Establishment Media versus PerDiePie: It’s all about Political Control

Establishment Media versus PerDiePie: It’s all about Political Control. By Paul Joseph Watson. If you are interested in the power struggles going in the media …

This is where a lot of political debate is really taking place nowadays. Not in parliaments.

Over the last three decades the left, with their mainstream media dominance, has constructed an alternative world view. It is based on deliberate untruths that support leftist policy aims. Heh, why would they not do it? The left today are postmodernists, who say everything is a construct, that there is no such thing as truth, and that it’s all about power. If they believe that, or at least go around saying it, why wouldn’t they construct their own world view, no matter how false and fantastic? Hence we have a world nowadays where the chief underlying struggle is between politically correct fantasy world and reality.

No wonder the PC mob hate people on the Internet pointing out they are wrong, that their fantasy world does not jibe with reality. Anyone who disagrees with their fantasies is a Nazi, just wrong, wrong, wrong. I sense a train wreck and a hangover in the future of many SJWs.

High School Students Disqualified From Debate After Quoting Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson. PC people just cannot stand representatives from the real world, who don’t kowtow to their political fantasies. Got to stop students from paying any attention to realists, got to label them as BAD. If this goes on too long, Western Civilization is in big trouble.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific