Widespread western protests against rule by the Davos crowd

Widespread western protests against rule by the Davos crowd. By Alexandra Marshall.

Scott Morrison is one of many Western leaders who took advice from international bureaucracies.

The reason we have identical worldwide protests is because we have an unelected world government controlling domestic policy — not through force, but via the desperate need of weak leaders to pander to the international spotlight. …

Look around the world. Dissent. Separatism. Furious citizens storming the streets. …

The citizens of the West want their countries back, and if their leaders refuse to give up power voluntarily — like the Communist leaders of old — the Globalists will be ousted from power by the fury of the mob. …

These seemingly ‘all-powerful’ corporates and politicians sipping champagne at the World Economic Forum have been put on notice. Society at large is not going to accept a ‘new normal’. We won’t be subscribing to the globalist fantasy of digital surveillance, green fascism, a parallel carbon economy, or socialism by stealth. Build back better? Forget it.

Our government will no longer be run by decree from a Swiss ski resort.

If Australia wants to survive the next hundred years, it must restore itself to the free, fun, and open society that we were born into. Liberty is the only real safety a citizen has.

hat-tip Stephen Neil