Culture war: Meet Yoel Roth

Culture war: Meet Yoel Roth.

Yoel is on the right

Celebrity wiki:

Yoel Roth is the Head of Site Integrity at Twitter …

Kellyanne Conway accused Yoel Roth of constantly attacking Trump voters. Earlier, he referred to Trump and his team as “ACTUAL NAZIS,” mocked Trump supporters by saying “we fly over those states that voted for a racist tangerine for a reason.”


Yoel Roth made an entire career out of intellectualizing his homosexual fetishes — even writing his PhD dissertation on his random GRINDr encounters. He then got put in charge of censoring “hate speech” on twitter. A path to power and a reality most GOP voters aren’t aware of.

This was the guy who 10 years ago, GOP pundits were saying would ” get a taste of the real world” and be “shocked back to reality” when he got out of college. Instead he banned the president from twitter because he hated conservatives and white people.