All too often nowadays, experts are just state-sanctioned deceivers

All too often nowadays, experts are just state-sanctioned deceivers. By J.B. Shurk.

If you value truth, ignore the “experts.” Most aren’t really expert at much. They prefer titles to original thoughts — and the more titles they insist on announcing, the more likely they seek nobility, not knowledge. They could more accurately be called “opinion connoisseurs.”

They are experts in fashionable opinion and possess an insatiable need to tell everyone else just what the very best people are supposed to believe. …

At some point, doesn’t every thinking person have to step back and ask, “If ‘experts’ are so wrong so much of the time, then isn’t it more apt to call them ‘expert deceivers’ than pursuers of truth?”

When fashionable opinion is held in higher esteem than honest observation, and unvarnished candor is obscured behind “politically correct” pablum, then official truth is but a ruse built on lies and propaganda. …

Truth is different:

Truth pushes no agenda, nor does it require special protections to win out.

  • If wearing dresses made men women, then they wouldn’t need leftist lawmakers to police online speech for “hate.”
  • If medical science pursued objective knowledge free from political influence, then it wouldn’t need to penalize competing points of view.
  • If climate researchers scrutinized data free from monetary and ideological influences, then they wouldn’t need to censor scholarship conflicting with their grand theories.
  • If the American government truly respected democratic norms and free expression, then it wouldn’t fear rigorous debate, nor feel compelled to label dissent “extremism.”

When self-described “experts” are so threatened by the thoughts and words of those deemed “non-experts” that unapproved language is made a crime, then expertise is just a racket protected by the threat of force.

Where we are now:

From Renaissance men to specialized cogs, when those with real expertise allow themselves to be bullied by those with none, free expression becomes State suppression. Opinion connoisseurs replace those with educated opinions. Freethinkers become enslaved mimics. Those who will not speak up now will suffer in silence when it’s too late.