Solving the Mystery of How Donald Trump Got to be so Amazing on Climate Change…

Solving the Mystery of How Donald Trump Got to be so Amazing on Climate Change…, by James Delingpole.

Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute … – who sat on the Trump EPA transition team – has the perfect insider perspective to explain what’s going on in the White House.

Horner understands the magnitude of Trump’s achievement so far. Even Trump announcing his plan to pull out of the UN Paris climate agreement required immense determination and moral courage. After all his decision wasn’t only  resisted by the usual Democrat suspects and green lobbyists: it also came up against stiff opposition from key members of the Administration, among them, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Economics Advisor Gary Cohn.

In fact, argues Horner, probably nowhere in DC is the swamp more heavily defended by the liberal politico-media establishment than the EPA and the climate change industry.

“There is no organized lobby against it. There is so much money being poured into it. Remember the smear effort on Myron Ebell, who ran the Trump EPA transition team, which is how I became involved? Well why did the New York Times and the Washington Post run coincident pieces smearing Myron and then the entire herd followed? This is the EPA. It’s this backwater fiat created by Nixon some time ago but has now consumed our economy.

‘Why do you rob banks, Willy?’ ‘It’s where the money is.’ Why do you go smearing Myron Ebell, the guy running the EPA transition team? … It was targeted on one guy because this was their means of discrediting the Trump energy/environment agenda which is where the wealth transfer is….”

No other GOP presidential candidate – not Rubio, not Cruz – would have delivered on climate change in the same way as Trump has. They would, quite simply, have been overwhelmed by the swamp.

So how come Trump has proved so exceptional in tackling the Green Blob? It’s not like he’ll have read lots of books on the subject because his attention span just doesn’t allow for it.

No, according to Horner it’s much simpler than that. It’s because Trump does not think like a politician. Rather, Trump made his decision using much the same gut feeling he uses on his business deals – which he wasn’t sidetracked by any of the “green jobs” “save the world” crap which other politicians find so seductive…

“Here’s what I firmly believe. I’m convinced that the penny dropped for others, as it did me, when Donald Trump gave his editorial board interview to the Washington Post. It’s often mocked – where he said: “I’m not a big believer in global warming. Not a big believer.” And then he continued in a very important way. And if you follow the way Donald Trump speaks it’s perfectly clear what he’s saying. He said, “You know, a lot of people are making a lot of money off of this.”

“He was not saying this as a politician says it.  (‘And if we use spoons not shovels we can create even more jobs...’ That sort of playground thinking is very common among politicians.) … What he said to the Washington Post was “You’re robbing Peter to pay Paul. Goldmans is making a killing out of this.”… He said: “You’re propping up, sometimes even standing up industries, to transfer taxpayer money to them.” … And to me he was saying “This is something of a scam.””

RIP Godfrey Elfwick, Murdered by Twitter for Being Too ‘Woke’

RIP Godfrey Elfwick, Murdered by Twitter for Being Too ‘Woke’, by James Delingpole.

Linda Sarsour/Sally Kohn/Graham Linehan/Caroline Criado Perez/Gary Lineker/Diane Abbot/someone from the Guardian/a guy from CNN/ISIS has said something really hateful, stupid, and wrong on Twitter. Again.

Back in the day, this would have been a cause for celebration, not dismay. Why? Because within milliseconds of their fatuous utterance tainting the ether with its embittered, warped, politically correct insanity it would have been endorsed -– and simultaneously destroyed –by the mighty Godfrey Elfwick.

Godfrey Elfwick was the funniest and best thing on Twitter.

To have your tweet singled out for praise by Godfrey was the kiss of death. It meant that you were a humorless, self-righteous, deluded, smug, sanctimonious, insufferable Social Justice Warrior. Just like Godfrey purported to be.

Which is why, of course, Twitter had to silence him. Sure, the official reason given for Godfrey’s permanent ban was because he had broken Twitter’s terms of service – apparently having upset a millionaire potato chip salesman called Gary Lineker. …

But the real reason, as we all know, is that Godfrey Elfwick did the thing the totalitarian cry bullies of the liberal-left fear even more than facts and reasoned argument: he ridiculed them.

It is a truth universally acknowledged by anyone who has spent more than a moment glancing at social media that SJWs can’t do jokes. Or banter. Or memes. Given that social media is mostly about jokes, banter, and memes, this means that SJWs spend their every moment on the internet in a state of near-impotent pique. They cannot strike back with wit or charm or facts or evidence or amusing images of Pepe the frog, for these are all things they singularly lack. So every time they are forced to resort to the only weapon in their armory: censorship.

The reason they can do the censorship thing is because, by unhappy accident, most of the dominant tech sites –- not just Twitter, Facebook, and Google but also ones like Patreon which recently cancelled Lauren Southern’s account because she’d committed the crime of being a conservative –- are run by liberals who want the whole world to think and act like liberals.

This explains their appalling double standards. …

Now (and I’m quite sure, forever) Twitter’s approach to banning is so ludicrously one-sided that it would almost be funny if it weren’t so oppressive, hypocritical, and unjust: conservatives like Milo get banned; liberals (and violent Islamists, and Antifa thugs, and screeching feminists) are free to spew their bile for all eternity.

Co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm behind Trump-Russia dossier, to plead the Fifth

Co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm behind Trump-Russia dossier, to plead the Fifth, by Fox News.

