Lidia Thorpe provokes white men in strip club: ‘You stole my land’.

Lidia Thorpe provokes white men in strip club: ‘You stole my land’. By Max Aitchison.

The manager of a strip club where Lidia Thorpe was seen screaming profanities at punters claims the rogue senator was going up to ‘white men’ before the incident saying: ‘You stole my land’.

Senator Thorpe was filmed unleashing an extraordinary spray on a group of men outside Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club in north Melbourne at 3am on Sunday, telling one: ‘You’ve got a small penis’ and another ‘you’re marked’ in a menacing tone.

David Ross, general manager of Maxine’s, told Daily Mail Australia that Senator Thorpe’s behaviour was ‘just unacceptable’ and that she has been banned for life from the establishment. …

However, Mr Ross said although the Senator had been drinking she was ‘not intoxicated’ and was not asked to leave. …

‘She was very animated and argumentative,’ he said.

‘I think to the credit of our punters who were out the front, they didn’t get aggressive and they were trying to settle the situation.’ …

‘I have never seen a racist-inspired problem in our club before,’ he said.

Her provocations of white men about “You stole my land” generally didn’t make the news. Guess that goes against the narrative.

But her “You’ve got a small penis” comments were widely reported. Because that goes with the narrative.

And of course, the ABC virtually ignored it altogether. Can you imagine their coverage had it been a Liberal MP making a fool of themselves at a strip club?

I wonder what remote full-blood Aboriginals think of Lidia?

Her father: