Hogwarts as Imperial Academia

Hogwarts as Imperial Academia, by Steve Sailer.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, it has become common to analyze current politics through the lens of the Harry Potter series. …

Muggles are the boring masses of normies born without the genetic capability to do magic. In Harry Potter’s world, magical ability is a recessive genetic trait that is inherited according to rules like those that govern the inheritance of blue eyes. …

Muggles are too stupid to notice that wizards actually rule the world, and the wizards prudently keep them in ignorance. …

Something that is often forgotten about J.K. Rowling’s books/movies is that while they started out being almost equally popular among girls and boys (the authoress chose old-fashioned initials to hide her sex from little girl-hating he-men), by the time the eighth and (sort of) final movie in the series finally came out, their appeal was almost wholly to girls, just as J.R.R. Tolkien’s fans are overwhelmingly male.

Why? Mostly, I think, because J.K. is a girl and J.R.R. was a boy. In the very long run, sex will tell.

Commenter Beckow:

The ‘imperial academia’ is very fond of itself, but it is also scared. Their imperium is based on fancy words and increasingly not much else. It is a world of privilege not that different from their Victorian or feudal predecessors. The words they so endlessly produce are there to hide the obvious – they increasingly serve no other purpose than preserving their own status and good life. That is historically a bad place to be. Once French aristocrats lost the monopoly on fighting and force, Muggles, mayhem and even guillotines were not that far away.

That’s why stirring up the society and bringing in large numbers of new, open-eyed, and aspiring outsiders is the only way forward for them. They must have more and more ‘diversity’ to avoid irrelevance and contempt. And as the inevitable end of their status privilege approaches, the hysteria and silliness of this ‘diversity’ obsession will get worse. And then it will suddenly end and nobody will understand in retrospect why a ‘gender studies professor’ was ever taken seriously. But it is a great life while they can keep it going.