We must beware how much ruin is in our nation

We must beware how much ruin is in our nation, by Greg Sheridan.

I have spent a good proportion of my professional time in Third World and developing countries, most on the way up, some on the way down, and some bobbling up and down. You get to see a lot of things that distinguish a successful country from an unsuccessful one, and particularly one on the way up from one on the way down.

Australia is a rich and successful society. But we are starting to go wrong. … Here are telling signs of a country going backwards.

Freedom of speech is buckling to the demands of identity politics:

In our country, the Human Rights Commission is the enemy of free speech and the enemy of a free media.

That’s a bad sign, for it shows a nation that has lost sight of what human rights actually are and has substituted the narrow, toxic aims of ideological conformity instead. It is no small thing that a former prime minister, Tony Abbott, and a former Labor Party leader, Mark Latham, have both called for the Human Rights Commission to be abolished.

The likely preservation by parliament of the worst elements of 18C is similarly a sign of the increasing dominance of identity politics and the always related desire to move the control of political discussion, wherever possible, into the hands of the judiciary or government tribunals that ape the judiciary. …

If this wicked legislation survives intact it will inevitably be used to prosecute the destructive agenda of modern, ideological identity politics.

I have spent a lot of time in nations whose chief civic identity is communal rather than citizenship-based. It’s never very pretty. It is a sign of the derangement of our times that we now push in that direction. In some senses, fighting identity politics is as important, or more important, than the arguments about free speech.

And, of course, identity politics, or communal politics, is always accompanied by a hysterical, populist fear campaign. That’s how you get people to identify primarily on the basis of communal identity rather than common citizenship. The Labor-Greens activist alliance will now presumably run just this kind of dishonest, dangerous fear campaign among ethnic communities. …

Our culture lacks confidence, undermined by the left:

The majority of young Australians, according to a Lowy poll, no longer believes democracy is the best form of government. I have seen up close a number of longstanding political systems topple. A loss of belief in your system is a typical precursor.

Similarly, the relentless ideological denigration of Western civilisation in the humanities departments of our universities betrays a loss of self-confidence. Even Australia Day is attacked. …


One of the most common features of a Third World country not making it is an inability to provide reliable electricity supplies. …

Investment uncertainty and delays:

Policy analysts often lament the impoverishment of nations that make big foreign investment projects ever more difficult. The grotesque saga of the delays, the veritable crippling by delay, of the Adani investment in Queensland is a textbook case. All levels of government want this project to succeed, the foreign investor has spent an enormous amount of money and wants to spend much more, thousands of Australian jobs would be created, but the ideological power of an essentially nihilist Green activist vision of development manages to make such an investment all but impossible. …

The PC alliance of bureaucrats, media, and academics that largely run Australia are tiring of democracy:

This is also a sign of what we might call the “deep state” of bureaucracy and tribunals becoming ever more ideological and impervious to the normal democratic decisions.

Economics is going tribal:

Countries going backwards often find their budget out of control. Our Senate has now made it impossible to control government expenditure. Left-wing populism will never countenance any meaningful spending cut, beyond gutting national defence. …

Obeying the law becomes optional for powerful political players:

Perhaps the most ubiquitous sign of a country that cannot function in a modern, decent way is that certain powerful interests decide that obeying the law is entirely discretionary. I have had former finance ministers in some countries tell me they simply did not have the power to compel certain entities to pay tax.

Sally McManus, the new ACTU secretary, says she and the union movement are entitled to break a law “when it’s unjust”. That means they are only obliged to obey the laws they think are just. …

A nation failing the development test often finds the state’s monopoly on the legitimate use of force is contested by powerful groups with economic and ideological objections to obeying the law.

Time to Investigate Obama, not Just Trump

Time to Investigate Obama, not Just Trump, by Roger Simon.

What appears at this writing is that Trump transition team members and possibly Trump himself had their identities revealed, were  “unmasked” in the parlance, while foreign diplomats were being surveilled. The identities of American citizens were not sufficiently “minimized,” as they are required to be by law. This is a crime one would assume would put the perpetrators in prison.  So far it hasn’t. More than that, such behavior is a grave threat to a free society, to all of us.

In effect, Trump was wiretapped — if not in the corny, old sense of the word, something very close. Technologically, he was wiretapped, as were several (actually many)  others.

A fair amount of this happened not long before Barack Obama suddenly changed the rules regarding raw intelligence, for the first time ever allowing the NSA to share its data with 16 other intelligence agencies, thus making the dissemination of said data (i. e. leaking) many times more likely.  That was done on January 12, 2017, just three scant days before Trump’s inauguration.  Why did the then president finally decide to make that particular change at that extremely late date, rather than on one of the previous seven years and three hundred fifty-three days of his presidency?  You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes or Watson to smell a rat.

What did Obama know and when did he know it?

Whether Barack Obama ordered the surveillance of Donald Trump during the transition is not the question.  He would never have had to. In fact, he would have been highly unlikely to have done so for obvious legal and practical/political reasons.  Instead, supporters of the then president in a position to authorize or activate such surveillance would normally know or assume his wishes anyway without having to be told and could act accordingly.

That is the way of the world since there was a world.

The operative question is whether these recorded conversations then ever wound up on Obama’s desk or whether he knew about them in some other manner… and, if so, when. If the worst is true, it is a scandal that makes Watergate seem like a child’s prank.  Even Watergate’s own Bob Woodward seemed to acknowledge as much on The O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday night.

Italy: ‘North African’ Arrested After Driving at Police, Stabbing Officer

Italy: ‘North African’ Arrested After Driving at Police, Stabbing Officer, by Liam Deacon.

A “North African” migrant has attempted to ram police with a car in a southern Italian town Wednesday, before attacking and injuring an officer with a knife.

Italian press said the attack in the Railway neighbourhood of Foggia “recalls the dynamics” of Wednesday’s attack in Westminster, London, which saw three people killed. …

There was a third similar attack on Thursday in Antwerp, Belgium.

PC: Diversity is our strength, Islam is the religion of peace, and there should be no borders.

Reality: Diversity + proximity = war, and countries are useful for keeping the peace.