Glenn Simpson, whose Fusion GPS firm has been tied to anti-Trump efforts and pro-Russian lobbying, will not talk to lawmakers in response to a subpoena, the leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committe said Friday.

Committee chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and ranking member Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., confirmed in a statement that they subpoenaed Simpson to appear before the committee Wednesday as part of a hearing about the influence of foreign lobbying in last year’s presidential election.

To “plead the Fifth” means to invoke the right to not answer questions where the answers might incriminate one. It refers to the fifth amendment of the US Constitution, which states that no citizen “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…”

Democrats intentionally used disinformation from Russia to attack Trump, and collude with Kremlin themselves

Democrats intentionally used disinformation from Russia to attack Trump, and collude with Kremlin themselves, by Rowan Scarborough.

The disinformation came in the form of a Russian-fed dossier written by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. It contains a series of unverified criminal charges against Mr. Trump’s campaign aides, such as coordinating Moscow’s hacking of Democratic Party computers.

Some Democrats have widely circulated the discredited information. Mr. Steele was paid by the Democrat-funded opposition research firm Fusion GPS with money from a Hillary Clinton backer. Fusion GPS distributed the dossier among Democrats and journalists. …

Democrats colluding with the Kremlin?! Obviously they do not believe the material they are spreading.

Mr. Steele makes clear that his unproven charges came almost exclusively from sources linked to the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin. He identified his sources as “a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure,” a former “top level Russian intelligence officer active inside the Kremlin,” a “senior Kremlin official” and a “senior Russian government official.”

The same Democrats who have condemned Russia’s election interference via plying fake news and hacking email servers have quoted freely from the Steele anti-Trump memos derived from creatures of the Kremlin.

In other words, there is public evidence of significant, indirect collusion between Democrats and Russian disinformation, a Trump supporter said.

“If anyone colluded with the Russians, it was the Democrats,” said a former Trump campaign adviser who asked not to be identified because of the pending investigations. “After all, they’ve routinely shopped around false claims from the debunked Steele dossier, which listed sources including senior Kremlin officials. If anyone should be investigated in Washington, it ought to be Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Mark Warner and their staffers.” …

On MSNBC in March, Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, said she believed the dossier section on Mr. Trump and supposed sex acts with prostitutes in Moscow were true.

Cannot have it both ways Democrats. Oh wait, the media is on your side, so you can.

Sydney is on the blink as surging electricity prices put 60,000 homes in danger of disconnection

Sydney is on the blink as surging electricity prices put 60,000 homes in danger of disconnection, by Annabel Hennessy.

TENS of thousands of people across Sydney are on the verge of having their lights turned off, with the government forced to roll out rescue cheques in a bid to help struggling families pay their electricity bills.

Calculations from The Daily Telegraph can reveal there are roughly 68,400 homes across NSW at risk of having their power cut because they cannot afford their rocketing bills. …

Where’s that global warming when you need it?

Charity workers said Western Sydney was being hit with a double whammy because the freezing temperatures and high proportion of fibro homes meant families were being whacked with bigger bills.

The situation has become so dire that 77 per cent of low-income NSW households are going without heating in a bid to reduce their onerous power bills, new research from the NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) shows. And one in three low-income earners have been forced to stop using hot water for bathing to pay for energy bills.

All because a generation of mostly-stupid politicians didn’t have the calculations checked and were too ideological and incompetent to listen to all that evidence that the climate models don’t work. A triumph of theory and calculation over empirical science, and of renewables subsidy takers over little people in cold houses. Marvelous. There is going to be hell to pay when they realize it was all in vain. Book soon.

Sweden: Efforts to Educate Migrants Stall as Just Three Per Cent Want to Try Learning

Sweden: Efforts to Educate Migrants Stall as Just Three Per Cent Want to Try Learning, by Chris Tomlinson.

The Swedish government has found that only between three and four percent of newly arrived migrants with a poor standard of education have any interest in attending further schooling or training. …

Professor Olof Åslund of the Institute for Labor Market Policy Evaluation (IFAU) says that many of the migrants simply don’t understand that schooling is required for getting a good job. “They do not understand that the chances of getting a job increase by just this kind of training,” he said.

Åslund said other asylum seekers believe they will be given menial jobs regardless of whether or not they attend the classes and so do not bother with them. …

Recent migrants to Sweden are largely unemployed and constitute a large section of the total number of people out of work. By 2018 Swedish authorities believe that 60 percent of all the migrants in Sweden will be unemployed. The report, by the Swedish Public Employment Service, also noted that the migrant unemployment rate was three times that of native Swedes.

In June of 2016, Sweden’s state-owned broadcaster SVT revealed that only 494 migrants of the 163,000 who had recently arrived had found meaningful work.

Who Earns What at Their ABC?

Who Earns What at Their ABC? By Tony Thomas.

The country has Pauline Hanson to thank for winkling out some further particulars about how much the ABC’s top-20 on-air stars gets paid. ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie has now provided written replies to Hanson’s written questions from the Senate Estimates hearings of last May.

In a nutshell, she says her five top stars are paid $375,001 to $450,000; six pocket $300,001 to $375,000, and nine get $225,001 to $300,000. …

To sum up, here’s Michelle Guthrie’s pay-bands, properly populated [after some interesting sleuthing and guesstimates by Tony Thomas].

