Islam or nature, how the opponents of European migration policy escaped prosecution

Islam or nature, how the opponents of European migration policy escaped prosecution, by GEFIRA.

The secular faith that all men are created equal is the bedrock of the thinking of the Western establishment and one of the postulates all Western sociology is founded on. This conviction is not only upheld by the so-called “left”, but it has become the cornerstone of Western economic theories. Present-day investors do not see ethnicity, culture, religion or race as a key factor in a country’s economic growth and progress.

Rather, they believe that people are clean slates, that external factors alone contribute to their advancement and, such is the narrative, if countries open up their borders, allow free trade and implement the rule of law, then their populations pick up required skills, adopt Western solutions and with the aid of education set themselves on the path of development. …

In other words he represents the view that if one provides, say, Zimbabwe with German education and the country implements the German rule of law, it will thrive as Germany. …

Oh that it were true, but it isn’t.

With this in mind Goldman Sachs and Fidelity Investments started to promote investing in such countries as Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. In 2014 Jim O’Neill popularized the acronym MINT referring to these economies, which would be the next growth miracles because their energetic young working forces will rival those of Germany, Japan and China. Much to their chagrin, they sustained big losses because their evaluation of the countries’ potential was grossly misplaced.

At least they put their money where their mouths were. Unfortunately the global elite are putting our lives where their mouths are, with the open borders foolishness.

Jim O’Neil and his fellow economists stated that China’s incredible growth was the result of the introduction of market capitalism and inviting foreign investors. Yet, the Middle Kingdom is far from being a free market economy. Chinese people have some freedom to start their own business, but the banking sector and big companies are owned by the state. The whole economy at large is still planned and state-run. Since China has never implemented a free market economy, there must be a different explanation for the country’s remarkable growth. Wall-Street bankers and leading economists never once thought that perhaps it is the quality of the Chinese people rather than external factors that explains the nation’s success, for what has worked for Japan, Korea or China does not seem to have worked for African or South-West Asian countries.

It’s the peoples. Different groups of people has different statistical properties, and the differences are often rooted in genetics. …

The intellectual political establishment has set the moral boundaries for the discussion about the multicultural society [i.e. PC]. Empirical and historical evidence will only be allowed if it fits the moral framework.

Islam alone cannot explain the fact that immigration-induced criminality and lawlessness are rampant in the suburbs of Paris because not all immigrants are Muslims. …

The French social ideologues remain adamant in their belief that these are merely social-class differences that can be ironed out by means of education and improving the living standards of migrant communities. The reality, however, refuses to conform to this worldview. It becomes more and more clear that despite the wishful thinking, communities are not only formed according to religious but also ethnic and racial lines.

The Permanent Boomtown: For federal workers, the deal keeps getting sweeter

The Permanent Boomtown: For federal workers, the deal keeps getting sweeter. By James Freeman.

Your humble correspondent is in Washington for the day and—as usual when visiting the nation’s capital—is struck by the many construction projects underway. The Obama years were good ones for growth in the District of Columbia, if not for many other places.Jobs increased about 22% in D.C. while America’s 44th President was in the White House. By way of comparison, New York state eked outtotal job growth during the Obama presidency of about 1%. …

This column is old enough to remember when working for the government was referred to as “public service.” Now it’s the reverse. One would think that in return for bulletproof job security and a permanent pass from the normal market requirement to make something or sell something, federal workers would have to accept lower compensation. One would be wrong.

Not only are America’s 2.2 million civilian federal employees making more than their counterparts in the private market; the compensation gap is widening between the feds and the taxpaying public they allegedly serve. A new report from the Congressional Budget Office released this week finds that “the federal government paid 17 percent more in total compensation than it would have if average compensation had been comparable with that in the private sector.”

The story in Canberra is much the same. These people are the new elite, or do its work. They escape the discipline of the market, and their rewards are determined by what they think they are worth, rather than what the market thinks they are worth. Sweet. Shame it comes out of our taxes.

At the ABC, Fact Phobia Strikes Again

At the ABC, Fact Phobia Strikes Again, by Tony Thomas.

On March 14, 7.30 ran a fake-news piece whose intent was to stitch up President Donald Trump for inciting a wave of  anti-Semitic bomb threats and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries in the US. Compere Leigh Sales intoned: “Some people blame Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric for unleashing people’s worst impulses, something Trump backers of course dispute.” You can view the report here.

The show’s US correspondent Conor Duffy then interviewed a conga-line of Democrat activists to ramp up the 7.30 narrative which amounted to ‘the disgusting Trump incites cemetery vandalism, race hate and bomb threats’.

On the ABC news website the same day, under the nakedly-propaganda banner “Trump’s America”, Duffy’s story included pictures of desecrated Jewish headstones and the header, “Shootings, bombings, desecrated cemeteries and racist graffiti — minority groups in the United States say the number of race hate crimes are spiking in President Donald Trump’s America.”

On the evening’s 7.30 report, Sales and Duffy proffered no evidence whatsoever connecting Trump to the anti-Semitic  upsurge. As professional journalists, Sales and Duffy must already have been aware that black, Muslim anti-Trumper  Juan M. Thompson, 31, had been arrested at least 10 days earlier and charged with making multiple bomb threats against synagogues.

His motive was not anti-Semitism but to frame a white ex-girlfriend for the calls, as revenge because she’d ditched him. If neither knew by that stage about Thompson’s arrest, they are incompetent. If they did know, they are liars by omission. You can read the FBI charge sheet here, and do notice the date — March 1, almost two weeks before 7.30‘s beatup.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

How to Get Ahead as a Celebrity Scientist

How to Get Ahead as a Celebrity Scientist, by Peter O’Brien.

There will be plenty of ABC seats and microphones awaiting US astrophysicist, fact-challenged warmist and tireless self-promoter Neil de Grasse Tyson when he tours Australia this year. …

At first we had Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW). That was a pretty specific threat. It spelled out the crime, the perpetrator and the result. But when it started to become clear, after 20-odd years of research, that there wasn’t actually a great deal of warming, that the Earth was greening and worldwide crop production continued to increase, something had to be done. Changing the mantra to Beneficial Anthropogenic Global Warming wasn’t going to cut it for the trough-snouters at the IPCC, so we got Climate Change and, more recently, Climate Disruption. …

Neil de Grasse Tyson, for those of you who don’t know of him, is a celebrity astrophysicist.  Like his British counterpart Brian Cox, is a fervent believer in CAGW. Only, of course, he now doesn’t talk about CAGW or even Climate Change. He talks about — drum roll, please — “Science!”

