Democrats in New York killed a proposal for tuition assistance for children of veterans killed in battle and instead approved a bill to give illegals free tuition

Democrats in New York killed a proposal for tuition assistance for children of veterans killed in battle and instead approved a bill to give illegals free tuition.

The future is arriving in the West! Tribalism rears its ugly head. The illegal immigrants belong to the left wing tribe — so they get government benefits. The military mainly belong to the right wing — so they can suffer and pay our taxes.

The right wing of course is too slow to catch on to what is happening, and bluster on how about how it contravenes some outdated unspoken “fairness” rules:

Get with the program conservatives. Understand that this is tribalism, pure and simple, and fight it while you still can.

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Trump weighs sending ‘unlimited supply’ of immigrants to sanctuary cities

Trump weighs sending ‘unlimited supply’ of immigrants to sanctuary cities, by Reuters.

Sanctuary cities are local jurisdictions that generally give undocumented immigrants safe harbor by refusing to use their resources to help enforce federal immigration laws that could lead to deportations. …

The Washington Post first reported on Thursday that the White House has been considering a plan for transporting immigrants in detention and releasing them into sanctuary cities that are Democratic strongholds. …

Migrant caravan earlier this year.

In March alone, 103,492 undocumented immigrants have been taken into custody along the southern border or turned away.

Might be an effective stunt.

John Hinderaker’s friend:

At a minimum, over my children’s lifetime, the immigration celebrationists are planning on adding a minimum of 120 million in increased population — the entire population of the United States in 1920! More likely, the increase is in the vicinity of 180 million, the entire population of the United States just before the disastrous 1965 Act!!

John Hinderaker:

The Democratic Party has come out against the rule of law and in favor of illegal immigration. Opposing open borders, Democrats say, is immoral. OK, fine — where are the tens of millions of people who would like to move here from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and so on going to go? Liberals imagine them inhabiting places where they don’t live. Flyoverland.

Did Trump’s suggestion make the Democrats happy?

Of course not! They reacted with fury to the idea that the many millions of illegal immigrants–illegal voters, one might say–whom they want to import into the U.S. might actually live near them. But isn’t that precisely what a sanctuary city is for?

Comrade, the new voters need to go where they make a difference, not in Democrat strongholds.

Labor’s troops scent blood but socialism isn’t inevitable

Labor’s troops scent blood but socialism isn’t inevitable, by Katrina Grace Kelly.

Those in our labour movement cannot wait to take power and turn Australia into a very different place. For many the win is so certain, they’ve taken power already.

If you ask a Labor activist, they will say the system is broken, and under Labor rule much higher taxes will deliver a fair go for all and make our country so much better. Again, hard not to laugh. …

Union malcontents unite:

Whatever the industry or workplace, malcontents cluster together, and their negative presence is bothersome for all. Perhaps their grievances are real and the result of poor treatment, perhaps they are not, but poor management allows these pockets of discontent to form and stay, and hopeless managers allow them to virtually run the company.

From afar, union officials guide and support these people, helping them agitate and sabotage the business that pays their wages. Their jobs are viewed as their entitlements to claim, and the employer is viewed as oblig­ated to provide these jobs and make them as highly paid as possible.

These attitudes towards the workplace translate to wider society. Government, like employers, is here to solve every problem. …

Is a Shorten Labor Government inevitable?

Please don’t get me wrong — on May 18, I think the Coalition deserves to lose. The thought of punishing its dysfunction and broken promises has tempted me for ages.

However, when Labor laid out its unpalatable feast, my appetite disappeared. I don’t want to pay the plethora of extra taxes a Labor government is going to inflict on me, and no doubt I am not alone in my feelings. So despite everything, if Scott Morrison shines the light on Labor’s rotten offerings, this election is very winnable.

Remember that the labour movement established the  Labor Party in the 1890s as their political arm. The unions still own the Australian Labor Party. For instance, in every preselection for a Labor candidate the unions automatically have 50% of the vote.

Thinker Mark Bauerlein packs quite a right cross

Thinker Mark Bauerlein packs quite a right cross, by Janet Albrechtsen.

Why the Left hates Trump: “Guilt is the strongest sociopolitical weapon the Left has had for 50 years. And it didn’t work on Trump. He has no male guilt, no white guilt, no Christian guilt, no American guilt, he’s not going to apologise for anything because he doesn’t feel guilty.”

Why the Left hates Milo: “The Left has a long history of provocateurs, comedians, performers who trash the Right. That kind of ribald humour directed at conservatives did a lot of damage, making them out as old-fashioned curmudgeons. Milo did the same. Only he aimed at the Left. He made people laugh at the feminists, at Hillary (Clinton). He took their weapon and they couldn’t bear to lose it. Now they are the boring puritans.”

The Ramsay Center:

Bauerlein returns to where he started, with the Ramsay Centre and how to teach the big touchstones of Western civilisation.

They are wasting their money,” he says. “I have seen efforts like this in the US for 20 years, trying to establish a beachhead on a college campus. These programs have done nothing to change the ideological climate or the wider curriculum of the campus. Political correctness is worse now than it has ever been.”

But there is hunger among students to learn about our colossus civilisation. Bauerlein mentions other platforms, podcasts, YouTube, new ways for teachers to reach kids about the strength of our great ideas.

Rugby Australia’s decision to terminate Israel Folau’s contract completely corrupts free speech in Australia

Rugby Australia’s decision to terminate Israel Folau’s contract completely corrupts free speech in Australia. By Jessica Cortis.

Alan Jones has hit out at Rugby Australia’s decision to terminate high-profile rugby player Israel Folau’s contract saying the decision has “completely corrupted” free speech in Australia.

It comes as the sport star’s $4 million contract with Rugby Australia is set to be scrapped following a homophobic social media post condemning homosexuals, drunks and liars where Folau says “Hell awaits you”.

“It’s got nothing to do with Israel, or rugby, or religion, or homosexuals. Where are we in this country on free speech?” Jones said on his 2GB radio show this morning. …

Here is the offending speech:

The law prevents anyone from being sacked for being homosexual, and presumably for saying anything in favor or homosexuality. Yet the law permits sacking for speaking against homosexuality. Therefore the law allows and protects one point of view, and discriminates against the contrary. Yep, no free speech here.

White Shift: criticism of migration repressed

White Shift: criticism of migration repressed, by Eric Kaufmann. Part 1 is here.

The Left’s quest to widen the definition of racism and harness guilt and shame to repress criticism of immigration can be said to have worked well between the mid-1960s and 1990s. …

The great political realignment that is occurring now:

The ebbing of anti-racist norms as they pertain to immigration and multiculturalism polarises the electorate along the open — closed psychological dimension which is restructuring Western politics. At the crux of this debate is the question of whether whites can legitimately defend their group interests through restricting immigration.

Small-l Liberals insist this is racist, while conservatives see it as a normal expression of group partiality.

Once politics goes tribal…

In an insightful piece penned soon after Trump’s election, the Brookings Institution, Arab-American scholar Shadi Hamid argues that, were he white, he could imagine voting for Trump as an expression of racial self-interest: “For me, the more useful question isn’t why Trump voters voted for him, but, rather, why they wouldn’t. It seems self-evident that minorities would generally vote for the party that goes out of its way to consider — and protect — the rights of minorities … Why would whites, or at least a large percentage of them, act any differently? … [If I were white] I can’t be sure I wouldn’t have voted for Trump. This may make me a flawed person or even, as some would have it, a ‘racist.’ But it would also make me rational, voting if not in my economic self-interest then at least in my emotional self-interest.”

Ethnic self interest is perfectly respectable, despite what the left would prefer you to believe when it comes to whites (but not every other ethnic group):

Hamid adds that ethnic group interest is a near-universal theme in human history and the demographic struggle for power between ethnic groups is a persistent feature of the modern world. Hamid argues that being attached to an ethnic group and looking out for its interests is qualitatively different from hating or fearing out-groups. This is a distinction social psychologists recognise, between love for one’s group and hatred of the other.

As social psychologist Marilyn Brewer writes in one of the most highly cited articles on prejudice: “The prevailing approach to the study of ethnocentrism, in-group bias, and prejudice presumes that in-group love and out-group hate are reciprocally related. Findings from both cross-cultural research and laboratory experiments support the alternative view that in-group identification is independent of negative attitudes toward out-groups”.

So, lefties got the science wrong on this one too. Another self-interested con job, as they import masses of left voters into the West.

Ethnic groups are like large but more dilute families. Is love of one’s family an expression of hatred for others? No, of course not, lefties.

Electric cars are already causing some grid failures in Australia

Electric cars are already causing some grid failures in Australia, by Robert Gottliebsen.

It’s a crisis that has been concealed from the vast majority of the population …

The danger really came home to me when I met up with an affluent, long-time Melbourne acquaintance who lives in a street where there are six Tesla cars. When they all try to charge their batteries at the same time, the power goes out in the street because the grid fails. Sometimes it fails when only three or four of them try to charge at the same time. …

Tesla Model X

Nice and shiny, eh? Our electricity grid cannot cope now with a few electric cars, let alone in a decade when it runs off windmills and solar.

Joanne Nova:

EV ownership in Australia is only 1 car in 4,000 of all our cars on the road. Yet already they are causing streets to go black, and possibly blowing transformers which need replacing “more often”.

Australians only own 5,000 EV’s at present. Imagine the fun when 500,000 new EV’s hit the streets in 2030, and again in 2031, 2032,….

The carbon dioxide theory of global warming is due to an error in the climate models made in the 1960s. Warming since 1940 is due to the Sun, and will recede soon. The climate models run much too hot. They predict several degrees of warming by the end of this century — as if.

Why not to just continue to use cheap clean brown coal for the next hundred years or whatever, until we develop fusion power?


Leave the grid as is, and use all the spare money for medical research and holidays in the Bahamas.

Australian Election 2019: It’s On

Australian Election 2019: It’s On, by Sinclair Davidson. On May 18.

The starting point is:

  • Sportsbet have Labor at $1.16 and Coalition at $4.85 to win the election.
  • Labor are favourite in 94 of the 151 seats.
  • The Coalition are tipped to win 51 seats with 6 going to other parties. …

Mark the Ballot does very nice number crunching using polling data and the like. His best estimate (from last week) is that the Liberals have no chance of winning the election.

World IQ 82

World IQ 82, by James Thompson. Check out Japan!

David Becker has released a new version of the World’s IQ. Each country has a score showing the cognitive abilities of their citizens… The world’s global score is 82. …

If countries really differ in intelligence, that will show in the way they conduct themselves. Some countries will do forward planning, and others will do less. Some will conduct regular censuses and surveys, and others won’t. Some countries may have people who are more willing to cheat than other countries. …

Country IQs may explain how that country conducts its affairs. Intellectual assessments ought to have explanatory value, thus leading to greater wealth, and discrepancies need to be investigated and explained. Two main sources of economic discrepancy are tourism and natural resources: the presence of either can inflate economies which lack human capital.

The trend is down. Why? Populations are burgeoning in the dumbest countries, but dwindling in the smarter countries. Big government policies encourage smarter women to have careers rather than kids, while dumber woman are subsidized to have kids. The left increasingly imports new voters en masse to the West from dumber countries. It’s hardly rocket science.

A productive, high-trust society requires most of its citizens to have IQs above a certain threshold. How long before democracy will not be sustainable in the West?

Study Claims ‘Anti-Muslim Sentiment’ May Be Behind ‘White Flight’ Trends in Glasgow

Study Claims ‘Anti-Muslim Sentiment’ May Be Behind ‘White Flight’ Trends in Glasgow, by Virginia Hale.

A study has found that white British homeowners in Glasgow, Scotland, were more likely to move house when people from Pakistani or other Muslim backgrounds moved into the neighbourhood. …

Every household with “‘non-white other’ names, which were predominantly Muslim” who moved within 55 yards caused the average length of stay for homeowners with white British names to halve, according to the research.

Two men at Scottish mosques, linked to banned Islamic group

Scottish mosque-goers

Who could have seen that coming? Notice that the trendy decision-makers in our western societies live in nice expensive areas with few poor or Muslim immigrants — “no cost to immigration, don’t be a racist” they say. What a coincidence!

Green Regulations Have Made Housing SO Expensive

Green Regulations Have Made Housing SO Expensive, by Joel Kotkin.

Between 1981 and 2016, property ownership rates among 25 to 34 year-olds in Australia — a country with a strong tradition of middle- and working-class home ownership — fell from more than 60 percent to 45 percent.

This is not, as some suggest, the result of a lack of developable land. Even in the relatively crowded United Kingdom, only six percent of the land is urbanized, while barely three percent of the US and 2.1 percent in Canada is urbanized. It’s less than 0.3 percent of Australia.

Big government has forced prices way, way up:

So why has home ownership fallen? Largely due to regulations … In all these places, the main culprit has been “smart growth,” a notion that encourages the reluctant to move closer to dense urban cores and give up the dream of owning a home. …

Even Adelaide, an isolated and declining industrial hub, has higher prices based on income than Seattle, one of the world’s most dynamic tech hubs. …

In Sydney, planning regulations, according to a recent Reserve Bank study, now add 55 percent to the price of a home. In Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane the impact is also well over $100,000 per house. Australian cities once filled with family-friendly neighborhoods are now dominated by dense apartments.

And guess who did this to us?

These policies are widely supported among planners, academics, and the media; in virtually all countries, the cognitive elites congregate in elite urban centres.

Indeed, when I produced data at a recent convention demonstrating that most Australians are continuing to move to the periphery, even in New South Wales, the moderator, [ABC] commentator Ali Moore, described much of suburbia as “the wastelands.” This led one attendee to wonder “what country” she inhabited, given that 80 percent of all Australians live in suburbs, with more than four-fifths of families preferring to live in single family homes.

Historically, opposition to suburban lifestyles was based largely on aesthetic, social, or even economic considerations. Today, opponents are preoccupied with “green” and “sustainability” concerns.

The environmental magazine Grist envisioned “a hero generation” that will escape the material trap of suburban living and work that engulfed their parents. One magazine editor proudly declared herself to be a part of the GINK generation (as in “green inclinations, no kids”) which not only afforded her a relatively care-free and low-cost adult life, but also “a lot of green good that comes from bringing fewer beings onto a polluted and crowded planet.

This view is widely shared by both the oligarchy and the upper echelons of the planning clerisy. Like their medieval counterparts, they wish to see a more “ordered” planet, but in ways that do not threaten their own power or quality of life. Those at the top of class pyramid can purchase “indulgences” for their consumption by investing in forests, driving electric cars, solarizing their homes, while their wealth allows them to purchase expensive inner-city flats.    

This meme is applauded by publications like the Australian Financial Review, which insist that millennials do not want to live in suburbia. This is largely specious. In survey after survey, most millennials, in the United States and elsewhere, hope to buy a single-family house.

Candace Owens Nukes the Democrats

Candace Owens Nukes the Democrats, by John Hinderaker.

Check out her opening statement, in which she let the Democratic Party have it with both barrels. It is one of the most righteous performances you are ever likely to see: