Eastern Australia: Get ready for big bushfires, due to green ideology

Eastern Australia: Get ready for big bushfires, due to green ideology. By the editorial board of The Australian.

Three years of good growth since the last big bushfires, with radically insufficient burning off, so get ready for a repeat in the next year or two. So predictable.

After a drenching summer giving way to a wet autumn so far, it is clear that come next summer the fuel load along the nation’s east coast could heighten the risk of serious bushfires. …

Emergency services experts believe the 2023-24 summer is likely to be particularly dangerous, given the forecast swing to warmer, drier El Nino conditions after three years of above-average rainfall.

Setting the fire: Fuel loads are building up again

Recommendations of the expert inquiry set up after the deadly bushfires over the 2019-20 summer, in which 26 people died and 2500 homes were destroyed, need to be implemented. … 35 per cent of recommendations or sub-recommendations had seen target dates pushed back, with more than 20 per cent not completed. …

“This wet season has accelerated the risk of grass fires (and) created more fuel for a future bushfire season, which means any delay to these recommendations does not put NSW in the best possible ­position to confront bushfires or to save lives and property,’’ [NSW Emergency Services Minister Jihad Dib] told The Australian. …

Victoria — left wingers are hoping to evade reality:

About 50 towns in Victoria were listed among the world’s most dangerous fire locations … In 2015 one of Australia’s leading fire ­experts, former CSIRO bushfire scientist David Packham, called for at least a doubling of controlled burns in states such as Victoria, warning lack of intervention was creating dangerous fuel loads.

Here we go again, due to the slow learners in government and the greens.