CAGW is now, er, science.  What were formerly mere “climate change deniers” are now full-blown “science deniers”.  What more evidence could you possibly need to conclude that those who question the extent of global warming are, at best, deluded fools or, at worst, Gaia’s eager rapists?

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Tim Farron is a Christian, so of course he’s not allowed an opinion

Tim Farron is a Christian, so of course he’s not allowed an opinion, by Rod Liddle.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but I don’t remember the BBC running a documentary 100 days into Barack Obama’s first presidency and kicking him from pillar to post. Interviewing almost exclusively people who hated him, pouring scorn on his every utterance. They did it this week to Donald Trump, though …

With Obama, as I remember, it was a very different approach. … The Nobel committee bunged Obama the Peace Prize in December 2009 for ‘reaching out to the Muslim world’ — a policy which has brought such wonderful dividends for us all. Frankly, the further you reach, the more likely you are to get your hand chopped off. …

In France, the pretend anti-establishment candidate won. You can tell he’s pretend by the smirk of jubilation on the face of that arrogant and flatulent perpetually half-cut halfwit Jean-Claude Juncker. But I suppose at least Macron was savvy enough to understand that he had to present himself as anti-establishment. …

Even as the establishment politicians modify their language on such stuff as immigration and Islam, so that they sound a little closer to the views of the ordinary citizen, there is still plenty of stuff which they simply cannot countenance in any form. One of these, in this country particularly, is the dissing of homosexuality — as the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron discovered recently.

Farron’s enormous crime in the eyes of the establishment was to refuse to deny (for a while, at least) that he thought homosexual sex was a sin. Farron is a born-again evangelical Christian, so of course he thinks homosexual sex is a sin. My guess is that this view is shared by at least 50 per cent of the population and possibly more, although they might prefer the words ‘yucky’ or ‘vile’ or ‘a bit rum’ rather than ‘sin’. …

What was interesting to me was the point-blank refusal even to consider that his view might be allowable — a view shared, to a greater or lesser degree, by a great many people.

David Shariatmadari or the Bible. Hmmm, tough choice.

A chap called David Shariatmadari, writing in the Guardian, tried to be kind. He said we liberals should all give Timbo a break: ‘I don’t care what he considers sinful, so long as it doesn’t translate into policy. For that reason, however, he should be watched like a hawk for any hint of discriminatory law-making.’ He can think what he likes, then (for which many thanks, Mr Shariatmadari), but he should not be allowed to let this deep-rooted belief inform his politics.

Instead, it is Mr Shariatmadari’s views, rather than the views of the Holy Bible, which should inform Tim Farron’s politics. This is because Mr Shariatmadari, like the rest of the liberal establishment, believes that his views count for a lot more than the Holy Bible — indeed his views are inviolable. …

And yet the reason people go into politics is to articulate their points of view and convince the public of the rectitude of them. In a normal society, that would even include people who have views which differ from those of Mr Shariatmadari — they would be allowed to speak too.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Victorian schools adopt ‘anti-privilege’ feminist clubs

Victorian schools adopt ‘anti-privilege’ feminist clubs, by Rebecca Urban.

Schoolyard “feminist collectives” are springing up across the country as young women are presented with a grim picture of gender equality by a new wave of education programs that place “white, male privilege” and ­“hegemonic masculinity” at the root of family violence. …

Meanwhile, schools throughout Victoria and the ACT and internationally in Argentina, Brazil and Berlin have taken up the Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective’s teaching resource, Fight­back, despite concerns it sim­plifies the issue of violence in the community and potentially alienates boys and men. …

Teachers are being encouraged to develop feminist collectives as part of the Victorian Labor government’s $21 million Respectful Relationships program to tackle family violence, which promotes Fightback as a classroom resource for students from Year 9 upwards.

Demands for privileges justified, as usual, by confusing equality of opportunity with equality of outcome:

In one activity, students are told there are “common perceptions” about equality, including that women are already equal, that we are in a post-feminist era or that men suffer inequality too.

Students are shown statistics on the pay gap between the sexes and women’s representation in politics, business, sport and film and are asked: “So, are we equal?”

More privileges for the girls, on the back of a reality-defying PC narrative. They do realize, don’t they, that domestic violence is higher in lesbian couples than gay or hetero couples? And that male outperformance in the workforce closely tracks higher IQs and longer hours? Men are also taller than women, but even the PC crew cannot assume that away.

German MPs approve partial burqa ban

German MPs approve partial burqa ban, by The Australian.

The new law on facial coverings falls short of a total ban in public places demanded by right-wing parties, like that in effect in neighbouring France since 2011.

The prohibition will apply to public servants — including election officials, military and judicial staff — performing their duties.

“The state has a duty to present itself in an ideologically and religiously neutral manner,” says the text of the law passed by the lower house in the evening. …

People can also be required to remove facial coverings in order to match them with their identity papers.

Burqa etc.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

The global elite are headed for a fall. And they don’t even know it.

The global elite are headed for a fall. And they don’t even know it. By Damon Linker.

The global elite think they’re sitting pretty. How wrong they are.

Democrats keep telling themselves that Hillary Clinton “really” won the 2016 election (or would have, had it not been for interference by Vladimir Putin and James Comey). Republicans keep patting themselves on the back about how much power they now wield at all levels of government. And centrists throughout the West are breathing a sigh of relief about Emmanuel Macron’s likely victory over the National Front’s Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential election on May 7.

You can almost hear the sentiments echoing down the corridors of (political and economic) power on both sides of the Atlantic: “There’s nothing to worry about. Everything’s fine. No need for serious soul searching or changes of direction. Sure, populism’s a nuisance. But we’re keeping it at bay. We just need to stay the course, fiddle around the edges a little bit, and certainly not give an inch to the racists and xenophobes who keep making trouble. We know how the world works, and we can handle the necessary fine tuning of the meritocracy. We got this.”

