The Swiss F-35 Decision

The Swiss F-35 Decision

by David Archibald

2 July 2021


Switzerland has announced the selection of the F-35 to replace its fleet of F-5 and F-18 fighters.  The F-5s were first acquired in 1978. The Swiss Air Force had selected the Gripen E six years ago but this was defeated in a referendum.

But things aren’t necessarily as they appear. Switzerland’s defence minister is Viola Amherd of the Centre Party, which had been the Christian People’s Party (CVP) but dropped any pretense at being Christian in 2021. On paper it is a non-socialist party, but over the last few years has been involved in a number of corrupt affairs with a Chinese connection. The Centre Party is in many ways today a puppet for China. The Swiss Government recently tried to force a carbon tax on the country which was rejected in a referendum.


Viola Amherd is in the red jacket


Amherd has chosen the most expensive option most likely to lose a referendum to a socialist red-green combination. Then the final investment can be delayed further.

Switzerland, for a long time, has had an organization called Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee, which in 1989 got 35% support in a referendum to abolish the army. The pacifists still have a powerful presence in Swiss public TV and radio.

So the Swiss F-35 decision is not necessarily a vindication for the F-35. More likely it is being used as a pawn in the disarmament of Switzerland by its leftist government.


David Archibald is the author of American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare