Jacinda: just go!

Jacinda: just go! By Flat White.

The Ardern regime in New Zealand has been an embarrassment to the West. During her short tenure as Prime Minister, she has single-handedly created a new era of State-sanctioned racism and overseen a relentless campaign to erase or re-write history.

This destruction of New Zealand, which includes its name, has been done to serve Marxist activists who want nothing more than to fuel racial tension and line their pockets with guilt-ridden cash. …

Whether it was Ardern’s infamous ‘we are your sole source of truth’ speech, or her hypocrisy inviting Americans to fly into New Zealand in a tourist frenzy (what happened to Net Zero?) while taxing the nation’s farmers for ‘emissions’ — everything Labour has touched it has ruined. Scientists are even developing a methane vaccine for cows like some kind of mad, dystopian sci-fi horror. …

This is what happens when you put socialists in charge. They smile. They play-act at ‘kindness’. They suffocate democracy with their mothering until there’s nothing left but orders barked from loudspeakers.

Socialists reward bad behaviour with government hand-outs, punish the working class with taxation, and then act surprised as crime, delinquency, unemployment, drug addiction, and abuse permeate society. ‘Why doesn’t free money work?’ They cry, writing the next set of blank cheques.

WEF and censorship:

During her speech on counter-terrorism, Ardern appeared to complain about the rise of anti-government protests, particularly related to Covid. This is not, as is passively suggested, due to online misinformation. It was because of the tyrannical, cruel, unscientific, and discriminatory behaviour of the Ardern government which people naturally reacted to in a rightly hostile manner.

‘It [misinformation] is impacting liberal democracies worldwide, eroding trust in institutions, and our ability to respond to it as a society is being tested.’

No. The public forum, where citizens of a democracy are allowed to speak freely, is eroding trust in institutions because those institutions lied. Those lies allowed political parties, such as Labour, to re-define ‘democracy’ into a copy of Xi’s communist China where the people and their businesses became the plaything of unelected Chief Health Officers, the sanctity of body autonomy was violated by threats from people in public office, and the victims of Big Pharma were erased from public view by Social Media under the excuse of ‘misinformation’.

Governments around the world are terrified that when the people are free to speak, their speech will topple their regimes. To that end, Ardern probably wishes she had the power to ‘curate’ social media and remove #ResignJacinda which has been trending all day. …

You have to be kidding:

New Zealand’s integration with China has made it the weak link in global security, so much so that America thought about cutting it out of the surveillance club.

New Zealand is a bit like Victoria… The people keep voting for despots and then wonder why their democracy has turned into a dictatorship. If you want New Zealand to go back to the way it was — a loving, free, fair, and open society — get rid of Jacinda Ardern and the Labour government.

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