Speech at Public Rally in Perth, 6th March, 2021

Speech at Public Rally in Perth

by David Archibald

6 March 2021


Plato said that the penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. There is no doubt we are ruled by evil men and evil women.

Evil men like Greg Hunt, the federal minister for health, who ignored the potential of ivermectin in treating the virus. Greg Hunt and his ilk would rather have Australians die of that disease than allow us to use something that is very safe, very cheap and very effective.

A little known fact about Greg Hunt is that he was Director of Strategy for the World Economic Forum in Geneva from 2000 to 2001. The World Economic Forum are the globalists who want everyone on the planet to be equally very poor and to eat insects instead of meat. The globalists are nasty, unpleasant people who know what’s good for you, better than you do yourself. That is what motivates them. Greg Hunt is the globalists’ man in Canberra, where he is doing as much harm as he can in the time left to him.

Evil women like Tanya Plibersek, a cackling harridan who wants to create racial divisions in Australia. The evil of Tanya Plibersek is palpable when you see her speak. She loathes Australia and hates ordinary Australians.

She wants to make us poorer, with global warming as the excuse. Why would you want to do that, unless you were evil? She can’t be stupid enough to actually believe in global warming.

Evil men like Patrick Possum Gorman, the member for the federal seat of Perth, where we are gathered together now. How do we know he is evil when he has yet to say or do anything? That is precisely the problem.

Mr Gorman is a member of the ALP. Another member of the ALP is Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria. Mr Andrews has made it illegal in Victoria to talk someone out of having a sex change operation. No man is an island and we are our brother’s keeper, so we have the responsibility of stopping others from harming themselves. That is why we have suicide hot lines. The truly evil, the unspeakably evil Daniel Andrews won’t allow us to stop people from destroying their lives.

Mr Gorman has yet to denounce Mr Andrews, so he complicit in that evil. As is the rest of the ALP. Curse them in living and curse them in dying, the miserable, wretched specimens of humanity that they are. The ALP truly hates Australia and Australians.

As for the Liberals, they have offered a man-child up for our consideration as the state’s leader, a man-child of maximum hysteria. Global warming hysteria that is.

We have no reason to doubt that Mr Kirkup actually believes that the state can be powered by sunbeams and wisps of the wind, with this all achieved by next Tuesday. Which means that we have no reason to doubt that Mr Kirkup is irredeemably stupid. He will soon be gone and will fade from memory.

But when will those who presume to rule us learn that we don’t want to worship at the altar of global warming?

And that begs the question “Is Scott Morrison evil?” For decades now we have been told that the Earth will heat up so much that Perth would become uninhabitable. Our children are indoctrinated daily at school with the pagan worship of global warming.

But the climate remains stubbornly pleasant despite all the extra life-giving carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Despite the Earth’s stubborn failure to warm, Mr Morrison is holding to policies which will make our economy smaller and weaker for no good reason. And make it harder for us to fight a war with China, and will result in more Australian dead when that war does start.

The world has not warmed, refuses to warm and is likely to cool from here. Despite all that, Mr Morrison clings to his discredited animist religion.

And makes us suffer for it. Thus he is counted amongst the evil ones.

Zac Kirkup reminds us that global warming is a litmus test for our politicians. If they believe in it, they are either evil or stupid.

There is another litmus test for those who seek to serve us in parliament. For tens of thousands of years, Australians have been able to climb Ayer’s Rock whenever we wanted to.

No longer.

So we have another litmus test for our politicians. If they do not want to restore the right of Australians to climb Ayer’s Rock, then they are Australia-hating bastards who want to divide Australia by race, as the detested Tanya Plibersek does.

A shortcoming common to the Labor and Liberal parties is that they have an anger management problem –- no anger to manage.

They are not angry at the policies taking Australia backwards and putting our existence at risk.

They are not angry at the stealing from ordinary Australians through their power bills.

They are not angry that Australia’s defence and fuel security are so run down.

They are not angry at their fellow politicians who perpetrated all this.

We have suffered because of the government’s inept response to the Wuhan virus. We suffer, the nation is suffering, because, for far too long, we have been indifferent to who has been running the country.

But our suffering is set to get far worse as the threat from China rises while our current crop of politicians cripple the economy for the sake of global warming. The cost of that stupidity will be measured in blood.

We have been ruled by evil men, and evil women, for far too long.

We all have to step up and serve. Join me …. join me in serving and we will make Australia the earthly paradise it is meant to be, for our children, their children and all Australians as yet ungotten and unborn.

For their sake, make a difference. Every day, make a difference.

David Archibald