$375,001-450,000: Tony Jones, Leigh Sales, Sarah Ferguson, Jon Faine, and Richard Glover.

$300,001-375,000: Juanita Philips, Fran Kelly, Chris Uhlmann, Barrie Cassidy, Annabel Crabb, and Virginia Trioli

$225,001-300,000: Ian Henderson, Zoe Daniel, Lisa Millar, Gerard Whately, Alan Kohler, and Emma Alberici, Plus any three of Mike Brissenden, Sabra Lane, Rafael Epstein, James Valentine, Pat Karvelas, Waleed Aly, and Julia Baird.

All paid for by taxpayer money, taken  from the people of Australia by threat of force and given to these people whether we like it or not. That’s coercion. It’s not required or called for in this day and age.

The private media stations have the great moral virtue that our transactions with them are voluntary.

When did the war on men blight all sides of politics?

When did the war on men blight all sides of politics? By Corrine Barraclough.

When did being a “mediocre white man” become a crime in Australia? When did it become the acceptable butt of jokes? And what Einstein decided the war on men was appropriate to saturate all sides of politics? …

Labor geniuses have decided that offensive bumper stickers are the way to fuel their course to success. “Give me the confidence of a mediocre white man” one reads. “Making history, keep fighting, proud to be a nasty woman” screeched another, making reference to Donald Trump’s comment about Hillary Clinton. …

Never has the ‘us vs. them’ gender divide been as vile as it is today — and it’s bursting from all major parties. Make no mistake; Shorten is no better than Turnbull on this. …

Inner Sydney feminist:

Anna York is the Labor candidate for the Inner West Council’s Stanmore ward. The Daily Telegraph reports she gleefully announced she’s a committed feminist who was proud of the fundraiser where the stickers were sold.

“This was a feminist event about encouraging more women to get involved in politics – and particularly in local government where the representation of women is appallingly low.” York told the Tele. “One of the things we talked about on the night was how it’s especially difficult for young women, and women with caring responsibilities, to balance the work required to be elected to public office.”

Ms York, you can attempt to justify these obnoxious, sexist stickers all you please, your feeble explanation falls on utterly unimpressed ears.

Ms York, you are not only alienating “mediocre white men” with this hateful gender supremacist strategy, you are alienating women too. Women who, very probably, are married to, sleep next to and love “mediocre white men” in your own electorate.

Just whom are you trying to target in the next election? To date you have secured one vote — Larissa-Look-At-Me-Breastfeed-In-Parliament. Congrats.

China syndrome

China syndrome, by Dominic Cummings.

Every day on his way to work at Harvard, Professor Allison wondered how the reconstruction of the bridge over Boston’s Charles River could take years while in China bigger bridges are replaced in days. His book tells the extraordinary story of China’s transformation since Deng abandoned Mao’s catastrophic Stalinism, and considers whether the story will end in war between China and America.

China erects skyscrapers in weeks while Parliament delays Heathrow expansion for over a decade. The EU discusses dumb rules made 60 years ago while China produces a Greece-sized economy every 16 weeks. China’s economy doubles roughly every seven years; it is already the size of America’s and will likely dwarf it in 20 years. More serious than Europe, it invests this growth in education and technology from genetic engineering to artificial intelligence.

Allison analyses the formidable President Xi, who has known real suffering and is very different to western leaders obsessed with the frivolous spin cycles of domestic politics. Xi’s goal is to ensure that China’s renaissance returns it to its position as the richest, strongest and most advanced culture on earth.

Allison asks: will the US-China relationship repeat the dynamics between Athens and Sparta that led to war in 431 bc or might it resemble the story of the British-American alliance in the 20th century? In Thucydides’ history the dynamic growth of Athens caused such fear that, amid confusing signals in an escalating crisis, Sparta gambled on preventive war.

Similarly, after Bismarck unified Germany in 1870-71, Europe’s balance of power was upended. In summer 1914, the leaderships of all Great Powers were overwhelmed by confusing signals amid a rapidly escalating crisis. The prime minister doodled love letters to his girlfriend as the cabinet discussed Ireland, and European civilisation tottered over the brink.

Allison discusses how America, China and Taiwan might play the roles of Britain, Germany and Belgium.

Read it all.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

The Cory Show

The Cory Show, by Stephen Cable.

Senator Cory Bernardi is blitzkrieging the east coast at the moment, holding a series of meetings and interviews. I caught him in Brisbane last Wednesday, at a meeting attended by 450 plus people.

Bernardi’s speech outlined the themes common to his vision and discussed in his book, ‘The Conservative Revolution’. The fundamental beliefs would be naturally understood by most Australians as common sense and are the underlying principles of liberal western democracy; people’s personal faith, the importance of family, a government that lives within its means and free enterprise.

The speech was well received with notable applause when he spoke about the abundance of green, red and blue tape holding business back and unnecessary duplication through government levels.

The crowd was a diverse mix of ages with the many young people in attendance challenging the consistently pushed media line that Labor and the Greens own the minds of the young. ..,

The desire in the electorate for true conservatism in the political and social sphere is as strong as ever. If the atmosphere could be summed up in a few words, it would be hope and optimism.