And why wouldn’t they think this way? They are themselves the greatest beneficiaries of the global meritocracy — and that very fact serves to validate its worth. They live in or near urban centers that are booming with jobs in tech, finance, media, and other fields that draw on the expertise they acquired in their educations at the greatest universities in the world. They work hard and are rewarded with high salaries, frequent travel, nice cars, and cutting-edge gadgets. It’s fun, anxious, thrilling — an intoxicating mix of brutal asceticism and ecstatic hedonism.

Hang on a moment, what about those not in the elites?

The problem is that growing numbers of people … don’t see it like this at all. Or rather, they only see it from the outside, a position from which it looks very different. What they see is a system that is fundamentally unjust, rigged, and shot through with corruption and self-dealing.

They see Marissa Meyer, the CEO of Yahoo, taking home a cool $186 million in stock (on top of many millions in additional salary and bonuses) for five years of “largely unsuccessful” work. …

They see former Democratic President Barack Obama sharing a $65 million book advance with his wife, earning $400,000 for a single speech scheduled to be delivered in the fall at investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald, and gallivanting around the globe with David Geffen, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, and Bono. …

In Washington, they see a president who promised to act as the people’s voice appointing a long list of millionaires and billionaires to top positions. They see the White House and Congress struggling to pass a health-care bill that will leave millions more without insurance coverage at a time when a majority of Americans and a plurality of Republicans favor a single-payer system that would cover all. They see a president proposing to drastically cut corporate and individual taxes (including the elimination of inheritance taxes, which will benefit only the richest of the rich) when polls show that the top frustration with the tax system is that corporations and the wealthy don’t pay their fair share. …

This is how things appear right now:

The world is run by an international elite that lives in a rarified world of seemingly boundless power and luxury. Though the members of this elite consider their own power and luxury to be completely legitimate, it is not. It is the product of a system that’s rigged to benefit them while everybody else languishes in declining small cities and provincial towns, eking out a dreary existence, toiling away their lives in menial service-sector jobs or scraping by on disability checks while seeking out a modicum of fleeting joy in the dumbstruck haze of a painkiller high. …

This cannot last. At this rate, make no mistake: The global elite will fall.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Terror arrest near Houses of Parliament

Terror arrest near Houses of Parliament, by the BBC.

A man carrying knives near the Houses of Parliament has been wrestled to the ground by armed police and arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences.

The man, aged 27, was detained as part of an intelligence-led operation on Parliament Street.

A witness described seeing two knives on the ground, one of which he described as a large bread knife.

The Metropolitan Police said there were no injuries. The suspect is in custody in a south London police station.

Amazing that the elite can still get away with the idea that all this isn’t connected to mass immigration.

I’m in Awe of How Fast Brick-and-Mortar Retail is Melting Down

I’m in Awe of How Fast Brick-and-Mortar Retail is Melting Down, by Wolf Richter. Malls in the US are dying, due to technological change and because the huge debt load of consumers and retailers is more burdensome since the quick expansion phase of the monetary bubble (which started in 1982) ended in 2008.

Mall traffic is sagging. Department store sales have been in decline since 2001. Most retailers are loaded up with debt. Many have been losing money. Now they’re running out of options. Store closings numbered in the thousands last year. This year they promise to get much worse. “Zombie malls” have become reality, their vast parking lots rented to car dealers to store their excess vehicle inventory.

The article lists many US retail chains that are cutting back or near bankruptcy.

On March 20, Sears, the big whale that everyone is waiting for to wash up on the beach, came closer to washing up on the beach by acknowledging that it will likely wash up on the beach, when it said in its annual report that it had “substantial doubt” about its ability to keep operating as a “going concern.” It lost over $10 billion in recent years.

Stock Markets Sit Blithely on a Powerful Time Bomb: Margin Debt

Stock Markets Sit Blithely on a Powerful Time Bomb: Margin Debt, by Wolf Richter.

Margin debt, as reported monthly by the New York Stock Exchange, spiked to another record high of $528 billion. But it’s only part of the total outstanding margin debt – which is when investors borrow money from their broker, pledging their portfolio as collateral. …

An example of unreported margin debt: Robo-advisory Wealthfront, a so-called fintech startup overseeing nearly $6 billion, announced that it would offer its clients loans against their portfolios.

“The dream house. The dream wedding. The dream kitchen. The dream vacation.” That’s how it introduced it in a blog post this week. “We want you to have your cake and eat it too,” it said. …

This borrowed money can be drawn out of the account to fund vacations or a down-payment of a house. But when stocks spiral down, as they’re known to do in highly leveraged markets, and fall below the margin requirement, clients get a margin call. They either have to put cash into the account to make up for the losses or they have to start liquidating their portfolio at the worst possible time.

This forced selling occurs across the spectrum during a sharp market downturn and drives prices down further and begets more forced selling. Margin debt is the great accelerator on the way up, and it’s the great accelerator on the way down. Crashes feed on margin debt.

Margin debt is in an uncanny relationship with the stock market. It soars when stocks soar, and it crashes when stocks crash. They feed on each other. …

Margin debt, as the charts show, has the unnerving habit of peaking right around the time the bubble turns into a sell-off.

Trump says ‘major, major’ conflict with North Korea possible, but seeks diplomacy

Trump says ‘major, major’ conflict with North Korea possible, but seeks diplomacy, by Stephen Adler.

“There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely,” Trump told Reuters in an Oval Office interview ahead of his 100th day in office on Saturday. …

The Trump administration on Wednesday declared North Korea “an urgent national security threat and top foreign policy priority.” It said it was focusing on economic and diplomatic pressure, including Chinese cooperation in containing its defiant neighbor and ally, and remained open to negotiations. …

Any direct U.S. military action would run the risk of massive North Korean retaliation and huge casualties in Japan and South Korea and among U.S. forces in both countries.

Trump, asked if he considered North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to be rational, said he was operating from the assumption that he is rational.

Talk to Taiwan again, like in December?

“My problem is that I have established a very good personal relationship with President Xi,” said Trump. “I really feel that he is doing everything in his power to help us with a big situation. So I wouldn’t want to be causing difficulty right now for him.”

“So I would certainly want to speak to him first.”

Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has pushed the ABC to take action against Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has pushed the ABC to take action against Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied, by Pia Akerman.

