What should be done about racial gaps in IQ?

What should be done about racial gaps in IQ? By Steve Sailer.

Although many assume that the existence of sizable disparities in average IQ among the races simply must be “pseudoscience,” that different ethnicities average different levels of mental ability is one of the most overwhelmingly well-established findings of the social sciences.

Exactly why ancestral groups have varying IQs remains controversial, but the fact that they do is not disputed among the well-informed. A general rule of thumb among researchers has long been that whites and blacks differ in average IQ by about one standard deviation. …

That would mean that 84 percent of whites are smarter than the typical black. But it would also mean that one out of six blacks, or approaching 7 million these days, would be smarter than the median white. …

After discussing that there’s no evidence for a narrowing of the gap, we get to the real question: What to do with this rather salient fact?

Progressives have this insane tendency to assume that if it really is true that blacks aren’t as smart as whites on average, then the only logical thing to do would be to murder all of our fellow black citizens in Treblinka-style death camps. Why? Because, they apparently reason, only Nazis, as they’ve so often said, think blacks have lower mean IQs, so if it turns out that the IQ Nazis are right, well, that means Hitler should be our role model.

Or something. You can never quite get liberals to articulate why they are convinced it would be the end of the world if there are racial differences in intelligence, other than that’s the ditch they’ve decided to die in and it would be embarrassing for them to turn out to be wrong.

My view is that the IQ gap is more like the sprinting gap, which helps explain much about the realities of sports (why are strong-armed African-American baseball players more likely to play right field than third base?) but is not, to say the least, a good reason to kill all the whites.

In reality, the main public-spirited step we can take regarding racial gaps in intelligence is to Raise Awareness: Racial intelligence differences are real, large, crucial for understanding American society, and not going away anytime soon. It’s something we have to live with. Just as the foot-speed gap doesn’t justify witch-hunting football coaches for being racist against white cornerbacks, the manifold effects of the intelligence gap don’t justify the current paranoid conspiracy theorizing about white racism.

Much of the madness of the 2020s, such as the post–George Floyd murder and car crash sprees and California’s reparations plans, is likely attributable to blacks figuring out that they weren’t going to catch up but that they could guilt-trip whites into paying reparations because whites have been disarmed of mentioning the IQ and crime gaps.

A new culture in which the basic truths of the social sciences are widely discussed would be a better one than what we have been saddled with in the present decade.

Yep. Deal with it, instead of denying it.