ISIS bans burka: because they are attacked by women in veils

ISIS bans burka: because they are attacked by women in veils, by Katie Mansfield.

ISLAMIC State has banned the burka in an embarrassing U-turn, declaring full-face veils are a security risk.

Burqa etc.

The crazed jihadis’ morality police previously forced women to wear the burka when in public across swathes of ISIS territory in Syria and Iraq. … Previously women in ISIS strongholds have been beaten and killed by the so-called morality police for not covering their faces and bodies.

But in a humiliating U-turn ISIS has outlawed women wearing the veils in security offices in Mosul, Iraq.

What will the bedwetters in the west say now? Even the Islamic fundamentalists ban the burka.

A source revealed … ISIS chiefs changed their minds following a series of deadly attacks on terror commanders by women wearing burkas and niqabs in recent months.

But women will still be required to cover themselves completely when out in public with ISIS expecting a dress code including gloves and gauze to cover the eyes to be observed.

The terrorists have already banned smoking, dancing, watching foreign television, private internet access and satellite dishes in areas it controls.

I sense an irony here…

hat-tip Philip Barton