Conservatives have been frustrated at the Liberal/National coalition like a man waiting for a date to show up that’s never coming. Its gradual drift from away from conservative values is now at the point that its leader tells everyone that it was never a conservative party. …

A major problem with third parties is there is only so many protest votes to go around. Once the protest has been made and the major parties shift their policies to suit, the emergency is over and people go back to their comfortable voting patterns. For any third party to succeed long term they need penetration way beyond any protest vote …  A well-organised ground game, rather than the cut through of a main spokesperson seems to be vital to this success. …

A key to Bernardi’s future success is ensuring that the members he has are engaged and meaningfully so, because they don’t grow on trees. A replication of previous political outings with closed shop decision-making will only go so far as the political graveyard testifies.

Building an electoral coalition of more than about 10% of the vote has proved too difficult for the Democrats, the Greens, and One Nation.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

‘Sharia law opponents are bigots’: Muslim psychologist calls for Australia to introduce special laws for followers of Islam

‘Sharia law opponents are bigots’: Muslim psychologist calls for Australia to introduce special laws for followers of Islam, by Stephen Johnson.

A prominent Muslim psychologist with a practice in Sydney’s west says opponents of Sharia law are bigots.

Hanan Dover has told her 10,898 Facebook followers Australia needed to allow special laws for Muslims.

‘Religious groups can engage the laws and negotiate change in Australia whatever your religious schtick,’ she said.

‘But, only one of those religious laws creates political and media hysteria because it suits political fear-mongering and that’s pretty obvious – Islam.’

Ms Dover compared the idea of allowing Islamic law for Muslims with Aboriginal customary laws in the criminal justice system.

‘The fact that there is only one single law for Australians is BS,’ she said.

A real virtue signaler:

In 2015, Ms Dover told a conference that young Muslim men charged with terrorism had been treated unfairly, describing it as how ‘young teenagers act out’.

In 2002, she likened homosexuals to ‘thieves, murderers, liars, hypocrites, criminals’ at a forum at the University of Western Sydney, but last year voiced support for gay marriage and distanced herself from those remarks made 15 years ago.

Bill Shorten, the ALP leader, in the past week has been calling forone tax system” for all, as he proposes changes to the tax system (he is focusing on trusts).

This ought to be interesting. The left is simultaneously campaigning on the theme of non-discrimination and one tax system for all, while encouraging Muslim voters to push for a separatist legal system.  Logic and consistency are no barriers to a determined virtue signaler.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

‘A bigoted, Islamophobic offensive moron’: Controversial Muslim psychologist slams Malcolm Turnbull for calling terror ‘a disease within Islam itself’

‘A bigoted, Islamophobic offensive moron’: Controversial Muslim psychologist slams Malcolm Turnbull for calling terror ‘a disease within Islam itself’, by Stephen Johnson.

Hanan Dover, a hijab-wearing specialist from western Sydney, has taken aim at the prime minister’s declaration about Islam made this week to a Christian Coptic Orthodox gathering.

Mr Turnbull told St Mark’s church at Arncliffe in Sydney’s south that terrorism was ‘a disease within Islam itself’. …

‘Spoken like a bigoted, Islamophobic, and offensive moron,’ she said.

‘So, to address terrorism he stated that there was a ‘disease’ within the religion itself?

‘Can you imagine if he stated that he wanted to address the ‘disease within Judaism’ or ‘disease within Christianity’ instead? And then add ‘we mustn’t mince words here’.’ …

She also jokingly told her Facebook followers there weren’t enough Muslims in parliament.

‘We need enough Muslims so parliament can start its daily proceedings with ‘Bismillah’ and cheers of ‘Allahu Akbar’, and we can have more politicians being sworn into parliament with the Koran,’ she said.

‘The citizenship test will then be taken in the classical Koranic Arabic language only.’

Another loudmouth vying for media attention with extreme virtue-signaling.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Flashback: Gladstone and Churchill on Islam

Flashback: Gladstone and Churchill on Islam. First Robert Spencer on Gladstone:

William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898) was Prime Minister of Great Britain four times: 1868–74, 1880–85, 1886 and 1892–94. He called the Qur’an an “accursed book” and once held it up during a session of Parliament, declaring: “So long as there is this book there will be no peace in the world.” …

The text of the Qur’an has not changed from the late 19th century to the early 21st. What has changed is the prevailing attitude toward the book. Now it has become a manifestation of bigotry and hatred to see in the Islamic holy book anything but peace and tolerance. But the text of the book remains the same. If it was an impediment to peace in Gladstone’s day, it is now. If it is an uplifting exhortation to peace and tolerance now, then it was in Gladstone’s day as well.

A modern politician who expresses Gladstone’s view is banned and suppressed by PC:

[In 2009] Geert Wilders said: “I view Islam not as a religion, but as a dangerous, totalitarian ideology – equal to communism and fascism. Aren’t I allowed to say so?”

No, he isn’t allowed to say so. If he had been born two hundred years ago, he might have become Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Instead, he is a hunted man. Likewise Gladstone, were he miraculously transported to the House of Commons in 2009, would be excoriated for “hate speech” if he dared to repeat his view of the Qur’an today.

Winston Churchill, in his book “The River War: An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan” from 1899, from when he was a British Army officer, during the Mahdist War (1881–99) in the Sudan. About Islam he wrote:

How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries.

Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.

The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die: but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.

Today, western civilization is being sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism and PC virtue signaling.

hat-tip Charles

Corbyn Admits Mass Migration Has Been Used to ‘Destroy’ Conditions for British Workers

Corbyn Admits Mass Migration Has Been Used to ‘Destroy’ Conditions for British Workers, by Virginia Hale.

A Labour government would leave the Single Market, Jeremy Corbyn has claimed, admitting that European Union (EU) freedom of movement rules have damaged workers’ conditions.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr programme, the Labour leader ruled out staying in the Single Market because it was “inextricably linked” to EU membership, saying the country should seek a tariff-free trade deal instead.

Asked about his party’s attitude to EU immigration after Brexit, Corbyn claimed Labour would put a stop to the “wholesale importation of low-paid workers from central Europe,” admitting that this “destroys conditions” for British workers in industries like construction.

In the interview, Corbyn said he would put a stop to the practice of agencies advertising jobs in central Europe, and force them to “advertise in the locality first” – an approach barred by Brussels rules which deem this a form of discrimination. …

Admission of economic reality:

Corbyn’s admission that open borders with Europe has been bad news for British workers comes not long after the historically europhile GMB union conceded that mass migration results in the “pay, terms, conditions and job security of British workers” being “undercut” – noting that this is a “basic issue of supply and demand”.

hat-tip Charles

Culture war: Scouts Chant “We Love Trump!” at National Jamboree

Culture war:  Scouts Chant “We Love Trump!” at National Jamboree, by Jim Hoft.

The massive crowd of tens of thousands of boy scouts cheered the president at the jamboree. The crowd was enormous – nearly 40,000 people!

Trump ripped Barack Obama for NEVER attending a jamboree. …

The massive crowd grumbled then started chanting— “We love Trump! We love Trump!… “

The scouts have been a cultural institution ignored and belittled by the ruling class and their media for the last two decades. Guess they’d prefer they didn’t exist. The only time the Scouts got any attention was when their leaders initially resisted Obama’s administration for not allowing homosexual Scout leaders.

Commenter Patty:

Liberals teach our white children to hate their race. President Trump teaches our children to love who they are and what extraordinary things they can do for others. Putting others first and helping others is taught and they learn that all of us can live in peace.

Commenter b0yzero:

I volunteer tutoring teens in Los Angeles and I guarantee you that this up and coming generation is very right-leaning. To them, being conservative is counter-culture and being a liberal is old-school; it’s what Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and the school principal all believe. I’m already hearing these young patriots complaining, “I’m just not like them…they just don’t get me!” President Trump is keenly aware of this!

A partisan rush to prosecute Trump

A partisan rush to prosecute Trump. By Alan M. Dershowitz.

It is so easy to comb the statute books in an effort to identify every conceivable crime that might be applicable to any given situation.

As Harvey Silverglate wrote in his superb book, “Three Felonies a Day,” prosecutors play the following game: One names a well-known and controversial person, and the others search through the statute books to figure out which three felonies they committed on a given day. That is what prosecutors do when they are playing games. It’s not supposed to be what they do when they destroy a person’s life by indicting them.

A proliferation of laws, mainly unenforced, leads to corruption and political games. For instance in China it is pretty much impossible to avoid breaking a few laws each day, so if you fall into disfavor with Party Officials then they just ask the local prosecutor to do their thing.

Selective enforcement is a powerful tool for bureaucratic rule, giving bureaucrats way too much power over citizens. Unfortunately it is becoming more common in the West.

Left-Wing Extremism Killed JFK and His Party: Election Denial is the latest left-wing conspiracy theory

Left-Wing Extremism Killed JFK and His Party: Election Denial is the latest left-wing conspiracy theory. By Daniel Greenfield.

The Democrat Party now stands for one thing: accusing President Trump of being a Russian agent.

This bold new agenda has proven so enormously popular that the Democrats have wasted $40 million to lose four special elections. The Democrats are leaderless. Their base has become a roving mob of angry embittered sloganeers showing up at town hall meetings and random political events to scream hate. They threaten to kill the wives, children and dogs of Republican members of Congress.

Some, like James Hodgkinson, the Bernie Sanders supporter who opened fire at a Republican charity baseball practice, do more than threaten. They actually unleash all that simmering anger.

The Democrats are going into the midterm elections on a conspiracy theory. The theory is backed by their fake news media outlets at the Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN. It just lacks any actual evidence beyond the sort of web of connections usually advanced by conspiracy theorists. …

Conspiracy theories are the first refuge of failed political movements. When a movement can’t deal with the rottenness in its own ranks, it invents conspiracy theories to explain the ideologically impossible. …

JFK’s murder involved a left-wing conspiracy theory to escape reality, too:

The Democrats couldn’t cope with the fact that a left-wing extremist murdered JFK. So they built a vast array of conspiracy theories that blamed the CIA, the Cubans and the “climate of right-wing hate” in Dallas. The Communist who killed JFK was just a “patsy” for one of those vast right-wing conspiracies. …

This time:

The assassins of the Democrats are on the inside. They pushed the party so far to the left that its base now consists of the deranged left. It’s unviable outside its bicoastal and urban enclaves. So obviously the Democrats lost Wisconsin because of the Russians. Not because they had become entirely dependent for their political survival on the mass turnout of minority bloc voters who usually have low turnout rates. It was Podesta’s leaked emails that lost Pennsylvania. …

It’s easier to invent a conspiracy theory so that you never have to address the real problem. And the real problem is the inability of the Democrats to shake the left-wing monkey maliciously riding on their backs. …

The Soviet Union spent generations blaming its economic failures on everything except its left-wing ideology. It drowned its lands in blood, filled gulags with slave labor and killed its own faithful to evade the simple fact that its left-wing ideology was the problem. The Democrats are desperately scrambling to blame everyone and everything except their left-wing ideology for their political destruction. …

Now the Democrats are repeating the same disaster all over again. Instead of connecting with the voters on economic issues, they are pandering to their left-wing base with a Trump-Russia conspiracy theory. Most Americans won’t be voting based on conspiracy theories. And those who will are already a solid left-wing base. But the Dems would rather lose by going to the left than win by moving to the center.

