The Retreat From the Enlightenment Can be Stopped

The Retreat From the Enlightenment Can be Stopped. By Paul Frijters and Gigi Foster.

The war that the Enlightenment is now having to fight to defend itself against the globalists seems like a David and Goliath match-up. Western state bureaucracies and the big companies that have infiltrated them are encircling their populations with propaganda, digital money, travel passes, renewed and more abhorrent sin stories and deepening poverty for the many, while ‘the bosses’ get richer.

Mainstream media colludes by vomiting out a steady stream of exaggerated emergencies, ranging from climate change to Chinese hegemony to nitrogen pollution, to keep the population distracted, fearful, and docile. …

The Enlightenment is in full retreat.

Bright spots exist. We’ve seen Elon Musk break ranks with other billionaires by opening the door just a crack on Twitter to permit reasoned debate. But even this was a pyrrhic victory, considering that Twitter’s advertising revenue dropped 71 percent in December 2022 when more than half of the company’s top 1,000 advertisers pulled the plug amid a concerted pushback from Big Business. …

It is not a global coup, but a Western coup:

The most important geo-political news of the last 10 years is that China, Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa, and dozens of their client countries have broken away from the clutches of the West. They are setting up alternative financial systems to bypass the US dollar as the international reserve currency. …

They are winning support among many former Western allies, such as Saudi Arabia and Latin American countries. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation now represents over half the world population and more than half of world trade, threatening US hegemony as never before.

This flight from the West limits the influence of the globalist coup to the West itself. We are no longer facing a global insurrection, but rather an attempted unification of the West into a single political empire. The US elites fancy themselves to run that empire, with Europe playing faithful sidekick. United, the Western Empire would constitute less than half of the world in terms of economic power, and about a quarter of its population. …

While we are children of the West ourselves and hence feel very ambivalent about the loss of power and status of ‘our side,’ there is no doubt that the emergence of a serious competitor to the West on the international scene is overall healthy for what we care about. Indeed, serious competition is a long-run driver of resurgence for what once made the West strong: science, freedom, and the separation of powers. …

The globalist class has been exposed:

Fifteen years ago, almost no one was wise to the importance of increasing inequality and the increased concentration of power among the security establishment and the major corporations. Only a few, like David Rothkopf, saw it coming. In his 2008 book The Superclass, Rothkopf related what his many conversations with the super-rich revealed. He told of an almost unnoticed world of yearly meetings of the globalists in Davos at the World Economic Forum, operating as a separate entity with total disdain for their countries and populations, plotting the future for all of us.

We do not take Klaus Schwab seriously, but we do take seriously the super-rich club that gathered and galvanised into a globalist class during those years. That club is the enemy.

They may have been blind in 2008, but millions of people in the West today have a crystal clear view of who the enemy is. They differ with respect to which faction of the enemy planned this or that fake emergency, but they are united in their identification of the enemy.

In that sense, leftists like Toby Green and Thomas Fazi in their 2023 book The Covid Consensus and classic right-wingers like Trump are on the same side. They name the same enemy. A few libertarians still can’t shake the habit of thinking that large corporations differ from the government, and hence that only the government is the problem, but every day more and more of those too are smelling the coffee. The links between top Western politicians, the security apparatus, Big Tech censorship, and Big Pharma money are just too obvious, too widely advertised. The jig is up. …

You see the same arrogant behaviour throughout the West, such as the US CDC Director openly admitting the agency lied about monitoring vaccine side effects in 2021, only in fact starting that monitoring in March 2022, while still not releasing the actual data so as to avoid scrutiny. The stupid mistakes that creep in from having subdued all mainstream critical voices are revealing the enemy to more and more people.

It is also clearer and clearer just how deeply perverse the enemy has become. What happened on Epstein Island is now common knowledge, despite massive censorship. The disregard for the health and happiness of children, as revealed in school closures and mandated masks and vaccinations, is now visible to more and more parents.

This exposure has two major implications. One is that the globalist class cannot simply fade away into the night. It’s all or nothing for them now. The second is that the small size of the real target is now clear. Davos saw tens of thousands of attendants each year, which is less than 0.001 percent of the Western population of well over a billion. Even adding in the second tier of globalists who did not get invited to the clubhouse but are fully committed to the coup, that still leaves 99.9 percent of the West to unite against a visible common enemy. There are now lists, and they will be used.

How large is ‘our side’ in the West? It is hard to know. … Sceptical media is growing and broadly anti-globalist parties have won in Sweden, Italy, and Hungary, and are large and growing in France and elsewhere. Joe Rogan has over 10 million Twitter followers and Jordan Peterson 4 million. The EU itself publishes proudly how millions have been censored because of their unwanted views on covid and vaccines, meaning ‘our side’ includes millions. …

Yet we’d put the fraction of people who are truly on the side of the Enlightenment and see the globalist class as the enemy at no more than 10 percent of the Western population. …

We do not know of a historical situation quite like this one, where an entire elite in one part of the world is seen to be conspiring against their own populations by a sizable chunk of those same populations, along with much of the rest of the world. It is extraordinary.

The only reason the globalist class has not yet been toppled is, in our opinion, that they truly do control most of the money, guns, and media, and they own the major political parties.

Because they have already been exposed to a sizable minority, the globalist class has to keep up the media pressure over time and across countries so as to maintain their hold on the majority. Lose control for just a few months or in a few places, and they are finished. …

Maintaining a coalition of billionaires, top government bureaucrats, top politicians, media tycoons, and large corporations is hard to do. These people are opportunists who will not want to go down with the ship. Coalitions of such magnitude inevitably break up when they are under pressure.

The new globalist class has remained cohesive for the last three years because there was still enough to steal from the general population. Yet now their victims are becoming scarce and poorer. Soon the globalists will run out of others to rob, at which point they will turn on each other.

In our view, the fear that they will face justice is a major force leading the elites to try to destroy Western culture and weaken its population. Such destruction is ultimately only to the benefit of the enemies of the West though, and ultimately reduces the size of the pie the elites can grab for themselves, speeding up their splintering.

We already saw Elon Musk breaking away from the billionaires’ club of Davos, looking for political protection from Republican politician Ron DeSantis. At the moment Elon looks like he is being contained and suitably punished for his audacity by the globalist class, but he is now a figurehead for a competing coalition of super-rich. You don’t need all that many such upstarts to break a coup.

We’ve already seen regions break away, meaning there have been cracks in the network of political elites organising the coup. First Florida, then Texas, then Madrid, then Alberta, then the victory of an anti-vaccine and anti-woke party in Italy. Sincere Christians and other religious groups have recognised the danger and their leadership is starting to resist. Resistance parties and resistance websites are growing throughout Europe, the US, and even Australia.

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