Climate Change and German Money

Climate Change and German Money, by Alistair Riddoch.

I read a report by IRENA commissioned by the German government, that suggested the world could switch entirely to wind power with a trivial investment of just $145,000,000,000,000 ( One hundred forty five TRILLION dollars).

I checked into Germany’s oil resources. Turns out they are nil, or close to it. They are not a significant oil producer.

I checked into what percentage of the world’s large wind turbine market is held by German manufacturers and found that they hold about 21% of the global market spread over 3 of the world’s top 10 manufacturers.

Meaning, that IF the world was to take the “advice” of the German government, then a bit over 1/5th of the asserted “need” to spend $145 trillion dollars, would happen to go to German manufacturers.

To me, this makes any opinions on the production of energy coming out of Germany is to say the least, at least potentially driven by a desire for cash to be pumped into the German economy – A little over $30 trillion dollars worth. I wonder if Deutsche Bank built the billboard near Madison Square gardens has anything to do with Germany’s desire to get their hands on $30 trillion dollars in sales??

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