On Intimidation and Character Assassination

On Intimidation and Character Assassination, by Dystopic.

Intimidation is a common feature of Leftist politics, such that most regular folks routinely hide the extent of their true political beliefs. …

Most people on the Right are just scared. Not of physical violence for the most part, though perhaps some worry about that too. Rather, they fear character assassination. They fear being tarred as racist, sexist, or some other thing, and losing their friends, their jobs, and their good names. …

In such an environment, many folks do indeed hide their beliefs. They fear that they might be the target of a political witch hunt, that anything they say will be taken out of context by the hostile media establishment and used to destroy them. …

The fear is strong. I hear it from many personal friends who read my posts, but do not comment on them out of fear of being identified. One friend told me: “I love your posts. Even when I disagree with them, they always give me something to think about. But I can’t reply. It’s too public. I don’t know how you do it.” …

The level of vitriol you are exposed to as an open conservative is staggering, and I am not surprised that most regular folks are disinclined to weather it. Indeed, I wouldn’t have even done it, had my financial position been at all insecure. Only from a strong financial position can you weather character assassination by the media. …

The financial and social penalty for admitted Rightists is non-trivial. Whereas most Rightists I know will continue to work with admitted Leftists. Perhaps this is a mistake. The Left has deployed a weapon against us, and perhaps it is time to use it against them, to expel them from our communities, to price them out of our markets, and to remove them from groups under our control. …

But it is always the Left that claims they are oppressed, harassed, bullied and such. The pressure on Rightists is not so obvious, but it is pervasive and everybody knows about it. This is why the Left continues to push the Nazi label. “Do what I want,” says the Leftist, “or I will make the entire world see you as the scum of the Earth.”

Of course, it’s seldom openly stated as such. But we all know it, nonetheless.

The media is the problem. The left only get away with this because they own the media.

It all comes down to the media. Without the power of the media to amplify such nonsensical accusations, nobody would fear the Left. We would laugh at such insults.  … But with the media able to pick any random target it wishes, and assassinate that person’s character at will, with little to no possibility of defense… the fear is there. …

At some point in the history of this country, the gatekeepers in media and entertainment presumed that they were the true rulers of this country, that they determined what people believed, what they thought, and what they were allowed to say. They presumed to move Presidents and Congressmen merely by leveraging character assassination and establishing the framework of their accepted Overton Window. They could swing whole elections.

The Internet has deprived them of the exclusivity of this framing. People may (and frequently do) bypass them for news and information. But they still retain the power of character assassination, even if a few, like Donald Trump, have remained stubbornly immune to it. They have the funding, the airtime, the audience, and allies among gatekeepers and HR departments around the world.

It is that power which must be broken if we are to step out into the light again. It is not enough that we cast them as fake news, though this must be done also. They cannot be permitted to assassinate characters on a whim.

Hear hear.

Gender choice rights spark new dilemmas

Gender choice rights spark new dilemmas, by Tim Shipman.

Moves to give transgender people the right to choose their own identity have led to a glut of court cases and controversy around the world over access to single-sex ­facilities and sports events.

In Britain, the issue has been most problematic in prisons. A double rapist jailed for life in 1995 for attacking two girls, who had a £10,000 sex change funded by the National Health Service and changed his name to Jessica Winfield­, was moved to a women’s prison in March.

Meanwhile, Paris Green, a pre-op transgender killer who was born male, was twice moved from women’s prison wings and returned­ to male facilities after having sex with female inmates. …

“Intersex” athletes with both sex organs and high levels of testos­terone will be able to compete­ in women’s races at the World Athletics Championships in London next month. …

There are also concerns about men who are not transgender abusing the rules permitting those who are to access female facilities. In 2014, Canadian Christopher Hambrook, a man claiming to be transgender, was jailed for sexual assault after calling himself Jessica to gain access to and prey on women at two Toronto shelters.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Bumper stickers taking aim at ‘mediocre white men’ sold at Australian Labor Party fundraiser

Bumper stickers taking aim at ‘mediocre white men’ sold at Australian Labor Party fundraiser, by Jason Tin.

LABOR-branded bumper stickers taking aim at “mediocre white men” have incensed figures within the party, with warnings the polarising messaging will only encourage a “Trump-effect” and turn away voters.

The bumper stickers, which read “give me the confidence of a mediocre white man” and carried the party’s colours and logo, were sold at a fundraiser at the end of June for local Labor candidate Anna York. …

A senior Labor figure said the message had the potential to lose votes in key seats. …

“Everyone who lives in Western Sydney and lives in rural and regional areas … that’s who it’s attacking. Those tactics defeated Hillary Clinton and elected Donald Trump.”

