10,000 mysterious excess deaths in Australia that no one wants to talk about

10,000 mysterious excess deaths in Australia that no one wants to talk about. By Joanne Nova.

Deaths in Australia are running a lot higher than expected. After ticking like a metronome for years, they’ve suddenly jumped 12% or even higher.

This is above and beyond normal deaths and deaths listed as “Covid”. Something mysterious or new has killed around 10,000 Australians in the last twelve months.*

This is eight times worse than the national road toll (and in half the time), yet this phenomenon has barely rated a mention in our news reports. When a car crash kills three people, we hear about it on the six o’clock news. But when 10,000 lose their lives… crickets.

They’re not even owning up to the possibility that it was vaccines:

Total media interest on this mystery killer amounts to three tangential mentions out of 100 media outlets. One, in the Australian Financial Review called it a “marked” change and “helpfully” said it wasn’t due to suicide. The Guardian, meanwhile wondered if Covid was really killing more people than we realize. The third, NewsGP for doctors was the only serious discussion, yet even it was all questions and no answers.

The word vaccine was only mentioned so that we knew that unnamed analysts believe “the probable influence of vaccine-related deaths … is ‘negligible’. Not that they had any reasons. …

But it was the vaccines:

Sometime around September last year there was a large rise in unexpected deaths that are not officially due to Covid. This group (marked in yellow) was far above the normal range expected and stayed higher ever since.

The excess deaths, shown in yellow, started immediately with mass vaccination

Peak vaccine doses in Australia occurred from August to October in 2021.

That’s a lot of dead people and guilty bureaucrats that are being studiously ignored by the lapdog press.

It’s true that vaccines saved many lives. However, it is also true that vaccines killed and injured more people than they saved, particularly younger people..

*UPDATE: To clarify, of the 10,300 excess deaths from Jan to June about 5,300 were due to Covid. So there were 5,000 unexplained mystery deaths, which is 830 Australians dying every month (in the conservative actuaries estimate). In the last twelve months that works out to be 10,000 people. We’ll have to wait a few more months to confirm those numbers.

UPDATE 2 from reader Charlie:

The ABS play silly games with the baseline they use for their estimate of excess deaths. Currently they use 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021 as the baseline, omitting 2020 because it is “anomalous”.

If you dig the total numbers out of the ABS website to create a 2010-2019 baseline, the excess deaths to end June 2022 is 17,036 or 23%.

The numbers I get using ABS data for 2022 are, for Jan to Jun 2022: Number of deaths = 91,206, expected (2010-2019 baseline) = 74,170.

My estimate is that we’re looking at 40,000+ excess deaths in Australia this year.