Abdel-Magied has come under fire from both major parties since posting on Anzac Day “LEST. WE. FORGET. (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine …)” …

She removed the Facebook post amid fierce online criticism and issued a brief apology, but Mr Joyce said yesterday the ABC needed to take action. …

“You can’t just sweep it under the carpet. It starts to become a sense that the culture of the ABC in some instances is at odds with the culture of Australia … you can’t just have one of your paid presenters making a statement like that.”

Former Coalition minister Eric Abetz has written to Ms Bishop, asking her to exercise her powers­ to remove Abdel-Magied from the Council for Australian-Arab Relations. Appointed by Ms Bishop to the council’s board in 2015, Abdel-Magied is paid for attending meetings and other council work. “Ms Abdel-Magied has demonstrated that she is unfit and lacks the judgement to build stronger Australian-Arab relations and as a result her appointment should be terminated as a matter of urgency,” Senator Abetz said.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott said he was “appalled” that an ABC personality would take Abdel-Magied’s position on Anzac Day. “The ABC is supposed to ­support Australia, it’s supposed to support Australian values and there’s nothing more Australian, nothing more sacred, than the commemoration of Anzac Day,” he told radio station 2GB. …

The ABC declined to comment yesterday, standing by its initial response that Abdel-Magied­ was only required to adhere to ABC policies “when presenting for the ABC”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Obama Accepts $400,000 Fee for a Speech from a Wall St Firm

Obama Accepts $400,000 Fee for a Speech from a Wall St Firm. The corruption continues. Obama’s annual salary as President was less than that.

Barack Obama Joins the Gravy Train, by Will Pavia.

He has holidayed with billionaires and stayed at Marlon Brando’s old retreat in the South Pacific to work on his memoir.

As Barack Obama nears 100 days out of office, he is facing his first controversy as a former president. Mr Obama is said to have agreed to accept $535,000 (US$400,000) from a Wall Street group to give a speech later this year. …

The reported payment, nearly double the notorious Goldman Sachs speaking fee that caused difficulties for Hillary Clinton during her failed presidential campaign, has prompted some dismay among Mr Obama’s supporters.

Former presidents are frequently judged against Harry Truman, who left office in 1953 with just an army pension of US$112.56 a month. He sold the rights to his memoir to Life magazine but turned down lucrative roles, saying: “I could never lend myself to any transaction however respectable that would commercialise on the prestige and dignity of the office of the presidency.”

Trump Backs Down on ‘The Wall’

Trump Backs Down on ‘The Wall’, by Mat Purple.

Trump had initially signaled that he would veto any budget that didn’t include funding for his wall on the southern border, now such a trademark promise that he’s branded it as just “The Wall.” Democrats are monolithic in their opposition, with Nancy Pelosi on Sunday calling The Wall “immoral, expensive, unwise.”

Since Democratic consent is needed to advance any budget through the Senate and the government’s spending power expires on Friday, Trump’s holding firm would have probably triggered a shutdown. So it was good news when he indicated on Tuesday that The Wall could be appropriated later in the year, drawing lukewarm plaudits from Democrats and grateful exhalations from Republicans.

Yes, shutdowns are hardly unprecedented, but doing one now would have cemented Trump’s already-hardening reputation for managerial chaos. “Only Republicans could shut down the government when they control all of it,” the pundits would snark, and they’d have a point. …

Trump wants a smaller state, not a small state. His objectives — fighting Islamic terrorism, controlling the border, rebuilding blighted deindustrialized communities — cannot be accomplished without Washingtonian muscle flexing. Where he does sound tea party-esque, as on regulations and the corporate tax, he’s motivated more by an impetus to help businesses than to hinder government. This is a difference in ideology, one that’s positioned Trump and many congressional Republicans at opposite poles. …

The government should remain open next week, but who knows where we are headed next?

hat-tip Stephen Neil

An Analysis of Trump’s First 100 Days

An Analysis of Trump’s First 100 Days, by a reader.

In 2016 there were five different forces supporting Trump, with conflicting agendas and interests:

  1. The mainstream Beltway GOP: Ryan etc. Lukewarm.
  2. The military and veterans — strong on defense and deterrence by force. No more silly small wars, stop wasting life and money.
  3. Small business and entrepreneurs — less regulation and lower taxes
  4. The rustbelt Democrats — in need of healthcare and jobs, but not so interested in lower taxes.
  5. The tea party activists — smaller state and no compromises.

My conclusion is that after the first 100 days, the Beltway GOP has got the upper hand. The debacle with Obamacare made the tea party and people like Bannon look silly and stupid, kind of a Hurricane Katharina event.

So the White House is now filled up at the top level with people such as Kushner, Cohn, Mnuchin and Tillerson. They are the establishment. Kushner and Cohn have always been a part of the Democratic party swamp in NYC.

Goldman is in control at the important levers of the economy now. The swamp is flowering as it was under Bush 43. Many rustbelt workers and small business owners will feel betrayed.

The stockmarket is at a record level, and the top and the upper middle class makes money. The people at the low end only feel the effect of inflation and zero-interest policy eating on their retirement and savings accounts.

My fear is that Cohn and co. will drive the stockmarket hype, until the market crashes, as happened in 2008. Defense will got more money, but most will be wasted as usual.

I think within a year we will get a market crash because of a geopolitical event. It can be a nuke in Europe or US or Australia. Trump will be a one period president, but why does he care? He will end up with the name recognition and the benefits of an ex-president, and he is already seventy.

You will see a left wing turn in the USA if the Democrats can find a more modern version of Sanders, like Macron perhaps. I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

One of the great things about a Trump Presidency is its unpredictability. Unlike Obama, Trump is not following the predictable PC and Democrat/media/Deep-state script.

The Folly of Wilsonism

The Folly of Wilsonism, by The Editors of The American Conservative.

The secretary of state [Rex Tillerson recently] declared: “We rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world.” …

Tillerson apparently wants the United States to respond anytime noncombatants get targeted anywhere in the world by armies or governments engaged in war.

Not even Woodrow Wilson ever uttered a statement so Wilsonian in tone and breadth. The essence of Wilsonism stems from the 28th president’s discomfort with American overseas actions conducted in behalf of U.S. interests. But humanitarian interests — now that was a crusade worthy of his countrymen. Even before he took America into World War I, as he sought to put himself forward as an interlocutor for peace among the European belligerents, he made clear in sweeping language that he spoke for a moral authority far higher than mere nationalism.

