Brittany Higgins: Manipulator

Brittany Higgins: Manipulator. By Janet Albrechtsen.

The most senior police officer on the Brittany Higgins case believed there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Bruce Lehrmann but could not stop the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions from proceeding because “there is too much political interference”, ­according to diary notes made by the ACT Police Manager of Criminal Investigations, Detective Superintendent Scott Moller.

The charges against Mr Lehrmann were dropped last week, citing concerns for Ms Higgins’ mental health. The original trial was aborted in October due to juror misconduct. Mr Lehmann has consistently denied ever having had sex with Ms Higgins.

Are the following the actions of an innocent and wronged person, or a woman seeking fame, riches, and ideological career advancement?

Ms Higgins had ­repeatedly refused to provide her original mobile phone; had ­deliberately deleted messages from a second phone; had lied about seeking medical attention after the incident; and had joked about wanting “a sex scandal” a month before the incident. …

Crying for fun and profit:

The documents obtained by The Weekend Australian also ­reveal that Ms Higgins texted boyfriend David Sharaz in May last year saying: “F..k it, if they want to play hard ball I’ll cry on The Project again because of this sort of treatment.” …

Not cooperating with police, or only to further her media performances:

Ms Higgins first spoke to police on April 1, 2019, a week after the events at Parliament House, but informed them two weeks later she did not wish to continue with the allegations. On February 5, 2021, she re-engaged with police, telling them she had been interviewed by the media and didn’t want to do an evidence-in-chief interview until her interview with The Project host Lisa Wilkinson had aired on television.

The following day “police ­advised Ms Higgins the intended media events … may jeopardise any subsequent criminal investigation; however Ms Higgins made it clear to police she was not willing to provide investigators with a formal statement in relation to the allegations until the media stories had been published. Ms Higgins stated that she wanted to ensure the sexual assault investigation was ‘active’ in anticipation of the media events.”

The TV program aired on February 15 and Ms Higgins sat down with police for her evidence-in-chief interview nine days later.

At that interview investigators reiterated to her the need to examine her mobile phone for potential evidence. “Ms Higgins refused to hand over her phone despite being explained the evidential value of the process,” the police report says.

The AFP statement of facts prepared by Superintendent Moller reflects police frustration over difficulties in obtaining Ms Higgins’ mobile phone after the interview to extract data.

On March 15, when police had arranged for a second time to meet Ms Higgins to obtain the phone, she failed to turn up or to respond to calls. “During the afternoon on the same date police observed Ms Higgins on commercial television at the March4Justice march at Parliament House,” Superintendent Moller wrote.

“She attended the location and gave a speech to the persons ­present.” …

Oh, that’s why she didn’t want to hand over her phone to the police:

Three weeks later, … Ms Higgins handed over a mobile phone.

Police recovered a text ­exchange between Ms Higgins and former boyfriend Ben ­Dillaway dated February 7, 2019, six weeks before the alleged rape, in which the pair joked about wanting a political sex scandal.

“The bar for what counts as a political sex scandal nowadays is REALLY low,” Ms Higgins wrote.

“I want a sex scandal I can be like whoa. Impressive. Didn’t think he had it in him,” Mr Dillaway wrote.

“Exactly! A sex scandal the party can be proud of. Another Barnaby but without the baby haha,” Ms Higgins responded.

Funny how all this came out in the public now, only after three years of parading on tv and the feminists milking it for all it was worth. The police never thought there was enough evidence to convict. Bruce Lehmann was only ever going to be convicted by feminists, for their own ends — he was just collateral damage.

Yet more corruption, this time by the feminists in league with the justice system.

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