The Censorship Industrial complex — the secret cabal of Big-Government, University, Media and NGO’s

The Censorship Industrial complex — the secret cabal of Big-Government, University, Media and NGO’s. By Joanne Nova.

Imagine if the national postal service had secret blacklists of people whose mail “should be lost”.

What if the FBI, CIA, or Department of Defence was talking to the postie, and the postie read your letters and threw some out, but not others, and none of the institutions told you they were doing this? Or perhaps the post-office told point-blank you you were banned from sending mail now “because your letters were wrong”?

In this case the “posties” are private organizations, but to all intents and purposes, their network connection and obedience to Big-Government made them, in effect, another branch of the government. The government wasn’t paying the postie direct, but it protected the monopoly of the corporate postie team and gave them a legal loophole to hide in, and the media outlets stopped anyone criticizing the government. It was a Pravda-KGB consortium with filters that worked at light speed, but hidden.

In the latest round of Twitter Files, Matt Taibbi shows how Twitter was not just censoring things that would later turn out to be true, but things it already knew to be true.

The truth can be malinformation you see — it might influence people not to take a medicine that Twitter has decided they should take.



For the last few years, your friends and families medical decisions have been made by a quasi government collective. The only people with informed consent were the censors. As Taibbi says, malinformation is just a euphemism for “true but inconvenient.”

We can all speak with one voice, comrade!

It’s no accident why commentators everywhere seem to shift messages together like a school of herding fish. The censorship industrial complex is not just the government, the media, and the social media giants, but also some of the non-government organisations that once upon a time were supposed to be watchdogs of the government.

At the centre of this information cabal was the “Global Engagement Center” (“GEC”) — which was established by Barack Obama with Executive Order 13271. This was in 2015-2016 and marked a shift from managing “counter terrorism” to the much broader “disinformation”.

GEK decides who’s on the blacklist, and the lists are looong…

Joanne and I are on a global blacklist of 386 people for global warming, that was published in Nature in 2019. Joanne is number 99, I’m 57, David Archibald is about 137. This website and Joanne’s website are both heavily downranked by Google. Really, if you haven’t been banned you aren’t publicly speaking truths that matter.