I Had Dinner With the Afghan Ambassador. What He Said About the Differences Between Trump, Obama Is Stunning

I Had Dinner With the Afghan Ambassador. What He Said About the Differences Between Trump, Obama Is Stunning, by Benny Johnson.

From Obama’s maiden voyage abroad, what some tritely coined an “American Apology Tour,” the president accepted and advocated a diminished American presence on the international stage. His administration dealt with a light, often inconsequential, hand in diplomatic relationships, preferring, in their own words, a “lead from behind” approach. …

The current Afghan Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Hamdullah Mohib:

I’ve personally met with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago and the president has had two phone conversations with President Ghani [The president of Afghanistan]. …

Before the calls, we were advised to keep conversations short because, we were told, Trump will not be interested in the details of the call and does not have a long attention span, so it would be pointless to have a long call.

However, we were pleasantly surprised at how much time President Trump spent asking very informed questions. The first time the presidents spoke, the questions Trump asked impressed us. “How can you win in this fight [against terrorism]?” he asked. “What do you need to become financially independent?” and “How can American business invest in Afghanistan? How can we develop businesses and mining in your country?”

Trump would listen intently after each question, often asking follow-ups. Trump’s second call with our president was even longer than the first.

Asking these types of questions for our country is something the Obama administration never did. The Obama administration was the most academic administration we have ever had to deal with but the Trump administration has been the most thoughtful and intelligent.

Trump continually asked “How can you win? What does Afghanistan need to win?” in reference to our fight with terrorism. Trump wants to win. Sincerely. All the Obama administration wanted to do was not lose.

hat-tip byrmol

The Most Dangerous Addiction of Them All: Entitlements

The Most Dangerous Addiction of Them All: Entitlements, by Dennis Prager.

All addictions — whether to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex or cigarettes — are very hard to escape.

There is one addiction, however, that may be more difficult than any other to escape, in part because it is not even regarded as an addiction. It is entitlements addiction, the addiction to getting something for nothing.

One indication as to the power of entitlements addiction is the fact that while great numbers of people have voluntarily given up drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. — almost always at great pain — few give up an addiction to entitlements. For the majority of able-bodied people who get cash payments, food stamps, subsidized housing, free or subsidized health insurance, and other welfare benefits, the thought of giving up any one of those and beginning to pay for them with their own earned money is as hard as giving up alcohol is for an alcoholic.

Politicians know this, which is why it is close to impossible to ever reduce entitlements. And, of course, the left knows this, which is why the left almost always wins a debate over entitlements. Every American who is the beneficiary of an entitlement backs them, and many who are not beneficiaries of entitlements would like to be. …

The more people receiving government benefits, the more people vote left.

Offer to rob Peter to pay Paul and you’ll get Paul’s vote.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

London terror attacker Khalid Masood, 52, once stabbed a man in the FACE and changed from Kent schoolboy Adrian Elms to maniac who launched car and knife rampage through Westminster

London terror attacker Khalid Masood, 52, once stabbed a man in the FACE and changed from Kent schoolboy Adrian Elms to maniac who launched car and knife rampage through Westminster, by Richard Spillett.

The British-born jihadi who killed four and injured 29 in Westminster was last night revealed to be a middle-aged criminal career who MI5 had investigated in the past and had a previous conviction for stabbing a man in the nose.

English teacher Khalid Masood, 52, a ‘lone wolf’ attacker, who was living in the Birmingham area, had a series of convictions for assault and other crimes.

Scotland Yard revealed how Masood was known by a number of aliases and MailOnline can reveal he was born Adrian Elms to a single mother in Kent before his religious conversion. …

His first conviction was for criminal damage in November 1983, when he was just 19.

His last was for an attack in 2003, where he stabbed a 22-year-old man in the face, leaving him slumped in the driveway of a nursing home in Eastbourne. The victim was left needing cosmetic surgery after the vicious attack.

Masood is understood to have spent time in Lewes jail in East Sussex, Wayland prison in Norfolk and Ford open prison in West Sussex, The Times reported. …

Masood was a married father-of-three, and a religious convert who was into bodybuilding, according to Sky News. …

ISIS claimed responsibility for its first attack on British soil and said the crazed knifeman was its ‘soldier’. … Experts believe Masood did not receive direct orders or help from ISIS but may have been inspired to carry out the attack by material online. …

How can he be a “lone wolf” if the police then arrest eight other people?

Elsewhere today, hundreds of police swooped in dramatic raids across the nation making eight arrests. …

Prime Minister Theresa May said: ‘The case is historic – he was not part of the current intelligence picture. There was no prior intelligence of his intent – or of the plot. Intensive investigations continue.’ …

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, told the Press Association: ‘This guy is a local guy. I’ve been living in the area for 20 years. ‘I don’t know him personally but I believe he belongs to a mosque on Leyton High Road. I’ve seen his face many times. I saw him on the news at around 7pm last night and thought ‘this is the guy I know from the mosque. He had a beard and big eyes.’

Worshippers at the Al-Tawhid mosque in Leyton were surprised to learn of Masood’s alleged links with the mosque.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Rex Tillerson: ‘I didn’t want this job … my wife told me I’m supposed to do this’

Rex Tillerson: ‘I didn’t want this job … my wife told me I’m supposed to do this’, by Julian Borger.

“I didn’t want this job. I didn’t seek this job,” Tillerson told the Independent Journal Review (IJR), in an interview conducted on his official plane during the three-nation Asia trip. “My wife told me I’m supposed to do this.”

He said he had not met Donald Trump before being summoned to Trump Tower after the surprise election victory, ostensibly to talk to the president-elect “about the world” and his experiences as an oil company CEO.

“When he asked me at the end of that conversation to be secretary of state, I was stunned,” he said, adding that at 65 years old, at the end of a four-decade career at ExxonMobil, he had expected to retire: “I was going to go to the ranch to be with my grandkids.”

However, he said that when he returned to his Texas home after meeting Trump in New York, his wife, Renda St Clair, shook her finger in his face and said: “I told you God’s not through with you.”

He said he now feels his wife had been right: “I’m supposed to do this.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

No! to Earth Hour

No! to Earth Hour, by Michael Darby.

