Indonesia proves ivermectin works

Indonesia proves ivermectin works. By Joanne Nova.

In June, [Indonesia] had a controlled rolling caseload of 5,000 a day. It was not rising thanks to a philanthropist called Haryoseno who had been arranging for ivermectin supplies at low cost to help people.

But in a fit of modern-medicine, in line with the deadly WHO recommendations, the Indonesian government banned ivermectin on June 12th. Cases took off. Mayhem ensued. And about 90,000 people died in the following surge.

By early July the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin was hot property in Indonesia, even if it was banned. A number of high-ranking politicians championed it, and people were flocking to buy it.

By July 15th the Indonesian government relented, and BPOM approved Ivermectin as Covid-19 Therapeutic Drug. By July 18th new daily cases peaked across Indonesia and now they are lower than they were before. During the surge, at least two million Indonesians were infected.



In epidemiology, proofs don’t come much stronger than that.

Greg Hunt could have managed the Covid debacle so much better if he’d just phoned up a pharmacist in Bali.

Australia, on the other hand, decided to vaccinate 15 million people or 70% of the entire population and still has twice as many cases as Indonesia does — even though Indonesia has ten times as many people and only on third of the government revenue. …

On a per capita basis today Indonesia is managing Covid about ten times better than Australia. Think about that.

To repeat from David Archibald’s earlier post:

Australia could end its covid problem anytime it wanted to at hardly any expense at all.

Our government would be aware of what the Indonesians have achieved. It also means that any covid deaths from here on are state-sanctioned murder. Anybody dead or crippled due to the vaccines is not an unfortunate, random side effect, but something done at the behest of the Australian Government, not unwittingly.

Please pass this along to the Australian Government, and any other government forcing its population to exclusively go down the vaccine route.