Political Potterverse: Getting Your Owl

Political Potterverse: Getting Your Owl, by Spotted Toad.

Harry Potter has become a surprisingly obsessive allegorical tool for liberals’ opposition to the Trump Administration.

[One reason] why the early Harry Potter books were such crossover hits, breaking out of the Little League of children’s fantasy novels and becoming hugely popular among adults, [is that] Harry Potter, especially the movies, is about the legitimacy of authority that comes from schools.

[US colleges now] obsessively …trumpet their similarity to the imaginary wizards’ school Hogwarts …

Nor is it a surprise that the culmination of all the films comes as a direct attack on the school itself, with the various legitimate teachers coming together to form a shield protecting it from the assaults by the outside world …

From an outside perspective, Harry Potter is a funny fantasy for liberals to cohere around. Going off to centuries-old boarding school where your mum and dad were Head Boy and Head Girl, where tolerance and broadmindedness consists of admitting that lower-class Muggles can occasionally have the same genetically-mediated gifts as the gentry.