Yoga in a Time of Medical Tyranny

Yoga in a Time of Medical Tyranny

by Captain Mzungu

15 November 2021


I was off yesterday, and the incorrigible list maker that I am set out to do three things.

I diligently wrote them down on a small piece of paper, one I kept on my analog odometer:

I would start with my twice weekly yoga class, I’d go see the last James Bond film at its first showing of the day and I’d go buy a few things at Bunnings for a DIY project.

The day turned out to be most revealing.

Yoga and Vax

Yoga is slowly becoming a drug for me, a good one to be sure. The 62 year old body I carry around cannot do anything violent anymore. Gone are the days of competitive tennis, martial arts, running or even surfing. With multiple intervertebral disc injuries, more than a few kilos over ideal weight, peripheral neuropathy in both my feet and an on-going chronic lymphocytic leukemia battle, I have steered my bag of old bones towards more peaceful ways to exercise.

That the clunky chassis has trouble assuming even the easiest yoga pose is an understatement but what constantly challenges me is how tough it is to tame my OCD-polluted, constantly going at Mach 2, multi-tasking mind.

The teachers vary in that yoga centre and, just like in any other school, you connect with some better than others. Some are more gentle than others, some more spiritual, some more physical, some leave you alone, some assist you but all in all the end result is comparable: after an hour and a half of yoga, I feel more flexible, more peaceful, more calm and I breathe better. It may not cure my leukemia but it will make the trip towards where the leukemia is inexorably taking me more comfortable.

And the girl teacher today was my favorite, strong as steel, flexible as rubber, peaceful as Buddha and on top of this cute as the bug’s ear.

The day before this last lesson, the Queensland government had announced new rules of coercion towards unvaccinated citizens (yours truly if you had any doubt) and the mood at home had been sombre to say the least. My wife and I were still going to try to hold the line against this blatant globalist-driven medical tyranny, but for how much longer?

I was still fuming when I entered the yoga sanctuary and when the teacher told us, as an opening exercise, to find our breath … I found this normally easy task difficult. Yet she continued in her soft but determined voice, like a conductor trying to get the orchestra to be in tune, she added: “This is your special moment, only you can find your breath, only you can access the temple your body is.”

Please don’t tell the following to my cute yoga guru. I had managed to concentrate and go deep inside of me but her last sentence got me out of my meditative state and firmly back into the totalitarian police state Australia had become. I cynically thought to myself “Ha! I wish no one had access to my body but me. What about these experimental shots the government is trying to force into me?”

I managed to chase these negative yet realistic thoughts away and tried to go back inside of me through conscious breathing. Doing yoga is tough during a flu-d’état. Ignorance is bliss they say but that is most definitely too late for that in my case. In the face of this tyrannical onslaught, I now see the world divided into two distinct categories of people, the normal and the awake. The former, unable of any meaningful critical thinking and not questioning rules from the government, the latter all too aware of their devious plans.

Bond, Vax, and Climate

I didn’t like the last 007 installment. In fact I walked out before the end of it, would you believe. Yet anticipation had been palpable as I entered the theatre. There weren’t too many people present, but we all shared over a year of waiting for it and by golly the day had finally come.

The pre-movie show was made of adverts and previews and managed to tick me off badly, for the following reasons:

  • There was an ad from the Queensland government pushing for vaccinations. “We can do it Queensland!” was the motto used and although I remained silent, I felt like screaming from my seat “ A REAL PANDEMIC DOESN’T NEED ADVERTISING!”
  • The vax ad was followed by a Volvo electric car commercial. Their motto was “Climate change is the ultimate safety test.” Tell me again where Saint Greta comes from…oh yes, Sweden. For the second time in a few minutes I felt like screaming again at the screen: “ELECTRIC CARS ARE BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH POLLUTING THE MINING OF RARE EARTH ELEMENTS CREATES?”

Anyway, the Bond film was extremely disappointing and like I said earlier, I walked out.

Hardware and Vax

I still had to go to Bunnings.

I had been upset at Bunnings for a few years now … because of the grilled onions.

The ubiquitous Australian DIY centre made the news a while back when they decided to reverse the order in which they made their sausage sizzle. It’s the simplicity of the product that sold it to me: a slice of bread, a snag (sausage in Aussie English,) some grilled onions and BBQ sauce or ketchup. The cost: $1.50, a no brainer when exiting the shop.

For decades the onions had always been on top. A few years ago, Bunnings ordered the onions to go at the bottom … to avoid accidental slippage should they fall on the ground. I stopped buying them. I appeared to be the only one resisting.

Bunnings is turning out to be a pretty good metaphor for Australia. The sausage rolls are nanny state-safe and lately, every patron, every single one, is wearing a mask.

I pulled up into the car park and found a spot in front of the sizzle tent. Except I was fooled, it wasn’t the sizzle tent but a pop up vaccination centre where “normals” could get their Covid experimental injection.

I can just imagine the globalist leaders in our government thinking of ways to up the level of vaccinations: “Let’s just do it at Bunnings, the place is a metaphor for Australia, they accepted the grilled onions switch without a peep, they’ll all wearing masks, let’s put up a vaccine pop up tent, that’ll drive up the numbers.”

I was really upset but I really needed a drill bit so I went in. I didn’t wear a mask and I didn’t buy a sausage roll.

A society that regulates the position of grilled onions on a sausage roll is not free … nor does it deserve to be free.

A Ratiocination

Australia is turning out to be almost too easy a takeover for these Davos globalists.

Are we as a population able to think outside the proverbial box? Or are we so intoxicated and addicted to a good lifestyle that we don’t even question what our government is doing? And will we ever insist on an American-style Bill of Rights?

These are the questions that hijack my mind when doing yoga, please don’t tell my teacher.