Wentworth Report readers are entitled to be unimpressed by plans being made for so called “Earth Hour” on Saturday 25 March. Thousands of misled people across Australia will be lighting candles instead of flicking light switches, and a few of them will accidentally start fires and threaten the lives of their loved ones.

Real Australians are very well aware of the struggles of the pioneers and the joy which greeted the arrival of electricity at each rural household.

Dangerous organizations, some like WWF Australia pretending to be charities, are trying to convince Australians that electricity is a bad thing and should be switched off for an hour. “Switch off to the future” is the theme. …

The proponents of Earth Hour are out to control the minds of our children. This is not a game. Earth Hour is a deadly serious plan intended to recruit innocent youngsters to the wicked cause of bringing down the modern era and dragging us back at least two centuries. Without coal and without electricity, modern medicine is impossible and human lifespans will be halved. …

Perhaps worst of all, the proponents of Earth Hour are determined to crush the hopes of the poor and disadvantaged of the world, who unanimously yearn for the inexpensive energy which most of us in Australia take for granted. Until recently almost all Australians could depend upon reliable baseload power. Sadly the saboteurs are making the decisions in South Australia, and Victoria is not far behind.

Read it all.

Islamist Terror Will Test Western Liberal Values to Destruction

Islamist Terror Will Test Western Liberal Values to Destruction, by James Delingpole.

A policeman is stabbed to death right outside the Houses of Parliament: one of the most secure, heavily guarded areas, with more armed police on stand-by than anywhere in London. …

How many of us have not walked beneath it and mused nervously what a prime terrorist target it would be?

Then, probably, we will have corrected ourselves: “No, they’d never try it here. Too many police. Too obvious.”

Well, sorry. But they just did.

The PC deny reality and make excuses for Muslims, again:

And now, as per usual on these occasions, the bien-pensant twonks on Twitter are seizing the opportunity to virtue-signal and dodge the issue by pretending it’s all about something else and nothing to do with the Religion of Peace (TM).

The “we will not be cowed by terrorism” message is PC madness:

Oh they won’t, will they? Well if they won’t they are bloody stupid.

Of course, they’re cowed. They’d be mad not to be cowed. Currently, they inhabit a culture in which the entire apparatus of authority – the police, the schools, the universities, the social services, local government, the media, the politicians, the Mayor of London – is bent on denying something everyone knows to be true but which you can’t mention aloud without fear of being accused of racism or Islamophobia or insensitivity.

There’s a significant minority of our population which has no interest in integrating with our culture. And which would either quite happily kill us or applaud quietly (or not-so-quietly) when it happens because, hey, we’re not humans – we’re just kufar.

Western liberal values are being pushed to the limit. One day, they’re going to reach breaking point.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Scott of the Pacific

German Media Watchdog Instructs Press to Censor Ethnicity and Religion in Reports

German Media Watchdog Instructs Press to Censor Ethnicity and Religion in Reports, by Breitbart.

Germany’s media regulator has revised its code of conduct on reporting whether crime suspects belong to an ethnic or religious minority after complaints the previous guidance was unclear.

The German Press Council – a voluntary, industry-run body – says information about a person’s ethnicity shouldn’t be published “unless there is a justified public interest in doing so.”

So there. It’s official in some places.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Networks censor rape story involving illegal immigrant, but gave 11 minutes in two days to fake UVA rape

Networks censor rape story involving illegal immigrant, but gave 11 minutes in two days to fake UVA rape, by Curtis Houck.

The “big three” networks — ABC, CBS, and NBC — continued their shameful blackout into Wednesday night of the horrifying rape of a teenage girl in a Maryland high school bathroom, allegedly by two men, including one who police say is in the U.S. illegally.

Instead, the pathetic liberal media that’s shown no interest in the Rockville High School case complied with Rolling Stone in giving more than 10 minutes of coverage in two days to the fake 2014 claim that a University of Virginia fraternity gang-raped a female student.

So blatantly pushing the PC narrative. Not news, just propaganda.

hat-tip Charles

Man held for ‘driving at crowd’ in Antwerp, Belgium

Man held for ‘driving at crowd’ in Antwerp, Belgium, by tghe BBC.

A French national of North African origin has been arrested in the Belgian city of Antwerp on suspicion of driving at a crowd, officials say.

A car was driven “at high speed” on De Meir, the northern city’s main shopping street, before it was intercepted. There were no reports of any injuries.

Knives, a non-lethal gun and some unidentifiable liquid were found in the car, prosecutors say. …

The federal prosecutor’s office, which has taken over the investigation, named the suspect as “Mohamed R”, a 39-year-old French national and resident of France.

This being the BBC, “Islam”and “Muslim” were not used — the headline just says it was a “man”.

You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop

You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop, an editorial by mab91c. Not verified, but funny and pointed. US troops out of France:

FK’S Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, was in France in the early 60’s when DeGaulle decided to pull out of NATO. DeGaulle said he wanted all US military out of France as soon as possible.

Rusk responded, “Does that include those who are buried here?”

DeGaulle did not respond.

You could have heard a pin drop.

US empire building:

When in England, at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of ’empire building’ by George Bush.

He answered by saying, “Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.”

You could have heard a pin drop.

US aircraft carriers:

There was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American. During a break, one of the French engineers came back into the room saying, “Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intend to do, bomb them?”

A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly: “Our carriers have three hospitals on board that can treat several hundred people; they are nuclear powered and can supply emergency electrical power to shore facilities; they have three cafeterias with the capacity to feed 3,000 people three meals a day, they can produce several thousand gallons of fresh water from sea water each day, and they carry half a dozen helicopters for use in transporting victims and injured to and from their flight deck. We have eleven such ships; how many does France have?”

You could have heard a pin drop.

French Customs official demands passport:

Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane. At French Customs, he took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry on.

“You have been to France before, Monsieur?” the customs officer asked.

Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously.

“Then you should know enough to have your passport ready.”

The American said, “The last time I was here, I didn’t have to show it.”

“Impossible. Americans always have to show their passports on arrival in France!”

The American senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look. Then he quietly explained, ”Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country, I couldn’t find a single Frenchmen to show a passport to.”

