The Voice would create a great new bureaucracy — all those good government jobs for lefties!

The Voice would create a great new bureaucracy — all those good government jobs for lefties! By Robert Gottliebsen.

It will be up to the High Court to determine what those words mean, but to me as a reasonable person “executive government” means the cabinet and the First Nation body would not be restricted to advising the cabinet on matters that purely impact First Nation people.

Most cabinet matters relate to vast areas of the population, including First Nation people.

That means just about everything that the cabinet looks at can be said to relate to First Nation people — as well as everyone else — and will therefore require representation from the First Nations body. …

No wonder the implications are being kept hidden:

The First Nations body that is going to be set up is very likely to require representation from the approximately 250 individual nations that were created by their forebears.

Conceivably, two people from each nation may be required.

We are looking at a large body that may have more members than the Australian parliament making representations on most cabinet matters.

It will need substantial resources [so many bureaucrats!] to research cabinet matters so a substantial administrative structure would be required. …

And the power:

With such wide-ranging power to delay actions, there will be much Greens-style bargaining and high on the agenda of many First Nation people is that they believe they own all the land and want some form of rent to be charged.

That issue will become part of the bargaining process.

The Australian elite have lost their virtue-signaling minds. (Has covid made them stupider?)

Or maybe they’re just doing what Peter Garret told them thirty years ago, when the current generation in charge were impressionable teenagers: