Escort agencies booked solid for Davos forum

Escort agencies booked solid for Davos forum. By RT.

The Swiss escort agencies near Davos are already fully booked ahead of this year’s World Economic Forum…

In a message to unnamed hospitality staff and published by Express, escort agency Sensuallounge Escort urges readers to book their “fine selection of ladies and gentlemen” ahead of time to ensure “the best possible care and company during the World Economic Forum.”

Sensuallounge reportedly offers “services for all sexual orientations,” and the outlet claims one night with one of their employees costs €2,350 (just over $2,500). The service does not appear to accept cash as payment, offering clients the option of paying with a major credit card or via PayPal.

Explaining that the WEF’s annual get-together is high season for Swiss prostitutes, Exxpress revealed the agencies set up dedicated websites for the conference. Their roster seemingly fully booked, Sensuallounge’s site had already disappeared as of Monday. …

Sex workers also await in hotels and bars frequented by guests, according to a 2020 report from the Times UK, and women – even if they are accredited WEF attendees — are “routinely harassed” by the men who dominate the conclave.

Charming. The personal is political — screw everyone! No wonder they hate Christians.

With our elites in charge, we’re in good hands….

hat-tip Stephen Neil