Italy’s “Populist” Government

Italy’s “Populist” Government, by Srdja Trifovic.

In Italy’s general election on March 4, two parties routinely derided by the corporate media as “populist” won almost 70 percent of the votes cast. … The centre-left coalition, strongly pro-EU and led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, came a distant third with 23 percent.

On May 31, after 88 days of negotiations and several impasses, Giuseppe Conte was appointed prime minister, with Salvini of the League and Di Maio of the M5S as vice premiers.

How many votes do you need to get some respect from the PC mob?

The news of this unlikely coalition has been greeted with dismay by les bien pensants on both sides of the Atlantic. The German magazine Der Spiegel published a deeply offensive cover (“Ciao, amore!”) which featured a fork of spaghetti with one piece dangling as a noose. “Italy is destroying itself—and dragging down Europe with it,” was the headline. “At a time when the EU could be proving itself as an alternative to Trump’s unilateralism,” it wrote, Europe may instead be facing months, if not years, of squabbling:

“If the populists now govern in Italy, the country could steer itself on a course of constant confrontation with Brussels—by for example, expressing its solidarity on key issues with right-wing populists in France, Austria or Finland or with the EU-critical governments in Hungary and Poland. Or it could take the side of half or full-on autocrats like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and undermine European unity in the process.”

“The xenophobic League and the out-with-the-old-order Five Star Movement bring together bigotry and incompetence to an unusual degree,” a New York Times columnist pontificated on June 1. “They are a miserable bunch borne aloft on the global anti-liberal tide.” Another NYT commentator was horrified that the new Italian leaders want to expel illegal immigrants and “have already expressed their desire to improve relations and trade with Russia and its president, Vladimir V. Putin.” The ubiquitous George Soros joined the fray by accusing the new coalition of being on Putin’s payroll. …

The hate. Donald Trump is not getting it all. What if there were too many non-PC figures for them to focus on?

Matteo Salvini is the ruling establishment’s particular object of hate, primarily because he dared announce that half a million migrants would be expelled and declared that his immigration policy would be guided by the principle “Italians first!” When he says, “God created man and woman, every child should have a father and a mother, and only father and mother can conceive a child,” liberal fanatics in Italian TV studios and in editorial offices suffer nervous breakdowns.

Ah democracy. As Winston Churchill put it, the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried.

After seven years it is now at least possible that Italy will no longer be ruled by men who are devoid of popular support, whose sole ideology is power, and who are servile to supranational interest groups in order to enjoy the privileges that come with such servility. The battle will be long, the outcome is not certain, but it is a matter of survival.

hat-tip Stephen Neil