Leaky Vaccines, Runaway Virus

Leaky Vaccines, Runaway Virus

by David Archibald

13 May 2021


It was quite irresponsible of the Chicoms to create a bioweapon for which a long term vaccine can’t be developed. There has never been herd immunity for a coronavirus, and vaccines for this virus will lose efficacy rapidly.

Consider the parable of the chickens from this enlightening article on the virus by Adam Gaertner:

Marek’s disease, a lymphoma virus disease in chickens, is the best known example of leaky vaccines causing evolutionary escape. Long story short, the original virus was relatively mild, until flocks of chickens were vaccinated with leaky vaccines that, while preventing the chickens from dying, did not prevent infection. The virus engaged in an evolutionary arms race against the vaccines, which required frequent updates, and became more infectious and lethal over time. Eventually, the virus became so lethal that any unvaccinated chicken was certain to die if infected; the vaccine became the only means by which a flock of chickens could expect to survive an outbreak.

And so it has come to pass. A Wuhan strain, labelled B.1.616, has appeared in France with a case fatality rate of 44%. This is up from under 1% at the beginning of weapon launch, inadvertent or not, 18 months ago. Another species in the coronavirus family, the Middle East Respiratory Virus, had a case fatality rate of 30%. It is already being found that the existing vaccines are having lower efficacy against new virus variants such as the Indian strain and the South African strain.

Would you like evidence from another species on how this is going to go down, a mammalian species perhaps? Ponder the tale told by the mink:

Mink, on a farm with about 15,000 animals, became infected with SARS-CoV-2. Over 75% of tested animals were positive for SARS-CoV-2 RNA in throat swabs and 100% of tested animals were seropositive. The virus responsible had a deletion of nucleotides encoding residues H69 and V70 within the spike protein gene. The infected mink recovered and after free-testing of the mink, the animals remained seropositive. During follow-up studies, after a period of more than 2 months without virus detection, over 75% of tested animals scored positive again for SARS-CoV-2 RNA. Whole genome sequencing showed that the virus circulating during this re-infection was most closely related to the virus identified in the first outbreak on this farm but additional sequence changes had occurred. Animals had much higher levels of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies after re-infection than at free-testing. Thus, following recovery from an initial infection, seropositive mink rapidly became susceptible to re-infection by SARS-CoV-2.

If previously being infected doesn’t do you any good, what hope has a vaccine?

Mr Gaertner began his article with this vision:

When I first looked at the virus, I saw something horrifying. Deadly, permanent, recurring, and as contagious a disease as the Earth ever had witnessed.

His vision was this:

this virus is incredibly lethal …. the virus’ stunning combination of symptoms, targets, infection vectors and mutations cause absolute mayhem in the body. At first pass, the lungs are attacked; this leads to pneumonia, the degree to which is dependent on several factors, including racegender, and age. The damage to the lungs is caused by the immune system being induced to overreact with cytokine storms, with T cells ordering what amounts to a tactical strike on themselves, and the surrounding tissue, in order to kill the virus. That damage also reaches the heart, causing inflammation and tissue damage. During the course of initial infection, the virus also infects nerve cells, which are almost entirely out of the immune system’s reach.

It is that last part about nerve cells which is the most problematic, because it is where reinfection comes from. Mr Gaertner is worth quoting in full:

The ability to infect nerve cells is, while not unheard of, extremely rare. It is common knowledge that HSV integrates itself into nerve cells, effectively “hiding” beyond the reach of the immune system. HIV similarly hides in immune CD4+ T-cells and remains latent for years. Herpes is mildly symptomatic; breakouts occur occasionally, the immune system handles them, and the virus remains dormant. HIV, through a different mechanism, acts similarly, remaining dormant and latent for so long as the immune system, and any medical treatments, can keep it in check.

Neither of these diseases, however, cause such severe symptoms while in latency. SARS-CoV-2 acts very differently. Rather than remaining dormant, it continues to replicate, spreading throughout nerve tissue, no longer vulnerable to the immune system. While doing so, it also spreads back into the body and causes reinfection, 100% of the time. Due to the way the virus attacks CD4 immune cells, in the same manner as HIV, the body is unable to develop immunity. Reinfection is just as deadly, perhaps more so, and inevitable. Heart damage continues, and can be lethal. Pneumonia is actually milder upon reinfection, as the immune system is largely exhausted.

Eventually the Wuhan virus reaches the spinal cord and begins infecting the brainstem, which controls autonomic breathing. The loss of the brainstem is effectively the death of the patient; however, as the brainstem is largely concerned with autonomic functions, we may not even notice initially. COVID-19 patients in critical care were noted to be “unable to breathe spontaneously.” This occurs in 100% of patients.