Later, as war president, he boasted that U.S. national interests hadn’t entered his thinking. “What we demand in this war,” he said, “is nothing peculiar to ourselves. It is that the world be made fit and safe to live in. … All the peoples of the world are in effect partners in this interest.”

It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now:

This gauzy humanitarianism was dangerous then, and it is dangerous now. When you include all the peoples of the world in your global project, you end up with an unmanageable foreign-policy remit with no end in sight. The world is a brutal place, full of senseless, horrific killing in multiple locations at all times. Despite Tillerson’s tall talk about protecting innocents everywhere, it isn’t possible. …

The humanitarian project, as a global policy, holds no reasonable prospect of success. More likely it will draw the country into folly and tragedy. Governments weren’t instituted for such purposes; they exist for the protection and wellbeing of their citizens. …

Donald Trump campaigned on a slogan of “America First.” His America First nationalism can’t mesh with Tillerson’s extreme Wilsonian internationalism. The president will have to choose. The country and the world are waiting.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

The French Presidency is a More Powerful Role than in the Anglo World

The French Presidency is a More Powerful Role than in the Anglo World, by Robert Tombs.

The 5th Republic [established by established by Charles de Gaulle in 1958] is a quasi-Bonapartist system. Bonapartism has been summed up as ‘active authority and passive democracy’, in which the voters acclaimed a charismatic national leader.

Charles de Gaulle, war time leader of the Free French, founder of the French 5th Republic, and President 1958 – 69.

After the catastrophic defeat of Napoleon III in 1870, a Republic was created to prevent such ‘Caesarism’ by giving predominance to parliament. But French conservatives continued to nurse visions of ‘strong’ government under a charismatic royal or military leader, to end what they saw (sometimes rightly) as the corruption, factionalism and instability of parliamentary government. T

The great French historian Raoul Girardet identified two political yearnings deeply embedded in French political imagination: for unity, and for a providential saviour. The disaster of 1940 was duly blamed on disunity, and for a time Marshal Pétain assumed the role of saviour. The Algerian crisis of 1958-62 seemed to repeat the lesson, and this time the saviour was the far worthier figure of General de Gaulle. He had long wanted to create a more authoritative system of government with a powerful national leader ‘above party’: and now he did.

The 5th Republic created what the draughtsman of its constitution called a ‘republican monarchy’. Its powers far exceed those of a British prime minister or an American president, and, crucially, without their checks and balances. The accountability of the executive to parliament is severely restricted. The president is literally irresponsible: there is no mechanism for removing him. He – they have all been men – controls government business and has vast personal powers of appointment. He can dismiss the government, dissolve parliament and call referendums. In practice, his role goes beyond even that laid down in the constitution, for example he effectively controls foreign and defence policy. National political life revolves round the presidency, and the rest of the system has withered.

But in practice it has led to indecision and weak government:

So why the paralysis? In a nutshell, because the huge powers of the president rarely produce effective action. The burden has proved beyond any normal politician, even beyond de Gaulle, who left office ignominiously. The president must not merely lead a party and government. He must also embody national unity, determine what de Gaulle called ‘the destiny’ of France, and symbolise the dignity of the nation both to itself and to the world (here Sarkozy and Hollande fell sadly short). As soon as he is elected, he becomes the principal target of opposition and discontent, obsessed with his ratings and prospects for re-election. The very eminence of the presidency means isolation within the political bubble of the Elysée, and there has long been a pattern of erratic policy decisions being followed by U-turns in the face of popular uproar. It is too much to expect a national saviour to appear every five years. …

Macron or Le Pen?

Both candidates are the positive choice of less than a quarter of voters. They inspire among the other three-quarters mistrust and scepticism in the case of Macron, and fear and loathing in the case of Le Pen. If a President Le Pen tried to use the vast presidential prerogative to force through her programme (cracking down on minorities, deporting undesirables, or triggering a Frexit) she would meet resistance not only in parliament but, more seriously, in the streets.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Former Obama Official: Bureaucrats Manipulate Climate Stats To Influence Policy

Former Obama Official: Bureaucrats Manipulate Climate Stats To Influence Policy, by Chris White.

A former member of the Obama administration claims Washington D.C. often uses “misleading” news releases about climate data to influence public opinion.

Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin told The Wall Street Journal Monday that bureaucrats within former President Barack Obama’s administration spun scientific data to manipulate public opinion.

“What you saw coming out of the press releases about climate data, climate analysis, was, I’d say, misleading, sometimes just wrong,” Koonin said, referring to elements within the Obama administration he said were responsible for manipulating climate data. …

Press officers work with scientists within agencies like the National Oceanic Administration (NOAA) and NASA and are responsible for crafting misleading press releases on climate, he added.

Koonin is not the only one claiming wrongdoing. House lawmakers with the Committee on Science, Space and Technology, for instance, recently jumpstarted an investigation into NOAA after a whistleblower said agency scientists rushed a landmark global warming study to influence policymakers. …


He pointed to a National Climate Assessment in 2014 showing hurricane activity has increased from 1980 as an illustration of how federal agencies fudged climate data. Koonin said the NCA’s assessment was technically incorrect.

“What they forgot to tell you, and you don’t know until you read all the way into the fine print is that it actually decreased in the decades before that,” he said. The U.N. published reports in 2014 essentially mirroring Koonin’s argument.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported there “is limited evidence of changes in extremes associated with other climate variables since the mid-20th century” and current data shows “no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency over the past century.”

This has been going on for years. Without it, the false climate narrative probably would have collapsed years ago.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

Has the US Deep State Compromised President Trump?

Has the US Deep State Compromised President Trump? by Chris Menahan.

Can it get anymore obvious the deep state has taken total control of our president?

Trump was not a “shill from the beginning” as many people seem to wrongly think. He fought like hell and together we managed to overcome all odds to put him in the presidency.

The problem he made was trying to pick the “best” people for the job. He didn’t realize every loyalist he brought in was going to be sidelined and taken down by the deep state and there was not going to be any sort of “compromise” between the “qualified” insiders and the outsiders.

