How to Destroy A Man Now (DAMN): A Handbook

How to Destroy A Man Now (DAMN): A Handbook. By Angela Confidential Psy.D.

A wave of sexual misconduct allegations about powerful men have exploded recently in the media (e.g., the news, Twitter #MeToo, etc.). A bold social movement has begun with brave women coming forward and being applauded for speaking out and sharing their stories of abuse, discrimination, and harassment. As a result, accused men like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, and dozens more have been removed from power and are suffering the consequences.

In How to Destroy A Man Now (DAMN), Dr. Angela Confidential (a business psychologist, consultant, and human resource professional) empowers women with a step-by-step guide for destroying a man’s reputation and removing him from power.

In easy to understand terms, the handbook reveals and explains the fundamental dynamics between allegations, the media, and authority as they relate to male misconduct in today’s society. It also unveils and details practical real-world methods for leveraging allegations, media, and authorities to dethrone a man from power.

As one customer on Amazon said:

Ever wonder why gender relations between men and women are rapidly deteriorating? Asking yourself “Where have all the good men gone”? Can’t fathom why men are beginning to refuse to mentor or even associate with women in the workplace and beyond? Bewildered how anybody could be critical of the #metoo movement?


Misandry and drivel. This literature encourages women to side step around due process and hurl false allegations at any man they don’t like.


As someone who identifies as a doctorate of psychology, it’s appalling that the author encourages women to create false allegations as a way of “removing men from power”. This kind of content is sexist in itself, it’s hateful, and immoral. It’s okay to be against sexual assault and have values on that, but it’s inappropriate to encourage women to create false allegations as a means of attaining power/authority.

At least the author is open and up-front about it. False rape allegations have been legion for as long as anyone bothered to study their incidence.