Massive interference in the US election from Serbian software experts working for Dominion, involving Soros and the CIA

Massive interference in the US election from Serbian software experts working for Dominion, involving Soros and the CIA. By Joseph Hippolito.

When Sidney Powell spoke to conservative radio host Howie Carr on Nov. 20, she included Serbia among four countries she accused of interfering with the Nov. 3 Presidential election.

Four days earlier, a former member of Serbia’s parliament published stunning evidence to support Powell’s assertion.

Srjdan Nogo not only showed how Serbia manipulated vote totals. He exposed the connections between the highest officials in the Serbian government, Serbian leaders in technology and telecommunications, George Soros, former Vice President Joe Biden, the CIA and other government agencies in the United States.

Among the figures Nogo mentions in his articles for the website Srbin Info is retired Gen. David Petraeus, who commanded American troops in Afghanistan, then served as President Barack Obama’s CIA director for 15 months before John Brennan replaced him in 2012.

In a separate tweet Nov. 29, Nogo confirmed that the United States military seized CIA computer servers in Frankfurt, Germany.

Nogo, 39, was a member of Serbia’s National Assembly from 2016-19 and sat on three committees as a member of the opposition. He belonged to the Dveri Party, which Wikipedia described as nationalist and populist, and has his own Serbian-language website. …

In his Nov. 16 article, Nogo wrote that Serbian tech specialists working for Dominion Voting Systems — which has an office in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital — wrote the software for Dominion’s voting machines. That software included an algorithm that would reduce President Donald Trump’s votes “as a function of percentage of Republicans in a precinct,” Nogo wrote. …

Which is exactly what Dr Shiva from MIT found actually happened.

In Wayne County, where Detroit is the county seat, Dominion’s machines automatically linked to a Serbian IP address at 11 p.m. Nov. 3.

Operators at that address then shifted thousands of votes from Trump to Biden.

“Right from the beginning,” Nogo wrote, “the program has been set up in such a way that every time Trump receives three votes, one vote is added to Biden.”

Nogo included lists of IP addresses and connections, and a graphic showing the algorithm in his article. He also tweeted them. …

Petraeus, Nogo tweeted, “controls the firm which changed the USA votes from Belgrade.” …

“So therefore, Belgrade was the safe house to conduct the election fraud in America,” Nogo wrote. “Also, the Iran connection with the election fraud in USA could not exist without Serbia.” …

There’s more:

Nogo added that USAID, the State Department’s agency for foreign aid, was used to launder money. Who benefits? The former parliamentarian makes a breathtaking accusation:

“Soros organized the whole corruptive network in Serbia wherein huge amounts of money, including hundreds of millions of dollars which came from American taxpayers, were stolen and laundered through USAID and that money was used to finance political activities in the US and activities of the terrorist organizations Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter).”

Read it all. Even Hunter Biden is tangentially involved. This story is a blockbuster if true. It fits with the manipulation uncovered by Dr Shiva of MIT, and with what Sidney Powell has been saying.

Foreign interference in the US elections? Big time. EO 13848 coming up?

UPDATE: Kat. H. found this article by the same author from back on November 26, 2020. Excerpts:

The Kraken is real. … It’s a program the CIA and Defense Department use to get information about the nation’s enemies by hacking computers and cellphones.

In 2017, WikiLeaks released numerous CIA documents detailing “Kraken.”

The CIA uses another program in conjunction with “Kraken,” called “Hammer” (or “Hamr” in the files WikiLeaks released) “Hamr” spies on protected networks without being detected. …

Reports [have] circulated about an American military force seizing servers in Germany. Many thought the servers belonged to two election technology firms, Dominion and Scytl. … But those servers apparently belong to the CIA, which has a field office in Frankfurt.