Virginia Dems Declare Open Season on Cops, Judges, Firefighters, Prison Guards with Senate Vote

Virginia Dems Declare Open Season on Cops, Judges, Firefighters, Prison Guards with Senate Vote, by Joshua Caplan.

The Virginia Senate passed legislation Wednesday that would demote assaulting a police officer from a felony to a misdemeanor and would remove a mandatory jail sentence for the crime.

John Nolte:

You might not go to jail if you assault a cop in Virginia. …

The bill says as long as there’s no “bodily injury” it’s not a felony.

So you can push and shove a judge, no problem?

You can spit on a cop, no problem?

You can throw human feces at firemen, no problem?

You can throw water balloons filled with urine at paramedics, no problem?

You can grab a prison guard, or even the warden, by the front of his shirt, pull him close, and lick his entire face, no problem?

No “bodily injury” in any of that, right?

Do you see what’s happening here? Virginia Democrats are literally paving the way to end law and order. …

Making it a petty misdemeanor to assault the people who keep the peace, who put out our fires, who guard the prisoners, who preside over our courts, who save our lives, is a clear and deliberate act of encouraging assaults against the very people who maintain law and order — which is a clear and deliberate act of encouraging anarchy.

Once you essentially authorize, once you essentially say it’s okay to shove a judge around or to throw poop at a firefighter or put a police officer in a bear hug … It’s over. Especially in this climate. A climate where 90 percent of the media and one of America’s two major political parties are firmly on the side of the domestic terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the terrorists who are literally burning down our cities. …

The domestic terrorists are not just in the streets. They’re all over the media, they’re all over the Democrat Party, and they hold positions of power in our government.

Countless Democrat-run cities are under siege because elected Democrats have sided with the terrorists. And elected Democrats are comfortable siding with the terrorists because billions of corporate dollars are being spent through the establishment media to give them cover. …

Democrat mayors and governors are choosing to not send in enough National Guard troops to calm the streets. Never in modern America has rioting lasted more than a few days. Wanna know why? Because eventually state and local governments took back control of the streets.

If Democrats wanted to put an end to the ravaging of Seattle and Kenosha and elsewhere, they could. They are choosing not to because they want the rioting to continue

Participants in a democracy (a long-winded phrase, but we can no longer just say “Democrats”) tolerate a legitimate opposition, with an eye to future peaceful transfers of power. The left are now progressing past that.

Marxists delegitimize all those who oppose them, take over, then stay in power forever. The ends justify the means. This is what has been increasingly happening since Trump’s election.

hat-tip Charles