In summary “we find ourselves with a virus that causes heart inflammationviral pneumonia, and brain damage, hides in the nooks and crannies of our bodies to reinfect us indefinitely, and is as transmissible as the common cold.”

Thanks Chicoms — you opened Pandora’s box. The Chicoms were driven by the higher prevalence of ACE-2 receptors in Caucasian populations in order to develop a race-based weapon, seemingly not realising or caring that their creation would degrade human existence in perpetuity.

At one stage we had a stage of our immune system that could act against the virus, the CD8+ T-cells, but the virus has mutated around that too.

So what are going to experience as successive waves of reinfection pass through communities and countries? The Wuhan virus would also affect mitochondria as per this figure:



The SARS virus, from which the Wuhan virus was engineered, causes fusing of mitochondria. From that paper:

Similar to bacteria, many viruses also target mitochondrial functions to establish a proliferative niche for themselves and subsequently disseminate by killing the cells.

ORF-9b, a virulence factor of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), induces proteasomal degradation of DRP1, thereby leading to mitochondrial fusion, which eventually limits host cell interferon (IFN) responses against the virus.

Cells normally have about 2,000 mitochondria, more in muscle cells that have higher energy requirements. Degradation of mitochondria causes aging.  From this paper:

A decline in mitochondrial quality and activity has been associated with normal aging and correlated with the development of a wide range of age-related diseases.

Anecdotally, from a country getting to ‘herd’ non-immunity, “every over 40 we know that’s had this…looks older now.  The young aren’t (for the most part) having this issue…in your 20’s…you have mitochondria to spare.”

Think of the children, they say. Well children with the Wuhan virus have their own syndrome now:

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a newly recognized condition in which children with recent SARS-CoV-2 infection present with a constellation of symptoms including hypotension, multiorgan involvement, and elevated inflammatory markers. These symptoms and the associated laboratory values strongly resemble toxic shock syndrome, an escalation of the cytotoxic adaptive immune response triggered upon the binding of pathogenic superantigens to MHCII molecules and T cell receptors (TCRs).

The Wuhan virus is also known to cause ‘ground glass opacity’ in x-ray images of infected lungs. This is collapsed or fluid-filled tissue that is denser than normal lung tissue. MRI’s are showing effects of the virus in other parts of the body. For example this MRI of the foot ‘in a patient with severe COVID-19’:



As it says in the paper:

In some cases, radiologists may even suggest a COVID diagnosis based on musculoskeletal imaging in patients who previously didn’t know they contracted the virus.

Then there is the problem of the ‘long haulers’ described in an article entitled ‘Young Adults Who’ve Had COVID-19 Show Signs of Lasting Cardiovascular Damage’:

“many people currently suffering from long-lasting symptoms of COVID-19 — known as long haulers — reported only mild cases initially.

Nevertheless, weeks or even months after testing positive, many say their bodies are still struggling to breathe or regulate their blood pressure, suggesting long-term damage to the heart and lungs.”

Irish nurses report in on what living as a ‘long hauler’ is like:

The union’s conference will hear from four nurses on Friday regarding ongoing severe symptoms from a Covid infection, including extreme exhaustion, brain fog, breathing difficulties, heart issues, and vision impairment.

Vascular impairment will also cause erectile dysfunction. Will the next generation be able to breed?

There is hope, because there is ivermectin. Mr Gaertner again:

Humanity is at a crossroads. If we continue mass vaccination with these half-measure vaccines, we will see more, more infectious and deadlier strains of SARS-CoV-2 evolve. It is not a question of if; it is a question of when.

The only benefit of the vaccines is that they will likely, temporarily, protect from severe disease and mortality, until the next strain emerges. Ivermectin can also accomplish this, with a far lower risk profile, and without inducing an evolutionary arms race against the virus.

There are now plenty of tales of miracle cures being performed by ivermectin, from deepest, darkest Africa to the high civilisation of the Czech Republic which, paradoxically, was much later to it. From the latter:



The figure above shows the death rate in Czechia due to the vile Chicom disease, from the beginning of 2021 . The grey-shaded area is after the introduction of ivermectin, on 8th March, 2021. With 1.2 million total cases, the nation of 10.7 million people had lost nearly 21,000 lives to COVID-19. Thanks to ivermectin the shadow of death from the Wuhan virus has left the Czech Republic.

Of course the European Medicines Agency came out on 22nd March an advisory “against the use of ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19”.  The ethical and moral corruption in pharmaceuticals manufacturing is staggering.

How much ivermectin is enough? We’ll get to that in another article entitled “The Protocols of the Elders of Ivermectin”. That’s a hint. You may want to go to your rural stockist to get some. The sheep and cattle have plenty to spare.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia.