Melbourne’s big protest turnout reflects rising undercurrent in Victoria

Melbourne’s big protest turnout reflects rising undercurrent in Victoria. By Robert Gottliebsen.

What is happening in Victoria in the Covid controversies is different to any other state. The surface manifestation of these differences was displayed in the incredible community protests on Sunday.

At least 100,000 people peacefully marched through the streets of Melbourne. Many believe number was two or three times that figure but even at 100,000 it was 10 times the number marching in Sydney.

The extremists and professional protesters had gone. The marchers were ordinary people from suburban Melbourne often undertaking such a protest for the first time in their lives.

The size and peacefulness of event reflects a rising undercurrent in the state that has not reduced consumer spending but, anecdotally, is beginning to impact industrial investment.

Most of the article is about the massive legal case that has started.

Unique to Victoria there is also a rising community understanding that goes beyond the conventional vaccination issues and focuses on the 801 people who died last year in what was arguably the nation’s biggest industrial accident. …

The $500,000-plus required to fight such a case through Victoria’s Supreme court and then almost certainly the High Court is now being raised by Self Employed Australia. …

The case will clearly cover the actions of the Victorian government bodies, ministers and public servants …

* An investigation by Jennifer Coate into the hotel quarantine aspects of the disaster revealed what she believed went wrong and who made the mistakes. Coate described how, at the most senior levels, in the two departments operating the program — Health and Jobs — there was fundamental disagreement over who generally controlled the program. She detailed actions of the various politicians involved.

*The Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act, allows outsiders to request prosecutions….

*In September 2020, Self Employed Australia requested prosecution of 16 people including current and former cabinet ministers and public servants. In all, 142 prosecutions were requested under the 2004 Act …

WorkSafe has charged the state Health department with 58 breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The Andrews Government was careless and corrupt in the way it bungled quarantine and caused months of lockdowns. Perhaps Andrews will have to answer to the courts under the workplace safety laws.