Why Are Leftist, Though Not Conservative, Women Politicians Increasingly So Stupid?

Why Are Leftist, Though Not Conservative, Women Politicians Increasingly So Stupid? By Edward Dutton.

In the The Past is a Future Country we analyzed U.S. General Social Survey Data and predicted that Leftist women politicians will become increasingly stupid. Well, that’s happening. Two examples: Finland’s former prime minister, Sanna Marin, and Angela Rayner deputy leader of Britain’s Labour Party.

Sanna Marin:

The notorious party-loving young PM, who became head of Finland’s Millennial women-led coalition government in 2019, had been with Markus Raikkonen since she was 18. They have a 6-year-old daughter. But last August 6, as I reported at the time, she did something incredibly stupid. She allowed herself video-recorded while she appeared to be drunk, and was dancing in a sexually provocative manner, including on her knees with her legs spread apart and her arms behind her head. Of course, the video landed on TikTok.

More stupidly, Marin’s friends swear and refer to themselves as the “jauhojengi,” or flour gang. “Flour” is a Finnish euphemism for cocaine. Importantly, Marin was not on vacation and so was, in effect, on duty. At the time, Finland was in a state of “heightened military alertness” because of the Russia-Ukraine war. …

Then other videos emerged from the same evening. At a nightclub in Helsinki, Marin danced intimately with 39-year-old Olavi Uusivirta, a Finnish pop-star who appeared to be kissing her neck. …

One suspects that her husband sportingly delayed the divorce until she got through Finland’s recent parliamentary election.

Sanna does not seem to be very bright. Her high-school grades prove the point. … She’s not academically inclined, or, again, all that smart. …

And, of course, foolish, impulsive behavior — such as promiscuity and having an illegitimate child and drug use — is associated with low IQ. So is socioeconomic status in childhood. Sanna was partly-raised in a children’s home due to parental poverty and dysfunction….

Sanna insists that she’s innocent of any wrongdoing and she’s just being accused and complained about for nothing. She claims she’s never done anything wrong. The trouble she faces is fault of others, and she’s just a “human” who needs to be allowed to “live”. Poor moral reasoning and selfishness are also markers of low IQ.

Angela Rayner:

Britain suffers with Angela Rayner, deputy-leader of the Labour Party, which looks set to return to power after the next General Election.

Raised by an illiterate single mother, she recalled being accidentally given dog food as a child because her mother couldn’t read the label on the can. At 10 years old, she dropped out of school and became her bipolar mother’s caretaker, then gave birth to her own illegitimate child at 16. Born in 1980, she was already a grandmother at the age of 37. …

Unsurprisingly, she has been reprimanded many times for her impulsivity. In the House of Commons, she labeled a Conservative MP with whom she disagreed as “scum”…

The future:

Intelligence is roughly 80 percent genetic, while whether one is conservative or leftist is between 40 percent and 60 percent genetic, depending on how you measure. As reported in The Past is a Future Country, people are becoming less intelligent for genetic reasons. Low IQ people have more children and more generations due to their impulsivity, inefficient contraception use, and dropping out of school earlier.

However, when you control for intelligence — or, rather, when you look just at the top quartile of IQ — Leftism is a big sterilizer. Conservatism is less of a sterilizer, and religious conservatism seems to be a fertilizer. Conservatives have more children, which might not only affect who dominates the elites political caste but also determine elections …

Leftists are getting more stupid far more quickly than conservatives, and some kinds of conservative elites are getting smarter.

Eventually, the dominant elite of the future will be filled with conservatives, who will occupy positions vacated by retiring high IQ leftists who are not replacing themselves.

That might explain why the 2020 Democratic primary was a fight between two geriatric white men.

This problem of a less-intelligent Leftist elite will be even more pronounced because the Left over-promotes women for ideological reasons. Surely, Marin and Rayner were elected deputy-leaders of their Leftist parties because they are younger women. Rayner was selected as a Labour candidate for her constituency of Ashton-under-Lyne from an “all-women shortlist.” A possibly more intelligent man simply wasn’t allowed to apply.

Thus, the Leftist political elite will be increasingly dominated by intellectually mediocre whites and ethnocentric minorities who agitate for their own racial interests, along with women who are over-promoted because of their sex, but whose Leftism … strongly coincides with mental illness.

Well someone had to point it out. Jacinda Ardern is another example.