It’s time to ‘take out’ environment ministers who fail on climate, says Oliver Yates

It’s time to ‘take out’ environment ministers who fail on climate, says Oliver Yates. By Katherine Murphy.

Oliver Yates, the son of a Liberal politician and longtime party member, wants to take on Josh Frydenberg in a seat once held by Robert Menzies to start a people power campaign not only in Australia, but around the world.

The former Macquarie banker, and head of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, who will confirm his intention to run in Kooyong as an independent publicly on Wednesday, says the challenges of climate change are now so serious, so pressing, that citizens need to “take out” their environment ministers when they occupy the portfolio but fail to protect the environment and the climate. …

Frydenberg, Yates contends, has policy views that are out of step with the majority of Kooyong electors, and “had plenty of opportunity to stand up in relation to the environment when he was minister, or even now, as a more influential person, but he’s failed to discharge his duty in relation to environmental responsibility”.

The PC agenda has taken over in opinion-forming and business circles, creating PC people who are nominally “right-wing”. Wealthy people mostly vote left, or at least “PC right”, nowadays.

Another “independent”. Again we see the Labor Party dressed in fake garb to win over Liberal voters. This time it’s a former Liberal who proposes Labor policies to get rid of Frydenberg.

hat-tip Joanne