The Progressive Playbook for PC Thugs

The Progressive Playbook for PC Thugs. By Jonny Anomaly. We’ve seen this many times in the last decade, up close in the climate debate. This is a succinct but accurate account.

I’ve detected a pattern that might be described as the Progressive Playbook on modern American campuses. Of course, I do not impugn all people who self-describe as progressive, and I don’t doubt that some conservatives also employ dirty tricks. I am here describing a sect within a church that exhibits consistent patterns.

Like much of PC or “progressive” thought and tactics, this starts on US campuses and is soon copied around the world.

1. Encourage guilt by association. Find a funding source that you don’t agree with, and say that since your opponent is funded by X, there is no point in engaging with their argument. It doesn’t matter if your opponent is actually funded by X – maybe their colleague is, or they co-authored a paper with someone who is. Eventually you will find someone associated with them who is somehow connected to something you disagree with. 

2. Play identity politics. If all else fails, point out that your opponent’s argument is predictable given their group membership, like race, sex, or religion. Meanwhile, repeat whatever slogans your group currently sacralizes: disagreeable speech is violence, Islam is a religion of peace, Western civilization is oppressive. Repeat these every day, before your morning cup of coffee, and after you’ve put your cats to bed. It doesn’t matter if they’re true. 

3. Stand your ground. Even when there is an earthquake of evidence that seems to threaten your position, do not relent. The weaker your position is, the louder you should shriek. Remember that successful religious cults ask their followers to believe in spite of the evidence, not because of it.

I wish this were a caricature, but I’ve seen the pattern repeated online and on campus.