You could have heard a pin drop.

hat-tip Charles

Canadian Islamophobia motion passes by 2-1 margin, by The Canadian Press. Previous coverage here and here.

The House of Commons has passed a Liberal backbencher’s motion calling on federal politicians to condemn Islamophobia.

The motion, known as M-103, became a matter of acrimonious debate, with opponents painting it as a slippery slope towards limiting freedom of speech and even bringing in Sharia law. …

The motion called on the Commons to condemn Islamophobia and “all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.” It asked that a Commons committee study how the government can eliminate the problem and collect data on hate crimes.

Last month, the Conservatives proposed their own alternative motion, which was virtually identical except it dropped the word Islamophobia. The Liberals defeated it, contending that it was aimed at watering down Khalid’s motion. …

The blatant lies told by the lefties and Muslims:

“M-103 does not give one religion or community special privilege over another,” [Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, who sponsored the motion] told the House. “M-103 will not restrict free speech.”

SUBMISSION: Canada Passes Anti-Islamophobia Bill, by Hankk Berrien.

Note that “Islamophobia is not defined in the bill …

An Angus Reid poll showed 42 percent of Canadians would vote against the bill; 29 percent would vote for it. …

Conservative Pierre Lemieux … added his concern about the bill: “Do you have a valid concern about Islam? Do you disagree with Sharia Law? Uneasy about radical Islamic terrorism? The Liberals may very well classify you as Islamophobic.” …

Conservative Brad Trost said he would not vote for the bill because it “will only serve to strengthen extremist elements within the Muslim community itself that seek to preserve and promote their own form of hate and intolerance.”

As columnist Lorne Gunter wrote in the Edmonton Sun: “While purporting to oppose all forms of religious discrimination, the only form specifically mentioned is Islamophobia. And no definition of Islamophobia is given, leaving the door wide open to the broadest possible interpretations – including public statements condemning radical Islamic terrorism and even academic papers questioning whether Islam truly is a religion of peace.”

A sad day in Canada.

hat-tip byrmol, Scott of the Pacific

The abolition of women

The abolition of women, by Michael Davis.

First we were told that butch lesbians like Rachel Maddow are every bit as ‘womanly’ as Marilyn Monroe because femininity is a ‘performance’ or a patriarchal ‘construct’. Sure, fine. I don’t agree, but I follow the logic.

Yet drag quee— um, trans people were always accepted as being basically women because they dressed like women… even though we’d just established that woman-ness has nothing to do with outward appearances. Now trans feminists are up in arms about ‘genital-based feminism’, rejecting any link between having a vagina and being a woman whatsoever. …

But could any of you femsplain to me just what the hell ‘womanhood’ actually means? …

I can’t help but recall last year’s hubbub when Alex Fitton declared himself transgender in order to be eligible for an executive position on [the University of Sydey’s Student Representative Council] that’s reserved for women. Why not? The fact that he plays AFL, wears RM Williams, produces testosterone, has a penis …, has sex with women …, and has no intention to modify his lifestyle shouldn’t have mattered. None of those things would, by the standards of modern feminism, disqualify one from attaining the ranks of the Sisterhood.

Which, when you think about it, is pretty messed up. Feminists have so degraded womanhood that even a blokey bloke like Alex qualifies – simply because he ‘identifies’ as a female. That is the sole, single criterion.

Politically correct, but clearly not correct.

God Bless the Right-Wing Social Justice Warriors

God Bless the Right-Wing Social Justice Warriors, by Gavin McInnes.

“Invent a weapon,” Jordan Peterson said on Tuesday, “and your enemies will have it within one generation.” …

We’ve taken Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and turned it into our guidebook. We are the Social Justice Warriors now, and we’re way better at it than they ever were.

Right now, a man in a MAGA hat is suing a bar in New York called The Happiest Hour for booting him out solely because he loves Trump. Getting kicked out of bars is pretty common for people in MAGA hats above the Mason–Dixon line. The old right would venerate the entrepreneur and quietly take the high road out of the bar. Not anymore. Since the lawsuit was announced, Trump supporters have been flooding the bar. One MAGA woman was just paid $150 to get lost.

The new right wing does more than just get petty when the going gets rough. We appropriate. When you attack us, we turn it into a slogan. Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” made us into The Deplorables. Her “fake news” now defines all the news that lies about us.

When they come up with some kind of art project to protest Trump, we make it our own. When State Street Global Advisors put up a statue facing the Wall Street bull called “Fearless Girl” to encourage finance companies to hire more women, we started humping it. When that made the feminists furious, we put a MAGA hat on the girl and wrapped her in an American flag. Today the statue has become “a monument to the suicidal hubris of modern women and their inability to discern their actual abilities vs. their inflated egos.” …

When George Takei put up an online poll asking, “Who do you think does MORE HARM to the American people?” with “The ‘Unfair’ News Media” and “Trump” as options, we hijacked it with votes for the media until he was forced to take it down. ….

Shannon Coulter started a boycott where she harassed vendors who sold Ivanka goods. As soon as we heard she was gaining traction, we attacked Nordstrom and began buying her products online. Today, Nordstrom is suffering and Ivanka had the best year she’s ever had. This is fun. ….

When Kyle Chapman was maced at a recent pro-Trump rally, he reached into his bag and grabbed the gas mask he had packed for that very occasion. Then he put on a helmet, grabbed a stick, and started bashing the “antifascists” who had just attacked him. What could have been yet another example of lunatics abusing us with no repercussions blossomed into an inspiring meme where #BasedStickMan is Photoshopped into countless heroic situations. I’m told by the organizer of that rally he was inspired by the Proud Boys charging headfirst into my NYU talk and pounding the crap out of the masked anarchists who pepper-sprayed me. We were told to take the back door, but we refused because we’re done with being ashamed. …

The Deploraball that happened a few weeks before this was another example of us stealing back the culture, and I’m not just talking about the name. When some kid in a ski mask said, “You wanna go?” I said, “Yeah, I do wanna fucking go” and punched him in the face. “Conservative men never punch people in the face,” Ann Coulter told me after she heard the story. She was thrilled. Living under “the tyranny of clichés” is really just being bullied by betas and I’m almost embarrassed it took us so long to stoop to their level. …

When Salon’s Amanda Marcotte recently called me a Nazi, my first thought wasn’t “We should debate.” Those days are gone. Today I think, “I’m going to sue them all” and got myself a lawyer. Amanda quoted me saying the Treaty of Versailles was facilitated by Jews but left out the part where I said this is what “right-wing nutjobs” believe. She is going to pay for that and I don’t care how much it costs.