Another ALP insider expressed disappointment about the stickers, saying: “They’re obviously not representative of the party, because the party’s trying to show it is inclusive.”

These are not the papers you are looking for: Three American science journals publish spoof ‘scientific study’ full of Star Wars references that was authored by ‘Dr Lucas McGeorge’ and ‘Dr Annette Kin’

These are not the papers you are looking for: Three American science journals publish spoof ‘scientific study’ full of Star Wars references that was authored by ‘Dr Lucas McGeorge’ and ‘Dr Annette Kin’, by the Daily Mail.

A neurology expert has revealed they were able to convince a trio of medical journals to publish their Star Wars-themed ‘fake’ manuscript, despite it being packed full of references to George Lucas’ iconic series.

The author, who writes online under the name Neuroskeptic, said their paper titled ‘Mitochondria: Structure, Function and Clinical Relevance’ was poorly written and ‘an absurd mess of factual errors, plagiarism and movie quotes’.

‘I wanted to test whether ‘predatory’ journals would publish an obviously absurd paper,’ the hoax’s author wrote for Discover Magazine.

‘So I created a spoof manuscript about “midi-chlorians” – the fictional entities which live inside cells and give Jedi their powers in Star Wars.

‘I filled it with other references to the galaxy far, far away, and submitted it to nine journals under the names of Dr Lucas McGeorge and Dr Annette Kin.’

The name of the authors given in the fake piece are thinly-veiled references to Lucas – Star Wars’ creator – and Anakin Skywalker.

Neuroskeptic went on in their blog post to explain the paper was picked up by four different journals — the American Journal of Medical and Biological Research, the International Journal of Molecular Biology: Open Access, the Austin Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and American Research Journal of Biosciences. The AJMBR did not publish the paper but did request a $360 fee in order to do so. …

Some of the journals he sent it to were quick to shoot the work down. some of the journals he sent it to were quick to shoot the work down. …

“It’s just a reminder that at some “peer reviewed” journals, there really is no meaningful peer review at all,’ Neuroskeptic said. All I did, as Lucas McGeorge, was test the quality of the products being advertised.’

Philip comments:

Since funding for the sciences by governments began back in the mid 20th century, they have, IMO, gone progressively downhill.

Of relevance, again, IMO, is that for many decades the only sport in Australia that was not government funded was surfing. For that same period, it was the only sport that Australia consistently dominated at world events.

hat-tip Philip Barton

Why the ABC is at odds with us: Diversity of thought whitewashed by PC ideology

Why the ABC is at odds with us: Diversity of thought whitewashed by PC ideology, by Jennifer Oriel.

If the ABC were audited for diversity, the report might read something like as follows: “Evidence suggests that the ABC’s organisational culture ­reflects structural discrimination. … As a consequence, the ABC’s program content reflects bias that reinforces the privilege of insiders while stereotyping and demonising those excluded from the existing power structure.” …

From my early years in the ­university sector, I worked for various equal opportunity and anti-­discrimination units. As a part of that work, I conducted ­organisational audits of equity and diversity. After several years, I saw that the movement for equity was ­destroying diversity of the kind that matters in education: ­intellectual diversity. Universities ­replaced the West’s civilisational wellspring of freedom of thought and speech, mastered by learning the art of public reason, with the comparatively superficial culture of skin ­diversity.

In the 21st century culture of public education and media, ­diversity is often measured by skin colour or gender. Diversity of thought is devalued, especially in the arts and humanities. …

The diversity agenda sometimes reflects the founding ideal of multicultural policy: a culture where race or gender diversity is encouraged as long as members conform to PC ideology. …

The ABC:

The ABC has not admitted to a lack of political diversity in its staff profile or systemic political bias in its programming.

Yet the largest survey in 20 years of political attitudes among journalists found that 73.6 per cent of ABC journalists support Labor or the Greens. The Sunshine Coast University ­research also found that 41.2 per cent of ABC staff surveyed voted for the Greens. …

The ABC’s political bias seems most apparent in stories related to border security, immigration, iden­tity politics and Islam. Many believe that the ABC pushes the PC party line backing porous borders, minority politics and the ­censorship of dissenters under dis­crimination law while demonising border integrity, conservatism, ­Judeo-Christianity and Western civilisation.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Fusion GPS Illuminates the Brave New World of Manufactured News for Hire

Fusion GPS Illuminates the Brave New World of Manufactured News for Hire, by Lee Smith.

[Fusion GPS is] a Washington, D.C. “commercial research and strategic intelligence firm” that … also doubles as an opposition research shop … [and are] famous for producing the Russia dossier distributed under the byline of Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent for hire.

Steele’s report, a collection of anonymously-sourced allegations, …. detailed Trump’s ties to Russian officials and strange sexual obsessions. Originally ordered up by one of Trump’s Republican challengers, the dossier circulated widely in D.C. in the months before the 2016 election, pushed by the Clinton campaign, but no credible press organization was able to verify its claims. After Clinton’s surprise loss, the dossier became public, and it’s claims — while still unverified — have shaped the American public sphere ever since. …

Fusion GPS was founded in 2009 .. by two Wall Street Journal reporters, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch. … When the social media wave hit two years later, print media’s last hopes for profitability vanished, and Facebook became the actual publisher of most of the news that Americans consumed. Opposition research and comms shops like Fusion GPS became the news-rooms — with investigative teams and foreign bureaus — that newspapers could no longer afford.

