A world divided individual freedom on one side and group identity on the other

A world divided individual freedom on one side and group identity on the other. A review of David Horowitz’s new book, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America by Richard Kirk.

The successful individualist culture that transformed the world:

“Christian America” is the novel component in Horowitz’s analysis, a term that acknowledges the historical fact that America, at its founding, was 98 percent Protestant. Protestantism, in turn, was intimately linked to the doctrine of “the priesthood of all believers” and to the more broadly Christian idea that all people are created by God. In view of these beliefs and the fact that Protestant groups were living side by side, it followed that in America there would be no institutional or governmental mediator between the individual and God. It also meant that each individual’s rights were endowed solely by their Creator and that freedom of conscience and speech would be hallmarks of the new republic.

The comeback of the old tribalist culture, identity politics, that dominated for millennia and retarded human development:

“Cultural Marxism,” by contrast, represents the application of its “oppressor versus oppressed” vision of society to various victim groups: blacks, “people of color,” women, native Americans, homosexuals, transsexuals, and any other group claiming victimhood. For Marxists what stands between these oppressed groups and a world in which “social justice” and equality is fully realized are the oppressors, those who supposedly establish the laws and mores that keep them in power. Thus, failure or success isn’t the result of individual choices but the inevitable outcome of a system designed to unfairly help one group (white, Christian, males) and harm the others. Accordingly, what matters politically is destroying the patriarchal Christian system itself with its emphasis on individual moral and economic choices and replacing it with a group-focused system that, in my own words, oppresses the oppressors. Put quite simply, “Christian doctrines were foundational to the American Republic, which the left despises.”

Which is why the modern left is anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-male.

Here’s an interesting vignette:

The $621 million U.S. Capitol Visitor Center that opened in 2008 “is less a monument to the nation’s founding and institutions than it is to the antireligious left’s vision for America. When it opened, all references to God and faith had been carefully, deliberately edited out of its photos and historical displays.” For example, the national motto was said to be “E Pluribus Unum” when, in fact, it is “In God We Trust.” Among other historical travesties, a large “image of the Constitution was photoshopped to remove the worlds ‘in the Year of our Lord’ above the signatures of the signers.” Similarly, the “table on which President Lincoln placed his Bible during his second inauguration is on display — just the table, not the Bible.”

They who control the past control the present and thus the future.

The imminent future? Horowitz writes:

A nation divided by such fundamental ideas — individual freedom on one side and group identity on the other — cannot long endure, any more than could a nation that was half slave and half free.

Surveys say America is more divided now that it was in 1860.