He tried to implement a quasi-Muslim ban and worked together with Bannon to push our agenda for the first few months, but the deep state took down Michael Flynn and probably took Trump into a smokey room and explained to him if he doesn’t play ball they’re going to give him the “JFK treatment.”

Reagan came in on a populist wave and got shot … and then fell in line. JFK went rogue and tried to battle the deep state and got shot in the head. The national security establishment has been amassing power over our government for 60+ years, and it’s clear they managed to get to Trump.

One look at the change in his demeanor on the day of the Syria strike should have made it obvious to astute watchers he was compromised. He went from being full of vigor and life to being drab and acting like he has a gun to his head, which he probably does.

Who knows? We’ll never know for sure, but there is a case building. The deep state owns the media, so any mention of this topic tends to be disinformation.

hat-tip Pierce

Three-parent baby could be born this year after new fertility technique gets go-ahead

Three-parent baby could be born this year after new fertility technique gets go-ahead, by RT.

Britain’s first three-parent babies could be born this year, after Newcastle University was given the green light to carry out a controversial IVF technique using the DNA of two women.

Mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT) will be made available to women who are in danger of passing on devastating and fatal genetic disorders, such as muscular dystrophy, to their children.

It is controversial because babies born after MRT would effectively have three genetic parents. A tiny proportion of their DNA would come from their mother, father, and a third person – a female egg donor – to replace abnormal genes in the mitochondria. ..

Mitochondria only hold around 0.1 percent of a person’s DNA, which is always inherited through the mother. Abnormal mitochondrial DNA can lead to potentially fatal conditions affecting vital organs, muscles, vision, growth, and mental ability. Such defects are said to affect one in 4,000 people.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Coulter at Berkley Cancelled by Threat of Leftist Violence; ACLU Defends her!

Coulter at Berkley Cancelled by Threat of Leftist Violence; ACLU Defends her! by Mark Hensch.

Coulter announced earlier Wednesday that she would no longer appear at Berkeley after conservative group sponsoring her remarks withdrew their support.

“There will be no speech,” she told Reuters. “I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team.”

“It’s a sad day for free speech,” Coulter told The New York Times. “Everyone who should believe in free speech fought against it or ran away.”

Young America’s Foundation, the group that had sponsored Coulter’s planned speech Thursday, said, “Berkeley made it impossible to hold a lecture due to the lack of assurances for protections from foreseeable violence from unrestrained leftist agitators.”

“Berkeley should be ashamed for creating this hostile atmosphere,” the group added in a statement, noting the school police’s “stand-down” policy.

Milo Responds to Ann Coulter Cancellation: ‘I Will Bring an Army’ to Berkeley ‘If I Have To’

Milo Responds to Ann Coulter Cancellation: ‘I Will Bring an Army’ to Berkeley ‘If I Have To’, by Charlie Nash.

Former Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos declared that he would “make sure” UC Berkeley would “become the free speech capital of the United States once again” in response to the cancellation of Ann Coulter’s event on campus.

hat-tip Charles

All Cultures are Equal and Immigrants Become Just Like Us?

All Cultures are Equal and Immigrants Become Just Like Us? by Laura Glowacki.

Contrary to what researchers expected, the length of time Indian immigrants have lived in Canada has no effect whatsoever on the practice of sex selection in favour of boys. …

While Canadian-born women give birth to about 105 boys for every 100 girls, Urquia and his team from the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital, showed Punjabi-speaking mothers in Ontario, at their third birth, had 240 boys for every 100 girls.

“We expected that with longer exposure to Canada’s environment of greater gender equality, immigrants from India would progressively shift toward valuing daughters and sons more equally,” Urquia said. But it seems that’s not so.

Instead of finding a decrease, they actually found a slight increase in preference for boys. … Some of the potential reasons mothers abort female daughters can be traced to both cultural and economic reasons …

hat-tip David Archibald

Looks bad for France

Looks bad for France, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

There’s no way that Marine Le Pen can win the runoff election next month. She didn’t even beat Macron in the first round, and now all the forces of French propaganda are telling people they must vote against against Le Pen. Every losing candidate, no matter how much they hate Macron, are loudly saying to vote for him.

So France is going to get a President fully committed to open borders and who praises Angela Merkel’s policy of unlimited immigration of Muslim refugees.

The polls say Macron will beat Le Pen by about 60 to 40, at least.

Commenter Wency:

Perhaps it’s better that some parts of the West are destroyed by immigration sooner rather than later. It gives the rest of the West (and the other civilized part of the world — viz., NE Asia) more time to recognize the problem. It’s better than everyone bleeding to death together.

And France, for its tourist allure and cultural association with refinement and beauty, makes for a good sacrifice. If visitors went to Paris and found it to be indistinguishable from Lagos, that would contain a message that no amount of media propaganda could fully repress.

Commenter Sid:

Tourists who go to Paris excited to experience rich culture, good food, and Parisians with stylish clothes are disappointed to see burqas and kebab shops.

It’s not just white Americans. How many Koreans want to go to Paris to see hostile Muslims glaring at them, police marching through the streets with machine guns, and an increasingly fearful atmosphere over when the next terrorist attack will strike? …

I went there in 2002 and was blown away by how many Muslims there were. I haven’t been there since, but more and more people who go there are bummed out.

Commenter Andrew E.

Le Pen and her father were fringy 15 years ago. Now the entire political establishment from right to left has to join forces to defeat her. Five more years of Islamic terrorism will discredit Macron. Keep the faith.

Emmanuel Macron: Globalist par excellence

Emmanuel Macron: Globalist par excellence, by Alexander Boot, who regards Marine Le Pen’s recent resignation from head of the National Front as a transparent ploy that may alienate her core base.

Manny performed similar, if marginally less blatant, turnarounds twice. The first time was in 2009, when he ostensibly left the Socialist Party to continue serving it as a quasi-independent. The second time was in 2016, when he quit his post as Economy Minister in Hollande’s government, realising that any further association with François would put paid to his own political ambitions.

Unlike Marine, Manny has a record of having a top government job, which experience he holds up as a qualification for presidency. Nowadays people have an exaggerated faith in experience, but I’d suggest that no track record is better than Manny’s.

Under his tutelage, the French economy became a veritable basket case, featuring a soul-destroying unemployment rate of 11 per cent tout court and 25 per cent for young people. Manny also presided over an anaemic growth, exports stifled by the euro, unsupportable social costs made catastrophic by uncontrollable migration, constant strikes and riots – you name it.

