Using Howard Stern to Build Hillary’s Dream

Using Howard Stern to Build Hillary’s Dream, by Tom Piatek.

It is hard to see how the return of the Clintons to the White House could ever be characterized as a vindication of sexual morality.  Indeed, as tawdry as Trump’s private life has been, his defeat would likely strengthen the forces seeking to tear down sexual morality, since Hillary Clinton will continue Obama’s campaign to deprive Christian institutions of the autonomy to resist the advance of the sexual revolution, only this time with the blessing of a Supreme Court whose vacant seat gets to be filled by Hillary.

And the fact that the papers booming the Trump tape saw nothing wrong with what Bill Clinton did to Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, and remain studiously uninterested in what Clinton did to women before Lewinsky, is a clear indication that the real concern here is not what Trump said 11 years ago.  Instead, what we are witnessing this weekend is a coordinated effort to use comments of Trump’s that sound like those of a regular guest on Stern’s show (as Trump indeed has been) to deprive the American people of the chance to endorse the policies of Pat Buchanan.

hat-tip Stephen Neil