Woke threatens every business that uses the cloud, as collectivism triumphs over individualism in the USA

Woke threatens every business that uses the cloud, as collectivism triumphs over individualism in the USA.

Note that it was Amazon employees who called for cutting ties with Parler, which soon became Amazon’s policy:

Karl Denninger:

Remember that AWS [Amazon Web Services] has a specific terms of service. Nothing Parler did or was doing broke the law.

What business would you operate where some other firm’s employees can “revolt” and force you closed? On what planet is that risk exposure permitted by the law or your board of directors?

By the law? Yep. Do you run a medical, communications or other “critical” firm that is bound by law to remain operational in some form or fashion along with its data?

As of yesterday you can no longer have it on any commercial cloud provider because said providers just declared that their employees can demand your operation be thrown off with 24 hours notice and be forced closed. …

This is how dirty civil wars become inevitable folks. That Amazon did not fire every single employee organizing such immediately and make very clear that this will never, ever be raised even in discussion among staff members again tells you exactly how far “Woketopis” has gone and where we, as a nation, are headed. …

More than just Parler and free speech:

Who conspired to keep out of the public view what, it appears, is on Hunter’s laptop? Dozens of organizations including the monopolist social and “legacy” media.

It’s pretty conclusive that law enforcement knew for over a year that credible evidence of serious felony acts involving children existed on that laptop, they had physical possession of the evidence and did nothing about it on purpose because it was in the family of a man running for President. Further, the entire Democrat and Republican leadership knew about it too and also did nothing. …

If you think your firm being “woke” insulates you you’re dead wrong — the definition of “sufficiently woke” will change and when it does you will find out that you’re targeted — exactly as were black businesses burnt in Minneapolis by people who claimed “Black Lives Matter.” Those businesses were destroyed and the people who committed those arsons and organized the riots were bailed out at the behest and through campaigning for donations by our current Vice-President Elect. The perpetrators did not go to prison.

This sort of rot — where even direct credible evidence of felony abuse of children is ignored if you’re the “right” person and if you’re the “wrong” person no crime is required for you to be effectively thrown out of both business and society is exactly how you get a dirty civil war. This is direct Communism; mere improper thought leads to sanction while the protected can literally do anything with impunity.

Group rights have now effectively taken precedence over individual rights in the USA. Being in the right group means you as an individual can break many laws with impunity, whereas being in the wrong group means you can be persecuted regardless of your individual speech or actions.

The most basic spectrum in politics is that running from individualism to collectivism. Right wingers generally congregate down the individualist end, but left wingers are more attracted to the collectivist end.

  • Fascism is close to the collectivist extreme. Nazism, aka “national socialism,” puts country over all and allows the state to commandeer businesses as it sees fit, but private property is still permitted.
  • Communism, aka “international socialism” is right at the very extreme of collectivism. Private property is not allowed, except for some personal effects like clothes or toothbrushes.