US Media: 35 hoaxes in 6 years

US Media: 35 hoaxes in 6 years. By Tyler Durden.

How many did you fall for? …

  1. Russian collusion
  2. Trump called neo-nazis “fine people”
  3. Jussie Smollett
  4. Bubba Wallace garage pull
  5. Covington kids
  6. Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot
  7. Kavanaugh rape
  8. Trump pee tape
  9. COVID lab leak was a conspiracy theory
  10. Border agents whipped migrants
  11. Trump saved nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago
  12. Steele Dossier
  13. Russian bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan
  14. Trump said drinking bleach would fight COVID
  15. Muslim travel ban
  16. Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation
  17. Andrew Cuomo best COVID leadership
  18. Trump built cages for migrant kids
  19. “Austere religious scholar”
  20. Trump overfed Koi fish in Japan
  21. Build Back Better will pay for itself
  22. Trump tax cuts benefited only the rich
  23. Cloth masks prevent COVID
  24. If you get vaccinated you won’t catch COVID
  25. SUV killed parade marchers
  26. Trump used teargas to clear a crowd for a bible photo
  27. “Don’t Say Gay” was in a bill
  28. Putin price hike
  29. Ivermectin is a horse dewormer and not for humans
  30. “Mostly peaceful” protests
  31. Trump overpowered secret service for wheel of “The Beast”
  32. Officer Sicknick was murdered by protesters
  33. January 6th was an insurrection
  34. BYU students hurled racist insults at Duke volleyball player
  35. And don’t forget “democracy is under threat…”

And that’s just off the top of Tyler’s head.

And by amazing coincidence, every hoax encouraged people to vote left.