UPDATE 2: Future of the Wentworth Report

UPDATE 2: Future of the Wentworth Report. It seems there will soon be a new editor in chief for the Wentworth Report — someone has put up their hand. Several regular contributors have offered to put up posts directly, so it looks like it’s going to be more of a team effort. Announcement soon.

Thanks to all those who sent in offers of help or encouragement. We might just be able to get this to work.

David Evans

Fraser Anning: The Man on the White Horse

Fraser Anning: The Man on the White Horse, the latest from David Archibald.

There is much cause for alarm. Things are bad, but on track to get much worse. It has been said that Australia follows the United States with a lag of five to ten years. So to find out what the future holds for us let’s look at what’s happening there now.

Governor Northam of Virginia has received a lot of attention for something he did back in 1984. He dressed in blackface for a party, no doubt inspired the entertainment of that era …

Far more troubling was that he recently supported infanticide of babies after birth, saying that the infants would be “kept comfortable” while it was decided whether or not to kill them.

The slippery slope will also take us down to other abhorences. The advocates for pedophilia — short for adult homosexual men having sexual relations with boys — have flipped the script and have started talking about fighting pedophobia. As a recent comment quoted on Small Dead Animals said, “I think we are done here as a civilisation.”

Infanticide and pedophilia in one cultural package — what does that remind us of? Ancient Greece. The Romans considered the Greeks to be somewhat degenerate, with good reason. …

After some bracing commentary (read it all), David arrives at Senator Anning:

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Fraser Anning started his working life raising sheep in the hard country near Richmond in northern Queensland. He then took up managing pubs, including turning around failed pubs that had gone into receivership. To do that requires good business sense combined with good personal skills. His has been a life of hard work and paying taxes and protecting his family. …

Senator Anning replaced Malcolm Roberts in the Senate when the latter’s past as a dual citizen caught up with him. He gave his maiden speech on 14th August, 2018. A man can be judged by the quality of his enemies. Senator Anning has all the best Australia-haters: the ABC, SBS, and the Sydney Morning Herald. The self-loathing media realise that Senator Anning is the main threat to their vision for Australia as a poverty stricken, third world morass.

The article gives an example of Senator Anning’s character. Then a call to political arms:

If anyone in the Australian Parliament has moral authority it is Senator Fraser Anning. I will serve in his cause. Join me and also serve. Make Australia the earthly paradise that it should be.

Future of the Wentworth Report

Future of the Wentworth Report

The main theme of this century is the new left versus realism. On issue after issue, the left’s postmodernists promote a narrative. If, as they often say, there is no objective truth, then they think they are free to create their own fantasy world. So they did.

Conveniently enough, their narratives reward them with political power and material goodies. Any opposition to their fantasy world is viciously suppressed.

Their political project has taken the West by storm in the last two decades. The new left has come to dominate the opinion-forming organs of society. It has marched through and captured most of the institutions — the media, academia, the bureaucracy, etc.

But their narratives are not based on truth. Their version of the world is politically correct, but not correct. Their leadership of society will end in horrible failure at all levels, if not reversed. To that end, every realist voice counts.

Despite how it may appear in the mainstream media, we realists are in the majority. We have both truth and a huge history of evolved cultural success on our side. Nonetheless, we are bullied and shouted down by a noisy minority of self-serving cultural Marxists at every turn, because they own the media.

The Wentworth Report was established to be a voice for realism. Drawing on the most interesting articles anywhere on the web, we aim to articulate the realist case and give readers the cultural confidence to say something. It’s a valuable project.

The site averages over 200 views of the main page per day. In addition, individual articles get passed around and people find stuff by searching, for one or two hundred views per day on average. The site has had over 300,000 views since it began, almost three years ago.

The Wentworth Report has never been promoted. People just find out about us. It’s a fairly intellectually demanding site, so our readership are generally better educated and more influential than most.

But I cannot continue doing so much. It’s time for others to take over, or to close the website.

I need to finish the climate change book. Yes, it’s real. The crucial error in the climate models has been found, the research is essentially done, and it is largely written up. I’ve been saying it’s “soon” for a while, but there always seems to be more that needs to be done. It is a tricky scientific and political project, the opposition will be ferocious, and it has to be correct and immediately convincing. Merely pointing out the error is not enough.

In addition, a possible new part time job will increasingly take up my time. We could do with the money, because climate research in opposition to the carbon dioxide theory of global warming pays very little.

Does anybody else want to take over or contribute to the Wentworth Report? Numerous people regularly email me with suggested stories, several of whom stay anonymous. I could give any or all of you the permissions to pop them straight up on the blog instead. You could just put the title and a link to the story, maybe add a pithy comment, or you could even excerpt the most interesting bits. It could become a collective website, like Catallaxy or Instapundit. We all want to read a site like this, it’s fun to post up interesting articles for others, so why not step up? Email me if you’re interested.

I’ve switched the comments on below.

David Evans