It was under Manny’s expert guidance that Hollande introduced a marginal tax rate of 75 per cent, driving many enterprising young Frenchmen away and turning London into the world’s fifth largest French city.

As a fanatic of Germany-dominated European federalism, Manny supported – and still does – every harebrained economic policy practised by the EU, emphatically including its protectionism. …

The EU has always had nothing but a ‘political plan’, which was communicated loud and clear by its founders. Jean Monnet, for example, explained that the economic jargon would only be used to camouflage the political goal:

Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will irreversibly lead to federation.”

Socialist Venezuela: Murder capital of the World

Socialist Venezuela: Murder capital of the World, by Jim Dunnigan.

Currently there are 90 murders per 100,000 population in Venezuela and that has become a major cause of popular discontent.

When the government assigns a lot of police to monitor political opponents rather than criminals it is noticed. While the state controlled mass media won’t discuss this issue the news gets around anyway, especially via the Internet. The government blames the murders, and crime in general on foreign (especially Colombia and the United States) and domestic (opposition parties) enemies. But the real cause is the economic policies that tolerated corruption (at least among government officials) and punished privately held businesses (and eventually shut most of them down).

With the economy no longer functioning and corruption diverting a huge portion of oil revenue, most Venezuelans eventually found themselves unemployed, hungry and beset by a growing number of their fellow Venezuelans who turned to crime to get by. That created a growing murder rate, especially in the cities.

The Venezuelan capital (Caracas) has become the murder capital of the world with 130 murders per year per 100,000 population. Of the ten cities in the world with the worst rates four are in Venezuela (ranging from 72 to 84). All ten cities are in Latin America, with number two being Acapulco Mexico with 113 per 100,000, mostly because of drug gangs. In Venezuela the reasons are mainly economic and political.

Limbaugh Calls Out Trump for Border Wall ‘Cave’ — ‘The Country Is Ready to Blame the Democrats’ for a Shutdown

Limbaugh Calls Out Trump for Border Wall ‘Cave’ — ‘The Country Is Ready to Blame the Democrats’ for a Shutdown, by Jeff Poor.

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh expressed his frustration with what he perceived to be a “cave” by President Donald Trump on securing funding for his much-touted border wall.

The Trump administration had proposed $1 billion for the wall in a spending bill, which if passed by Congress and signed into will by Friday, will prevent a government shutdown.

However, Democrats have said they would not vote for a bill that included such funding, and reportedly the White House has backed off of its push for that funding because of it.

Limbaugh warned against caving to Democrats out of fear that Republicans would be blamed for the shutdown and insisted if there were such a cave this go-around, Democrats would use similar tactics against the White House and congressional Republicans in the future.

Ted Cruz Calls for $14 Billion Seized from ‘El Chapo’ to Fund Border Wall, by Bob Price.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced a bill calling for the use of $14 billion seized from cartel drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to be used to pay for the President’s border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Merger of Family First and Australian Conservatives was ‘inevitable’

Merger of Family First and Australian Conservatives was ‘inevitable’, by Rosie Lewis.

South Australian senator Cory Bernardi has been accused of being a “chameleon” as his party merges with Family First, but Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says the move was “inevitable”.

The amalgamation follows secret talks between the conservative parties but will have little impact on the makeup of the Senate, with Family First’s new senator Lucy Gichuhi declaring she will become an independent.

Family First, established in 2001, will cease to exist as a party. …

Mr Dutton said the future of Family First was thrown into doubt when its former senator Bob Day was disqualified from the Senate, and joining the Australian Conservatives made sense.

“It was inevitable,” Mr Dutton told Sky News.

“When Bob Day exited the parliament he was really the father of Family First and obviously (he) strongly financially backed Family First and when he exited it really was a case that the writing was on the wall for Family First. It will be a natural fit with Cory and with his party that he set up. …

West Australian Liberal MP Andrew Hastie said he was “disappointed” when Senator Bernardi quit the major party but conceded the merger would “definitely put meat on the bones of the Australian Conservatives”.

The Destruction of History

The Destruction of History. A bit slow at first, but she makes some good points.

In New Orleans they took down the monument to the battle of New Orleans in the middle of the night with police snipers on the nearby building to make sure it was done. They plan to ditch a few others as well.

In an age of ugliness, a work of beauty is an act of defiance.

hat-tip Pierce

China bans certain Islamic names in Muslim-dominated region of Xinjiang

China bans certain Islamic names in Muslim-dominated region of Xinjiang, by RT.

Chinese authorities have released a list of some common Muslim names used in Xinjiang region that are forbidden to use for newborns from now on, according to Radio Free Asia report. …

Names with strong religious meanings like Islam, Koran, Mecca, Imam, Saddam, Hajj, and Medina, as well as names that have “connotations of holy war [Jihad] or of splittism [sic – Xinjiang independence]” are included in the list …

In March, a similar ruling banned “naming of children to exaggerate religious fervor,” but without clarification of details.

Islamophobes! Don’t they realize Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance?

Turkey, Anzac Day, and Disappearing Religious Freedom

Turkey, Anzac Day, and Disappearing Religious Freedom, by Murray Campbell.

As Australia commemorates Anzac Day, Turkey is on the edge of democratic suicide, as her people vote on a referendum that will introduce sweeping changes to their constitution.

Since the failed coup d’état in July last year, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has tightened his control over the country. Many thousands of people have been imprisoned, journalists arrested, and Christian missionaries deported. …

Turkey will in effect become an autocratic state. Many people also fear that Turkey is transitioning from being a secular state with a Muslim majority, to an Islamic State with a non-Muslim minority. …

As the sun sets over the Bosphorus, we would be mistaken to think that Turkey’s situation is an isolated one, for all over the world we are seeing the expulsion of pluralist societies in favour of authoritarian secularism and religious monochromism.


When our nation adopted the language of secular, as in Section 116 of the Constitution, the intent was that the State would not create or be controlled by any given religious persuasion. Today, the language has been hijacked by popularists who allege religion has no place in the public square, whether in politics or education and even in the workplace. Such a position is not derivative of constitutional law or of reason, but the sheer and persistent belief in unbelief.

