We should stop all Covid vaccinations says UK Cardiac Surgeon who once promoted them

We should stop all Covid vaccinations says UK Cardiac Surgeon who once promoted them. By Joanne Nova.

Dr Malhotra … started off supporting the mRNA vaccines. In January 2021 he was one of the first to get the Pfizer vaccine in the UK, and was interviewed on Good Morning Britain to promote the vaccine.

It was only after his father died unexpected from a heart attack in July 2021, with inexplicable levels of blockages, that he started to change his mind. Despite being a cardiac specialist, he could not explain his father’s death. It didn’t fit the risk patterns he knew. It would take him months of investigation to “slowly and reluctantly” conclude the vaccines were “far from being safe and effective”. His father, by the way, was Dr Kailash Chand OBE, 73, and former deputy chair of the British Medical Association (BMA). He was very fit and healthy until his sudden death in the months following his second Pfizer dose.

This week Dr Malhotra has published a full review of the known risks and benefits, and the numbers are damning.

  • Even in people in their 80s, as many as 230 people people need to be vaccinated to prevent one death — and that was with the Delta variant during 2021, when vaccines were more useful and before the Omicron variant arose to escape them.
  • For people in their fifties, at least 2,600 of the cohort would have to be vaccinated to save one life.
  • For those in their twenties, at least 93,000 would need an injection to save one.

In 2022, with Omicron, all these numbers would be much higher.

The vaccines saved a few lives, but at the cost of many more lives:

Ambulances were called out 20% more than normal for cardiac arrests after the vaccination program started. Something bad was going on. …

There was a 25% increase in heart problems in 16 – 39 year olds — linked to the vaccine, not to Covid: …

Myocarditis may not be fatal very often, but it leaves some permanent heart damage and we don’t know what this will mean 40 or 50 years in the future.

Reports of myocarditis ranged from 1 in 6000 in Israel to 1 in 2700 in a Hong Kong study in teenage boys. Clearly far more teenagers were harmed rather than saved …

In the UK reports of side effects suggest as many as 1 in 120 people suffered an effect that was more than mild.  …

In Norway, … as many as 1 in 1,000 people suffered severe effects — things that were bad enough to put them in hospital, or things that were “life changing”. …

Word is getting out. Inexcusably, unforgivably, slowly.

The covid vaccines were just not worth it for the patients, on average. But they were great for the drug companies.

Whose side are our bureaucrats on, or are they just incompetent, or easily lobbied?