Australia: Essential freedom sacrificed on the altar of equality

Australia: Essential freedom sacrificed on the altar of equality, by Maurice Newman.

When our Prime Minister thinks same-sex marriage is more important than freedom of speech, you know our liberty is in mortal danger. This is not a comment on same-sex marriage. It’s an observation that Malcolm Turnbull would rather see the selective application of freedom than support equality and liberty for all by reforming section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. …

State indoctrination is wall-to-wall:

Speak to 11-year-olds today about global warming, human population and Australia’s European settlement, and the response is remarkably consistent, so faithful has been the indoctrination. They know carbon dioxide is a pollutant, that people are destroying the planet and the British were invaders. But don’t ask about free markets or free speech. In their world, competition is discouraged lest feelings are hurt.

The left has destroyed our society’s cultural confidence, which bodes poorly for our future existence:

As French philosopher Jean-Francois Revel warned, “Clearly a civilisation that feels guilty for everything it is and does, will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself.” …

It is the absence of cultural belief, aided by the heavy hand of censorship, that assists Islamic extremists to establish support networks in Western societies.

In his book The Suicide of Reason Lee Harris writes, “The evidence, unfortunately, is that the West is not even remotely interested in mounting a defence of its values in the face of Muslim fanaticism. Worse, there are signs the West is even prepared to sacrifice some of its core values in order to appease those who have always despised these values.” True.

Most of our current generation of politicians are out of touch and will likely be replaced soon:

Meanwhile, Bill Shorten insists we’re guilty of “systemic racism” and the Prime Minister prevaricates. Both seem oblivious to the spontaneous mood change under way. Neither declares freedom as society’s cultural bedrock because their ideal is bigger, ever more authoritarian government.