Goaded by loss of media control, the WEF and fellow travelers panicked and have rushed things

Goaded by loss of media control, the WEF and fellow travelers panicked and have rushed things. By John Carter.

In the future, we will live in a high-tech surveillance state, our every movement, word, and even thought tracked by implanted chips feeding our data into a planetary grid encompassed by swarming multitudes of networked drones, sensors, and satellites from which nothing is invisible. Our cities will be antiseptic multi-ethnic utopias  … The inhabitants will be androgynous vegans and insectivores, their psychologies carefully curated by scientifically designed curricula, social credit and cognitive nudge systems, and psychopharmacogenetic therapies all aligning to remove every trace of such antisocial traits as nativism, masculinity, sexual jealousy, or the selfish desire to own things. Agriculture will be a thing of the past, for the soylent, vegetation, and insect protein that sustains the posthumans will be manufactured in agricultural towers that require no soil or rainwater to work. …



This is essentially the vision being promoted by the World Economic Forum and its fellow travellers.

It won’t happen.

The parasite class has been herding us towards this future for our entire lives …  always presenting it as inevitable. The core message is that of the Borg: resistance is futile. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like this future: the matter has been decided by the wealthy, powerful lords of the Earth; it will happen in any case; your opinion on the matter is of no consequence.

The last few years they kicked their efforts into overdrive. In the short term that resulted in an explosive growth in their power, but by abandoning their gradualist approach a very large fraction of the human species were shocked into their first awareness of this global project.

“You will own nothing and you will be happy” was baby’s first redpill for a lot of people, and they didn’t like the taste one bit. The WEFites are exposed now, and there’s no going back for them. …

The globalist’s plan relied on control of the media. Just as the printing press upset the Church’s monopoly on information (previously delivered only from the pulpit), the Internet upset the information monopoly of our would-be neo-fuedal masters:

The basic outlines of this plan date back to the previous media age: the time of one-to-many communications, in which whoever held control of the press, the radio stations, and the television networks had control over the minds of the population.

That isn’t to say that they were ignorant of some of the possibilities of computer networks. .. They’ve already managed to implement a fair bit of the early stages of their technological prison grid. Social credit systems, vaxx passports, algorithmic psychological manipulation via targeted ads and suggestions based on data mining, movement tracking and speech monitoring via cell phones, have all become a part of our world.


Ultimately, herding the population towards the future they have planned cannot be done coercively. There are too few of them and too many of us.

They need the population to agree that this future is a good future (so they’ll work towards it), or if not that, an inevitable future (so they won’t resist it). Doing that requires that no criticism of this vision be permitted, whilst simultaneously no alternatives be presented. Doing that requires perfect control over the media organs by which perception is formed.

That’s where they got tripped up. They formulated their plans in an age in which total control over centralized media was possible and even standard … [But] the ability to manufacture consent started to dissolve as the voices of the press were drowned out in the cacophony of the Internet’s hive mind. …

Brexit. Trump. Putin. Orban. Salvini. Bolsonaro. Populist political insurgencies across Europe.

Yes, most of those were subverted or otherwise rendered ineffective. Doing that cost the WEFites political capital, time, and attention. The main point, however, is that they happened in the face of concerted opposition. The full power of the lie machine was turned on each of them, and in every case, it failed, and the network prevailed. It turned out that resistance is fertile.

Their opinion-making ability has been degraded almost to the point of uselessness. …


The mRNA transfections are probably the most notable. They went hard on those. They deployed every tool of social manipulation, propaganda, bribes, and economic coercion they could. And, sure, uptake was high … at first. Booster uptake has been muted. Childhood shots, the approval of which was announced with adulation in the press, have simply been ignored. Meanwhile, there was from the beginning a hard core of the population that was entirely resistant to the propaganda, that refused to take the shots under any circumstances and damn the consequences … and that core has only grown over time. They’re still trying to force the jabs here and there but the vector is not in their favour.

You’re reading this website 🙂

They no longer have exclusive access to the eyeballs of the populace, but must compete with myriads of small, independent content producers working across the full array of media modalities.

Second, their messaging … is almost immediately turned into fodder for memes by the nimble, open media ecology of networked humanity. … Every time they say anything, the Internet has a good laugh at their expense. Every time they push a new talking point, it is almost instantaneously appropriated by the memetic ecosystem, and a mutated version of it deployed against them. …

They have no real defense against this. … Everything they say is based on lies, while memetic content dies on the vine if it is not a projection of truth. … When they try to appropriate memes, it turns into cringe, and cringe fails to propagate…

Censorship is their only answer:

Their only useful tactic has been censorship. That’s a resource-intensive game of whack-a-mole, which imposes costs on the censors that are ultimately higher than the costs on the censored. In the short term, troublesome voices can be silenced on controlled social media platforms. In the long term, censorship resistant platforms that aren’t controlled by globalists are developed, and content creators migrate there….

Finally, the Streisand effect ensures that anything that gets censored immediately attracts attention. …

The strategic initiative has recently changed :

The regime media itself seems to have undergone a state change over the last few years. It was not long ago that the ‘alternative’ media spent the majority of its time challenging, analyzing, and countering narratives offered up by the ‘mainstream’ media. Now, as often as not, the ‘mainstream’ media has to spend its time trying to counter narratives that have emerged from the ‘alternative’ media. The corporate press has lost its exclusive control of the news cycle. It is no longer in any meaningful sense ‘mainstream’.

So they went for broke:

There’s a reasonable chance that the acceleration of the globalist program over the last few years is a desperate reaction to this situation. The billionaire gerontocrats who have patiently inched their plan forward for several decades woke up one day in the mid-teens and belatedly noticed that their social control technologies were dissolving before their very eyes due to the unanticipated power of the Internet to act as a universal ideological solvent.

You might think it unlikely that such powerful, and presumably intelligent, people would fail to notice a dynamic that strikes digital natives as obvious … but they’re not digital natives, and words like boomertech exist for a reason. Ever watch your grandmother try to check her email? What makes you think George Soros is much better?

Plans they’d expected to have another leisurely half century to gradually implement bit by unnoticeable bit were suddenly imperilled by the loss of their ability to shape minds. So they panicked. Agenda 2050 became Agenda 2030. They have to rush through everything, slam it into place now, or they’re fucked.

That’s where we are as a species. The globalists have reached the zenith of their power. Control of the world and of human destiny is just … almost … in their grasp. They’re so close they can almost taste it.

And every day they see the peaches on that branch bobbing just a little further out of reach.

Perhaps we are going to win back western civilization, modernity and real democracy from the globalist WEF, after all.