My own state of Victoria is the sharp edge of progressive politics in Australia, and it is so because authoritarian secularism has substantial sway culturally.

What is happening is this: society has begun limiting free speech in order to push out beliefs that don’t fit the current cultural milieu, and the intent is to fill that space with the agenda of the sexual revolution. What is true of Victoria is true for most other parts of Australia, and is happening across much of the Western world. The tensions are not ours alone, but with no greater zeal in Australia than what we are witnessing in Victoria. …

It is not as though the current Victorian Government is entirely anti-religion; rather, it wants a sanitised religion and for it remain outside public discourse. In other words, progressive politics wants religion controlled. …

The future is authoritarian secularism in Australia, and authoritarian Islam in Turkey:

A pluralist society, which Australia is, only continues so long as those in authority allow alternative views to be expressed publicly. The fact is that a State Government, and a number of mainstream political parties across the nation, are not only questioning freedom of religious practice, but have begun issuing policies to quell views and practices that don’t conform to the new morality. …

To the surprise of many, the global movement in the early 21st Century is not away from religion to irreligion or from faith to reason, but away from philosophical pluralism to both religious and secular authoritarianism.

hat-tip Jeremy

Trump refuses to call genocide the mass killings of Christian Armenians by Muslim Turks during World War One

Trump refuses to call genocide the mass killings of Christian Armenians by Muslim Turks during World War One, by Julio Severo.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday marked the Ottoman Turks’ century-old massacre of 1.5 million Armenians, but declined to label it a genocide.

Armenian doctors hanged in Aleppo Square, 1916

“Today, we remember and honor the memory of those who suffered during the Meds Yeghern, one of the worst mass atrocities of the 20th century,” Trump said in a statement. “I join the Armenian community in America and around the world in mourning the loss of innocent lives and the suffering endured by so many.”

Such a declaration, even though avoiding the term “genocide” and refusing to mention that the killers were Muslim and the victims were Christian, angered Turkey, whose cooperation Trump seeks against the Syrian government. …

Many Armenian-Americans, including Kim Kardashian, have protested the U.S. government’s omission. Kardashian has called for the use of the word “genocide” and compared a refusal to use it to Holocaust denial.

Previous presidents, including former President Barack Obama, also refused to call the mass killings a genocide. Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton avoided the term “genocide” after pledging during their campaigns to recognize it as such.

On April 10, in a bipartisan letter calling upon the President to “appropriately mark April 24th as a day of American remembrance of the Armenian Genocide,” more than eighty U.S. congressmen said that “by commemorating the Armenian Genocide, we renew our commitment to prevent future atrocities.” …

The letter specifically cites Christian populations targeted by the Ottoman Empire’s genocidal campaign, including “Armenians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Greeks, Pontians, Syriacs, and other persecuted peoples.”

Harvard: Students can change gender daily, saying otherwise is ‘violence’

Harvard: Students can change gender daily, saying otherwise is ‘violence’, by Mark Hodges.

One of the world’s premier academic institutions has published a student guide that states one’s gender can “change from day to day” and merely saying that’s not true “is a form of … violence.”

Homosexual activists in the Harvard University office of “LGBTQ Student Life” passed out a school-sponsored guide that urges students to “fight transphobia.”

Among other claims presented as facts, the guide decrees that “there are more than two sexes.” “Gender is fluid and changing,” the guide instructs. Using carefully worded transgender phraseology, the guide refers to biological gender as one’s “sex assigned at birth.” …

“Traditional values are called violent. Mob violence to silence free speech is called justice,” [said Chris Pandolfo at the Conservative Review].

Virtue-signalling to the max. Reality cast aside. Blank slate ideology on steroids.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

UC-Berkeley readies police as Ann Coulter plans to speak in public plaza on campus

UC-Berkeley readies police as Ann Coulter plans to speak in public plaza on campus, by Susan Svrluga.

The University of California at Berkeley is bracing for massive protests and potential violence in an open, public space known as Sproul Plaza after learning that conservative commentator Ann Coulter plans to give a speech there Thursday afternoon.

The state flagship university has become ground zero for an intense confrontation between the far left and the far right since Donald Trump’s election in November, with some protesters trying to stop controversial speakers from appearing on campus and others objecting that such actions violate their right to free speech. Some of the clashes have devolved into riots, leaving the school and city to struggle with how best to balance the free exchange of ideas with community safety.

In February — and twice more since then — masked protesters turned demonstrations over the boundary between free speech and hate speech into violent confrontations, setting fires, causing injuries and leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars of property damage in their wake. …

Coulter’s choice of Sproul Plaza, site of the Free Speech Movement protests in the 1960s, is both symbolic and logistically challenging for the university because anyone can be there. …

Berkeley College Republicans originally invited Coulter to speak on campus Thursday, but university officials canceled the event because of safety concerns. The university, facing backlash, quickly reversed course and invited her to speak next week instead at an indoor location.

Coulter rejected that offer and said she still planned to come to Berkeley on Thursday despite the university’s warnings against it. On Monday, student groups filed a lawsuit against university officials, complaining that the university’s decision was stifling free speech at the school, particularly for politically conservative students whose views are controversial on the liberal campus.

The lawsuit claims that students typically leave campus in early May — the week known as “dead week” before final exams — and that delaying Coulter’s speech until then limits her potential impact. …

The campus has become a symbolic center of a much larger fight, [UC-Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks] said, with a growing perception among many that universities are so steeped in political correctness that they reject real debate, that they are isolated bubbles with values antithetical to the Trump administration. But they also face anger from the far left for allowing speakers whose views offend some. “We’re getting hit from both sides,” Dirks said.

Since February, he said, “We’re engaged in a new reality — what was unprecedented is not going away.” Now people think of the campus as a place “for the mounting of pitched battle, and the staging of violent controversies.”

Antifa are so deceptive. Here is a well-known quote:

“When the fascist returns, he will not say “I am the fascist.” No, he will say – “I am the anti-fascist.”

(by Ignazio Silone, an Italian communist turned liberal after WWII: “Wenn der Faschismus wiederkehrt, wird er nicht sagen: ‹Ich bin der Faschismus›. Nein, er wird sagen: ‹Ich bin der Antifaschismus”>)

What’s going on on US universities has many similarities with fascism. I just wait for the burning of books. And for that trend to spread throughout the West.