Analysis: What Is Wrong With These People?

Analysis: What Is Wrong With These People? By Andrew Stiles.

Shockingly enough, most normal Americans are starting to suspect our elite overlords are full of shit …

What in the actual f— is wrong with these people?

Bankman-Fried was the next J.P. Morgan. They actually said that. Of course they did. They adored his dorm-room bong-rip attire and corresponding philosophy — “effective altruism” — through which their capitalist sins can be absolved by attending charity galas and buying hideous art at silent auctions. Better yet, they can start a charitable foundation to avoid paying the tax rates they are constantly trying to raise on everyone else. Giving money to Democrats is also encouraged.

Time and time again, the unwashed masses of non-experts have watched the elite overlords get scammed by charismatic frauds, or team up to incinerate multiple Powerball jackpots — or in one case the entire global economy — only to shrug it off as a “whoopsie” and repeat.

They’ve been mocked as morally depraved by the same people who partied with Harvey Weinstein and attended his political fundraisers. The same people who hobnobbed with Jeffrey Epstein — before and after his conviction for sex crimes.

They’ve been lectured at for driving SUVs and complaining about gas prices by millionaires who fly around the world on leather sofas in private jets with nicknames like “Air F— One” and “Lolita Express,” and shamed for being unable to afford an electric car that costs more than their annual salary.

And they wonder why no one takes them seriously anymore.

We’ve been taken for a ride by the psychopathic liars at the top.

It’s our fault, because we let them.