Speech at Launch of Unchain Australia

Speech at Launch of Unchain Australia

by David Archibald

24 August 2021


I am an aboriginal.

An aboriginal with a seniors card.

The combination of which makes me an aboriginal elder.

As such I can point the bone at people who displease me.

Before I do that, I must warn you that anyone casting aspersions as to my aboriginality will taste the sweet, tender mercy of Justice Bromberg.

Who, in the Andrew Bolt case, found that anyone doubting the aboriginality of the blonde and the brindle was … at fault.

And subject to much correction.

Thus warned, I will proceed with my pointing of the bone.

I point the bone at Scott Morrison, he who believes in global warming.

And so is thrashing our economy in the service of that false god, an animist religion taking our country backwards at a great rate, even though we are facing an existential threat from the evil, nasty, unpleasant, unwelcome, unwanted, uninvited, unwashed and unclean Chicoms.

Scott Morrison pretends to be a happy clapper but he is much more evil than that.

He can’t be so stupid as to actually believe in global warming.

Anyone who believes in global warming is simply that: stupid.

And too stupid to be believed on any subject.

Global warming is the religion of choice of militant atheists.

Global warming is also the state religion of countries run by the feeble-minded, such as Australia.

As a religion, global warming doesn’t build orphanages, or hospitals, or schools, or aged care homes, or any other thing that is pure, and good, and noble.

The religion of global warming destroys all that is pure, and good, and noble.

Scott Morrison’s damage to our country, and Western Civilisation, is premeditated, and deliberate, and, oh so evil.

Curse him in living and curse him in dying.

Jesus walks beside me.

My path is righteous.

Join me in that journey and together we will make Australia the earthly paradise it is meant to be.

Western Civilisation, the only force for good in the world, is under assault from the resentful.

We can’t change the resentful, those who are jealous of our civilisation and its achievements, but we must hold true to what makes our culture the best that humanity has produced.

Hold it dear because it is part of the Full Armour of God.

And by God’s good grace, we will prevail.



David Archibald contributed two chapters to Unchain Australia.

David’s chapters in that book are here.