The Virus in July, 2021

The Virus in July, 2021

by David Archibald

21 July 2021


All is proceeding as it was foreseen. The UK has vaccinated 70% of its population. The Virus has ignored that and gone for a third wave:



All exposures to the spike protein cause some damage.  But the death rate is lower:



At the peak of the second wave the virus was infecting 60,000 people per day in mid-January this year. And peak deaths 14 days later was 1,243 per day. This makes a case fatality rate of 2.0%. Using the same 14 day lag the case fatality rate is now 0.17%, so under a tenth of its pre-vaccination rate.

But a proportion of those infected, and recover, become ‘long-Covid’. The proportion is thought to be in the range of 10% to 30%. The symptoms of long covid are not limited to:

Coughing and shortness of breath, debilitating fatigue, malaise and lethargy, cardiac dysrhythmias, insomnia, joint pain, headaches, brain fog, memory and concentration problems, neuropathic pain, GI discomfort including diarrhea, loss of appetite and weight loss.

So right at the moment, each day about 15,000 people in the UK are having their productivity reduced. Some will never recover. The vaccines are in an evolutionary race with the virus. Prior infection provides up to six months protection against re-infection. It is quite likely that damage from each wave of infection is cumulative, in turn bringing forward the onset of degenerative diseases such as dementia. Which in turn will overwhelm the health systems of Western countries as productive lives are cut short and people become dependents instead.

Israel is another country that went flat out to achieve a high vaccination rate and is now disappointed that the virus is taking off again:



In the meantime, whole-of-country trials on ivermectin continue. This article mentions that:

Not so in Indonesia where an enterprising philanthropist, Haryoseno, leapt into action and made ivermectin available to the masses for free or at low cost. As a result, Indonesia has had an extremely low Covid mortality rate. That is until the Ministry of Health decided, in line with the WHO’s recommendation, that ivermectin would only be used in a clinical trial. Haryoseno has been threatened with a fine and a ten-year jail sentence and the supply of ivermectin has dried up. Result? Deaths per million have increased five-fold since withdrawal of ivermectin on 12 June.

Is that true? Well, yes it is: deaths went ballistic three days later:



The current crop of vaccines don’t remain effective for long, seemingly, and only reduce symptoms as opposed to stopping disease. They also come with their own problems. Back on 22nd October, 2020, an FDA presentation listed possible adverse event outcomes from the Covid vaccines from what was observed in the trials:



On the subject of deaths, the Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration puts out a weekly Covid report. The report for the week ended 15th July stated that there have been 377 deaths recorded in the recently vaccinated in Australia, but attributed only four to vaccination. This is because they only counted deaths caused by thrombosis. The spike protein has a myriad of other ways of killing people. The TGA is being disingenuous.


David Archibald is the author of  The Anticancer Garden in Australia