Not only do we use the left’s petty tricks against them, we use their own rhetoric against them. Canada is trying to implement a law that protects Muslim immigrants by making Islamophobia illegal. You can fight that on the grounds of free speech and other Western ideals or you can fight fire with fire and show them an ex–Muslim immigrant who is now prevented from discussing the brutal oppression he just escaped. We don’t hate your censorship because it’s wrong. We hate it because it hurts immigrants. Now the PC police are the ones who are Islamophobic. …

We’re the snarky little bitches now and we’re way better at it than they ever were. I honestly don’t know why we wasted so much time taking the high road. The low road is way more effective and it’s way more fun.

Where’s the due diligence on renewables?

Where’s the due diligence on renewables? by James Delingpole. Suppose you live in South Australia and the power goes out, again. Do you calmly say

‘I accept that personal discomfort, inconvenience and mild danger are but a small price to pay to save the planet from global warming. Only a dinosaur would expect to go on being able to use electricity as and when he wants it. I for one welcome the bright new age of darkness, clean energy and government rationing!’

Or do you get annoyed?

‘We’re Australia, the lucky country, not some third world backwater. We invented commercial refrigeration. We’re sitting on top of a continent’s worth of cheap energy. What kind of eco-fascist madness is this?’

The climate change excuse has led to a large encroachment of government into our lives.

Climate change lunacy has affected everything from your right to clear trees off your property (often you can’t: they’ve been designated a carbon sink) to where you can’t build your waterfront home (junk science paranoia about rising sea levels) to how many millions of dollars you waste on desalination plants (for the permanent drought that never came). …

South Australia has been the hardest hit so far by the great renewables disaster. No doubt it sounded good when premier Jay Weatherill and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis first began evangelising about their world-beating clean energy targets. The consequence, though, has been blackouts, job losses and economic chaos caused by rocketing power prices and intermittent supply.

But instead of apologising, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is asking customers to take it on the chin. In a process euphemistically known as ‘load shedding’, the AEMO can order customers’ power supplies to be switched off in times of extreme stress so as to prevent wider system failure.

Finally! The concepts of “due diligence” and “climate change” are being put together:

Increasingly, it is becoming apparent that renewables are one of the great, truly bad ideas of the last 100 years: a boon for troughing rent-seekers, virtue-signalling pollies and posturing greenies but terrible for the rest of us poor saps who have to subsidise them; disastrous for the environment (all those birds and bats sliced and diced); utterly ineffectual in ‘combatting climate change’ (Australia produces less than two per cent of the world’s greenhouse gases). ….

It doesn’t help that most of the media — especially the ABC — is so heavily in thrall to eco-zealotry and refuses to question the (fake) green ‘consensus’. …

That means people who believe in regaining the cheap, reliable energy Australia used to have before the green madness took hold have a fight on their hands. One way they might yet win is through the courts via judicial review. What, after all, is the most basic requirement taxpayers ought to expect from their governments? Due diligence on public expenditure.

This is going to be one of the tactics of Cool Futures Funds Management – a contrarian Aussie hedge fund of which I’m an enthusiastic supporter because it is, as far as I know, the first financial institution to try to profit by holding the Green Blob’s dodgy dealings to account.

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Behold The Big Bend – the incredible U-shaped New York skyscraper dubbed the ‘longest building in the world’ is unveiled

Behold The Big Bend – the incredible U-shaped New York skyscraper dubbed the ‘longest building in the world’ is unveiled, by Naomi Leach.

The race to build the world’s most spectacular skyscraper has reached new heights – and taken a turn in direction.

Designs for ‘The Big Bend’, a slender tower that would transform Manhattan’s skyline, have been unveiled.

Described as the ‘longest building in the world’, the project’s concept drawings reveal a skyscraper reaching an apex then curving back down. And featuring an elevator system that can travel in curves, horizontally and in loops.

The studio explained: ‘New York city’s zoning laws have created a peculiar set of tricks through which developers try to maximise their property’s height in order to infuse it with the prestige of a high rise structure. But what if we substituted height with length? What if our buildings were long instead of tall?

Hanson proposes Muslim ban to solve terror

Hanson proposes Muslim ban to solve terror, by The Australian.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has gone from offering sympathies to the people of London after a deadly terror attack to slamming the city’s mayor and pushing her bid to ban Muslim immigration. …

“It’s amazing that the Muslim mayor over there has come out and said terrorists attacks are part and parcel of a big city,” she said in a video posted to social media on Thursday.

“Well, no, they’re not, they don’t have to be, they never have been in the past, and that’s something I never want to hear or see here in Australia from any mayor in any city.” Senator Hanson said sending sympathies under the PrayForLondon hashtag was futile and offered up her own hashtag to solve the problem — Pray4MuslimBan. “That is how you solve the problem. Put a ban on it and then let’s deal with the issues here,” she said. …

Bob Katter too:

KAP member for Kennedy Bob Katter joined Senator Hanson by repeating his own calls for a visa ban on people from the countries between Greece and India and North Africa. His ban would exempt persecuted minorities – including the Sikhs, Jews and Christians.

Mr Katter said it’s not a ‘Muslim problem’, “There are no such attacks in Albania, Malaysia or Indonesia (all Muslim countries). … But no intelligent person can argue that this is not coming from Islamic extremists.”

Erdogan: Soon Europeans ‘Will Not Walk Safely on Their Streets’

Erdogan: Soon Europeans ‘Will Not Walk Safely on Their Streets’, by Chris Tomlinson.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned the European Union (EU) that if the diplomatic spat between Turkey and several European countries continues, Europeans won’t be able to walk their own streets safely.

“If you continue to behave like this, not a single European, not a single Westerner will be able to take a step on the road safely anytime in the world,” Erdogan said at a press conference adding: “We as Turkey are calling on Europe to respect human rights and democracy.”

Sounds like a threat. They don’t respect the West anymore because we are run by “progressives” and becoming weaker and less culturally confident by the day.

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Study: Third of France’s Young Muslims Hold Fundamentalist Religious Views

Study: Third of France’s Young Muslims Hold Fundamentalist Religious Views, by Virginia Hale.

Just under 25 per cent of the young people questioned said they consider certain violent and deviant behaviours legitimate (stealing a scooter, confronting the police, and taking violent action for ideological reasons).

Christine Williams:

This finding is a troubling breakaway from the usual claim that only around 10 percent of Muslims globally ascribe to violent jihad. Right after the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Daily Beast proclaimed that 12 percent of the world’s Muslims support jihad terrorism … [and] went on to say:

“Just as in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other faiths, there are fanatics, conservatives, moderates, progressives, and far-left-progressives in the Muslim world.”

The folly of such false comparisons is glaring. Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists have not murdered 11 million of their coreligionists since 1948. They don’t behead or stone people or chop off their hands for theft. They don’t invoke religious texts to justify the mass rape of infidel women. They don’t capture sex slaves and brutalize them, outline elaborate plans to sabotage Western civilization from within and replace its free societies with the sharia, endeavor to destroy Israel, seek global conquest, preach hatred and incite violence from places of worship, etc. While all Muslims certainly do not engage in such heinous activity, it cannot be denied that Islamic supremacists and jihadists have declared war on the world. …

A Policy Exchange Poll out of the UK showed that half of all Muslims, if they knew someone with Islamic State links, would not report this fact to police.

In WWII only 7% of Germans were Nazis, but we had to fight all the Germans.

Nunes ‘Unmasking’ Report Vindicates Trump Claims on Surveillance

Nunes ‘Unmasking’ Report Vindicates Trump Claims on Surveillance, by Joel Pollack.

House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced on Wednesday that he had learned that members of President Donald Trump’s transition team had been under surveillance by the Obama administration, that individual names had been “unmasked” by the intelligence community, and that those names had been leaked to the media.

Nunes’s information — which he said he would deliver to the White House later — vindicates the bulk of Trump’s claims earlier this month.

Nunes said that while there was no direct “wiretap” by President Barack Obama of Trump Tower, there was indeed surveillance — perhaps collected incidentally — of people close to Trump, possibly including Trump himself.

Much of that had been suspected, on the basis of mainstream media reports, but Rep. Nunes reported something new: that the surveillance did not involve the ongoing Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) inquiry into Russia’s alleged involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Indeed, none of the surveillance had intelligence value, he said. …

Though the media, and the political opposition, had attacked Trump for his claims about wiretapping, he later clarified that he had used the term to refer to surveillance in a general sense. He also suggested that more evidence would soon emerge.

The result is a vindication of Trump’s controversial claims. Questions remain about whether President Obama himself knew of the surveillance, which other Obama administration officials were involved, and whether Trump was monitored directly.


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Counteroffensive on the Western Front

Counteroffensive on the Western Front, by Kevin Donnelly. Western liberal democracies are under attack by Islamists using violence and demography on the one hand, and by “progressives” using political correctness on the other.

Given such threats the recent decision to establish a foundation to champion Western civilisation, funded by a bequest from the late entrepreneur Paul Ramsay and chaired by John Howard, is significant and timely.

As I argue in The Culture of Freedom whether it is the enemy within, preaching political correctness, identity politics and victimhood, or the enemy without, represented by Islamic terrorism, our way of life is facing an existential threat.

The traditional academic curriculum has been replaced by a rainbow alliance of radical Neo-Marxist, postmodern and gender theories in which Cardinal Newman’s ideal of a education championing “freedom, equitableness, calmness, moderation, and wisdom” is condemned as elitist, inequitable and obsolete.

As noted by the American academic Christopher Lasch, universities are no longer committed to independent critical inquiry “as it is no longer necessary to argue with opponents on intellectual grounds or to enter into their point of view.  It is enough to dismiss them as Eurocentric, racist, sexist, homophobic – in other words as politically suspect”. …

The school curriculum has also been captured and is being used to promote identity politics and cultural relativism.  Students are told they must embrace diversity and difference and that all cultures must be equally acknowledged and celebrated. Except when it comes to Asian and Indigenous cultures that are given priority at the expense of Western civilisation — especially Judeo-Christianity, where in subjects like history, literature, art and music its treatment is scanty and superficial.

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Labor eyes extending 18C complaints: New ways to shut you up

Labor eyes extending 18C complaints: New ways to shut you up, by Chris Merritt.

Labor is considering a secret plan to extend the reach of litigation based on section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to include people claiming they have been ­offended or insulted because of their sexual orientation, disabil­ities or age.

A video, obtained by The Australian, shows Labor legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus last week explaining the proposal, which would lead to the Australian Human Rights Commission and the courts facing a new wave of complaints. …

There is a risk that Labor’s plan to consolidate all federal anti-discrimination laws will lead to litigation by the disabled and the LGBTI community that would be determined using the same procedures that apply under section 18C. …

Under Labor’s proposal, advocates of same-sex marriage would be empowered, for example, to take legal action under 18C-style laws if they felt offended or ­insulted by those who publicly ­defended the traditional definition of marriage. Those at risk would include priests, rabbis, imams and other religious leaders who publicly oppose same-sex marriage.

Labor’s proposal also opens the prospect that debate over the cost of the National Disability ­Insurance Scheme could be truncated because of the risk of litigation by those who might feel offended or insulted.

Such laws, which the bureaucracy would selectively enforce, would see PC entrenched as the effective law of the land — no dissent allowed. There will always be someone, somewhere, who could claim their feelings were hurt by nearly any statement — but only some feelings would be legally important (not yours, I’ll bet). Crybullies will rule.

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Insanity Over Illegal Immigration: US Citizens Being Lied to By Media

Insanity Over Illegal Immigration: US Citizens Being Lied to By Media, by Bill O’Reilly. Recommended viewing.

Massive story, but as O’Reilly points out this story was not covered by the MSM even though it has hours of airtime to fill. It makes the Democrats look bad and the media today are just an adjunct of the Democrat party.

