15 Minute City: Oxford Residents Fight Back!

15 Minute City: Oxford Residents Fight Back! By 15 Minute Cities.

The idea of the “15 minute city” is that everything you regularly need will be within 15 minutes of where you live, and you will be fined for excessive travels beyond your patch. It’s permanent climate lockdown, and is already being implemented in Oxford, England.

But perhaps in a sign of things to come, the WEF and the globalists are not getting their way:

Oxford residents are taking matters into their own hands and destroying the street zone sectioning barriers. …

Civil disobedience, because “There is no democracy in Oxford”

Now that’s quite beautiful to see.

With the government trying to manipulate behaviour to comply with absurd control measures, it’s no wonder the UK is pushing back again. We are a rebellious bunch and very hard to control.

hat-tip ML