And now … “they’re guns for hire. They were hired to dig up dirt on donors to Mitt Romney’s campaign, they were hired by Planned Parenthood after a video exposing some of the organization’s controversial practices.”

Besides Russia, Fusion GPS has also worked with other foreign countries, organizing campaigns and creating news that furthers the aims of the people who pay for their services — using the fractured playing field of “news” to extend old-fashioned lobbying efforts in a way that news consumers have been slow to understand. …

Yet it is rare to read stories about comms shops like Fusion GPS because traditional news organizations are reluctant to bite the hands that feed them. But they are the news behind the news — well known to every D.C. beat reporter as the sources who set the table and provide the sources for their big “scoops.”

The ongoing transformation of foundering, profitless news organizations into dueling proxies for partisan comms operatives is bad news for American readers, and for our democracy. But it is having a particularly outsized effect on reporting in the area of foreign policy, where expert opinion is prized — and easily bought — and most reporters and readers are only shallowly informed. …

Watergate changed everything about news “reporting”:

Ironically, the seeds of the moral and physical collapse of the American press were planted at the moment of its greatest popular triumph — All the President’s Men. Not the book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, but the 1976 film lionizing the work of journalists whose big story about the Watergate break-in and cover-up was based on information provided by a government official, who steered their reporting until he brought down the President of the United States.

Oh sure, have it your way, Mark Felt—aka “Deep Throat”—was a whistleblower, a man of conscience serving the people he protected for decades as a federal agent. But he was also a man who wanted to become Director of the FBI, and became furious at Nixon for snubbing him for the top job. In other words, the hero of this epic tale was an embittered law enforcement official who instead of going public with what he knew about a crime, manipulated a vital American institution, the free press, to pay back his boss, while the reporters manfully withheld that information from their readers. …

The lesson of Watergate has been imprinted on two generations of journalists, and it was only a matter of time before it was raised to the level of a virtue in the Obama years — if you want to break real news, you need to ingratiate yourself with the mid to high-level officials who are in position to leak it to you.

And then, the bottom fell out of the news business. … The news media is dead broke. Print advertising is washed up and all the digital advertising that was supposed to replace lost revenue from print ads and subscribers has been swallowed up by Facebook and Google.

But the good news is that people will still pay for stories, and  … the top customers for these stories are political operations.

There is no accurate accounting of how many of the stories you read in the news are the fruit of opposition research, because no journalist wants to admit how many of their top “sources” are just information packagers — which is why the blinding success of Fusion GPS is the least-covered media story in America right now.

There’s plenty of oppo research on the right, but most of it comes from the left. … It’s simple arithmetic: Most journalists lean to the left, and so do the majority of career officials who staff the federal government. There are more sounding boards on the left, and more sources. It’s not ideological, it’s business.

Thus, most of Fusion GPS’s contracts seem to come from the left — except for its most famous project, the Russia dossier. Before it was passed on to the Democrats, it started on the right, when one Republican candidate — thought to be Jeb Bush but never confirmed — hired the outfit to amass damning material on Trump. …

The Trump-Russia story has frequently been likened to Watergate, a specious comparison since the latter started with evidence of a crime and the former with publication of an anthology of fables, pornography, and Russian-sourced disinformation put together and distributed by partisan political operatives. The salient comparison is rather in the effect — it has the same feel as Watergate. And it’s taking up the same space as Watergate — and that’s because comms shops-for-hire like Fusion GPS have assumed the role that the American press used to occupy.

Harvard Law Professor: ‘White Liberal College Graduates’ Are ‘the Least Tolerant’

Harvard Law Professor: ‘White Liberal College Graduates’ Are ‘the Least Tolerant’, by Thomas Williams.

Commenting on a recent finding that many Democrats would have trouble continuing a friendship with anyone who is pro-President Trump, Harvard Law Professor Adrian Vermeule remarked that the least tolerant among us are “white liberal college graduates.”

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that 35 percent of Democrats believed that a friend’s vote for Donald Trump would “strain” their relationship. Among white Democrats, the figure is even higher, with 40 percent saying that they would have trouble maintaining a friendship with someone who supported Trump. Nearly half (47 percent) of those who described themselves as “liberal” Democrats said their friendship would suffer with someone who favored Trump.

By contrast, the share of Republicans who say that a friend’s vote for Hillary Clinton would strain their relationship was a mere 13 percent …


Vermeule suggested that on average Democrats and Republicans look at politics differently, which explains its differing effects on one’s personal life and relationships.

Liberalism, he stated, “makes an idol of politics,” and thus, political dissent is looked upon as heresy. In the case of conservatives, however, politics plays a different role. “The data show that Republicans are more politically tolerant,” he said, because “politics isn’t as likely to be an idol, on average.”

In other words, Republicans tend to be more politically detached, with politics playing a less central role in their existence, meaning that they can more easily overlook a friend’s contrary political opinions without it jeopardizing their relationship.

Citing a recent piece from the Washington Post, one commenter proposed that perhaps Democrats live in a bubble and, therefore, are more hostile to contrary opinions. The WaPo article declared that “Democrats tend to be more insulated from dissenting political voices,” and, therefore, “they don’t hear and don’t want to hear those voices coming from their friends’ mouths.”