The age of broadcast media is waning, but during this age control over information — over what everyone knows — is controlled by a small clique of journalists. They wield immense power, especially when they stopped competing (which kept them honest) but  instead teamed up and conspired to present only selective information — which, in the US, they seem to have begun wholesale after Hurricane Katrina in 2004 (for instance, search on “journoList”). They are a quasi-government, often with effectively more power than the elected government.  And of course, not being official organs of power, they are  unaccountable and unelected.

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Religion of Peace Strikes Again: At least five people killed and 40 injured in jihad attack in Westminster, London: SUV driven into pedestrians on bridge, police officer knifed and killed

Religion of Peace Strikes Again: At least five people killed and 40 injured in jihad attack in Westminster, London: SUV driven into pedestrians on bridge, police officer knifed and killed, by Jacquelin Magnay.

An attacker in an SUV ran down numerous pedestrians on Westminster Bridge at around 1.40pm , injuring at least 40, some “catastrophically”. … The attacker then ran through gates of Palace of Westminster and fatally stabbed police officer 48-year-old father of two Keith Palmer. The assailant was then shot dead by police.

Here is the assailant, being taken to an ambulance after being shot:

Note the beard. Not much doubt that this was another jihad attack.

Eyewitnesses have described how bodies were thrown into the air and a woman either jumped or was thrown off Westminster Bridge into the Thames, nearly 6 metres below.

Nathan Smith, 22, said he saw the woman floating face down while someone swam nearby in an attempt to help her. The Port of London Authority said that the woman had been pulled alive from the water and given urgent treatment.

James Sheriff, 32, said he had to leap over the bridge’s balustrade and cling onto its rail to prevent himself from falling into the water. as the car mounted the pavement. “I heard it crunch the kerb and thought perhaps the driver had passed out or was going to crash into the barrier,” he said. “But then he straightened up, pedal to the metal, and absolutely floored it,” he told The Times. “It was carnage. There were bodies flying everywhere. He must have been going 70mph (110kph). There must have been dozens of people flying up into the air. It was chaos, there was mass hysteria. Blood everywhere.” …

One woman rebounded off the car and into the path of a London bus, Mr Sheriff said. “Her legs were sticking out from underneath the bus. I think she must have died instantly. … One guy’s leg was hanging off from below the knee and he had a massive cut to his head. He had blood everywhere,” he said.

A short film of the scene afterwards — listen to what the police officers are saying:

Security camera footage of attack on bridge, woman falling from the bridge. At the link.

Who let all these Muslims into the country? It seems that the very PC PM Tony Blair was mainly responsible: “Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser,” by Tom Whitehead in 2009:

The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

He said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to “open up the UK to mass migration” but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its “core working class vote”. …

Critics said the revelations showed a “conspiracy” within Government to impose mass immigration for “cynical” political reasons.

When will the political class get the message that it’s not a good idea to let in large numbers of Mohammedans? When they get attacked themselves in parliament perhaps? That would of course be a game-changer, but they would never see the hypocrisy.

Vehicles have become terror weapons of choice, by AP.  Terror attacks using vehicles:

March 22, 2017 Westminster, UK: … killing five people and wounding at least 40, some with injuries described as catastrophic.

December, 2016 Berlin, Germany: A young Tunisian rammed a truck into a crowded Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring dozens…

July 14, 2016 Nice, France: A Tunisian residing in France ploughed a refrigerator truck through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day on the Mediterranean beachfront in Nice, killing 86. …

December 2014 Dijon, France: A motorist injured 13 pedestrians in the French city of Dijon…

October 20, 2014 Montreal, Quebec, Canada: A 25-year-old man drove his car into to Canadian Air Force members near Montreal, killing one of them and injuring another. …

Nasty trend.

Isil supporters cheer Westminster attack as ‘revenge’ for British air strikes on Syria, by The Telegraph.

Followers on pro-Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant channels on the social media service Telegram posted messages applauding the knife-wielding suspect and called the attack “blessed”.

One said the UK was paying “blood for blood” for its involvement in the US-led coalition’s campaign against the jihadists.

“Our battle on your land is only just beginning,” read one poster next to a photoshopped image of Big Ben being blown up.

NBC Reporter Fears London Terror Will ‘Put Wind in the Sails’ of ‘Right-Wing Movement’, by Kyle Drennen.

During MSNBC’s live breaking news coverage of the suspected terrorist attacks in London on Wednesday, NBC News reporter Matt Bradley reported via phone from the British capital and was more worried about the violence helping conservative politicians than he was about the victims:

“We’ve seen this rise of a kind of a right-wing movement here and throughout Europe. And this is only going to put wind in the sails of those who would say that this is an issue that needs to be looked at, that needs to be examined in terms of refugees.”

Desperately trying to downplay any possible connection to Islamic terrorism, Bradley touted: “But it should be noted, that MI-5, which is the domestic intelligence agency and police agency for the UK, they’ve come out and said that there is no terror link so far.” Anchor Ali Velshi replied: “Yeah, good point. They’re saying that it’s too early to say, certainly, that it isn’t, they’re still trying to get it locked down.”

Pathetic lefty journalists, who cannot face up reality. Remember that the job of the Objective Journalist™ is not to tell the audience what happened, but to expand the event into an indictment of Western culture.


The Standard Reaction to London’s Mass Murder.

  1. This has nothing to do with Islam and he does not represent Islam.
  2. Claim it to be the religion of peace.
  3. It’s blowback for the west being in the Middle East.
  4. The guy was mentally ill.
  5. It is “lone wolf attack.”
  6. It’s just part of living in a big city.
  7. Claim Christians do these things too.
  8. Those who object are racist bigots.
  9. Change Facebook profile to flag of inflicted country.
  10. Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march.
  11. Some lad will sing “Imagine.”
  12. Forget the dead.
  13. Have articles banging on about how we have to protect Muslims.
  14. Ignore the attacker’s religion, motivations, or ideology.
  15. Claim Muslims are the real victims.
  16. Wait for the next Islamic terrorist attack to happen.

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5th ALS Annual Friedman Conference: Sydney April 28 – 30

5th ALS Annual Friedman Conference: Sydney April 28 – 30, by Tim Andrews.

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is delighted to invite readers of The Wentworth Report to the largest centre-right gathering in the Asia Pacific Region, the 5th ALS Annual Friedman Conference.

As a special offer to Wentworth Report readers, we would like to offer you 15% off the standard ticket price!

Organised by the Australian Libertarian Society in conjunction with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, the Friedman conference is the highlight of the Australian Centre-Right calendar. Over 300 attendees are expected, as well as the best speakers from not just across Australia, but with fifteen international special guests flying in!

Australian speakers include Senators Cory Bernardi, Malcolm Roberts & David Leyonhjelm, economist Alan Moran, Professors Sinclair Davidson & Jason Potts, free speech advocate Lorraine Findlay, and the always-controversial Mark Latham & Ross Cameron.

International speakers include Fox News Contributor & National Review editor John Fund, Duke University’s Professor Mike Munger, Reason Magazine’s Nick Gillespie, Sam Bowman from the Adam Smith Institute, Rory Bromfield, and Director of the pro-Brexit “Better Off Out” campaign.

In addition to a wonderful speaker line up, the conference will feature debates on topics such as “Is Donald Trump Good For Liberty?”, a “Dragons Den” contest with $5,000 in prizes up for grabs, and a Gala Dinner (with 3 course meal and 4 hour drinks package) with presentation of the prestigious Liberty Awards.

This truly is one conference you can not afford to miss – and readers of the Wentworth Report  can save 15% by using the coupon code WENTWORTH on checkout!

Thanks to the generosity of the Atlas Network, we have a limited number of student scholarships and part scholarships available. Click here to apply.

Considering Bannon

Considering Bannon, by Justin Raimondo.

The best way to analyze Bannon’s thought is to watch his 2010 film “Generation Zero,” a remarkable documentary about the past and future of our nation. …

The “Greatest Generation,” which lived through economic depression and a world war, gave birth to the Boomers and were determined that their children would never have to endure the privation they had suffered.  To dramatize this, “Generation Zero” contains old footage from such 1950’s favorites as The Donna Reed Show and Father Knows Best, with the mother in the kitchen and the children and the father gathered together at the dinner table — an idyll that is soon eclipsed by the craziness of the 1960’s.  And so even as the remarkable achievements of American civilization are reaching their apex in the Apollo program and the landing of a man on the moon, the Dionysian chaos of the Woodstock generation is juxtaposed with Apollo 11 …

(I only intended to watch a few excerpts, but ended up watching all of it.)

The children of the 60’s who grew up with no knowledge of crisis or deprivation rebelled against the work ethic and the very concept of causation — the idea that actions have consequences.  Spoiled, protected from the world, ignorant of history, and contemptuous of its lessons, they went out into the world with the belief that life consists of a quest for self-gratification.  These narcissists, who recognized no limits on their desires, were and are the perfect vessels of the apocalypse.

The combination of Keynesian pump-priming and the culture of narcissism led to the crisis of 2008, the subsequent bailout of the financial elite, and the revolutionary era we are living in today.  Having outgrown their hippie phase, the children of the 60’s became the adherents of a gross materialism that perfectly suited their worldview.  Their journey from Maoism to becoming the Me Generation was remarkably short, rooted in the same heedless disregard for the values that had created the wealth and stability they had always known.

The same recklessness that had led them to reject the traditional values of their parents now enticed them to take enormous financial risks in an economy that had been transformed into a gigantic casino. Assets backed by nothing, securitized mortgages that were little more than pure garbage, were packaged, sold, and then resold at prices that had nothing to do with their actual value.  Just as the Boomers had become unmoored from any concept of morality, so the financialization of the economy — fueled by the Fed and government actions that handed out mortgages like candy at a children’s party — had become unmoored from actual production and value.

It all came crashing down in the fall of 2008, wiping out “wealth” that had never existed in the first place. One of the victims, among many, was Bannon’s father, whose savings went up in smoke. And so the government bailed out the “too big to fail” institutions, owned by the very people whose greed had caused the crisis in the first place, while people like Bannon’s father were left to rot.

It’s personal with Bannon — and his hatred for the elites, which we saw reflected in the Trump campaign, illuminates Generation Zero like lightning at midnight.

You know the rest of the story: The Tea Party movement, which was a direct response to the bailouts, rose up and elected Republicans who subsequently betrayed the very movement that had elevated them into office.  But the “fourth turning” wasn’t over—not by a long shot—as Trump’s victory over the hated elites demonstrates.

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Hazelwood Countdown: 53 years old and making more electricity than Australia’s entire wind industry

Hazelwood Countdown: 53 years old and making more electricity than Australia’s entire wind industry, by Tony from Oz. The climate-obsessed fools who run public policy in Australia are closing down the Hazelwood power plant in Victoria on April 2, because it burns coal. Robert Gottliebsen reckons that this raises the chance of blackouts in NSW, Victoria and South Australia to 75 per cent next summer — if it is simultaneously hot in Sydney and Melbourne, blackouts are certain unless there is also a lot of wind in the right places and the network can get the power to the capitals.

I’ve kept a total of the power output each day from midnight to midnight and a running cumulative total. So far, the running total output from Hazelwood has always stayed ahead of the total from wind farms.  So this 53 year old coal fired plant that is being shut down next week has produced more energy than the 43 wind plants on the National Energy Market. Even if we could store the energy from the wind farms, it still doesn’t add up to the same as one very ancient coal plant. …

Over the first 18 days of this month the old coal workhorse still made 7% more power than all the windfarms in the National Energy Market (which is everywhere bar WA and the NT) … In the Australian NEM grid, there are 43 wind plants, and around 2400 turbines on poles, and for 14 years they’ve been building them. Despite that, they’re still not delivering enough power to replace a 53 year old tired worn out coal fired plant that can still manage to get all its generators working. …

South Australia only consumes 6% of Australia’s total power consumption …  If they cannot make renewables work on such a tiny scale, what does that say for Victoria, Queensland and NSW, and Australia as a whole? The wind industry began around the year 2000 in Australia. So, here we are, now 17 years later, and they still don’t generate enough power to replace one ancient power plant slated for closure. You tell me how good wind power is now.

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