Study Points to Pervasive Mental Illness Among White American Liberals

Study Points to Pervasive Mental Illness Among White American Liberals. By Zach Goldberg.

Two interesting findings thus far from my analysis of Pew’s March 2020 COVID-19 survey.

First, white (and especially ‘very’) liberals are far more likely than all other ideological-racial subgroups to report being diagnosed with a mental health condition. …


It’s possible that the disparities in self-reported diagnosis are simply or partly a function of white liberals being more likely to seek mental health evaluations. I don’t have the data to answer this question. But given that they also tend to score higher on neuroticism (and, not to mention, score lower on life satisfaction/happiness), I think at least some of this difference is genuine.

I didn’t write this thread to mock white liberals or their apparently disproportionate rates of mental illness (and you shouldn’t either). Rather, this is a question that’s underexplored and which may shed light on attitudinal differences towards various social policies.

Especially in youngsters:

Especially in females:

So, these are the people making leftist policy, and who leftist policy caters to. No wonder they need safe spaces, yet dominate Twitter in blazes of irrational rage. But should they be running society, via their social media tantrums?

Speaking of tantrums, check out these photos of some of the arrestees in the riot-torn leftist stronghold of Portland, Oregon:

Yep, trying to force society to do what they want via rioting. Should we accede to their demands?