the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies.

“We now understand disease mechanisms well enough and we are getting a handle on diagnosis and have the ability, if people pay for it, to do it early enough, for big chunks of the population,’’ he said.

“The whole hepatitis C story — those people technologied themselves out of a huge market because they cured so much of it.

Rise of the Western Dissidents

Rise of the Western Dissidents, by Allum Bokhari.

We’re used to Russian dissidents, Chinese dissidents, Iranian dissidents, and Saudi Arabian dissidents. But those who rightly believe the west is superior to authoritarian regimes must now contend with a troubling trend — the rise of the western dissident.

Chief among them is Julian Assange, who for a half-decade has been forced to live in the tiny Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has claimed political asylum since 2011. Assange claimed that he would be extradited to the U.S. to face charges over his work at WikiLeaks if he left the embassy, and was routinely mocked as paranoid for doing so.

Julian Assange in the Ecuderian Embassy, 2014

This week, we learned that Assange was right and his critics were wrong. Thanks to a clerical error by the U.S. attorney’s office in Alexandria, Virginia, reporters were able to confirm the existence of sealed criminal charges against the WikiLeaks founder. …

The Internet rises:

The late 2000s to early 2010s … was the early growth period of the internet, when the web had become a truly popular medium but had yet to be censored by pliant social media corporations.

It was a time of profound unease at the power of the internet to undermine authority, both through the dissemination of information as in the case of WikiLeaks and Snowden, and in the new mobilization of political forces, as in the case of Occupy Wall Street and the SOPA/PIPA protests. Heavy-handed crackdowns against individuals and groups that were seen, rightly or wrongly, as symbols of the web’s early anarchic tendencies, like Kim Dotcom, Aaron SwartzAnonymous, and LulzSec, were not uncommon.

Populists arise, in opposition to the ruling class:

These days, however, a new class of western dissident has emerged — the populist dissident.

Who would have thought that the highest court in Europe, home of the enlightenment, would uphold a case in which a woman was prosecuted for blasphemy against Islam?

Who would have thought that Britain, the birthplace of liberalism and the free press, would ban an independent journalist from its shores for satirizing the same religion?

Who would have thought that Germany, whose living memory of the totalitarian Stasi is just three decades old, would put its largest opposition party under surveillance?

Just a few years ago, all three would sound far-fetched. But cases like these have become common as elites in virtually every western country mount a panicked attempt to contain the rise of populism (the goal, in the words of a Google executive, is to render it a “hiccup” in history’s march towards progress). …

Britain is [now] a country that routinely bans foreign politicians and media figures from the country for being too right-wing. Michael Savage, Geert Wilders, Lauren Southern, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer all enjoy this dubious distinction. …

Speech in the West is increasingly controlled by the PC ruling class:

We also see attacks on free speech, with governments and politicians across the west pressuring Silicon Valley to suppress its critics. An unaccountable, unelected elite can sweep away a person’s livelihood in minutes, and cut their political message off from millions of American citizens. As I wrote in my column two weeks ago, the overarching trend is the gradual destruction or delegitimization of every tool, digital or otherwise, that non-elites use to express their preferences. Does that sound like a free society, or a controlled one?

NSW plans a de facto confiscation of private school property

NSW plans a de facto confiscation of private school property, by Sam Lock.

Private schools could be forced to share their multimillion-dollar facilities with public school students under a radical new plan.

The proposal — pushed by Education Minister Rob Stokes — encourages Australia’s most prestigious schools to open up their sports and arts facilities to ensure the best facilities can be used by all students regardless of their school.

Access to playing fields, swimming pools and gyms, along with theatres and libraries would be under the new proposal and may require tweaking the Education Act to come into effect. …

Some of the nations top private schools charge fees of up to $40,000 a year, with many fee-paying parents unwilling to back the proposal.

However, Mr Stokes said the pay-off for private schools was in community goodwill when they wanted to expand. …

NSW P&C President Susie Boyd said she would welcome the change in private schools being opened up to public students, adding if private schools refused to open up to their community, they should be denied further funding.

This would undermine the notion of private property, like in fascism (the state tells you exactly what to do with “your” property) or communism (there is no significant private property, the state owns it all).

Private property and strong property rights allow a society to grow wealthy, because people try harder. If you can’t keep what you make, why bother? Countries with poor property rights are invariably poor.

So what is NSW doing? Under a “”right-wing” government, no less?

The strategic problem for the private schools is that nearly every private school in Australia accepts government money, in return for which the Australian Government gets to set their curriculum. Almost no Australian school is free to teach what it thinks best — it must teach what the Government tells it to teach, or lose government funding. The government funding is substantial, typically around $10k per year per pupil. Without it the school is noncompetitive, cost-wise.

Now some politicians have come up with the bright idea of letting more voters use their property. Where will it end? Karl? Anyone?

A reader responds:

This is similar to the elitists’ assertion that all countries belong to everyone, so migration is a human right.

The NSW govt is saying the private schools belong to everyone.

How would you feel if the government proclaimed your property now belonged to everyone? Or belonged to you, so you had to look after it, but anyone could use it?

via John Ray

For the first time, researchers say Facebook can cause depression

For the first time, researchers say Facebook can cause depression, by Bret Arends.

A new study conducted by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania has shown — for the first time — a causal link between time spent on social media and depression and loneliness, the researchers said.

It concluded that those who drastically cut back their use of sites like Facebook, Instagram FB, -0.57% and Snapchat SNAP, +0.33% often saw a marked improvement in their mood and in how they felt about their lives. …

Many of those who began the study with moderate clinical depression finished just a few weeks later with very mild symptoms …

For the study, [Melissa Hunt, psychology professor at University of Pennsylvania, who led the study] and her team studied 143 undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania over a number of weeks. They tested their mood and sense of well-being using seven different established scales. …

The new study suggests that Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat aren’t just popular with the lonely and depressed: They’re also making people more lonely, and more depressed….

Why do Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat make you feel bad?

The study didn’t analyze this, but Hunt offers two explanations. The first is “downward social comparison.” You read your friends’ timelines. They’re deliberately putting on a show to make their lives look wonderful. The result: “You’re more likely to think your life sucks in comparison,” says Hunt.

The second reason: FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out.